Sunday, August 16, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into the Dawn Sunday 8/16

The reigning head of house, Jordan, got White Castle sliders (amongst other things) in her HOH room.

Notice the contrast in expression between Kevin and Michele as they do their HOH room reveal visit. I can't decide whether Kevin is looking like a deer in the headlights or a dead man walking. Meanwhile, Michele is more certain of her place in the house even though her HOH reign was abbreviated.

Here are the late night happenings from inside that Big Brother House of the Real Trouble with Tribbles:
  • Kevin continues to look absolutely miserable most of the time. Is he missing Jessie? Is he missing Chima? Nope. He's missing the game he could have played, methinks.
  • He's very carefully trying to follow Jeff's advice to not push the drama yet scheme to save his own butt in the house.
  • Natalie is all about the scheming. She got over her Chima love on rapid order, but is still enamored with her main man The Man, The Myth, the Legend ... Mr. Pec-tacular.
  • Lydia, albeit a new superhero on the scene (Captain Unitard), has decided bad behavior, anti-social actions, and the crazy card will be her latest approach to the game. She's now playing to get the boot.
  • Jordan is leaning towards a Natalie/Lydia nomination.
  • Natalie, Lydia, and Kevin realize this.
  • What they don't realize is that Jordan, Jeff, Michele, and Russell may lean more to keeping the crazy card in the house while getting rid of the pit bull.
  • Jordan volunteered to go on the Hawaii trip with Jeff if he needs someone. Y'know, he just might take her. They're a cute couple. Of all of the romances and showmances I've seen on the show, Jordan and Jeff just seem to click so well together.
  • Natalie and Kevin have moved the chessboard and are using candy and dates to study for comps.
  • Lydia withdrew from the world.
  • I guess Lydia is closed.
  • I must admit -- I loved her "Lydia is closed" expression. Although she definitely has issues, I've stolen that and have been waiting to say "Jackie is closed" when I have ten employees calling my name at the same time in my workplace.
  • Jeff is as happy as Jordan with Jordan being HOH. Aw, too sweet.
  • Jordan thinks it's great that everyone who was nice (and played well with others) got a nice prize in yesterday's comp while the "mean person" got the unitard.
  • Lydia was in bad behavior mode during the comp. In addition to the prizes I mentioned before Kevin got $5,000 while Russell got a spa visit.
  • At different times Jordan and Jeff talked game with Russell and Michele separately. Both Russell and Michele want to cast a bit of suspicion about each other with the reigning couple.
  • I think Jordan and Jeff realize that both Russell and Michele can be a bit sketchy in their own ways. I think Jeff and Jordan really only trust each other.
  • They both want to give the impression that Lydia's a done deal this week.
  • But she's not. Natalie is unless she wins POV.
  • Lydia remained under the covers and refused to go to the HOH reveal.
  • I think that might be against the rules. I know they've been told in the past that everyone must go (even if they're miserable).
  • Natalie is trying to fit in with Jeff and Jordan, but thinking of 1001 ways to scheme on the side.
  • In Jordan's letter from home, she got scolded by her mother for cursing.
  • Jordan told everyone they're welcome to come up to the HOH room, use the shower, nap, whatever. Yep, even Natalie is welcome.
  • Unlike Lydia and Chima, Natalie and Kevin are each trying to play the game. I'll give them credit for that.
  • Kevin thinks that if it gets down to it, Jeff won't take Jordan to the end because he'd lose to her -- she's so sweet and everyone likes her.
  • Kevin also said that if he wins POV, he'll take Lydia off the block. Natalie is planning to win it herself.
  • Has Natalie won anything?
  • Natalie is sure that Jeff convinced Michele to put Chima on the block.
  • Russell told Jeff that he's sincere about the fact he'd be thrilled with a Jeff win this season. He said he owes still being in the house to Jeff.
  • Well, yeah Russell.
  • Both Jeff and Russell agreed they'd get a bit ill if Natalie, Lydia, or Kevin were to win the season.
  • Jordan had a good cry about missing her family with Jeff there to listen to her. He said he found it refreshing.
  • I wish they'd stop portraying Jordan as a total dummy on the show. While she isn't all that book-smart at times, she really has to be one of the NICEST hamsters ever in the house.
  • Jordan thanked Jeff for letting her win HOH. He said she earned the win.
  • Kevin proposed to Natalie (oh, not marriage ... sheesh!) that they try to come up with a final four deal with Jordan and Jeff.
  • They can't approach either Russell or Michele, so they can only deal with Jordan and Jeff.
  • I don't think it will work.
  • I don't think they seriously think it will work either.
  • Natalie told Kevin not to ever admit to a lie. I suppose that's why she believes her own lie about what happened in the green room.
  • Natalie needs to stop shoving food in her mouth and leaving her mouth open when she chews.
  • Monday will be nominations and the Have Nots start. Lydia, Kevin, and Russell will be the Have Nots for the abbreviated week.
  • The latest lie scheme is that Kevin is going to tell Jeff he's betraying the girls (Natalie and Lydia) and teaming up with them. He's going to convince Jeff and Jordan that he's not after them -- he wants Russell out while Natalie is targeting Michele.
  • Um, okay. Is that the best you got?
  • BB told Kevin and Natalie the chess board must go back upstairs and the dates must be removed. I guess they'll have to depend on their minds.
  • Oh, that's a scary thought.


