Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tonight's 'So You Think You Can Dance' and 'America's Got Talent' ... plus Julie's BB11 House Tour

Yikes. I've been posting so much today! Eep.

But I wanted to give folks a place to comment on So You Think You Can Dance and America's Got Talent. I'm watching the first one and recording the second.

And here's another BB11 bonus -- Julie Chen's tour of the BB11 house:


Patti in kzoo said...

I did not know Julie is pregnant. That will be fun to watch her grow.

TerryinCA said...

i just watched Julie Chen on Password Millionaire and she looked very flat tummied....

meb said...

Terry...I saw her on GMA and I could tell she was pregnant. Is it possible that Password was pre-recorded?

Haven't been able to watch SYTYCD. Will watch it over the long weekend for sure and then the second night also.

Jackie, I know there are people who like to talk about this show. We must have all taped it last night.

meb said...

Oh... I just watched the Julie Chen tour... well, you can certainly tell she's preggie in this tape. Not too big, but I'll bet she will be by the end of the show.

Anonymous said...

I think BB is using the term "eco green" very loosely.

Margo said...

****BB POOL UPDATE*******

This is my final list - Did I miss anyone?

Donna in FL
Donna in AL
Nana in NW
PDX Granny
Lars Eller
Karen in CA
Sue Gee
Feral Cat
Brent McKee
Terry in CA
Patti in kzoo

I posted this under the cast cheat sheet post also so you don't need to reply to both.

sizzie said...

Hi was great to have you here off you say? I just watched the video of Julie. I said earlier the plants were creepy to me and now she says they are 'eco friendly' because they are plastic. I think there might be an oxymoron in there somewhere.

Nana in the NW said...

Julie definitely looks preg. in the video. She is carrying that baby really low! Watching the video and the clips of the HG's makes me really excited for the show to begin. Interesting that they are competing as groups....that will stir up conflict immediately as old feelings and insecurities from high school come back for these people.

Thanks Margo for letting us all hang out at your pool this summer and Jackie for always keeping us updated!! friendly....plastic flowers, there is still a dishwasher, what about solar panels in the house, and a herb garden?

Working hard around my house to get the BIG summer projects done so I will have plenty of time to devote to spying on the hamsters :-)

ORKMommy said...

Why did we not know Julie is pregnant? Didn't she tell someone here? We're the biggest BB fans EVER so you'd think she'd notify us! :-)

Feral Cat said...

I want to pop that bubble wrap wallpaper.
I wonder if BB will allow them to pop it.

meb said...

Dave...she popped one in the tape didn't she? They would be some ugly wallpaper if they pop them all.

joy n said...

Password Millionaire was definitely a rerun. I'd seen it before.

Julie's pregnancy was mentioned here not too long ago. Some had mentioned they couldn't wait to see what she'd wear.

The BB cast mentions "popular, athletes, brainiacs and offbeats". This should be interesting.

sizzie said...

meb said: Dave...she popped one in the tape didn't she? They would be some ugly wallpaper if they pop them all


And some very unhappy sound men. Although, I don't know how they could not be tempted to break them.

If BB decides who goes in what group, there might be some fireworks right away if someone who thinks they belong in one group ends up alone at the cafeteria table.

Susan in FL said...

Hey Margo, Can I still get ing the Pool? Regarding high school - my class will be having its 50th reunion in 2010. Want to see me in our year book? Here's a link:
When it finishes loading, scroll to the right (top). Susan - that's me almost 50 years ago. And I wasn't popular. Off-beat, I guess.

Susan in FL said...

Darn. My link was cut off in my previous message. I'll try again and split it into two lines manually, so you'll have to remove a hard return, I guess.

Margo said...


Here is what the luck of the draw I came up with. GAME ON!

Braden – KarenCA, Monty924, DonnaAL
Casey – PDX Granny, Jackie, Patti in kzoo
Chima – Brent McKee, Delee, DonnaFL
Jeff – sizzie, dla, Margo
Jordan – Becky, meb, Lynn1
Kevin – Tessa, NanaNW, Laurie
Laura – nomad, SueGee, Sasha
Lydia – Witt, RBennie, Gaylos
Michele – Sydney, ORKmommy
Natalie – Caroline, Jennasmom
Ronnie – Sally, Catonine
Russell – TerryCA, Zoetawny
??? – Lars Eller, Feral Cat

I will fill in the mystery name once it is officially announced.

Now play nice everyone!


meb said...

Becky and Lynn1... now I have to go see which one is Jordan.

Getting out of work at 3 today, so I'll be blogging later from home. After 7... club work to do as well.

Sydney said...

Well, I actually think the design of the house has far better taste in the "good" rooms and the back yard and kitchen than I have seen in all the past seasons. The HOH room is quite nice and I do like the kitchen and the patio lounge chairs.

And I even thought Julie is looking better than I've seen her in years... hair is a little longer and her make up looks a little more natural. Hmmm..

Sizzie you hit it on the head with the plastic plants. Don't have to water them but they won't biodegrade until the earth explodes. Well, maybe they are made out of the billions of wasted little plastic bags they give you with 2 items per bag at grocery/drug stores...

Margo said...

Susan in FL you can join Sydney & Orkmommy rooting for Michele.

Margo - Pool Monitor

Sasha said...

Thanks, Margo! I wasn't sure if you'd catch my request because as usual, I post and then realize I might be a post behind. Oh well, just gotta laugh at myself. Thanks again,

Feral Cat said... I'm interested in who the player to be named later is...hope it's not Shiela.

Sydney said...

Feral, I too was so hoping it's not Shelia or Natalie/Gnat. I have seen some clips from media day and they put someone in there from a past show... I don't know if it's who the actual person will be, but it sure is interesting. To say would be a spoiler... CBS prolly owed the person this, perhaps in trade for no lawsuit?

monty924 said...

Thanks, Margo! Now I have to go look up my guy Braden. Can we get this season started already? lol I've been counting down the days and getting my house all in order to have a full summer off of housework, cleaning detail, and anything that will take me away from my guilty summer pleasure. :)

sizzie said...

Susan in FL...loved the photo and almost missed the flag picture,at first all I saw was the drill team. I felt like I knew them all..and it doesn't seem like it was all that long ago. I do remember the clothes.

Margo Thank You Very Much for being lifeguard. You may have to blow your whistle a few times this year...if the hgs don't behave. :)

Sydney said...

we did know Orkmommy... I think our resident reporter of breaking news, JOYN told us the second it was out -- but it was months ago, and we were all about TAR and Survivor then. But we talked about it.

Sydney said...

Hye Susan -- loved seeing the yearbook pic. You are the cheerleader at top right... right?

grasshopper said...

congrats to Julie on her pregnancy; she may think again about not taking any maternity leave when it finally comes