Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Brother 11: Live Feeds Monday Into the Afternoon 7/13

Can't you see the excitement on Jordan's face? It's another exciting and fun day in the Big Brother 11 house. Or not. They really should do something to liven the place up a bit. Every year it's off to a slow start, so I'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt ... for now.

Here's what's happened since my last report:
  • First, remember that Russell won the PoV, used it to save Lydia. It's now Chima and Braden on the block.
  • Braden gave up his job and apartment to go on the show. He has $1000 in the bank. (Well, if he gets the boot this week, I believe he'll receive a few weeks stipend at $750 a week for his time in sequester and in the house.)
  • Jessie continues to talk trash about Jeff.
  • Jeff continues to talk trash about Jessie.
  • Lydia is getting chummy with Jessie. I have lost any respect I had for her.
  • She told him that she feels she can't talk to anyone.
  • Russell likes to look at himself in mirrors. Surprise, surprise! Who woulda thunk it?
  • They exercised ... well, most of them did.
  • It's the last day for the Brainy Bunch to be Have Nots.
  • Jordan asked Ronnie and Casey if her chest looked like "big fake boobs." They said no. She proceeded to tell them she was a 32A before her surgery. Why do people feel compelled to tell these kind of details?
  • They think the next comp will be mental, probably a true or false game.
  • Jordan wishes the season wasn't high school cliques and that there was more diversity in ages.
  • Now I like Jordan again. I'll forgive her boob talk.
  • Braden and Jeff think that Lydia's been telling lies to the HOH crew and that's why she was taken off the block.
  • Jeff is a true outsider in his clique.
  • Braden accused Lydia of lying and it was brouhaha time! Yay!
  • Kevin got involved, Braden called him a "beaner." Then Lydia screamed that Braden is a racist.
  • Then there were fisticuffs. A shot rang out. The maid screamed!
  • Jeff tried to calm things down and told Braden his "beaner" comment was out of line.
  • But then Lydia and Jordan started screaming at each other. Lydia and Jordan had been close. But when Jordan cried at Braden going on the block when she hadn't cried about her (Lydia) going up ... well, that got under her skin.
  • Jordan said she didn't cry because she knew that Lydia would be safe.
  • Lydia is also upset that Jeff didn't defend her. Jordan told her to take that up with Jeff.
  • In cursing about Jeff, she referred to him as a "gringo." Um.
  • Kevin got in the brouhaha yelling at Jeff that he never talks to him.
  • Jeff said he thought they were cool.
  • Jeff yelled at Lydia, though. He yelled that she sold them all out.
  • Lydia stomped off to the HOH room claiming that "Lydia was closed for the day."
  • Braden tried to apologize to Kevin for the "beaner" comment.
  • Kevin refused to accept the apology.
  • Kevin told Jordan if she hangs out with Braden, they (Kevin and Jordan) are no longer cool.
  • Yes, I tell you ... it's high school all over again!
  • Jordan cried.
  • Kevin apologized to Jeff.
  • Jordan told Russell that everyone is scared of his group and no one wants to stand up against them.
  • Now they're all in either the yard or house hanging out in cliques within and without cliques.


Sharon S said...

oh my! The fun begins....

now...what happened to the maid? I couldn't read it after you scribbled it out.

Jackie said...

She screamed.

sizzie said...

Jackie, only you could bring humor and a sense of fun to these guys. thanks, I loved reading your write up of the days happenings. Or lack of this case.

Laurie said...

I'm going to use "Laurie is closed for the day" very soon. I wonder how that will go over here at work.

You made what probably was a dull day interesting, Jackie. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

There are no valley gurl whiney voices but the fake girl's laugh is almost as annoying. Who's worse? Chima or the lab worker laugh?

Petals said...

wow - "beaner"? See, I TOLD you there were bigger jerks in this bunch than poor lil Jessie.

Jax - I speed read, and after reading your first paragraph, it appeared to me that "Braden makes $1000 p/week at his job at a bank.
When that sunk in, I knew that HAD to be wrong - which it was. Natch. I pegged him as the biggest waste of space, with Natalie close behind.