Nancy said...

I love jordan and Jeff. Thanks Jackie your the best

RyzandShyn said...

I was wrong about Kevin. I really thought he was going to distance himself from those crazy girls, and now he's making up their big lie with them, playing a major role in it.
Still...I can hope he wakes up and switches soon. If I were him, I'd go and tell them about the lie and play it out so the girls THINK they pulled it off.

Over on jokers, someone called Lydia's unitard the Lunitard.

Anonymous said...

It was interesting hearing Jordan talk about the details of the sexual favors that Lydia gave to Jessie. Jordan told J/M/R what Lydia told her about the 1st one and when Jess & L were done they cleaned up with Nats college sweatshirt. The next morning Nat was wondering what the white crusty stuff was on it. Nat hasn't been told yet but when Russell heard all that you can tell by looking at him he is dieing to tell Nat and rub it in. I hope he does.

sizzie said...

I think I remember that Kevin talked to Jeff yesterday (BB yesterday has muddled my memory)and said that he (K) had not jumped ship with Lydia because, while he often disagreed with her etc, it was his way of playing with integrity. Or words to that effect. So, he might have to rework that with Jeff if he tries to tell them he wants out of the no-more-Jessie group. It is all about numbers, as Nat has said.

During the time Nat forced herself to stay in Jordan's HOH her expression was pained. Then she and Jordan bonded over the phone call Nat won.

Jordan is so without pretense it is refreshing.

sizzie said...

Thanks Jackie for the morning update. Hope you have a good Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with the sincerety of Jordan..She is a little dingy, but I felt so bad with her crying last night after getting her HH room.I really hope the good girl wins this year..I would like to see her win over Jeff..I still have not figured out the whole ANGRY LYDIA...I thought she did not like NAt, or CHima most of the time..and now, all of the sudden, she has stopped playing because of them..I just cant figure it out.

RyzandShyn said...

I agree with you about Jordon. Sometimes there is a person on a reality TV show that restores my faith in the good in people and makes me remember to try harder.
Jordon is like that, just plain nice, a good person. Jen from "The Little Couple" is another, and so is that mom from
"18 Kids and Counting".

wv. -dramoch
Natalie is betting that her "big lie" will cause dramoch.

Delee said...

Can not think that JJMR will believe anything K tells them. Wonder who Lydia will be today. Makes me sick how BB is giving in to the threats that NLK throw at them, like the pink hair.

Anyone else think that Chima thought they would let J back in the house if she left? That was sure a miscalcuation!

Sure hope someone tells N about her sweatshirt....ewwwwww!

Irish Eyes of Blue said...

I really hope Natalie is evicted this week.. that will almost be like taking care of 2 birds with 1 stone.. Lydia will most likely not be able to mentally compete for HOH thinking about Natalie and Jesse alone together.. I would make it pretty easy for J/J/M/R to make it to the final 4 with only Kevin capable to compete. I just can't see Lydia wanting to stay in the house after Natalie's gone.. but Natalie would stay and fight if Lydia was gone...

Anonymous said...

So now Kevin decides that if Lydia is on the block he will remove her when the last time she was there and he was ordered by the TH not to use it he didnt and now he wants to try and convince the gg's that he wants to team up with them, well how does he purpose to do that if he wins POV and removes Lydia, he should be going up after Nat leaves, because if the final four consist of Jeff/Jordan/Russell/Kenvin the TH will vote for Kevin. They probably wouldn't vote for MIchelle either since she made Chima have a melt down.

Angie in KC said...

So I found this- this morning

Chima is crazy!

Donna in AL said...

Thank you Jackie for the great updates and pics of the HG.

It is refreshing to see a young woman still sweet and nice. She seems to make the most of every situation and ignores the bad.

Angie in KC said...


sizzie said...

