Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds - Margarita Party

Tonight was the big margarita party in the house. Jeff commented that he liked his outfit, it was too bad no one was really having fun. Natalie claimed BB told not to drink because she's underage. The have not brains couldn't participate. It was a very subdued party until pinata breaking started. Oh, Dots!


Laurie said...

I wonder if it's too late to get a margarita?

PlaidChick said...

Jeff and Casey are sitting outside right now, discussing how something isn't right.

Jeff told him he thinks Casey is going up. His comment "What the F did I do?"

Casey I am sending you a mental message: GO STIR IT UP

Jeff: If Ronnie doesn't go up, we need to make a move quick.

MAKE A MOVE NOW. I'm yelling at the TV.

Here goes Jessie, BRING IT ON!!

PlaidChick said...

Well Casey marched up to the HOH room wanting to talk to Jessie and asked Lydia, Kevin and Russell to leave..

Jessie is playing chess with Lydia, and told him they'd talk after they finish this game..

Lil punk is trying to buy sometime.... &^%%*

PlaidChick said...

Just noticed natalie looks like Willie Nelson in her straw hat and braids...

I think I just insulted Willie Nelson

Anonymous said...

PlaidChick said: I think I just insulted Willie Nelson.
Yes, you did. I'm sure Willie showers.

KAW (Keep Austin Wierd)

PlaidChick said...

Jessie to Casey: The right person will walk out the door..

And Natalie goes into the HOH bathroom not even 1 minute into the convo, and Casey keeps yapping.

Jessie isn't man enough to tell him who's going home.. and keeps speeling about the "I asked everyone 2 questions BS."

PlaidChick said...

Anonymous said...
KAW (Keep Austin Wierd)

PlaidChick said...

Come on Casey!! Just say it: I need names right now who's going in Michele's place, if you say my name, I start my campaign right now. Stop being so nice! ARGH!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope Casey, Jeff, Jordan and Michelle are the next 4 out so I can quit watching. This year sucks.

Petals said...

I don't know which Anon said that this season sucks, but...I agree with you.

Lucy said...

This is JMO .... why does the season "suck" if the folks we are rooting for are not in power? Is it because we are poor losers? Wouldn't the show be just as boring/predictable if the "good guys" always won and they elminated the "others"? It seems every year commenters announce at some point "this is the worse season ever" or "I am going to stop watching" yet each and every year we keep coming back for more. I guess BB is an addiction. Just a thought.

meb said...

Lucy... Good question... to answer. and this is just my opinion... using sports as an example... it's because it's like you're winning when you're in the lead so you really feel great, but when you're losing you feel down and out.

That's how I feel with the GG in the bottom all the time. It wouldn't be boring for me if the GG were always HOH, and you could see the planning ahead as to who would be leaving. Then it becomes exciting, even tho it's probably boring to those other posters who have different favorites.

That may be simplistic, but it's how I feel. If I'm winning, I'm happy, if I'm losing I'm not. If that makes me a poor loser, then so be it, but I don't think so. It's just human nature.

TerryinCA said...

Plaid chick I just spit out my coffee......insulting Willie...yep you did girlfriend!

and Laurie....did you find any left over maragrita's?

joy n said...

At least I can be happy that Chima and Ronnie couldn't participate in the party.

It figures that Ronnie loves those little weinies. I was hoping he's hate them.

I sooo want to see Jesse get his.

Caroline said...

Lucy, this is just my opinion but I think the problem is not that the team that's winning isn't the team we like. It's that it's the same team winning over and over and over again. No matter whom I'm rooting for I always find these shows to be more entertaining when the power shifts back and forth. It causes much more strategy and scheming to be well as many more shifts in the alliances.

Had Ronnie really been telling Jeff/Jordan/Laura, etc. the truth about backdooring Russell, than not only would 1 from each "side" be gone, but 2 different cliques would have been affected. Then if Jessie won HOH again this week and Casey goes home the first "side" loses their 2nd member, but a 3rd clique loses their 1st member. It would keep things more "expect the unexpected" as opposed to predictablity we're dealing with now.

Arlene said...

I am wondering if Natalie is thinking maybe she should not have lied about her age. She could have been drinking Margaritas. She is really 24, the same age as my daughter. That is what she gets.

Petals said...

To address Lucy's question:

Hey, my guy (Jessie) is kicking a$$ (winning), yet I am still bored by the season. Not enough diversity, too many "non-career" (bikini models, amateur athletes, waitresses, gamers) people. I think only 3 of the HGs have a real job, right? And even they don't have a whole lot of personality.
I also don't think the High School theme clicked at all. Bad idea.
I will keep watching, tho. As Bravo's Andy Cohen stated, "Big Brother is the cheap crack cocaine that you take one hit of, and are immediately ashamed and hooked all at once".

PDX Granny said...

Petals said: As Bravo's Andy Cohen stated, "Big Brother is the cheap crack cocaine that you take one hit of, and are immediately ashamed and hooked all at once".

Is this why I have to watch it, but am not telling anyone that I do?? LOL

My WV is gangoutt ~ as in I'd like to get the Athletes gangoutt!!

cath said...

I love margaritas. Cheers! I like watching this TV show everyday.