Monday, July 27, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Overnight Into Monday 7/27

With the PoV meeting expected tonight, several of the hamsters are all wondering if Jessie will put up Ronnie as he told them he would. The others know that he won't. It's a recipe for a brouhaha!
  • Jeff told Casey that he suspects that he will go on the block when Michele saves herself.
  • He said that Jessie won't put Chima on the block.
  • Russell and Lydia trashtalked about Casey. This was in front of Jordan (who didn't really take part in the conversation).
  • Jordan told Jeff she thought the plan remained the same -- that is, to backdoor Ronnie.
  • Casey went to talk to Jessie.
  • Jessie tried his best to avoid saying outright that he's putting Casey on the block.
  • Casey reminded Jessie of the deal they made in the beginning.
  • Michele thinks it makes no sense not to put Ronnie on the block.
  • The Casey/Jessie talk ended with a handshake and Jessie telling him when you're HOH, you have to do the best thing for yourself.
  • Now Jordan and Jeff know that the Ronnie Backdoor plan has been squashed.
  • Casey wishes he tried harder for PoV and Jeff regrets losing HoH.
  • Michele and Jessie had a brief blow-up, but then got all hunky-dory again.
  • The sides have solidified more -- it's Natalie, Jessie, Ronnie, Chima, and sometimes Russell and Michele against Lydia, Kevin, Jeff, and Jordan.
  • The latter four pinky-swore not to put each other on the block.
  • Jessie and crew don't know so much that Lydia is "over there."
Unless Jessie is hoodwinking all of us, tonight it will be Casey on the block with Jordan. And, in the house, Jordan definitely has the edge to stay over Casey.


Petals said...

G'morning Jackie & Everyone!
Wow - good recap, as usual Ms Jackie. It appears like a whole-lotta-nuthin goes on overnights.
I do hope Jessie does NOT nominate one of the personalities (Casey, Jeff). Why not Kevin?

RJM in SC said...

I will hate Casey being back doored

tbc said...

I would really like to see Rommie or Chima go. I hope "the brains" don't win HoH again....

p.s. wv - discub - a "tween" bear instead of a baby bear

meb said...

Petals... he can't nom Jeff... they're in the same clique, remember.

Bummers for Casey though. And yeah, why not Kevin???

Witt said...

Remember how, in that winter couples edition of BB, BB dropped the couples rule and then made it every person for long do you think that will take?

meb -- I think Kevin is flying so far below the radar, and they consider him such a non-threat, that it wouldn't occur to them to nominate him. That doesn't explain why Jessie would nominate Michelle and Jordan, though, with no explanation!

Witt :)

Becky said...

Good morning, Jackie and crowd. Laurie, I went to the posts from last night first. The new "Jessie/Ronnie" avitar needed a spit alert.

WV is duckers. I have all my little duckers in a row.

sizzie said...

Then (if Lydia is really with the pinky swear) it is 4 firm on both sides with 2 (Russ and Michelle) floating but leaning toward Jesse. I have not figured out Michelle from the beginning. She seems to be trying too hard to be friends with (who I think are ) the wrong people. I think Russ will always vote how best it suits him and that could mean he will help Jeff somewhere down the line.

On another note. Sweet faced, soft spoken Jordan may not do anything her Gramps can't see ,but she sure talks about it alot and uses demonstrations when necessary to explain her preferences. Jeff was serious and not up (lol) for any game play. But, Lydia, Russ and Jordan talked positions and all seemed to not have a game care in the world.

Instead of haves and have nots, I definitely have my likes and like nots and have a multi tie for first place on the not likes team.

joy n said...

Sounds like all heck will break lose tonight after the POV meeting.

cha cha said...

Its amazing that Jesse said he is thinking for himself...Thats funny since he is doing what Nat, Russ and Ronnie want.
He could have gone a long way with Casey on his side.
Its a shame he is to stupid to realize this.

PlaidChick said...

Watching that Jessie/Casey go down last night, in private, well as private as it can get while Lap Dog was in the HOH BR made me sick. I'm pretty sure now Casey and Jessie did not have a deal going into the house. If they were "cool" he would of reassured Casey-- there again, he may not of because surely Natalie wasn't pooping for 10 minutes, but rather listening-- but ya, I don't see it.

Jessie said their week 1 alliance was null and void. Honestly? I think Jessie saw the cliques twist and jumped ship as soon as he realize that muscle and brains couldn't be beat.

I hate to see Casey go. He's a fun guy to watch. Lydia and Kevin slinked back into the house after he told them he felt he was the next to go. Jeff or Jordan said "Where are they going?" Casey quickly replied: "Back with the in-crowd." He also pointed out that they: Casey, Jordan and Jeff are the only ones left outside, and Michele is clearly gone (to the other side), Lydia and Kevin? They're floating along.

This show is boring this season because it's been the same people in control for the last 3 weeks. If the power could shift, break up the teams, anything, it would get interesting. Last week was good because we really didn't know which way the wind was gonna blow with Ronnie. Now, we know.

It's a dreary (love it!) July day in Dallas. I'll post when the veto ceremony goes down.

RBennie said...

I seriously doubt that Jessie putting Casey on the block will cause much of an uproar in the BB house. It's not like when Ronnie was HOH and got tortured by Russell. Sadly, none of these hamsters seem to have the cojones to take on Jesse.

