Friday, July 10, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Report into Friday Evening 7/10

Jeff has a friend. Is it a showmance?

Well, as I watch the feeds, it's apparent that the "sore loser" Allison Grodner and Julie Chen alluded to in interviews must be Chima. While the nominations went down before the feeds came on, there's been a lot of talk about her reaction to being nominated.

What's been happening in that Big Brother House of Dim (energy-saving!) Bulbs?
  • Natalie admitted her age. She told Jessie she worked at Home Depot for five years, and recently started with Blockbuster. Her boss is "cool" and let her take the time to be on the show.
  • Jessie is friendly with Lydia and feels bad about nominating her. He told her she should have come to him before the nominations. (Is my memory correct in thinking that same sort of scenario happened during his season and it became drama?)
  • For some reason, Lydia and Casey were surprised Jessie didn't nominate Michele for eviction.
  • Chima seems to turn a lot of the folks off. She's a braggart. Um ... can we all say "Jessie" at the same time so it can be heard around the world?
  • They picked players for the veto comp. Lydia picked Jeff while Chima picked Natalie. Jessie is with the Neck ... love Russell, whatever.
  • They were given a dictionary to study.
  • I learned from Braden (who can't put a sentence together properly) that there are 300 species of turtles.
  • Ronnie threw Lydia under that proverbial reality TV bus with Chima -- telling Chima everything Lydia's ever said about her.
  • Chima mad.
  • Ronnie and Natalie told Chima that Lydia is a snake in the grass. (Not to be confused with a turtle on the turf.)
  • Ronnie thinks that if someone uses POV to save Chima, Jordan should be put up as that would mean Lydia would be voted out.
  • Jessie is upset that Chima chose Natalie for POV. He wants her (Chima) out this week and considers Natalie a strong competitor.
  • The Muscle Boys have become a single brick wall.
  • Nothing major going on as I get this posted. I expect the POV will be played later tonight.


Nina said...

BB has to be insane to put Jessie back in. Ughhhhhhhh....

Becky said...

Jackie, didn't he have a big broo-ha-ha (or however you spell it) the last time he was on because "You didn't respect me"?

Oh, I hope Jessie goes home next.

Stephanie in FL said...

I really wish Brian had gotten back in the house. I would take any of them but Jessie. My goodness, I can't believe all the drama from the very beginning of the live feeds. I agree with another poster that I like pretty much 1 from each group. That Ronnie is going to get annoying and FAST it sounds like.

Zoetawny said...

Hey all!

Did you hear me screaming when Jessie won HOH? UGH! I still don't think he will get any respect this season. I wanted to see Brian back in the house but the one I wanted least made it back in. I almost hit my hub with the remote when he chimed in that he wanted Jessie to win this season. He absolutely hated Jessie last year but now denies it.

I'm having a hard time finding anyone I might like but it's still early. I think I like Jeff but haven't seen much of his peronality yet. He just seems the least weird.

What can I say about Laura other than...why so distortedly big? Sorry, I just had to say it. Will she flaunt her eggplants er implants over Jordan's?

Chima is going to be all about drama. Her phony laugh at the wrong time is unbearable.

Casey is going to be a hoot in the DR...definitely an offbeat. Wonder what he's like in the classroom?

Dude, is Braden a less intelligent Howie? Wait, did Howie surf?

Lydia is...well..."out there" but she might have good company with Kevin.

Michele is not what I thought a neuroscientist would be like. She seems more devious and overly confident.

Do Russell and Jessie have a Napoleon complex? Did they think they could compensate for lack of height with width? EWWWWW!


Here we go again. Hope you don't stay up too late with the live feeds. I'm not sure I would even watch BB anymore if it weren't for you and the great blog buddies here.

BTW, I watched BB last night at my stepson's house and he wanted to know why I would watch such a ridiculous show. I did't have a good answer except sharing the experience here makes it fun.


joy n said...

When Chima said she was a b***h at the beginning of the show, she wasn't kidding, I guess.

I don't get why they're trying to get Lydia out of there. Ronnie and Natalie are bugging me already.

I had a feeling the meatheads would form an alliance but they'll start turning on each other before long, I'll bet. Those egos are going to collide quickly, I believe.

I still hope Jesse's time there is short. Break all the mirrors and maybe he'll vanish, too.

joy n said...

Hey, Zoetawny! Been thinking about you and yours. Nice to hear from you.

meb said...

