Friday, July 17, 2009

Big Brother 11: Live Feeds Overnight Into Friday 7/17

For someone who's a bikini model and claimed she would be "living in a bikini" in the house, Laura tends to cover up a lot. That doesn't upset me in the least. Okay, my latest show review is up over on TV Squad and I'm here to report the doings of the hamsters in that Big Brother House of Hapless Hamsters:
  • Despite the fact that everyone knows Ronnie is lying about the Chima vote, all went to his HOH room reveal.
  • He got photos of his wife and mother, PlayDough, Double Stuff Oreos, a letter from home, etc.
  • Jeff left first claiming it was a good room but some people were "sucking the life out of it."
  • Eventually, it was just the Body Buddies and their twerp Ronnie up there.
  • Ronnie seems pleased with himself that he's caused all the dissension in the house. But unless he's playing everyone, I don't like it that he's chosen to ally with the muscle. This could be the week to get either Jessie or Russell out.
  • Lydia is still all over Jessie. And here I thought I was going to like her. She has no taste or pride in herself (if she thinks she's doing it for game reasons).
  • Russell trashtalked Laura.
  • Chima trashtalked Jeff.
  • Jeff is trying to be philosophical and keeps saying, "It's just a game. Ronnie is playing a game."
  • Ronnie is STILL not taking the blame/credit for the Chima vote which went against his now estranged ally group.
  • Jessie told Natalie and Russell that Laura is the mastermind behind things from the other side.
  • Jordan now feels bad that they tried to save Braden (seeing how it all turned out). Earlier tonight she said, "We shouldn't be called popular. We should be called the idiots."
  • All of that group -- Jeff, Casey, Michele, and Laura -- are still stinging from the Ronnie bite 'em in the butt by voting to keep Chima bit.
  • Although Ronnie won't admit it, no he won't.


Petals said...

G'morning Jackie! You reported
Jordan now feels bad that they tried to save Braden (seeing how it all turned out). Earlier tonight she said, "We shouldn't be called popular. We should be called the idiots".
WOW ! Sounds like Jordan should have been in the brain clique.

meb said...

Hey Jackie... Your last comment about Ronnie not owning up to voting to oust said: Although Ronnie won't admit it, no he won't. '
That sounded like Mary Murphy on SYTYCD. She always ends her sentences, after saying a dancer was great..."Yes you were!".

Means nothing...just thought it was funny.

Why does Jordon feel like an idiot... she did her best and it would have worked if Ronnie hadn't been such a traitor. He's the idiot!...and I so wanted to like him. Oh well... he's toast if he remains the idiot and doesn't put up Russell and Jessie, hoping to get at least one of them out.

I don't understand why some of us aren't on this show... we could really show them how it works.

Lydia is a big disappointment too. I'm so glad I have Jordon in the pool... maybe not for long, but other than showing her boobies in the bath, she hasn't embarrassed me too much!

Caroline said...

I'm definitely on Team Jordan, Laura, Casey & Michelle. I don't think it was stupid for the Populars to try to save Braden, although I can understand since it failed that Jordan feels real down about the situation they're in now.

Given that Ronnie betrayed his alliance I think he should have let Michelle have HOH. Then they could have gotten rid of Jessie or Russell and Ronnie wouldn't have to get his hands dirty. Does he really think he can beat those guys in comps enough weeks to make a difference? Doubt it.

I'm pleasantly surprised by Laura over the last 24 hrs or so. Both her and Ronnie claim to be students of the game, but I think she's using what she learned much better than he is. I love how Laura and Jordan rallied for Braden. I just hope they don't get disillusioned and keep fighting the fight.

cha cha said...

I am just so confused as to what Ronnie meant in "his" tweets about how if he has his way the house will he upside down before the week is over.

I am hoping that before the weekend is over. that would be when they do pov and replacement if needed that the two "sides" will come together somehow and call Ronnie out and put him in his PLACE

meb said...

Cha cha... thanks for mentioning what Ronnie said on Twitter. I don't have it, so I rely on you guys (and Jackie of course) to tell us what the HOH's are saying over on Twitter.

You can't put much stock on anything Ronnie says... but I hope he meant that the bullies are going up and one of them will be gone by weeks end! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

Sharon S said...

I find it very interesting that a core renegade alliance has formed with at least one person from each of the cliques. Wonder if BB predicted that? Hope they can pull through and take over the power!

Pamela said...

