Friday, July 10, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Report - Into Friday Morn 7/10

It's nearly 6 AM here on the East Coast and Natalie and Jessie are talking about everyone. Somehow, Natalie talks like a guy. Jessie is still full of himself. They're talking the order for the keys in Jessie's nominations. Here's the skinny from the overnight:
  • Chima and Lydia are on the block.
  • Lydia and Jordan were given slinky nightgowns and had a girly-girly time of it. No, no sex. Or "boogering" as Jordan would say.
  • Before the feeds were live last night, they had already had the "have/have not" competition which takes the place of the food comp this year.
  • Brains were out quick in that one. They call it the neon competition.
  • Ronnie says they lost because they (the brains) over-think everything.
  • Jeff and Lydia talked about the upcoming veto comp. Jeff doesn't think it should be used if won. Lydia would save herself if she wins -- Jeff agrees with that thought.
  • Lydia seems to fit in better with the others than Chima if the noms remain the same.
  • Lydia thinks Jessie is attractive. Eww. My opinion of her sunk tremendously just now.
  • Jessie and Lydia pinky-sweared they wouldn't nominate each other. Of course, Jessie has ALREADY nominated Lydia.
  • They confirmed that the HOH will be on Twitter. So much for no outside contact, eh?
  • As Lydia gets close to Jessie, she also gets close to Jeff. She might be one to watch this season.
  • Lydia cried. Shades of Amber?
  • Natalie says that Braden is a loose cannon and that Jordan has him wrapped around her finger.
All in all, they're not an earth-shaking group so far. I'm sick of listening to Jessie. He just told Natalie that his parents make 40K a year combined. I'm sure they want that out there on the Internets, eh? He's bragging about his own income and how he doesn't want to be like them.

Also ... my show review post is up at TV Squad.


Lucy said...

It seems Jessie has changed, if anything, he is even more full of himself. How ungrateful can a person get when they insult their own parents. Doesn't he realize they probably sacrificed plenty for him over the years and then he goes on a reality TV show and announces on the live feeds that he doesn't want to end up like them. Looks like Jessie values the dollar more than his family. Hopefully he goes next week.

Chauncey, not Billups said...

Somebody PLEASE get Jessie out as soon as possible, don't know if i can stand another season watching him. Would have loved seeing Brian back in, think he would have played very well. If your gonna be sooooo self absorbed at least be funny.

Caroline said...

This is gonna be a tough season to root for people. There is definitely no "clique" that I like all the members of...I like about one person from each clique.

Wonder how long this gimmick will last? Usually about 4wks into the show they realize it's not working and abandon it.

What happens if an entire clique is decimated first? It would kind of kill the whole concept. Guess we'll see.

I would have rather had Jessica or Brian over Jessie. Both of them were well-known for being the "activity starters" in their seasons...and they would have made great feed viewing.

lynn1 said...

I hope the next HOH challenge is not one of endurance or strength. I hope it is something that one of the other goups can win easily over the jocks.

I am so ready to see Jessie walk through the door back to his self centered little world.

I do not understand BB's fascination with Jessie. He is not eye candy unless you like freaks. He is not funny or even amusing and he definitely is not entertaining.

If my memory serves me,it may be faulty on this one though, after Jessie was eleminated during his season they brought him back and he was promptly voted out again.

I guess I shouldn't be so reserved in expressing my feelings about Jessie the pinhead! LOL

Chauncey, not Billups said...

I definately agree with you lynn1, Jessie is not amusing at all.

Nina said...

I wonder what would make Jessie think America would like him this time around if we already booted him from the BB house. If Jessie sticks around beyond the first couple of weeks, this may become too painful to watch : (

Nina said...

Who's the girl in the populars who dropped right before Braden? Laura? she has dark hair. She seems like she's smart and that she'll play a good game. I think Michelle may do well if she finds a way to just be nice and relate to e/o else.

meb said...

I posted this on SYTYCD??? Don't ask... So decided to repost here.

Hey Anybodybut(whocares)... Great to see you back. Are you going to stay with us this year?

