Wednesday, July 08, 2009

More Big Brother 11 Bloggy Bits

Somebunny is getting anxious for his Big Brother! Off topic image: I'm beginning to think rabbits will be New Jersey's next Canada geese. They're all over my neighborhood while the feral cats have all but disappeared.

Okay ... let's talk BB11 stuff:
  • For those of you on dial-up, I plan to be linking all new entries on Twitter. By following links from Twitter, only one post at a time will come up. That may help downloading time. Yes, I'm talking to you AlbGlinka (and welcome back)! My Twitter page is right here.
  • Julie Chen will be on Craig Ferguson tonight. Um, that just sounds odd, doesn't it? Supposedly she's going to share some big BB11 surprise with us. I'll let you know. And, I'll believe it when I see it.
  • My latest scoop on BB11 is up over on TV Squad. It's mostly my take on the clique bit. There is a fun poll, though.
  • A fun poll is never to be confused with a fun pool. This is the latest from Jackie's TV Blog Pool Monitor Margo:
********POOL REMINDER*********

Swimming Suits are NOT optional
No running
No Roughhousing
No Horseplay
No Name Calling
No Swearing
No Glass containers

We are only here to have fun so everyone please PLAY NICE.

Which ever team wins the Pool gets bragging rites until the next season starts.

The teams as of 3 pm CT are:

Braden – KarenCA, Monty924, DonnaAL
Casey – PDX Granny, Jackie, Patti in kzoo
Chima – Brent McKee, Delee, DonnaFL
Jeff – sizzie, dla, Margo
Jordan – Becky, meb, Lynn1
Kevin – Tessa, NanaNW, Laurie
Laura – nomad, SueGee, Sasha
Lydia – Witt, RBennie, Gaylos
Michele – Sydney, ORKmommy, Susan FL
Natalie – Caroline, Jennasmom, Plaidchick
Ronnie – Sally, Catonine
Russell – TerryCA, Zoetawny
??? – Lars Eller, Feral Cat, Petals

I will fill in the ??? when it is available. If it is more than 1 person I'm gonna have to shuffle some peeps around. I'll keep you posted.

Margo aka Pool Monitor


Zoetawny said...


I just read your TV Squad entry. I've got one problem, I don't fit into any of the cliques. Guess I was high school. Now what do I do?

I left another post in the previous entry.

Gotta run.

Becky said...

I really didn't fit into any of the groups either. I had my own little group and was happy with them. I was editor of the high school paper. Was also very shy in high school. Also very much in love -- I married my h.s. sweetheart my senior year. Our fiftieth reunion is this year. It is the first one that I have no desire to attend. The ones I "ran around with" are all living away and don't come back.

One interesting thing (I think) is I went through high school without cheating on a test. Finally I decided the last of my senior year that I would cheat to see what it was like. I am such a goofus that I actually went up to the history teacher at our TWENTYFIFTH reunion and confessed to the teacher that I cheated on a test in his class. He laughed and said I wasn't the only one. I told him it was the only time I ever cheated and that history was my best subject, so I really didn't need to do it. I actually felt better after I let him know.

Catonine said...

I was an oddball in that I didn't fit in with any set. We had in-crowd, the geeks, the in-geeks and the rejects.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for us to spend another Big Brother season together!

Anonymous said...

What's in the pool? Marco? Polo? How do you play?

Donna in AL said...

Hey Jackie, thank you for all the info on BB. I have been on vacation and come back to a gazillion posts by you!! You have really been busy.

sizzie said...

Good to see you Zoetawny. Thanks Jackie for the cute, I will be at TVS soon to read.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I was an offbeat one during high school. Still am a bit offbeat sadly.

Anywho, I saw a rumor on some website BB network or something that there will ultimately be 4 formor houseguests in the house this summer. If that's the case, then Jackie u were right about ur fans vs. faves prediction. I think I read that on here.

If that's the case, Jackie, would it be possible for me to part of the pool?

I'm looking forward to all of ur awesome coverage this season.



PlaidChick said...

If I don't like the person Margo paired me up with (Natalie) I'm going jump ship, or floats, or whatever...

I'm a sore loser like that....

I wish I was going to be blogging at 8 PM with yall tomorrow night, but alas, I have to take my Mom to get an MRI on her foot. They want to do it late in the day so she's as miserable as possible and they can see the possible inflamation of her joints and nerves. I'm TiVoing, and have the feeds, so I'll check in.

Anonymous said...

can plaid ditch her partner? marco? polop? heheh

Jennasmom said...

Hey, Plaidchick! I'm stuck with Natalie, too. Maybe we can drown her in the pool! I don't like my first impression of her either. We can grumble together. Or maybe she will surprise us......

PlaidChick said...

Anonymous said...
can plaid ditch her partner? marco? polop? heheh
Maybe drown?!

Jennasmom said...
Hey, Plaidchick! I'm stuck with Natalie, too. Maybe we can drown her in the pool! I don't like my first impression of her either. We can grumble together. Or maybe she will surprise us......

OMG I was going to make us TEAM NATALIE Shirts.. because I'm competitive that way, but it could be worse, we could be stuck with Ronnie... the teacher.. HELLO the man did a leg kick in the BB promo during the Late Late Show!

TerryinCA said...

Hey everyone.....glad to meet you 'round the pool....Jackie in my neck of the desert we love to see bunnies..(one of my neighbors feeds them) but the sad thing is whenyou dont see them the coyotes are down from the hills...then it is also time to keep small dogs and cats inside.
In high school I was torn between the two distinct groups that rules the campus....they were called "White Shoes" (or goody goody rich types) and "Black Shoes" those who lived "below the boulevard" had regular homes, cars, and parents.
When I moved to the school I lived above the blvd, but our new home was below the blvd...see how I was torn.?..I had friends in each sector..and really preferred my regular friends cause I did fit in with them the best.
And still to this day have friends I made back then and we keep in touch regularly...

meb said...

Becky and Lynn1... our Jordon is in the Popular clique. It's ok Becky that you didn't fit in any of the cliques in school, I made up for it, fitting into all except the braniac, offbeats and athletes...oh wait, that leaves only the popular... gee... was that me! LOL

Well, at least I don't pretend to be a brain and by no means an athlete, and I definitely wasn't offbeat! So the only thing left for me to be was Popular! Yep...that's my story and I'm sticking to it...unless someone wants to challenge me. Not you Becky...

See ya'll tonight!!!! My TV is in a different room than my puter and I don't have a lap top, so you'll see me after the show. Don't miss my popular comment!

Margo said...


You will be rooting for Ronnie with Sally and Catonine. Do ya wanna play?


Nina said...

yeah absolutely, I definitely want to play. Thanks Margo.


Nina said...

Wow Ronnie seems great. I think he may do very well in the game. I hope being a geek won't make him a target. His interpersonal game is going to be key. He doesn't seem like he'll be overly emotional but he'll need to know how to talk to and relate to the others in order to ensconce himself. He probably does need to be a floater in the beginning in order to do well.
Thanks Margo. I hope this pick actually remain mine. I like so far.


Catonine said...

hey don't go dissing my guy ronnie. he may be a nerd but he is my nerd...

Lars said...

Hi everyone,
Well I'm glad its Jessie
I didn't want Jessica lol


Sydney said...

Hey Zoetawny! Nice to see you here!

And thank you Margo for your excellent work already!

Cute bunny pic Jackie -- I wonder where the cats are going... as long as one special feral cat doesn't disappear!