Could someone please tell me why youtube stopped carrying the live uploads. All they have on there now are things from Big brother show on tv. Are they not allowing people to upload from the life feeds? Is there somewhere else to see uploads from live feeds?

Pamela said...

Could someone please tell me why youtube stopped carrying the live uploads. All they have on there now are things from Big brother show on tv. Are they not allowing people to upload from the life feeds? Is there somewhere else to see uploads from live feeds?

Caroline said...

Pamela...I'm guessing CBS was losing money. People who chose to catch up via youtube weren't paying for the feeds, but still getting to watch all the good stuff.

It's disappointing cause I don't have nearly enough time to watch the feeds to make it worth paying for them. But I loved going and watching things like Swim Club last year and Jessica/Eric dancing on their season.

Pamela said...

Thanks for your reply Carolina. That is what I suspected. I would gladly pay for the feed if they would just post the good stuff. You know kind of condense it. I don't have time to watch 24/7 either. I love Jackie's blog. At least I can keep up thru her. Great work Jackie.

cha cha said...

I am hoping a meathead goes home this week but it isn't looking like it from what I have been reading.
another thing Ronnie said in the tweets is I hope all of you fans are enjoying my plotting in this house.

If you want to follow this online you can sign up for twitter but not put the devices on for you to receive texts. You can log in and just read the stupid stuff the the "HOH" writes

RBennie said...

I am not loving my girl Lydia at all. She is such a whiner and seems to be a very bad judge of character. I think Ronnie really wants to shake things up and will probably turn on the athletes this week. I think Jeff is the most level headed person in the house and I like him the most so far. What is up with those tattoos on Lydia? They look like she let a small child use her for a coloring book, LOL.

Sally said...

meb, I've been following the HOH tweets on the internet, without registering or signing up for any thing.

To follow the HOH tweets, go to this website, which Jackie posted earlier:,

And to follow Jackie's tweets, go here:

Laurie said...

Ronnie reminds me of the waterboy on the football team. He thinks he is part of that group and is probably eating up the testosterone not realizing he could be beaten to a proverbial pulp without a second thought by any of them. Meanwhile, he thinks he is sitting pretty ... I do hope a jock goes out this week since Ronnie can't. Or Lydia, she can go after what I saw from last night, and I only saw the first 15 minutes. What a hothead!

cha cha said...

Thats funny you say that about Ronnie. Last night on BBAD he was talking about all the candy and chocolate he got and its to bad that he can't really eat it since he has started to work out..Said he may have to do more Cardio...

I didn't know you could look up the tweets that way. Mine are texted but I have some twitter people I don't follow so I just go to the site. I will have to try that then I wont get all the texts.

sizzie said...

Yes, Laurie, Ronnie is a wannabe and I think his ego might be bigger than Jesse's. They are both Legends in their own Minds. What was so shocking about Ronnie's vote was it was so careless of him. Yes, he made the big flip he wanted the house to have, but he blew any chance of playing a smart game. He outed himself as the class nimcompoop.

cha cha said...

Tweet just came in.
can we call jesse and Ronnie's alliance the Turd Herd since they're so full of shit?

That is so funny. We should really add Yvette...oops I mean Natalie.

meb said...

Thanks Cha-cha and Sally... I will do that, but if you want to post what they're saying when you read it, that would be ok too... Can you tell I'm being lazy... but in my defense, the only time I could do this and keep current is while I'm at work and "they" have me blocked from going to anything like that at work... except Jackie's blog. And that surprises me... I'm waiting for the ax to fall on this too.

As for Ronnie, I hope he meant fans of the show are enjoying his plotting and not HIS fans, cause he obviously doesn't have any and his plotting stinks unless he's plotting to be evicted, which in that case I'd be enjoying it immensely.

PlaidChick said...

I stayed up way too late last night watching all of this fall apart. Really good stuff since BB8

Ronnie's tweet said if he has his way, he'll flip the house again by week's end. I don't believe a thing that comes out of his mouth, I think he is scared sh--- of Russell. He reveals way more to the jocks than he does to the Braden 5 which makes me think he's not playing them as hard. He will put up Laura/Casey or Laura/Jeff. And it will hit the ceiling all over again.

Jeff was so funny last night, saying he was happy for all of 5 minutes night before last when they thought they had Braden saved.

I love the Terd Herd name.

PlaidChick said...

Petals, you did it! Everyone could care less about Jessie right now, they're all after that piece of crap Ronnie

joy n said...

