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Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into the Dawn Sunday 8/02

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I'm playing a bit of catch up here today. Zoetawny created this Chima image a week or so ago when Chima just wouldn't shut up! Things have changed a bit in the house. However, when Chima gets on the subject of Chima, a piece of duct tape might just do the trick! Thank you Zoetawny!

I'm also including the CBS video interview with Casey and fan questions. What I find the most interesting with this is his take on Russell. As I watch the feeds and the show, I've found my own opinion on Russell changing. At first I thought of him as a bully thug. Now not so much. True, he can bully. But he's kind of a stand up guy who's playing the game with at least a semblance of integrity. I don't expect any of them to be honest all the time -- that's just not Big Brother. Do I want him to win it all? Nah, not at this point.

Onto the late night and overnight feeds scoop (or lack thereof):
  • Blog reader Petals from comments wants to know what college Natalie attended -- Arizona State University. No, I don't know the degree if any exists. After all, she's only 18. @@
  • Between Kevin and Jessie, lots of squid has been tossed out. I think BB should take the cost out of their stipends.
  • Michele drank a wee bit too much last night. In a way, I feel sorry for her -- she's a bit of an outcast, not really in with either group in the house.
  • Ah, but she has the power of veto.
  • Chima told Natalie that she (Natalie) won't get the wizard powers.
  • I don't know how Chima can really say that, but I'm sure she's right. I bet Natalie is way low on the totem pole with the viewer votes.
  • Not only did Russell get shorts from Casey, but Jeff did too. He put 'em on and declared they felt "mingly." (Casey's DJ name is Mingle Mixx.)
  • I don't think I'd wear used shorts, but that's just me.
  • Russell and Michele think they're both in the same boat -- on the periphery of the basic house alliances. Neither have anyone really close close for protection.
  • Russell told Michele he owes Chima nothing and really isn't impressed with her or her lifestyle.
  • They will work together, Russell and Michele.
  • That boy does have game! He has Jessie, Jeff and Jordan, and now Michele.
  • Ronnie has been trying to pretend he has the wizard power.
  • Since voting ends Tuesday, no one knows. But the hamsters don't know when -- they were just told some sort of magic power would be bestowed this week.
  • Natalie told Russell that Lydia and Kevin said they wanted to get the stronger players out next week.
  • Natalie would actually rather Lydia go this than Ronnie.
  • Russell seems to know Natalie's anti-Lydia bias.
  • He isn't thrilled with Lydia, but wants Ronnie gone this week more.
  • Michele once again said she won't be using the veto.
  • I really think Michele is not going to use it -- she despises Ronnie.
  • Ronnie went to the HOH room and tried to plea his case with emotion and all.
  • Ronnie might have a new career ... Oscar-winning actor. He apologized, he threw the entire world under the bus ...
  • Did Russell buy it? I don't think so. I don't think Russell is that naive.
  • Ronnie then pulled his act once again with Michele.
  • Did Michele buy it? Nah, i doubt it. She's set in despising him and there's not much he can do to change that.
  • They're all sleeping as I get this posted.


Petals said...

G'morning! Thank you Ms Jackie. I feel famous being mentioned by "name" in your blog. Interesting that it is actual school, too (re: Nastalie).

It's a beautiful day in the THIS neighorhood, and I hope eveyone has a good one in theirs! See you later!
*kiss* to Joe
wv: hypirod (make of it what you will, the mind boggles)

Jennasmom said...

Thanks for the update, Jackie! Do you ever get any sleep? And great graphic, Zoetawny! I'd like duct tape over Natalie's mouth, too. Have a good day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

The WV just popped up with "predalli" -- a cross between predator & alliance?

JimmyB said...

Natalie did claim to have a degree during her video remarks to Casey when he left the house. Take it for what it's worth!

sizzie said...

