Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Overnight Into Tuesday Dawn 7/28

Why does Kevin look like he wishes to be elsewhere? Maybe it's the company he's keeping. In this particular conversation, he was with Ronnie and Natalie.
  • The hamsters are bored.
  • They talked fast food. Of course, they don't know the Taco Bell chihuahua died last week. They surely would have mentioned that.
  • Jeff and Jordan hope the clique thing is dropped this week. So do I.
  • Ronnie, a wienie himself, loves his cocktail wienies. Isn't that akin to cannibalism?
  • Natalie told Jordan that she will have her vote to stay and she shouldn't worry.
  • As Jessie slept in the backyard, Lydia painted his toenails pink.
  • He laughed about it later.
  • Michele told the athletes about Lydia and company seeking her out. I guess that shows which path she's taking.
  • There was some kind of off camera brouhaha with Casey and Russell.
  • The feeds got blocked. When they came back the hamsters were abuzz about Casey threatening to punch Russell and being sent to the diary room.
  • They wondered if Casey would be thrown out.
  • Casey didn't seem bothered by it all. He sang his Banana Suit Song and smoked.
  • Lydia seems to seriously want Casey to stay. She really likes Jordan, but thinks Casey would really play the game more.
  • I think she's right.
  • But I also don't think there's much of a chance that Casey would stay over Jordan this week.
  • Ronnie told his athlete cronies that Jordan lies. But he didn't specify anything Jordan has lied about.
  • That's all for now ... I expect doldrums until Thursday night.


Delee said...

I could not agree more, the CLIQUE's must GOOOOOOooooooooo... I am sad that one of the noms must go this week, it will really slant the balance of power to the Jesse's.

Also no wonder Ronnie has a weight prob, have you ever read the nutrition label on those. Heart attack in a small package!

4 links. There are 180 calories in a serving, 150 of which are from fat. A serving also contains 16 grams of total fat, 7 grams of saturated fat, 1 gram trans fat, 35 milligrams cholesterol, 520 milligrams of sodium, 2 grams total carbohydrates, 7 grams of protein and less than one gram of sugar

Petals said...

G'morning Ms Jackie, DeLee & Everyone!
Maybe Lydia can use her pink polish to convince Jessie to let Casey stay?
De - LOVE the avatar. All you guys are alot more avatar-savvy than me...hence the standard tulip sketch. *sigh*
Syd - have a safe flight!

unpub said...

Hi everyone,

I don't get the feeds and only keep up from Jackie's always brilliant summaries. I'm not sure what to make of Lydia/Jessie. She sleeps with him but plots against him? Is that really happening? What an odd move, although there is the old saying: keep your friends close but your enemies closer...but that might be too close!! LOL

I think if I were Lydia I wouldn't be plotting against the athletes at this point. Stay with them until the final 6 or 7 and, in the mean time, work on getting a solid 4 of your own within that 6 or 7. Personally, I don't think they will hang together that long.

Personally, I think I would oust Jordan over Casey if I were Jessie's Posse. Tight twos are always dangerous even if Jordan herself seems too "simple" to be a threat. It's not about comps (Dr. Will proved that), it's about votes. Unless Casey proved to be the 2nd (3rd?) coming of Janelle/Danielle as a comp hero, there will always be an opportunity to oust him later. On the other hand, if Jeff/Jordan stay tight, that could well be the center of the power block that turns the tables on the athletes. As I see it, Russell could be flipped, Lydia is already leaning off the bandwagon, there's Kevin, Michelle and Chima as floaters...that's a house majority right there when combined with Jeff/Jordan.

Good morning!!!

sizzie said...

I don't think the clique twist added anything to the game and it may have subtracted a few things. Same thing can be said for the bringing in a former player. Neither of those twists made the game fun to watch. In fact, since it was supposedly the Green House, that should have been the only theme. Having the two themes shows a lack of production value. Focus guys, AG should have been saying to her crew. Or maybe someone should have said it to her.

The same can be said for the hgs. Focus on the game, or go home.

Jesse came in knowing you play the game when playing is needed and sleep when it isn't. And to find a flunky to run errands and someone to play with under the covers.

But,no matter the theme or lack of one, the key reason, imo, this season is sliding into a full stop borefest is the players refusing to play the game. Ho Hum, another comp, I won't try because I am safe. How many have said that? Last night Casey said he would have tried for veto but he thought he was safe. Not too smart Casey and your angry banana act must be directed at yourself because you are the one who didn't step up when you could have.

Laura tried playing and her own alliances didn't listen to her.

Jeff was content step and wait thinking he had plenty of time to make a big step. They he realizes that isn't the case and he accepts he will go home next, and is mostly upset that he won't get the free vacation time at the jury house. Russell is playing and because of that we don't know where he stands. Except he stands for Russell. Lydia will do what Jesse wants and whine about how badly she is treated, even though Jesse has made it clear she is only a toy to him. And a disposible one at that. Kevin will see that he is alone in his alliance of two and throw up his arms and say 'whatever' and vote as he is told hoping he will at least end the season with some kind of prize.