Ooh, not quite, Plaidchick. If anything, I'd put Jesse and Russell on an even keel as egotistical dwarves who believe they're smarter than they actually show themselves to be.

Ronnie is the only one in the world that believes he's good at this game. He's so NOT!

I'm so over Lydia, too.

By the way, Jimmy Smits was nommed for an Emmy as best guest actor in a drama for his role on DEXTER! Yippey!

meb said...

joyn... I really hesitated when you said Jimmy Smits nom'd for Dexter. I almost forgot he was in it... but he did a great job in that and deserves the nod.

Cha Cha... thanks for suggesting going to jokersupdates. I did what you did and minimized it as small as I could and now I just keep refreshing and it keeps giving me up to date info. I'm just not that computer literate sometimes, but this will work, both here and at home.

Guess they'll be having the Have/Have Not competition today if it hasn't happened already. Is today also the nomination ceremony?

I can't believe I'm excited about getting this show on the road quicker and quicker. I'm trying to find out everything I can and nothing is leaking out fast enough.

cha cha said...

No prob Meb..

Have/have not comp has started.

I did notice something funny with Ronnie and Russ.

Russ nodded to him and Ronnie nodded back. Don't know if it means anything since Ronnie has a deal with each of the Turd hurd with Chima and offbeats included.

PlaidChick said...

meb, glad you can access joker's...

I was so not getting into this season, and then it flipped Wednesday night, and I can't get enough.

Joyn-- I agree with ya, I'm over that whole group, and I'm suppose to be rooting for Natalie. I just want to smack her smug ass. Ronnie is D-U-N *if* he makes it that far and it's all for themselves. They will drop him like a bad habbit.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reporting the news Jackie, I really need an outlet right now and need to vent to anyone. My fiance of 5 years told me last night he isnt in love with me anymore and I am jobless and homeless but hey!..theres still Big Brother YAH!...
-Jamie Mae-

meb said...

OMG Jamie Mae... are you broken up about it, or were you ready for it... the latter I hope. You sound that way anyway.

What are you going to do. Do you have some friends to help out. I think I'm more upset than you are. Bring on BB.

Seriously, if you need consoling or a few male bashing sentences, just ask... Becky will be able to help you out with 'words'...

Becky said...

Good afternoon all. When you check out the HOH Twitter scroll down and see that Lydia had to "pass the initiation" before they could join the Turd Herd.

BTW I forgot to add Chima to my list last night. Yep, the little twit is up there too.

I agree with those who say that Lurksalot will put Jeff and Laura on the block.

Laurie, I love your analogy about the football team/water boy Turd Herd and Ronnie. He thinks he is one of the "big boys" now, but everyone else knows he's not. Wonder if he will prostitue himself like Lydia did?

PlaidChick said...

Jamie Mae-- That sucks, we can add him to the terd herd too, and you could ask BB Jeff to find him and beat the crap out of him too.

I went through so many losers before I found the one for me. We're here for ya, and ya, BB is a great way to get your mind off of life!

New Avatar thanks to the BB Chops memyselfandi over at Survivor Sucks.

justmeagain said...

jamie mae
i'm sorry to hear you are jobless and homeless. i hope you have family or friends you can stay with. depending what state you live in, if you were living with him and not working he may be required by law to pay palimony.

PlaidChick said...

Becky said...
Good afternoon all. When you check out the HOH Twitter scroll down and see that Lydia had to "pass the initiation"
Ya nice, smooth, slick. I wanna be like Lydia.. NOT.

This is what pisses me off about their group. On top of just being mean, they told Laura after they went on the attack on her last night to get the F out of the room (eating area), they all have zero integrity. I don't get how any of them can sleep at night. There are ways to play this game without losing yourself, but I guess that would be kind of boring.

Ronnie's wife made him a FaceBook page. It's not public as you have to request to be a "friend." As much as I would like to be his friend and tell his wife "Your husband is scum" I'm not going to do it.

PlaidChick said...

