Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Since the Eviction 7/23

Oh, geez. I knew I feared Jessie being HOH again. I knew something was bothering me. He's gone and done it. He made his own little HOH rule that all the guys must wear color coordinated blue shirts and drink out of matching blue cups. When will this madness stop?

Heh. No, he didn't make that rule. I'm just trying to be Ronnie-like.

To be honest, not much has happened since the show. Jeff still thinks that Jessie might put up Ronnie but has lingering doubts that Jessie and Ronnie are working together. Ronnie is still isolated, mostly hanging out on the hammock in the yard. The girls were having a girlie night in the upstairs hallway until Jeff joined them. Kevin is hanging out in the yard.

As I write this, the HOH room hasn't been revealed. Everyone (except exiled Ronnie) is hanging out and having a pleasant evening.

Well, that's no fun!


PlaidChick said...

Casey is in his usual spot analyzing the new situation. He told Jeff that HOH should be easy, but if a Ronnie doesn't go up, it's a big red flag.

I really don't know which way Chima and Michele will go with this one. I can't imagine Jessie being *that* dumb and not put Ronnie up. But they may just not care anymore. They're picking off the GG one by one, and the GG are outnumbered. Natalie told him as soon as the feeds came back on, he can't put Ronnie up. That girl is an idiot too.

Russell sat back and listen to Casey and Jeff talk. I suspect he'll run back and tell his little b---h about what Casey said.

Laurie said...

Everyone should wise up and feed false info to Russell. I do hope people don't sit back and give away any power they might have. Don't let the bullies win!

Laurie said...

Oh, Jackie, I forgot to say that you made me laugh out loud at the matching shirts and cups comment. That was priceless!

TerryinCA said...

Jackie thanks so much for the great usual your writing just cracks me up.
Yes, if Ronnie doesnt go up, it is a huge flag....with the hosue so against him, Jesse should feed the fury towards him...taking targets off his own back
(((Jackie))) Still thinking of Scherzo

Nana in the NW said...

Jackie--LOL at your matching cups/shirts comment....that's just what the pic. looked like. Jessie would be hanging himself if he doesn't put up Ronnie....everyone will then know he's in an alliance with him. Just when we thought Jessie was humbled a bit at winning he makes a remark...."I mostly am happy about getting to eat. You know us athletes can't sustain our muscle mass on slop or protein shakes!" Yeah, he forgot to say not getting those steriod shots, too. LOL

Anonymous said...

Julie's eye make up was disturbing tonight. I kept thinking my tv was losing pixels or whatever causes the color to bleed. Watching Ronnie eat makes me think of that old word - piehole. as in shut your...

Anonymous said...

i thought the same thing about julie's eyes tonite....

Anonymous said...

Well, I finally got to see tonight's episode, I had to watch Torchwood, and I have a new fav....Russell. That was too freaking funny. I am disappointed however that he told Ronnie that he was just putting on for the rest of the house's sake, although maybe he was just putting on for Ronnie's sake. I sure hope it's to psych out Ronnie. He deserves all the crap he gets.

Sally said...

I'm still chuckling about Jessie's new HOH rule. Too funny. Thanks for the update.

Janice said...

What has happened with the Jesse/Lydia/Natalie Love Triangle? I thought Lydia would go after Jesse more than she has. Especially after her and Jesse's "afternoon delight" in the HOH room the very first week. Maybe she was a little disappointed with muscle man Jesse and doesn't think he is worth fighting for??

What do yall think? I am puzzled by it because I thought there were going to be fireworks for sure between the two girls fighting over Jesse (make me want to throw up to type that)!!


meb said...

Jackie... I was believing you about the colors and cups. Man, am I gullible or what!

And throw rotten eggs at me people if you must, but I did feel sorry for Ronnie when he was crying. I got over it real quick, but he was pitiful!

I thought Julie was beautiful in her orange and white outfit. Her blouse was a little short, as someone else commented, but the way preggers wear their clothes today, she was mild in comparison. She did goof up a couple of her lines though.

Has anyone caught sight of anyone we know in the audience when they pan?

Petals, I'm really happy for you that Jessie got HOH, but do we really have to put up with him another week. The only salvation is that Jeff cannot be put on the block.

I was surprised at Jordon's 'why I shouldn't be evicted' speech. She actually made sense (and she's my pool buddy). I have a feeling Jeff must have coached her on what to say.

I have nothing against tattoos if that's what you want to do with your body, but that dress that Lydia wore would have been really pretty if it hadn't been "upstaged" by all the tats. Her outfit/body was so BUSY, I couldn't concentrate on what she was saying.

Anonymous said...

I think Lydia looks rather like she's wearing a cockatiel on her head in that last picture on this post, don't you? LOL

Nancy B., Houston

Lucy said...

I think Lydia looks like Mia Michaels from SYTYCD in this shot.

joy n said...

Meb, don't feel bad, I believed it too until I read the disclaimer. It sounded like something Jesse would do. LOL!

I also hate seeing the good guys get picked off one by one. The aths have had an unfair advantage from the start with Jesse being an extra vote, an extra competitor and an extra strategist. Sorry, Petals, but even if Jesse wins this thing, it will have lots to do with that unfair advantage. This would have different results even up to this point, if all three cliques only had three members.

I am so disappointed with this season.

My wv is coven. That's kind of what I think of the bad guys. Witches and warlocks.

Nina said...

It turns out Jessie has already started considering exactly what I said in my last post about nominating Michelle and Jordan and saving Cassie for the backdoor. LOL. (Taking our Jordan this week would actually not be such a bad move either b/c it would isolate Jeff early and make him miserable. I like Jeff and Jordan so it would be a little sad to watch.)

I'm becoming a fan of Jessie. This is quite frankly, feeling odd.

And even when Jeff gets very mad, Jeff won't be able to do anything about it since they probably won't end the team twist until after week 4.

meb said...

Lucy, I had just commented on the SYTYCD post when I saw the picture of Lydia, and I thought Jackie had posted a pic of Mia. So we both thought the same thing first glance.

I too think Lydia looks like she's got an animal attached to her head.