Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Sunday Dawn 7/26

They primp, they do their hair, and they even shaved Casey's back.

You would think they've been invited to the White House for a beer or something, eh? Here are the late night happenings from that Big Brother House of the Rising Sun (very apt as it's past dawn there and some are still awake!):
  • Casey can only take off his banana duds to shower and sleep.
  • Lydia gave herself Liberty spikes, as you can see.
  • Michele cooked up spaghetti for everyone except for herself, Ronnie, and Chima. After all, they are have-nots.
  • Lydia told Natalie she isn't as reckless as the 18-year olds she knows.
  • Maybe it's because she's 24. Lydia should listen to Kevin.
  • Speaking of Kevin -- in a strategy talk with Lydia, he showed he's really playing the game albeit he seems invisible. He suggested that if Jessie puts Casey on the block, he and Lydia should work to save Casey because Casey would go wild against the athletes. He thinks Casey would be both a valuable weapon and ally.
  • Lydia reports all of her Jessie talks and um ... activities to Kevin.
  • Casey told Kevin that they really need to get rid of an athlete.
  • Chima told Jessie that she feels bad that Casey will go on the block in a banana suit.
  • Lydia didn't keep her spikes. Now, it would have been more interesting had she gone about head-butting people with 'em.
  • There's definitely an underlying riff in the Natalie/Lydia equation. They both snipe at each other a lot. I expect an out and out cat fight one of these days. Meow.
  • Lydia told Jessie that keeping Ronnie only benefits him and Natalie, not herself and Kevin. Then she said they'll do what he wants. Argh.
  • I'd rather see Casey kept, Ronnie booted.
  • Natalie said she wants to be married before she has children. Heck, that one sentence makes me respect her more. Now if she would shower and clean herself up now and then.
  • I'm not sure of the timing of either the PoV ceremony or the margarita party. I think the party may be tonight. Last week the PoV was on Monday, but seasons before had it taking place on Sunday evenings.
  • I'll keep you updated.


mrs.whiggins said...

Thanks Jackie, love the pictures of Lydia and Casey.
Earth to pinhead...b/d Chima please. I've had enough of the princess that laughs at her own comments. She thinks she is entitled to whatever she wants, no wonder she said she'd "do" obama.
Glad to hear Willie is mending well.
Have a good Sunday, see y'all later, I'll bring some special brownies for the pool party.

lol my wv is heist

~minta~ said...

morning jax...thanx for the overnite update...i was hoping to read it all came to a head...but i guess that 3 way boil needs to fester a lil more =)

lynn1 said...

I think for this season BB should change it's motto from "expect the unexpected" to "expect nothing... you won't be disappointed."

I feel like I am watching the reality version of Harper's Island, the big bomb CBS had this summer. "One by one" the good guys are getting picked off.

my wv is misas as in I misas my BB with ploting and treachery and a few good Brouhahas thrown in.

Anonymous said...

slightly off topic but i know there are a lot of american idol fans reading jackie's blog. alexis cohen, the contestant who cussed out simon and gave him the double bird was killed yesterday. she was hit by a car in nj.


Margo said...

lynn1-i agree 100%


sizzie said...

I see from your photo Jackie that Nat won the 'who gets trusted to cut Jesse's hair' contest.

TerryinCA said...

lynn1...gosh I loved Harpers held me completely...I would never have guessed Henry...what a physco...looked like the original actor who played that part!

lynn1 said...

Terry in CA, No offense meant in calling Harper's Island a bomb.
I thought it wasn't a well written show and and it was a disappointment for me.
I didn't watch the entire season so maybe it got better in the end.

joy n said...

If, or better yet, when Natalie and Lydia have it out, my money's on Natalie. I think she's a bit more street-smart than Lydia. And Lydia has a disadvantage in that at least one of her hands has been a bit overused lately.

joy n said...

Alexis Cohen was killed by a hit and run driver and the police are calling it a homocide. It happened in Seaside, NJ. Anywhere near you, Jackie?

TerryinCA said...

lynn1, you were right, at first it was just killing,killing,killing but when it got down to the last 4-5 episodes you were told so much more. the last two episodes were called "Gasp" and "Sigh" cause it really was, and I kept them.
Henry killed his fiance and everyone else his real Dad the nutcase did. In the end he was going to kill Abby but decided to kill his Dad and keep Abby alive, then blame it all on her boyfriend the end Abby and Jimmy were the only ones left....
Henry was abby's half brother

PlaidChick said...

Time to game play HGs!! Could Lydia and Kevin switch over to Casey's side? Kevin, being the words of wisdom for Lydia told her to cool it with Jessie. She is **not** happy with Natalie being Jessie's lap dog.

Cat fight, something! Love the pics Jackie, especially the sunflowers.

PlaidChick said...

Jessie is back tweeting.. here is what he said last night...

HELLOOOOOO!!!! AGAIN BB Tweeters!!! Its Jessie the Super Star from BB10 regardless of what some may think...

or SuperNatural, Mr. Pec-Tacular, Young Gunz is BACKKK!!!

Yes, it is I, again the HOH of the House, kinda doesnt feel right inside the house unless I'm in that room to be completely honest..

Having more fun than ever up in this house this year, plan on staying for a bit so hopefully all attempts at doing so are successful.

Granted I truly didnt want to exactly win HOH this week although I would have been kicking myself for not winning when I know I should have

If that would have been my down fall in the house I would of not of been able to live it down for the rest of my days.

So to my friends, family, and Fans!!! I know I know I shouldn't be drawing such a HUGE BILLBOARD SIGN ON MY BACK!!!

But again what is done is done, I have people in mind to put up and with that I'm trying to think two to three moves ahead as best as I can!

More fun is yet to come, stay tuned hope you have enjoyed the season thus far, fans from last year, new ones from this year, THANK YOU ALL

Wishing all the best God Bless, Jessie Love you Mom, Dad, Fam, Friends, and Fans!!!
about 14 hours ago from TweetDeck

Sally said...

Jessie must have a truly expansive back! The average person might have a bullseye on his/her back, and Jessie has a "huge billboard"!

I was hoping the HOH tweets might provide some strategy or insiders views. But all we've gotten so far is ego, bragging, delusion and poor grammatical skills.

joy n said...

Same old Jesse.

Arlene said...

Why are the have nots complaining about the wieners and cabbage? I rather hve that than slop any day. At least you have meat. You can make soup, salad, bbq wieners,you can mixed the meat with the cabbage. I would be very happy with that choice.