Well, you got your hearts desire... Jannelle didn't come back. Of the four possibles, did it have to be Jessie????

Although the other three were no prize either.

I've got to get these names down quick so I know who Jackie is talking about.

Sydney, where were you last night? Missed your quick responses to what's going on.

And Jackie, I came in late but there was still no wv required. Thanks for that.

Jennasmom said...

Lynn 1 said: He is not eye candy unless you like freaks.

Boy, you said it! Why can't they bring back someone that is smart, interesting & can stir the game up? We've had some players that were conniving & could be entertaining -- not just annoying!

Caroline said...

I wish they would have considered bringing back people from seasons further back. But I guess they figured all the people they liked from back then were on the All-Stars season.

Something that would be interesting, if they ever need a winter season again, would be to either have an all winners BB or have back everyone who got voted off first for a BB. It couldn't happen for a few more seasons so they'd have like 13 or so people.

Chauncey, not Billups said...

that comp was tailor made for the athletes to win.

PlaidChick said...

I'm more curious what prompted Jessie to nominate Chima and Lydia, and of course we don't know, and won't know until Sunday.

Yep Jessie is twittering, but can't read anyone's responses.. that's just a shame because I really don't care that he gained 20lbs of muscle.

I'm not convinced this is the only BB REJECT we'll see this season.

Anonymous said...

Lynn1 - Jessie the pinhead! HA HA!! That is what I was calling him last night! There is nothing attractive about his oversized body. And with that little head sitting on top? UGH!

So far I like the teacher. I can't remember his name, but he was cracking me up last night!

Katie in Chi

cha cha said...

pov players picked.
Lydia picked Jeff
Meathead(jesse) picked Russell
Chima picked Natalie.

Go Lydia. I think I may like her in this show...

joy n said...

If Lydia thinks that the Pinhead is attractive, her taste is in her butt.

I'm surprised that Natalie is so chummy with Jesse. IMO, she too, has lost points for that.

Hope the meatheads don't run this season. It will be an irritating one if they do.

I don't care who wins the next HOH, but whomever it is, I hope they get Jesse out of there quickly.

I'd forgotten how quickly you get that "inside" info to us from the feeds, Jackie. I love this place! Best blog ever! Thank you.

Jayne said...

I'm glad to see many of you feel the same way I do about Jesse. Just want to say hi Jackie, I have been reading this blog for years now, thanks for all your hard work. Like you, I am a Jersey girl, nut I am from the opposite end of the state.

Anonymous said...

A thought just occured to me.... We know that the HOH cannot compete in back to back HOH competitions. But if someone from the same clique wins, the whole clique continues to be safe from nominations. Is that fair? Oh, I hope the jocks don't rule the season. I don't like any of them! All brawl, no brains! And their egos are bigger than pinhead's over-inflated arms! BLECH!

Katie in Chi

anon said...

pinhead, meathead, dumbass what other names can we think of.

Sydney said...

Doesn't she mean the british term BUGERING? As in Bugger off? I mean, who would use a word as nasty as booger to have that mean buggering... Really!

Sydney said...

Cha cha -- don't know if you caught my comment asking how you are a ways back. Apparently OK. I feel like the last time we heard from you was when a hurricane was headed your way and then nothing. I actually was worried, and am glad to see you back.

lynn1 said...

Hey Cha cha,
Ditto Sydney's comments. I have been thinking about you too.

Susan said...

I think the steroids have gone to Jessie's head among other things. He does look (and act) like a freak. I was SO HOPING it would not be him coming back.

Becky said...

meb said... I posted this on SYTYCD??? Don't ask... So decided to repost here.

And who laughed at me last night for "talking to myself"? At least I was on the correct show.... just a previous post by Jackie. Hey, it happens to ALL the "popular" girls. We have much more important things to worry about... our hair, our makeup, our nail polish color, throws....

Sydney said...

Caroline -- all great points!

Lynn1 you made me LAUGH

Anonymous said...

russell won pov... -jeannemarie

loneseven said...

GO Jessie!!!

Anonymous said...

>>>loneseven said... GO Jessie!!!<<<

yeah, go home... lol -jeannemarie