Some bloggers were at the show last night, and here is what they said. This is from

From SassySam:
Hi everyone,

I just got back from the live taping (and drinks afterwards)! I heard that Chima's speach would be edited out & although you could probably guess what she said I wanted to be sure I came on to give the dishers the firsthand. She said, "he called my good friends here beaners and called you, Julie, a ho, yes he did". Julie jumped a little and looked startled and the whole crew and audience gasped. Also, when taping for the early show Julie questioned Braden about his apology and he basically said he's sorry for saying it because of the effect it had, but never really said he didn't mean it and it came off very insincere. Julie picked up on that and grilled him some more about whether he meant it or not and his answers got more vague and wierd (I think he was really nervous)to the point where he wasn't really answering the questions anymore and Julie kept repeating them and finally she looked back at the audience and said "Is it me?" we all said "NOOOO!" He seemed really tweaked out and if he hadn't just left the house I would swear he was on something...Maybe it was just the nerves but he was much more coherent when he came out of the house and talked to Julie. He went backstage and came back to tape the early show all tweaked out and couldn't string a sentence together. I'm scared to think of what happens in the debriefing room!

meb said...

Becky...did you read the comment I left for Jamie Mae?

You're so good with words, I thought you might come up with a few choice ones for her ex...

Becky said...

Jamie Mae, hang in there. Put him in your category of Big Mistakes I Have Made and Will Laugh About Someday. Just be glad that you had not married him and then had him change his mind. Your prince will come. Just keep looking. And warts on the guy who broke the engagement.

Come hang with us. You can even share my float next party.

Becky said...

Meb, I am a mere student at the foot of the master of words. I know that you can BBQ this guy and serve him up to the buzzards.

JR said...

I don't get why everyone seems to hate Ronnie so much for what he did, he's only playing the game. Mind you I don't think he's playing the game all that well but he was just doing what he thought was in his best interest for whatever reason.

Remember Chima is also a member of his clique so that was another reason to keep her just as Jordan and Laura campaigned for Braden to stay as he was part of their team.

He should probably stop pretending he's the biggest mastermind that has ever played the game cuz he's not but to go as far as refer to him as "scum," I think is going a bit too far. There are a lot worse things that some other members of the house have done or said than lying and switching the vote which is all part of the game.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Jessie is back. I don't guess I'll be watcing the show as long as he's on there. That's one person I can not stand. His body looks like crap and his personally sucks. Just let me know when or if he's voted off. Sure am glad you're back Jackie. Sorry to hear about your cat. I lost my little dog a few weeks ago. Jackie from NC

monty924 said...

Love your new avitar, PlaidChick. I completely forgot about the chops until now. I have to go back and look at all the ones I've missed.

Braden put his own foot in his mouth, so I'm not feeling too sorry for him, but that doesn't change how I feel about Ronnie either. I wanted Braden to stay, not because I liked him, but for Team Braden. I just like those folks a hell of a lot better than the Body Buddies/Terd Herd.

I borrowed a chop from ArtMaggot myself. Its small but if you look close... that's Ronnie in the Rat Trap! ;)

monty924 said...

Oh... JamieMae,
Hold your head up girl. I spent so much of my life with frogs before I met my prince. Just be glad that you didn't marry the cad and then discover that he wasn't what you thought. I made that mistake and it hurt 100 times worse when it ended. You've got a great diversion in BB and a whole lot of blog friends there to support you. :)

PlaidChick said...

Monty, I saw that one too!

JR: Make no mistake, there's not a single person I like on Ronnie's "team" I say that loosely. I stated why I don't like them, they're mean, hateful, and just bullying everyone. I don't think it's a right way to play the game. No one is allowed to yell except them. Whatever.

Ok so let's now Ronnie nominates someone from the Braden group and someone from the jock group, and plays it out back and forth all week as, you have to be a pawn. If he manages to fly under the radar and not go up next week, then maybe he is a master of the game. I doubt it though.

I have never liked the floater game play or the run to everyone and have an alliance with that person game.

formerly anon said...

Y'all (and by that I include myself) are right about the show suddenly getting interesting.

It's as if a magnet were applied to the hamsters and they polarized into two groups, clear as day. It's clear to me which ones I like and which I do not, and which confuse me.

I like Jeff.
I like Jordan.
I like Casey.
I begrudgingly like Laura.

I used to like Kevin, and don't understand him yet.
I used to like Lydia (for a day or so) and now she just looks like a coloring book (as pointed out above).

I never really liked Michelle, and still don't. No reason especially.

I really dislike Chima and Natalie (is that her name? the athlete girl. There used to be another really annoying Natalie in BB)

Jessie is a non-entity now that he's not HOH.

I like watching Russell (does he shave his whole body or something? It looked like he had no armpit hair. I've never seen a guy do that). His ego is huge, but so far I don't hate him.

Ronnie is a weasel. His only redeeming quality would have been him being loyal to the "good guys" (Jeff et al) but he blew it. He's not smart and his ego is way too big for reality. I feel very sorry for him actually.