Thanks for the updates Jackie.

joy n said...

It may cause a stir because Kevin and Lydia will realize once Casey is out and the rest of the gg are going, their own days are numbered.

If Jeff and Jordan lose Casey, which will likely happen, and Kevin and Lydia switch sides, they all need to work on getting Michele back into the fold AND try to get Russell to work with them. Russell may go for it thinking he has better odds against Jeff in the comps than he would against Jesse.

It's irritating to me that the gg don't put up a fight when Jesse and company trample all over them. They (GG) keep on believing all the liars promises and just hope that things will work out. Play the game, GG!

Chauncey, not Billups said...

I am so close to just not watching anymore because it is sooooo boring. I really hate to see Casey leave. I like Jordan but i don't see her making any moves. Casey would def put up two athletes or backdoor Ronnie if he won HOH but no one else would. Those idiots are to stupid to realize that as soon as Jessie does not need their votes Him and Natalie will pick them off one by one.

Sally said...

The more I think about the structure of the show this year, the more unfair it seems.

Jessie has a big personal advantage, having had the experience of last year. The athletes have an unfair advantage, having an extra player to keep the team safe, as well as having Jessie's previous experience.

Players can strategize and plan their games, but the team concept is superimposed on everything and really limits their options. It's unfair. (Why should Jeff automatically be safe this week, while Casey is fair game?)

The twists of previous years (America's player, twins, etc.) may have confused other players, but they didn't really give anyone an advantage or rule the game like this year's twist. Even if they drop the cliques now, the damage is done, as the clique-based alliances have been formed.

End of rant.....

sizzie said...

joyn said: "Play the game, GG!:

Exactly what I am thinking Joyn. They just sit there (looking beautiful) and let it all happen. Even when Laura leaving should have awakened them, they remain in a stupor. And it isn't just boring it is emotionally difficult to see one side controling everything.

I don't know how BB will keep them in cliques, but I haven't heard any kind of promo about a change to the game.

Chauncey, not Billups said...

This clique thing really screwed up this season, especially with bringing back a player from another season.

Anonymous said...

They need a personality in the house. Half the time I can't remember who the HGs are or that they even exist. No one has a personality, well maybe Ronnie does. Does RaT count?

sizzie said...

It may cause a stir because Kevin and Lydia will realize once Casey is out and the rest of the gg are going, their own days are numbered (joyn)
I wish Lydia had been able to hear them (Jesse and Nat and others) laughing about her in the HOH last night.


Every year, here at Jackie's, we get a list going of who we like or what we think of the hgs and who we think will win. Frankly, all I can think of at this point is who I don't want to win.

Here are my thoughts on the hgs. What are yours?


Jeff: Seems quite and to not take the bait to start a fight, but is more likely to sit back and see what happens. I think, he has sat and waited too long, though.

Jordon: loveable, airhead, even when told what to do she doesn't quite get it.

Michelle: My biggest disappointment...and that is saying a lot considering who is/was in the house. I expected her to fit right in with Jeff's group and help them be a power. Instead she seems very concerned about what Nat thinks of her.

Kevin: I already like his play more than I thought I would and he may give us some good moments later in the game.

Lydia: My feelings about her keep changing. I thought she was the tough girl, but watching her wilt (including in her posture) as Jesse slams her confidence time after time, I see more of a child who wants to be liked than a powerful woman.

Laura: She knew too much too soon and left before she could get anyone to pay attention to her. She could have quietly changed the game if she had tried.

Jesse: He has learned a few things and is using them in his second chance. The same could probably be said for any hg this season or next. If Laura got a second chance, she might play differently, too. His attachment to Nat either means he knows he is too stupid to play the game on his own power, or he thinks she is his soldier and will run his errands.

Nat: In your face confrontational from the get go, she is ruling Jesse. I don't know if she wants to love him or wants to be him.

Casey: I am already counting him out. I think he has accepted his fate also. If he wanted he could out every alliance he knows and make some interesting watching. Instead I think he will just sit around, phallicly clothed, wishing Jesse and Ronnie and Russell liked him and life was fair.

Russell: He is still a mystery or wants us to think he is. Does he have a firm alliance to anyone but himself? He seems to be playing nice to each person in the house and making a concentrated effort to visit with each of them 'outside the game'. That one on one contact can turn into a vote when he needs it most.

Ci: I see nothing she has brought to the house or the houseguests. She is a vote for Jesse's group and, I heard, can't make any speeches unless approved since her outburst early in the game.

PlaidChick said...

Michele is down, Casey is up..

Ronnie has resumed his scheming.

I too, am very close to being done with this show. I might go over the egde if Natalie wins HOH Thursday.

Jeff is saying Jessie is no man wearing sunglasses during the POV ceremony, he needed to look at them in the eye. The speech was all over the place. He said he was in another man's clothes (Kevin's) hiding behind his sunglasses. He also spoke about BB10 AGAIN. I'm with him, dude, get over it, you lost. I imagine after next week the Jessie of BB10 returns.

I don't trust Kevin and Lydia just yet that they are with Jordan and Jeff.

Chauncey, not Billups said...

Plaidchick, if Nat wins HOH, when you go over the edge i will be at the bottom waiting for you.......

Anonymous said...

i would really like to see ronnie and jesse go and then lets take it from there they need to go and also i want jeff and jordan to be together