Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Daytime Tuesday 8/04

Welcome to the Big Brother House of Waffles. Yeah, you heard me. It's looking like Russell has waffled his way back in the Jessie Fold. Now, I'm not sure the vote this week will be affected by it, but there ya go. After last night's brouhahas, today was a bit quieter.
  • Russell got mad because Lydia defended Chima who said that she (Lydia) wanted to um ... perform certain oral maneuvers on Jessie and Russell.
  • Jessie told Russell that almost everyone in the house wants him (Russell) out and that he now has a huge target on his back.
  • Sigh. Now Russell believes Jessie about Michele lying (which is a lie in and of itself).
  • Natalie and Chima are the ones actually instigating this, Natalie on behalf of Ronnie (and Jessie), Chima for dramatic effect (or something).
  • Russell said the alliance with Jeff, Jordan, and Michele is off. He told Michele that if they didn't win HOH, he'd put her up.
  • Jordan and Jeff grumped at each other, but all is well between them.
  • Jeff is avoiding Russell because he doesn't want a confrontation (AKA - Brouhaha!)
  • Russell is hanging out with Jessie.
  • Blech. I think my tummy hurts.
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joy n said...

I'm getting off this teeter totter for a bit. Doesn't anybody stick with a plan in that house?

sizzie said...

Right now, Chima, who recently said she does not believe in character assasination is assasinating Russell's character and knows that no one will mind because...and then she ends the sentence with a slur. Where was she on the Braden (that wasn't his name was it?) prejudice issue?

Then Chima continues, while Nat is nearby, to say that Russell might be lying about his age. Nat told Chima the truth about her lying about her age.

Chima will write 'career limiting articles' about Russell when she gets out. Her really nasty side is coming out. Maybe it is all talk, but it is talk she should be ashamed to say aloud.

Becky said...

Jackie, I will let my avitar speak for being Russell.

Anonymous said...

oh no!! my tummy hurts too. lets just hope jeff or jordan gets head of household next! then lets see who will be kissin some ass. that would just be awesome!

Anonymous said...

If Natalie doesn't take those damn slippers off - I'm gonna kick her in the shin!

Anonymous said...

I am a feed watcher and when the camera is on Chima talking, I even leave the room. And it's my house! ...she's toxic.

Nana in the NW said...

Totally Off Topic: I read that Ed from The Bachelorette(the one she gave the final rose to) has been sexting a former girlfriend since the show finished....Ed says it was platonic....can't find alot of details but Extra has the transcripts.

Anonymous said...

I am ready to change the channel - thank you Jackie, for the heads-up on the house, before I have to watch the wafflers firsthand.

Seriously, have none of them watched the show before? If Russell seriously sided back with Jessie, Nastily and the social disease called Lydia, then his muscles are compensating for a few short-comings, not the least of which is intelligence.

On past seasons, there were characters... people you could love to hate, instead of just hate (which we do this year).

I think BB blew any chance of a successful season with their "big twist" in the first episode of bringing Jessie back. Didn't like him last season. Like him less now. But I have to wonder what the dynamics of the house would be, without that bonehead in the house... ::: sigh ::: time to start watching reruns of other shows, I guess.... these house-(bleeps) are too worthless to watch. I'll just read here & TV Squad instead, and save myself the agony.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same anon but I'm gonna wait to see, I really want Nat and Jess to be put up as surprise nominees. I know it's wishful thinking but I also wish Chima would shut her mouth too and that ain't happening.

Laurie said...

Love the avatar, Becky. It does say it all. We've seen this before, though, and it's a long way until Thursday. Well, only two days but it will seem much longer if you are watching the feeds!

Anyone but Jeff said...

Actually, I think Russell running with Jessie's Posse at this point is good strategy for him. What threat to Kevin/Michelle/Jeff/Jordan present as a unit. Only Jeff seems like he could win a challenge and Kevin and Michelle can't pick a side. In fact, if Lydia runs with Russell/Jessie, then Kevin probably goes along which leaves Michelle, Jeff, and Jordan with no where to hide.

once Michelle, Jeff, and Jordan are gone, Russell will have an opportunity to take out Jessie if he wants and he's only got Lydia, Chima, and Kevin to deal with...hardly scary competition their either.

I'm sure a lot will change in the next week or so (or hour or so), but it is NOT necessarily bad strategy for Russell to run with Jessie's group

Nina said...

Well Petals. Your boy Jessie is definitely smarter than Russelle the love muscle. How dumb can Russelle possibly be to believe that Michelle is the liar who would go behind Russelle's back to Keep Ronnie when Michelle can't freaking stand Ronnie and makes that known 100%, ergo the veto meeting speech (referring to Ronnie's lies). LOL. Michelle's social skills must completely suck if she can't convince Russelle that Jessie and Natalie made stuff up about her.

Jessie and Natalie are kicking butt in there and controlling every move of the game thus far and manipulating just about e/o in there.

I believe the coup d'etat is ridiculously unfair b/c it's evident that Jeff is going to use it next week to overthrow the HOH and put up Natalie and Jessie. (Jeff, if he was smart would actually use his "wizard" power this week and then he would guarantee that Jessie and Natalie have no opportunity to save their butts.)

I hope either Jessie or Natalie wins HOH next week b/c otherwise one of them is done for sure. Also, next week, they would need to target Kevin and Lydia and hope Jeff won't change the noms.

I voted for Natalie to win the coup d'etat. I'm not just going to vote for Jeff b/c he's the nice hot guy. He's a mediocre BB player who is about to be thrown a huge bone by America.

(Also ppl, I feel like we should tone down on the Jessie hate. He's playing better than Russelle at the moment. And they are all arrogant ppl who want to be on camera, it's not as if we can say Jessie's worse than the rest. )

Anonymous said...

Oh, we can say with conviction that Jesse is the worst.

Loneseven said...

Looks like voting for the CDT is over.