Last night (I read..wasn't listening myself) Nat talked to Jesse about her college career. Michelle (on the same day) told Russ about her college career. Michelle said she got her PHD in 4 years instead of 6 and Nat said she took 6 years to get her degree. It was on live feeds and I didn't take notes (covering myself in case I remembered wrong). To be fair, Nat said she didn't take much to school and I can understand that being true of many people.

what I didn't understand is that Russ gave Jess instructions (turn them wrong side out) on how to launder his (Russ) sweats and Jess passed the info on to Nat. Why is Nat washing Russ' clothes?

Thank you Jackie.

sizzie said...

My wv is woothe How could I not come on and tell you. woot he or woo the ?

Last night on Showtime Jordan took a long detail filled bath in HOH. She wore a swim top maybe bottoms..not sure about the entire wardrobe. The camera loved it and zoomed in on her soapy back and then knees, etc. Bad camera. I wonder how full many camera techs were on duty last night in BB house and how many it took to operate that one camera?

Laurie said...

Morning BB friends. I do hope Michelle doesn't use the veto. Not only will Ronnie be gone, but she will have Russell on her side for not changing anything. Yeah, it will be nice to have the Fat Rat gone from the house and not in the jury house. The only thing better would be to backdoor Jessie, but I don't expect that will happen this week.

Joe in NY said...

Morning, Petals. Glad to hear your date went home frustrated. LOL

Can't wait for Thursday for a power change. Things are too quiet this week.

Praying hard for a Natalie that would be cool!

Happy Sunday to all you saints and sinners...

wv is "horma" As in, Jordan is such a horma. [Bit of a flip on the Madonna/whore]

sizzie said...

I think, no matter the outcome of the eviction, that it has been an interesting week in the house. Lines have been drawn, some wavering with easily erased pencil, but lines. I have heard Michelle talk about herself and she had been a mystery. Maybe it is a lie, (always the disclaimer about house confidences) but we heard her story. I have wondered if her social ineptedtude was the cliched smart girl who can't interact...or if it was just that she didn't have a common ground of interest with the other hgs.

I was neutral on Chima and now see her clearly after her non stop campaigning pillow talk with Russ. which he says turned him off to her, but I am not sure that is true.

We saw Ronnie's pouty mouth more than we heard his laugh. Jess and nat seemed to grow closer. : 0 Watch Jess when nat mentions the word "boyfriend' which is what she says rather than a name.

A week of nuances, looks, whispers, sour notes of unfairness, and all around more fun for me to watch than the former week.

I missed the beginning of the season and viewer's feelings have certainly changed since those early days.

sizzie said...

I said: A week of nuances, looks, whispers, sour notes of unfairness, and all around more fun for me to watch than the former week.


I should have written 'claims of unfairness' because I think anything BB throws at them or anything a hg tries (short of bodily harm) is fair in the game. In fact, it shouldn't be smooth sailing on the way to winning big money.

Laurie said...

Sizzle, if you are no longer neutral on Chima, where are you?

And what do you think now about Michelle's ineptitude? Is it lack of social skills or just nobody smart enough to talk with her?

The more we see of Ronnie, the more despicable he is (imo) with his mouth and his devious ways. That may be "game" but it's not fun to watch.

I'm interested to see how Russell plays the HOH role during the week. I have a feeling he won't be holding court from his bed, but will be out and about amongst the common folk.

It's been really nice in SoCal but the weather is supposed to turn warmer (hot) this coming week. The weather may play into the game, too. I do so wish it would rain!!

Anonymous said...

All I can say and frankly need to say is that I hope Jesse and Natalie can somehow get the boot! I think they are both horrid. Not even interesting to watch. Hearing Jesse complain about having to eat slop or would think he was the only one who ever did it. Pleaseeeeeeeeee I am so sick of them. I find that this year there are fewer houseguests that are fun and really nice people. JMO

sizzie said...

I can see Joe's and Petals points on Jesse not leaving yet. The numbers have to be there for a one time shot at it when it is his time (unless the wizard gets him without votes). I want to watch either Nat or Jesse in the house without the other one. Just for my own entertainment. Will the one left have to immediately latch onto another soulmate? Will they play alone? I don't know, but it would be interesting to see.