Doldrums by Dolts there's a theme they could have run with.

Witt said...

Good morning all!!

Sizzie, you have it right...since the days of Dr. Will, people have been throwing comps so they won't have a target on their back, or won't look too strong, or whatever, and then those with the numbers pick off the smaller groups, and you end up having players near the end who haven't done anything strategically!! It is very frustrating.

Casey is one of the few people in the house I would want to go to Happy Hour with. Don't know what went on between him and Russell, but it must have been major!

Witt :)

lynn1 said...

Jackie said "Ronnie told his athlete cronies that Jordan lies. But he didn't specify anything Jordan has lied about."

That is rich! LOL

Ronnie should be able to spot a lie at a hundred paces.

Ronnie needs to keep his mouth full of cocktail weenies and keep his mouth shut.
He is sitting pretty with Jessie but if he keeps talking he may get himself kick out of Jessie's band of flying monkeys.
I am not cheering for Ronnie but at this point I see Ronnie or Nat going to the final 2 with Jessie.

Laurie said...

Ronnie, a wienie himself, loves his cocktail wienies. Isn't that akin to cannibalism?

Thanks for the good chuckle this morning, Jackie.

Good morning everyone. Your comments pretty much sum it all up. The cliques must go but it may be too late. Jessie has the advantage of experience. The floaters will be picked off one by one. The show is a snore fest.

Becky said...

And Ronnie says, " my weenie is this long I swear to God, I don't lie."

RBennie said...

Oooh Becky, you better watch out, MEB is so going to make you wash your mouth with soap for that one, LOL.

Laurie said...

Ah Becky, thanks for the good laugh!

Laurie said...
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Susan said...

I think having the cliques backfired. It took away possible interesting aliances and forced these on us (and them). It seems SO boring this year. BB isn't doing anything to them or for them.

I wonder if Lydia would sleep with Ronnie if he were (God forbid) HOH again. I have no respect for her. Jeff & Jordan are cute together, but they act like just friends so far.

Laurie said...

Susan, I think Lydia would do whatever she felt she needed to do to stay in the game. I think giving "favors" is just normal for her.

Jordan and Jeff are more like normal people enjoying the slowness of getting to know each other without the false intimacy of instant sex. I admire that. Of course, they both know they have a lot to offer another person and have that thing called self-respect.

Susan said...

Ugh!! Ronnie is reporting back to Jessie everything everyone is saying: Lydia is 'conspiring' with Russell, before that Lydia was with Kevin, etc. He is a RAT. He should be made to eat only cheese.

Susan said...

I agree Laurie; there seems to be one tramp every season. They know they're on camera 24/7, she must just not care what anyone thinks of her. But she's so blatant (blatent?) about cozying up to HOHs.
I'll never understand why they don't get that Jessie is a big threat (one, because he was on before) and for some reason they seem to worship him. Oh, I just made myself ill.

sizzie said...

I heard on one of the live feed sites that Jesse and Lydia made plans to hook up early this am...but in the process of that, they seemed to be sharing game info, too. Poor Kevin, his girl isn't being true to him. My wv is tesse

On Showtime last night I thought Jesse did a very mean thing (I know, hard to believe right?) But, he seemed so unaware of it that it made it even worst. And, that is what everyone has been saying all along about his being so self absorbed.

He had a plate of food and brought it out to the patio. He sat down on the sofa where almost everyone was and began to eat. Instead of putting it his lap or on the table (or asking Lydia to hold it for him) , he rested it on the arm of the sofa, right under the nose of Michelle (she was drinking a shake)a have not. She looked at it, looked at it closely, looked at her shake, took a drink, and then watched him eat and you know how he eats. . It was very uncaring of him to do that.

Anonymous said...

You just made me sick too Susan.

Thanks ever so.

I don't hate Jessie but last year I was really happy when I thought I would never ever see him again. The bad part is there isn't anyone on this season that I ever want to see again either.

Anonymous said...

I miss Dick and Danielle

unpub said...

Finally, some love for Dick and Danielle!

I don't like Lydia, but you can't really call her a rat for talking to Jessie since she appears to be aligned with him. Despite her...um..favors, she might actually be one of the people playing the game, whether you respect the way she's playing or not.

And, as for the HGs, I think they are 1/2 playing the game. Unfortunately, it's the 1/2 that most of y'all hate: Natalie, Jessie, Lydia, Russell, Ronnie... They are "winning" but its largely because they are playing and the "nice side" just isn't. I count that against the "nice side" not against the "dark side"

Susan said...

No, Ronnie is the rat; Lydia is the...well you know.