Friday, August 28, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Friday Daytime 8/28

Yes, here I am ... down here! And, here are the happenings from today inside that Big Brother House of Looney Toons:
  • It started off slow today. Apparently BB wanted them to clean house. No, I don't mean of Russell -- that was last night!
  • Nominations are today according to the plasma screen. Well, duh. I think they should know that by now.
  • Jeff plans to campaign to get Michele out.
  • Well, duh. He knows that Kevin won't put Natalie on the block. Either he or Jordan will be on the block with Michele. It's not like there are plenty of hamsters to choose from.
  • Jeff thinks he'll be backdoored this week.
  • He could very well be right.
  • Once again they have an ant problem in the kitchen. This happens every season.
  • I don't have ants in my kitchen.
  • BB called an indoor lockdown and ... surprise, surprise ...
  • ... it's not the mystery door.
  • They were told it wasn't a luxury competition.
  • But it was indeed a luxury -- money hidden all over the yard. They each gathered a bunch.
  • Of course, the feeds were blocked, so we didn't see it.
  • Kevin is talking to everyone to "see where their heads are at."
  • Natalie told Michele that she would put her up if she were head of house, but she isn't.
  • Michele thinks she for sure will be on the block.
  • I'm pretty sure she's right there.
  • Kevin told Jordan that if he does put her on the block, she isn't the target and if it's a tie, she won't go home.
  • I'm really not sure what he'll do. Getting Jeff out would be a smart move. But if Jeff wins veto, the target would go right on Kevin.
  • He's hinting to Jordan and Jeff that he wants Michele out this week.
  • But, as far as I know, both Natalie and Kevin still want to go after Jeff.
  • In a talk with Jeff, Kevin pretty much said it will be Jeff and Michele on the block.
  • Jeff says that if he (or Jordan) don't win the veto, he'll be going home.


joy n said...

BB always drives me a little nuts, but for some reason, I can't wait for this one to be over. The stress in that house is stressing me out.

sizzie said...

Jackie are you listening to Kevin and Jeff in HOH? Flashback if you aren't.

Cha Cha said...

This is Great. Jeff just realized he screwed himself. I am loving it...
I have been on team J/J for quite awhile...
Jeff is GOING DOWN!!!!

ChicMc said...

Its funny how we make fun of the hgs for waffling, but this season I have changed my mind on several players(some of them more than once).
This group really does wear me out . I can't remember seeing the HOH's getting stressed 24/7
from previous seasons.
WV is floatin
I guess Kevin is no longer floatin.

PlaidChick said...

Sizzie, I have it on right now, and Kevin sounds pitiful in his explanations about putting Jeff up.

He says America would be laughing at him if he didn't put Jeff up, and that Michele is still the target. Wrong...

Jeff is saying he has to win the Veto, what he needs is for Jordan to win it, remove Jeff and put Natalie up.. ohh one can only hope...

Anonymous said...

How was the money thing, a twist/game changer. doesnt seem like it was either


Cha Cha said...

Kevin looks like a giddy shcool boy....

PlaidChick said...

Jeff just left the HOH room, someone get Kevin a valium, he is flipping out, saying to himself, it was the right thing to do, but I'm not sure, I need Natalie... etc.

Bloody hell..


chris said...

jeff has seen the light, too late buddy boy
his best case was jordan and michelle up
then he only had to worry about a back door
now he is up and will not be able to protect himself and jordan
jordan was planning to not use the veto on herself if she won it
hoping for a michelle ouster if she was against michelle.
jeff was hoping any scenario but the one that is coming his way

Anonymous said...

It'll be a smart move to separate J/J

PlaidChick said...

Natalie to J/J: If Michele is on the block this Thursday, I am voting her out 100%.

She is lieing big time...

PlaidChick said...

chris said...
jordan was planning to not use the veto on herself if she won it
If Jordan won the veto, she would be safe and she would use it to save Jeff. Kevin would have no choice but to put up Natalie at that point.