I see that Chima is playing the game and is pretty smart about it. She overplayed her hand with Russ about Ronnie. She overplayed her hand with me, too. She would not shut up. She sincerely (that is BB rated in BB sincerity) likes Ronnie, Jess and nat. I sincerely do not. That makes me think that Chima and I are coming from different places. I admired her game play until she pushed too hard and didn't see that she was pushing. A smart player knows when to back off. (which was also Ronnie down fall imo more so than the lying).

I still am out on Michelle, but I do feel she feels awkward in what most of the hgs find a relaxed venus. Like talking in the back yard. I think she might be aware that she isn't good at small talk and that makes her feel even more awkward. I watch her watching hgs to try to pick up on their mood. She made some good points when Ronnie was talking to her yesterday, though, so can talk when the subject is one she knows (how Ronnie was bullsh##ting her)

Laurie said...

Thanks, Sizzle, your take on the house guests is always interesting to me. I'm glad you are enjoying the feeds! One day I will need to tape BB After Dark and see what happens!

Joe in NY said...

at it when it is his time (unless the wizard gets him without votes).

I don't think the wizard can do that, can he/she? Don't they just get to undo nominations and make replacements while the HGs still get to vote on eviction?

wv is "triga" as in "That was a nasty triga to pull on Ronnie."

Anonymous said...

I wish Michelle would just mess with Rattie, Jess, Gnat, and Chima and say she will vote out Lydia and join their side so Lydia will get those 3 votes and maybe Russ will wake up and see those 3 aren't behind Russ like he thinks. Plus I would like to see Ratties smile get turned upside down when he hears he has been evicted instead of saved.

Delee said...

I just hope the "target" stays on Ronnie the rat until Thursday!!!

sizzie said...

Joe said: I don't think the wizard can do that, can he/she? Don't they just get to undo nominations and make replacements while the HGs still get to vote on eviction?


I think you are right. I looked at jokers and they had the rules of the Boogie season , which I guess will be the same (but don't remember what Julie said) The holder can overthrow the noms, then they vote. POV winner and HOH (I think?) can't be put up and someone can't vote...probably HOH but maybe the power holder can't either? Would that be it? It will be interesting to hear the rules from Julie. but, it is all immediate voting so the person could be gone when they hadn't even been nominated an hour before.

I didn't hear it all, but Jesse talked to Nat today about his work life on the railroad and what he thought about having a family. He seemed to open up and it would be a good one for someone to hunt up and read the transcript.

joy n said...

I honestly can't see anyone WANTING to spend their life with pinhead (except for Petals, of course). But I suppose even he has to have a softer side somewhere that wouldn't require admiration of his muscles 24/7. LOL!

PlaidChick said...

I for one am sick and tired of Natalie and Jessie bitching about being a have not, refusing to sleep in the doom room, moving to the green room in the wee hours of the AM and trying to sleep in there. They didn't clean the squid and squash, made Kevin do it himself, and then gripes about him eating a grape. They try every single day to try to sleep in the green room. BB got on their case this morning for attempting it again. Enough already, everyone else has done it.

They are being the biggest babies. I don't know what is more annoying, whining or bullying. Ohh and Jessie called us mother effers when they got the squid and squash.

See yall tonight

joy n said...

I take it back. Jesse can't have a soft side. What babies!

monty924 said...

Laurie and Delee - love your new avitars. I dropped my boy toy for my new favorite Jeffism.

Jessie has the personality of an orange road cone. Sorry Petals! Tonight will be fun just watching Ronnie be nom'd. You know he's going to wage war in there this week and stir up as much as he can to stay. We'll see. So far, I'm liking his chances of visiting Julie on the OUTSIDE on Thursday.

Some great orange road cone chops are up on SS. Funny stuff.

sizzie said...

Ronnie and Kevin are talking on the feeds. Kevin is holding his own in the 'debate'. K asked Ron 'if you go home this eviction, what you think was your mistake' ronnie's answer "I didn't make any mistakes". R would be surprised to hear if he is a hated player because BB watchers like a good game player. Kevin says "I (K) have made tons of mistakes"

Petals said...

I like Jessie's cone. heehee