I still like Jordon...not because I have her in the pool (with Becky and Lynn1) but she just seems pleasant. Of course, I'm not watching the live feeds, so if she's really a biotch someone needs to fill me in.

I'm surprised Casey wasn't the first one put up. Do we know why Jessie chose Lydia and Chima first? Was there a method to his madness.

When they were showing the silhouettes before we actually knew who the four were, you could pick Jessie out easily, but I never noticed his little head until they showed the four of them with Julie. Hope he gets voted out real soon. I would think Russel would want to get rid of him.

Hey Zoe.. glad you're taking time to post. No Howie didn't surf, he was a "May the force be with you" nut. Braden does leave something to be desired tho.

Petals said...

I'm liking that pic of Jeff & that lil purple pony. I'm wishing I WERE that lil purple pony... hehehe.

Sharon S said...

I don't get why Natalie and Ronnie are aligning, or at least stirring up trouble against Lydia together (did I read that right???). Seems like an odd combo to me. I wanted to like Ronnie and Michelle, but there is something about both of them that make me tweak. I think I like Lydia and Jeff, and... um... yeah, guess that's it. Hope they last awhile!

Judy/JKSP1957 said...

Hey all: Good to see the Big Brother groupies back in rare form... Can someone please do something about that over blown, over inflated, dink named Jessie already,, What a way to start the season,, Can we say it fast enough, Jessie Go Home....
Hugs & wiggles to all

Petals said...

Meb - I think what Braden desires are brains. I am totally UNimpressed with him. And if he is an incarnation of any previous HG,I'd say it'd be James, the "straight" gay porno actor (sans tats)

Tamajama said...

Hello Everyone, just giving you all a shout out from last season!
I'm thinking of buying the feeds but too cheap to pay for them..haha! Driving me nuts finding all the feeds online as fast as they come they go :(
Thanks Jackie for your site, I love reading everyone's responses! I like Lydia I hope Chima goes!
Have a great weekend everyone, I'll try and pop in more often!

Jennasmom said...

Petals said: I'm wishing I WERE that lil purple pony... hehehe.
Oh, Petals! I've missed you! Glad to see you & all the rest of the gang are back! I've missed having Jackie's great live feed updates to check on several times a day! Like Zoetawny said, if it weren't for this great place, how many of us would really still be watching?

Laurie said...

I just finished watching the last half of last night's premiere. Ugh, I'm with all of you that Jessie was the last person I wanted to return. I do hope he and his muscles and ego leave soon. I didn't see enough of the show to get a read on anyone either way. I was annoyed with the lady with the enormous boobs. Was she the bikini model?

Catonine said...

I dont have the feeds and have Ronnie in the pool, so you guys need to fill me in on the doings of the ronster monster.


Sydney said...

why are Ronnie and Natalie all about Chima and againt Lydia? What did I miss if Chima has been a pill about being nominated? The obvious answer would be that she is on their team but Ronnie and Nat are not. Does Ronnie think he's masterminding all this?

Becky said...

Jackie, didn't he have a big broo-ha-ha (or however you spell it) the last time he was on because "You didn't respect me"?

WOW Becky -- what a memory. The lat two seasons I've mostly tried to forget everything that happened immediately after it was over.

ZOE said" sharing the experience here makes it fun."

Exactly! Loved hearing your take on everyone and that your hubby watches it too!

JACKIE -- how are the HG's relating to Jessie -- besides Natalie that is. I mean, over all are they like - hey, he got his shot last year, he's the next to go or anything hopeful sounding like that???

Anonymous said...

pov won by russell...

Laurie said...

Sydney said: hey, he got his shot last year, he's the next to go or anything hopeful sounding like that???

That made me laugh out loud. I hope that's how they see him and they get him out soon. What if they see him as the wonder he thinks he is?

We need a brainiac game soon so other people have the edge!

My WF is gonglow ... you can imagine where I went with that!

Petals said...

I must've totally blocked last season. All I remember was Dan, that I liked him, he won. I don't remember any drama over Jessie. Wait - something about that Magna cum Laude from Texas with babies at home..? It is a fog. It's been a rough year. I need a good dose of BB House Madness to get me grounded. LOL
Glad to see all of you guys - missed you.

monty924 said...

The two things that I've gathered from the feeds in the background this evening and Sho2 tonight is that Jeff has an obsession with the F-bomb, boy can he drop them, and he hates Jessie, lol.

I think I like Jeff. Braden is a tool, but he's my player in the pool so I will be nice. :)