Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds - POV Ceremony Over 7/12

As expected, Russell saved Lydia with the PoV. In her place, Jessie put Braden on the block. Kevin already promised Chima he wouldn't vote her out.

Words of wisdom from Casey, "Lydia, don't put your business out on the streets."

Michele also says she can't vote Chima out "because she's on my team." Jordan is all teary and upset -- she likens the situation to back when all the hamsters were scared to cross the Four Horsemen, Jesse and buddies have too much power in the house.

Me? I'm just glad that there's no helium voice or shrieking hamsters on the feeds this year.

Hmm ... Braden has a court case coming up? Why did he go on the show?

Another Casey gem -- "You don't play cards with the face up."

Big Brother Word of the Day: Introducements (Natalie, meaning introductions)


PlaidChick said...

ARGH!!! I am so lost!!!

I'm still not getting why they put up Braden, other than he's expendable. The atheletes have huge targets on their backs, and I think this weeks HOH will be a Q&A.

Sasha said...

Count me in with the lost group. I'm still quizzing myself on who's who when some of the names are mentioned. Thank you Jackie for helping us!!

Also count me in with anyone who wishes we didn't have to see Jessie again. Didn't like him, don't like him, and will NOT like him. LOL...I'm in that group of no fans he has (doesn't have?) on CBS.

And yet, good to be back commenting on BB. What does that say about me? Don't answer that lol.

I have Laura in the pool. Well at least I don't think she's caused too many problems...yet.

It's only just begun...

Anonymous said...

I will not miss the dork when he leaves. Does he have kids? Because he acts like one. I bet no one talked to him in HS.

Anonymous said...

The girl with the big boobs is wearing her tank like it's a muscle shirt. Someone needs to tell her that her shirt is too small. She is making a joke of herself. And she eats with her mouth open. Still trying to find someone to like there.

Petals said...

Loving the Casey-isms.
Why does Jordan care so much if Braden leaves?
So far I like Jeff, Casey, Michelle and (desp[ite my redneck prejudices, I like Kevin.
And of course, I'm pulling for my pool buy, Jessie (yes, I am the cheese). That arcane reference is for you, Ms Jackie.

Brent McKee said...

Another Casey gem -- "You don't play cards with the face up."

Except of course in Blackjack you do exactly that. Same thing in some forms of Poker, where at least some of your cards are face up (Seven Card Stud and its variants). It's all about what you know from the cards that are face up and wht you can infer from them.

Sydney said...

go brent, lol

I'm with Sahsa, I have no idea who casey is. But I'll figure it out.

Caroline said...

Petals....cause Jordan and Braden are both in the Popular clique and she'd lose a team member if she goes home.

Caroline said...

Whoops...make that if "he" goes home.