Mayhaps the producers noticed that the HGs tend to "clique off" on their own, so they just did it for them?

nomad said...

They shouldn't have divided the group into high school cliques, I think that ruined the fun for a lot of them. Suddenly they feel as trapped in an unwanted identity as they felt in high school. I think THAT is why it is boring so far this year.

Nana in the NW said...

Nomad--I agree about the cliques are making it boring. Most of the HG went in with a gameplan and then found out their "friends" were already picked for them. Now they are suppose to be loyal to their clique but for some it's not happening!

Becky said...

Jackie said: Then there were fisticuffs. A shot rang out. The maid screamed!

And then the butler put the gun into the maid's purse.

Jackie, great write up and I agree with Sizzie. I do love your humor.

After reading your write up I find myself thinking less of Lydia. Well, she did say she would showmance with a male -- or female -- if that's what it took to further her game. Which category does the meathead fall? Petals, love your attitude. Glad you are going to let us trash talk Jesse Me, Me, Me without getting upset with us. I agree, it is fun to read and comment on our favorite -- or not so favorite hamsters. Have a drink on me. And I promise that I won't let Meb punch a hole in your floatie with her knitting needle. Speaking of "floaties" I laughed out loud about the comment about Laura's floaties floating.

Lars Eller said...

I have Jesse in the pool
anyway I find Chima very annoying
Hey suppose Jesse had called himself a " Diva " Hehe

Alright I know he can't be a Diva but ya never know )
My point is;
it doesn't matter what Jesse says
he'll be judged, unlike Chima Yikessss I wonder if Chima's actually a man?

JMO I apologize if I offended anyone, just venting in a great blog!

It's sooooo Hot ( 107 )

Feral Cat said...

Diva is a perfect description for Jessie.

Anonymous said...

oh my...what a mess!
-Jamie Mae-

Anonymous said...

Watching the feeds...somehow I don't think this is the first time Braden has been ignored.

PlaidChick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PlaidChick said...

See here I am sitting over here with my backpack screaming: FIGHT FIGHT, FIGHT!!!

Booger Jeff is growing on me...

But, as showmances always do, he's going to get distracted by Jordon.

OK Jessie can see right through Laura, despite her big boobies, and that she likes to stare and kiss up to him... umm what are Natalie and Lydia doing? Natalie the snuggle bunny and Lydia the masseuse. Bet Jessie can't spell that!

Gawd love ya Petals!! MUAH

Laurie: I so needed that drink!

Petals said...

Since Jessie has rebuffed Laura's attempts at seduction, I -on his behalf- will use her ample saline floating vessels to float myself in the deep end of the empty pool.


Anonymous said...

I also have a BB blogger fave and's Petals. You're so funny! Poor Braden, only getting 14 min of fame. "beaner" hah, shoulda been on the dork team.

joy n said...

Laughed out loud at your little drama scenario, Jackie!

On days like this one, I wish I had the live feeds, so thanks, Jackie, for giving us the scoop on these testy hampsters.

The racist names are a bit disturbing. Has that ever happened before?

A judge today denied Richard Hatch's request to go to Samoa for the ten-year anniversary (20th) season of the show. Judge says he must serve the final 90 days of his 51 month sentence.

That season (early 2010) will be (or is being) shot in Samoa. It will be an All-Star season and it will be "Heroes vs Villains". They cited budget cuts as the reason for back-to-back seasons in the same place. They also said that some of the same people from the last All-Stars season will be back for this one. That, I don't get as they have 19 seasons to choose from. Why not just pick people that haven't been there, done that?

Anyway, the article is up over on Reality TV World.

jeannemarie said...

it's too bad they don't wait for hatch to finish his sentence. i was one of the few people i know who wanted him to win season one.

BJ said...

I will bet my last dollar that Jesse has used steroids to become so muscle bound. That explains why he has no interest in the opposite sex. He tries to talk the talk but it rings false

Sydney said...

jeannemarie -- you are in blue!!!