Saturday, July 11, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Late Friday Night 7/10

  • Well, the PoV is done and over with -- Russell won. So, I'm sure he'll do his Body Buddy's bidding.
  • Laura, Russell, Natalie, and Jessie all think Jeff threw the comp.
  • Earlier tonight, Jeff was saying he would like to win it but didn't want the responsibility. They could be right.
  • The comp had something to do with spelling.
  • The hamsters said Russell saw all of their um ... spelling, yet everyone else was so worried about doing well that they didn't look at the others.
  • Well, that's what they said!
  • Jordan claimed she used to play Scramble. Even Jessie knew it was Scrabble. @@
  • In the comp they had to gather letters and build a large word at the end.
  • Now it's mainly chit chat.
  • Chima just told the bunch that she was raped by a serial killer (who's now dead) in her sorority house when she was 22. She claims you can Google and find it. You know people will.
  • Okay, I did. The "Bathtub Killer" was indeed executed in Texas this past February for a series of murders and rapes dating back to 1996.
  • I can't believe they all still think Natalie is 18. She talked to Jessie about her real age but it's not common knowledge.


Delee said...

Been reading this blog and Joker's, I think this season is off to a quiet start. Is that good or bad?

Chima is toast and that is my peep, oh well. Did not like her from the start.

Have a great weekend and hopefully cooler one in some places.

Loneseven said...

Go Jessie!!!

Sydney said...

gee,just as I thought I was all caught up as I went to bed last night. I still am not sure who is who -- I think I know three names and can put faces to them...

Hi Loneseven... if you like Jessie can you please take pity on all the rest of us and give us some good reason(s)? Or any reason? I'd like to be able to bear watching him if he's going to be on.Oddly, my word verification is ORK

Sydney said...

What's going on with Kevin? And Michelle? Are they doing nothing worth reporting or are they largely out of the feeds?

I guess they, who are more my faves, will float a little (hard to believe with outspoken Kevin) as these others get the ficus? If so, that's good, as they will stay in longer.

Jackie said...

Kevin and Michele are basically muddling along. Kevin, for the most part, gets along with the others. Some don't like Michele, but I'm not sure why they don't.

Sydney said...

Thanks Jackie - Kevin was so outspoken in the edit of the first introduction on the couch drinking champagne session between the hamsters that I am surprised he is not stirring up more ire....

Anonymous said...

just because chima says the victim was her does not mean it was her.

if you google her name and then narrow down the response using the word 'rape,' does anything come up? no.

do we really think a rape survivor is going to use big brother to announce to the world she was raped? i don't. -jeannemarie

meb said...

jeannemarie... I'm inclined to agree with you, but then those who go on BB (IMHO) can't be all that smart, so Chima announcing it to the world fits right in with what I would expect of these hampsters.

Sydney, I went down to Jackies post where she listed each picture with names and I think I have them all down now. Try it.

jaw2645 said...

i.m falling behind on my reading
need to get back in the habit of reading and checking on jackie's musings please make jessie leave very soon PLEASE

mamawolf aka judi or

Stephanie in FL said...

I just dont think Chima would say something like that if it weren't true. And it's common to not find the victim's name listed in an article. And now that he's dead, maybe she feels comfortable. That's like saying that because she was a victim she wouldn't even go on the show at all, but now that he's dead, she's probably got her life back and by her personality from the show, seems like she had a good support system after the event OR YOU ARE RIGHT, SHE LIED! :) I don't think she's lying though

Catonine said...

Hey Scramble is a real game... it is online thought not a board game. look on facebook I think they have it there

Anonymous said...

while newspapers and other news reports do not release the names of victims of a sex crime; IF someone is going to go public with who they are the usually start by speaking out to victim / survivor groups.

IF she really is the young lady attacked by this monster, it would be all over the news by now. plenty of people watch the live feeds. then there are those of us who don't but read what others post.

i'm thinking if there is truth to this big brother would use it to their advantage. it will be interesting to see if they edit it into the actual program on sunday.

i could be wrong though. -jeannemarie

Anonymous said...

OMGOSH..that link was so scary. I clicked on it in the dark