I like Casey. At first I was thrown by whether he was a poser, but now I think he's authentic. He's just a southerner, and that's his real accent.

I cannot stand Chima and athlete girl. Did I say that yet? If so, it bears repeating, because it's very intense, to the point that I turn my head when they are on the screen.

Ronnie thinks he was so slick about deceiving everyone, yet he's so transparent. I sort of wish Jeff would have called him out on it in HOH, but of course then he would have been vulnerable.

meb said...

Becky... proud of you girl.. "...warts on the guy who broke the engagement..." love it...

As for you are:"...a mere student at the foot of the master of words. I know that you can BBQ this guy and serve him up to the buzzards..." Are you referring to Moi?

Jamie Mae... if you hang in with us, you'll get through this without too many bruises...

Thanks Becky... keep 'em comin'..

formerly anon said...

Found a quote by someone (reposted at Joker's, but from here:

Totally confirms what I think we all suspected about Ronnie, that's he's not all that. He's not even partly that.

"Just checked my facebook... My team is bitching about Ronnie... He lies. He was never a national persuasion champion. The real national tournaments are AFA and NFA... he won this stupid tournament called Pi Kappa Delta which is NOTHING... Yeah, we are geeks but 8 of the top 10 universities are all bitching about his lying about speech! HA!"

Cha Cha said...


Trivia screen says: The BB Houseguests are playing a game that is secret until the next TV episode, the live feeds will be up soon

As far as Ronnie being a persuasive(sp) speaker. Whatever, he will shoot himself in the foot this weekend. I really don't see him pulling this off. It will go down like Brian of last year.
I read somewhere that Ronnie said they will be saying Dr Will Who. I am sorry, I didn't love Will's style of play the first time but I did love him in Allstarts

monty924 said...

That's too funny, formerly anon!

sizzie said...

Cha Cha said: I read somewhere that Ronnie said they will be saying Dr Will Who.


I thought that might be what he was trying. But, Dr. Will had finesse and understood when to play a card and when to stand back and watch. Ronnie just doesn't get it. And Ronnie wants applause...'watch me do this', "I am talk my way out of that', a good con man has to know when to shut up.

meb said...

I agree Sizzie... Ronnie certainly isn't implying that he is in the same or even near the league of player that Dr. Will was. He was the master of the game...only person who even came close was Dan last season.

Feeling better Sizzie?

Anonymous said...

So glad you linked this in your TV Squad post! I was missing it from last summer. =) Thank you!

Cha Cha said...

Sizzie and Meb

I didn't agree with what Ronnie said. I can't stand him.

Meb you are right about Dan. He is the only one that has come close.
Speaking of Dan I think he is probably helping out the "Populars" in the have/have not comp. Julie did say he would be on this week. I hope its not for POV

sizzie said...

cha cha, I didn't think you did. I was glad you mentioned what you had heard because I had been thinking he might wish he was the Dr. He wishes. (smile)

EileenM said...

Ronnie is getting on my last nerve! Jessie and Russell have Napoleon complexes and as for Natalie and Lydia, they are in the group they deserve. It's sad because I really wanted to like Lydia.

EileenM said...

Can someone please let me know how to attach the little photo next to the postings? Thank you!

monty924 said...

EileenM said...
Can someone please let me know how to attach the little photo next to the postings? Thank you!
On your blogger dashboard you should see edit profile, edit picture, etc. Click on edit picture and select one from your computer. Hope this helps! :)

EileenM said...

Thank you Monty!

Petals said...

Jaime Mae - we need to move in together. The exact same thing happened to me in April: My guy kicked me out, I lost my job, and he's holding my belongings ransom for money he claims I owe him! I sleep on friends sofas, recliners, guest rooms.

Things turned around!!! I wnet backwards: I called my old office, they re-hired me at a higher salary WITH an assistant. I have begun to put myself out there to date, and things are looking up.

My email & FB should be on my google homepage blogger thingy. I am available to vent with/on/to. Feel free. We'll kick the sh** together!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the support everyone, actually I am completely tore up about it and I didnt see it coming at all. In my family you use humor to get you through hardships..and then you sit in a dark room alone and cry and snot all over yourself..=)
-Jamie Mae-

Anonymous said...

thank you, I hope everything goes well for you. I dislike it when people get hurt, its just not fair.
But I should have taken my mommas advice when she said "NEVER depend on a man because you never know when they will leave you"..sad but true
-Jamie Mae-