Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Quickie Sunday 7/12

The houseguests are awake. Alas, now ALL of the cameras are on Jessie and Natalie again. I hate that.

They were told to get "camera ready." But I don't think anything major is on the agenda today other than the POV ceremony.

Carry on.


joy n said...

Jeff is kind of cute with the specs on.

Anonymous said...


Jeff is a perfect example of why looks aren't everything. He is as dorky as Ronnie (who also bites his nails).

He is disgusting as he touches everything then puts those fingers back in his mouth.

Petals, you don't spit the nails on the floor too, do you? Fess up...LOL

Caroline said...

Anon....Must be so wonderful to be the only person on the planet that is perfect!