Anonymous said...

To bad Jeff wasn't thinking with the right head
Jordo isnt playing dumb
she makes Jessica Simpson look smart


Anonymous said...

Kevin is nice. Yes. But he hardly said one word for 3/4 of the season. He said and did nothing. Floating is one way to play the game but if everyone just floated the show would be boring.
I think the HG that at least play the game deserve the reward. Not someone who wears his hoodie up 24-7 and has a blanket over him is some kind of great player. He has no game. He is simply just a nice guy riding the tails of others.

Bring back Jannell or Dr Will!!!

lynn1 said...

Hey Jeff Ever heard these old sayings?

It was his to lose.

What goes around comes around.

If you live by the sword you die by the sword.

What goes up must come down.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

He who laughs last laughs best.

Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

Anonymous said...

I think Jeff was fun to watch and was always nice to everyone. Russell went overboard with his character impersonations. Jeff is playing a GAME! He might have been a bit shocked for Kevin to nominate him....but not really. He will be the opposite of Russell. I like Jeff and don't see where all the negative things are coming from. To each his own.
Everyone appreciates a certain kind of game play. I am not on board with floaters and do nothings. Jordon has tried her best. Natalie on the other hand just throws every comp. Kevin sits around with his hoodie up non stop all season. BORING. Jeff has my vote if only for fan favorite.

tina said...

anyone know about noms yet they are going on right now... i dont have live feeds to find out and keep checking here to find out its driving me nuts waitin

Anonymous said...

Jeff seems nice to everyone because that's how CBS has edited him. They want J/J to be America's Sweethearts, especially after Jeff won the Coup d'etat. Watch Showtime or the unedited fight between Russ and Jeff they showed yesterday. Jeff is not a nice guy. He went off and said way worse things to Russ before he threatened him, which of course they didn't show. He threatened to slit Russ's throat outside the house or kill him with his gun. He had also questioned his manhood many times throughout the game calling him the f word, and using the idea of being gay as an insult. He's a bully just like Russ, constantly demeans Jordan, and has said mean things about Mich for no reason. Yeah what a "nice" guy. Interesting that the fan faves are usually the ones considered the best looking houseguests. Coincidence?

Jeff & Russ fight

Anonymous said...

Just confirmed, Jeff and Michelle on the block.

monty924 said...

Yes, Jeff and Michele nom'd. Jordan got her key. Come on Michele, win that Veto!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Jeff is a total keeper and started this game out with such class. NO ONE TALKED TO HIM BUT JORDON. He just kept positive and did not disrupt the house at all.
Jesse and Natalie were HORRIBLE. They slept...ate...and never came out of the HOH room unless they had to. They showed their true character right off the bat. Jesse is gone because of it. Natalie should have been gone instead of Lydia. Jeff might be upset but he is not raising cane like Russell did. He is who he is and NOT BECAUSE OF PRODUCTION. Please. It doesn't hurt that he is a total hottie but I love the respect he gives not only Jordon but the other house guests. That is what I call "keepin it real"!

chris said...

plaid chick
before noms
jordan said to jeff that if she was on the block against michelle and she won the veto she would not use it to save herself
thus they could not put jeff up in that scenario
now of course she would hope to win it and use it!!
jeff got royally screwed and deservedly so.
he trusted natalie who was a complete jerk from day one
best case scenario now is jordan winning the veto
second best jeff
jeff is done if anyone else gets it

goodbye jeff
we knew you when we all thought you were a great guy.
not sure who i will vote to give the 25k to but perhaps michelle


A. I don't know why you're blaming Jeff for trusting Nat, it wasn't actually her that put him up.

B. Jeff has shown everyone respect? He treats Jordan like a moron, showed no character in his treatment of Russell (including death threats - nice guy!), makes fun of Michelle for being different...he's nice why?

Anonymous said...

Nat controls Kevin. Nat put him up.