Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Brother 11: Live Feeds Into Tuesday Evening 7/21

I wouldn't mind being able to wear black spandex like Lydia. I wouldn't mind so much having a Hello Kitty tattoo. But ... um ... no.

Here's what's been going on in that Big Brother House of Geeks, Freaks, and Those Who Deserve to be Mocked:
  • Jessie told Natalie that they'd just have to ride the Ronnie thing out and see what happens. He won't bring up a possible eviction, but he won't fight it either.
  • They think they'd still have the numbers as they have Lydia. Kevin seems to come with her.
  • I'm actually a bit disappointed that Kevin tends to stay under the radar a lot.
  • Jeff thinks it's all making sense now. He couldn't get why everyone hated him so and now he knows it was Ronnie's lies.
  • Lydia told him that she needs to tell him something about Russell later.
  • If I were Jeff, I think I'd be as leery about Lydia as I am now about Ronnie.
  • Casey and Jeff talked about how Ronnie said that Jeff called Kevin a derogatory slur for homosexual. (Like how I scooted around that one?)
  • Everyone in the house wishes Ronnie could go home this week and both Jordan and Laura stay.
  • It ain't gonna happen.
  • They hashed and rehashed all of Ronnie's lies and how he pitted them against each other for fun and profit.
  • Ronnie hid out.
  • BB gave 'em wine tonight.
  • Cooking was a mutual effort on the part of Michele and Natalie.
  • "Let him starve," said Jeff about Ronnie.
  • As all of the others had a pleasant time, Ronnie came out of the HOH and laid down on the couch in the upstairs hallway.
  • He eventually went back to his lair.
I don't think I've ever seen anyone's gameplay blow up so badly in all the years of the show. Ronnie was right. He's going to make BB history ... most hated by almost everybody.


Anonymous said...

wow, watching the show and Ronnnie wussed out. Ronnnie shoulda put on his big girl panties and he wouldn't be in exile right now. Stoopid, stoopid terd.

Anonymous said...

Russ, Chima, Ron, make sure one of them goes next. Actually Russ is the least offensive to me. The horrendous laugh, the fat ass, the goofy shorts.

TerryinCA said...

gosh this season has to rank up with the worst of could someone so naive be considered "A Brain" ???
I think Ronnie should go, Chima and Jesse actually.

Anonymous said...

i think ronnie, nat, then jess, then lydia cry baby butt.


Jennasmom said...

I want Ronnie gone, but almost want Chima gone more. That woman is really the Wicked Witch. And, even though she's my girl in the pool, I can't wait for Nasty Natalie to go.

Nina said...

Hmm I would say Brian's gameplay blew up as badly for last season. The only difference is that Brian was backdoored so he could easily acknowledge what he did and go out having fun and trying to be well-liked (as a last ditch effort to save himself). Ronnie is the target for everyone's hatred b/c he spread too many stories for 2 whole weeks, talked game constantly, Ronnie played hard and he played both sides, duping both alliances simultaneouly. It was only a matter of time before e.o. compared notes and declared him a rat. So he caused more damage than Brian of last season and he can't be backdoored or even nominated until next week. Thus he's being treated like a pariah until they can act. Ronnie would be doing smart gameplay IMO if he approached the group and apologized for playing so hard. He could explain that he didn't mean to do anything personal and he understands if they are going to get him out next week. That should at least allow him some breathing room in there from e.o. besides for Russell. He's getting nominated no matter what next week.
And IMO Chima and Michelle would be stupid to throw HOH b/c if they lose HOH, one of them is going up as the pawn with Ronnie, that's evident. Even pawns sometimes wind up going home.

Petals said...

Will Ronnie be able to handle all the hatred?
Whatcha wanna bet that Jessie befriends him, still "lifts" with him, etc? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Jessie makes sure Ronnie doesn't throw himself onto his own Jedi sword.

Nina said...

Lol petals. It's probably in Jessie's best interests to do as little as possible for Ronnie. He can wait until enough ppl are teed off with whoever is nominated with Ronnie and then flip the votes at that time.
Jessie is playing a lot better this season than last season. He isn't getting enough credit. But based on the character flaws we all know Jessie has, it's more than likely that he'd blow when he gets nominated so it's still unlikely Jessie will win. But it is interesting that Jessie has improved his game.

donna in al's son matt said...

Ronnie has got to GO then Russel.