Saturday, July 11, 2009

Big Brother 11: Live Feeds Report Into Saturday Evening 7/11

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So, what's been happening in that Big Brother house of Misfit Hamsters? Here's the lowdown:
  • Natalie wants Jeff on the block if none of the Three Stooges win HOH this week. Now, I don't think she's a stooge, per se. But you're known by the company you keep. I realize the "Athletes" is her clique, but she's liking the Body Bodies a bit too much for my liking.
  • Natalie still thinks that Lydia might go after her if she stays in the house.
  • Jordan told Casey she's not sure whom she can trust. My advice is to trust no one. She should know that.
  • Jeff and Natalie had a blow-up about him not taking part in their "team." He said he wants off the team. (I knew I liked him.)
  • Russell thinks Jeff is jealous of him and how he flirts with Jordan.
  • Kevin told Russell he promised Lydia he won't vote out any member of the clique. In other words, if Lydia remains on the block, he won't vote her out.
  • Chima is playing along with the Go After Jeff campaign. She told Russell that Jeff took his problems with him (Russell) out on Natalie.
  • Casey gets along with both Russell and Jeff. He doesn't want to take sides.
  • Kevin thinks someone in the house is a doctor.
  • No one's really sure what to make of Ronnie. Kevin called him Captain LurksALot.
  • The latest plan is that Russell will use the PoV, Braden gets backdoored.
  • Braden caught wind of the plan.
  • Now it's a brouhaha (sans violence) over how Braden found out.
And that's all she wrote ... for now.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for being so reliable! I didn't know that it was back on, and low and behold I google you and you are on it! Looking forward to another great season with you!
Jamie from Ohio
ps- my verification word below is "hotopia" hahaha

Jackie said...

Welcome back! "hotopia" sounds like a utopia for "ho's." Of course, Ferguson asked Julie Chen about the new "ho's and skanks" this season. (All because JESSIE went on about being a HOH on his show last year.)

sizzie said...

to go along with hotopia my wv is dictido LOL

I have Jeff in the pool...which sounds like more fun than it is. I will stick with him.

Sharon S said...

awww shucks, who told Braden the plan? I want in on the brouhaha to give them my piece of mind!

Why does Kevin think someone is a doctor?

~~Silk said...

For those (like me) who have difficulty putting names to faces, has photos across the screen, with names under. I open that in another tab, and keep it open when I read here.

Verification word is "scology". Seems somehow scientific.

Petals said...

Oh - and the "flamingo-shower-buzzing"? There is a brand of ladies wet bikini line trimmer - perhaps she was only doing normal shower grooming?
Not every single thing has to be so salacious.
Sharon - there is a PhD in the house, so Kevin is correct.

JonMD1267 said...

I don't know if anyone has posted this or not but I just got done watching BB after dark and someone I think it was Jordan said something and it made me think if the HOH clique members are safe from being nominated then maybe they are also not able to play in the next HOH comp. That would be interesting. Is not Natile, this seasons Michelle 2.0 to Jessie. Great work Jackie, always enjoy your take on BB!!!!

Nina said...

I think the hamsters might not understand the game. Natalie and Russel can't nominate Jeff even if one of them is HOH, because they're all on team athlete. Isn't that the current rules? The athletes will ultimately get picked off. They are going to be put up by the other teams who will feel threatened by them for comps plus there are 4 of them to e.o. else.

formerly anon said...

Well I see you all are still here! I haven't been around since last season, and just finished watching the first episode of BBAD. It was tough going. This gang is very uninspiring so far, but then that's usually how it starts off.

What really was surprising to me was that after watching those 3 hours, I found that Jessie wasn't nearly as repulsive as he was last time. I don't know if it's just because he's familiar or what, but I do remember that when he was on before, I couldn't stand him AT ALL. Now it seems that there are at least some redeeming qualities (but then I've only watched one episode).

But what's even more astonishing is that someone who was inside, then outside, and able to see all the YouTube coverage and everything (and he was trashed pretty badly if I recall) and then elects to GO BACK and do it all over again!! Just flabbergasted.

I just don't know what to make of this bunch, except that Lydia seems a tad bit manipulative (ya think?) and even probably borderline personality. It was painful watching her work Jessie in the spa room.

Lisa D said...

I am a little confused and blonde so bare with me. But can they put Jeff on the block even though he is in the safe group? The athletes have the HOH so I am curious if they can put him on the block.

As always thanks Jackie for a great blog!

Jackie said...

Lisa - No, the athlete clique cannot put Jeff on the block even though they'd like to. If another clique wins HOH and puts him up, they can vote him out.

grandma eileene said...

I have been a Big Brother fan, as well as a 'Jackie' fan for years now. Computer crashed & had to get a new one last month, thought I had lost Jackie, but found her, thank goodness.
Big Brother wouldn't be 1/2 as interesting without you Jackie, love you insights.

Petals said...

Familiar with computer problems Eileene! Glad you're back.
Formerly Anon - I agree with you re: Jessie. I liked him last season, and I like him so far this season. I dont remember what he did to upset the group, but at least now he has a chance to redeem himself.