Friday, July 17, 2009

The Extended Julie Chen/Braden Interview

We're talking fifteen minutes of Braden ramblings ... enjoy!

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Petals said...

IN this screen cap, in that jacket with that hair - he looks like an extra from CHiPS. 70s porno actor. Never was a Braden fan; seems like a smart call.
**still loving my poolboy Jessie, tho**
{{Jaime Mae}}

Becky said...

Well, he did ramble. While I wasn't a Braden fan either, there are a lot of the hamsters that I really do not care about and dislike more. I tried to give Kevin and Lydia the benefit of the doubt and was pulling for them. That has changed.

I think that Lydia totally threw Braden under the bus by lying. When he confronted her she cowed and denied, which is game play. However she didn't become agressive until Kevin got into the mix. Then she came out like a little dog who knows someone else is in there fighting for her.

It is a shame that he slurred Kevin, and I do not condone what he said. But how many of us in the heat of the moment say something without thinking? How many of us have called someone a name and wished we could take it back. Or how many people do you know that will say things about others behind their backs, calling them unspeakable names, and then act sugar sweet to their face?

I do not think that Kevin or Lydia, or Ronnie, for that fact will last very long in the game. I doubt they will even make it to the jury.

As for Chima, didn't she say in her interview that she will lie to her friends and tell them that she likes their dress or whatever while she knows it isn't true? I think that after the show that her friends will wonder if she is telling them the truth.

PlaidChick said...

YAY Trivia. I'm all giddy, and then I'll probably be pissed all over again.

Petals said...

where is trivia? I wanna play!

PlaidChick said...

Petals said...
where is trivia? I wanna play!
Trivia on the feeds

monty924 said...

Looks like Laura is up. Feeds are back!

Auntie Leigh said...

Chen-bot really stuck it to Braeden. It was as if she finally found someone more ill-at-ease and even less poised than herself and she just kept toying with him and torturing him. Why did she go after him like that? After he lost his concentration she just plunged in the knife again and again. I feel like she was pretty cruel to a fairly helpless sucker. I ended ip feeling sorry for him and hating her more than ever.

Anonymous said...

Poor Braden. That was so awkward. I can't stand Chen-bot. She is dumb as a post. She doesn't even know what ocean surrounds the Hawaiian Islands and SHE is going to correct someone's mispronunciation?

Shellie Ann said...

Hi all,
I was at Thursday night's taping. The reason Julie was so hard on Braden had to do with Chima's remarks before the vote.
Chima not only said that Braden called two of the house guest "beaners," but that he also called Julie a whore. At comercial, you should have seen Julie's face...the whole audience was going crazy, and she just looked down at her note cards. She was pretty cool with Braden after the first interview that aired on Thursday nights show...but the Early Show interview was more intense. Braden clearly wanted to leave. I thought it was interesting that she asked him if he had a female figure in his life that was important to him, and what would she think about the things he said in the house. It was very uncomfortable to watch.

JD said...

Jackie, thanks for that clip - it was really interesting. I seem to be in the minority, but I like Julie - she appears to enjoy the show and have fun with it, and she is tries to connect with the HGs when she interviews them. Remember when she smacked Marcellus when he got evicted his first season on the show? She gets involved. I thought she was pretty patient with Braden for a long time, but he was so hard to follow that she decided to push him a little.