I don't know if even Lydia knows what she is trying to accomplish. But, I know she has said she doesn't want to be kicked out, she wants to be in the jury house. She hasn't won anything, hasn't seemed to try to win anything, might just be a party girl who would enjoy the jury house more, esp with Jessie. I hope that thwart her plan and she stays.

For laying low and playing the nice guy, Jeff has a great built in bs meter. Much of that, I think, is because he refuses, most times, to even listen to the who said what grapevine that runs through the house.

An interesting strategy and maybe he is the first to play it. Can anyone remember any other hgs doing it that way?

Jackie said...

Angie in KC - Great find! I'm turning it into a clickable link for folks here. Read the Chima Interview

Anonymous said...

Ok, 2 questions=)

What is the Green Room lie?

Who else left the show without being evicted besides Neal in season 9 for personal reasons and now Chima for lame reasons?


Anonymous said...

Watching BBAD last night I saw Jeff and Russell talking about the Lydia/Michele incident. They kept saying, "Dude she was so drunk", who were they talking about L or M?

Anonymous said...

Ok, about the email from Chima, Russ is very "in your face" and did start up some drama but it wasn't just the females. He did it to Jeff right of the bat and what about Ronnie? Also, she can say what she wants but we all saw her in his face and don't forget her saying she wanted to provoke Russell to hit her. Yes, she is so innocent and Big mean Brother did her wrong. I hate to say it but she is always going to feel like a victim until she gets help for her past.

Laura said...

Two questions:

1 - Green room lie by Natalie??? What's that.

2 - What about Natalie's sweatshirt?


Becky said...

Jordan IS the sweetest houseguest ever in the history of BB. What you see is what you get. A sweet, sensitive, genuine, well mannered person.... who is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.

I can imagine how touched Michelle is by Jordan's offer to share the room with her. Another HG might be thinking of a jury vote, but I sincerely think Jordan's offer came from her heart. But I bet she sealed Michelle's vote anyway.

Marge and I have her in the pool. I don't think we could have done any better. I hope she wins, not for the bragging rights, but because she is so special

RyzandShyn said...

Chima is tripping. What a bunch of nonsense. Not one word admitting any wrongdoing whatsoever, it's all the other guy's fault.
I hope someone in her circle of family and friends will be able to help her.

Jeff and Russell were talking about
Lydia. Apparently she was drunk, slurring her words and not really able to play.
There was the guy kicked off for something he did with a knife to another houseguest...said it was play, but it was pretty sick.
The green room lie is that Natalie is now saying that Michele approached her alliance about keeping Ronnie.She's talking about it as if it's not a lie. She lied about it so much that she now believes it really happened.

Did Jeff get his rosary back?

Delee said...

I too have been wondering the GR Lie. It is hidden somewhere in my brain but have lost it.

The sweatshirt thing is nasty after a HJob L/J used it to wipe their hands on it...just gross. Nat does not know, but has wondered why the gooey mass was on her shirt!

Laurie said...

Delee, love avatar. Ah, sweet love!

If Natalie finds out about the sweatshirt she will be livid. Talk about insult and injury. Let's see it happen!

I'm not even going to read the interview with Chima, although I appreciate it being posted. I can imagine what a victim she is and how everything was someone else's fault. It can't be said too many times that she needs help, serious help.

Jordan in HOH is refreshing. Maybe she can clear out some of the bad energy in there.

Kevin is my guy in the pool and nobody is more surprised than I am that he is still there. I think he's an expendable tool for both sides and really can't think for himself at this point.

Happy Sunday to everyone!

AlbGlinka said...

TMI on the Lydia/Jesse Nat Sweatshirt incident! Eeuu.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when Jordan was going to reveal Lydia's secret. On the feeds weeks ago, I got the idea that Lydia told Jordan about it by a comment made in passing between the two of them. However I had no idea the details were so juicy and ultimately such a "burn" on Nat.
"Burn" shows my age, but still a little young for woodstock. =)

PDX Granny said...

When Lydia says she wants to be evicted or kicked out, I don't think she's not meaning by BB, but by the houseguests.

I believe she wants to be the next one to go to the jury house. Right now Jessie is alone there. If she gets the boot this week, she'll be able to join him and have him all to herself for a week before the next one comes.

I'm sure she's thinking she's not going to win the game, so she may as well get out of the house and go to Jessie sooner, rather than later.

Laurie said...

Good morning PDX, love the dog!

I think you are right. She wants out of the BB house and into Jessie's house (bed) for a stress free week.

I wonder how he would feel about that?

PDX Granny said...

Laurie said...

Good morning PDX, love the dog!

Just my feeble attempt to muzzle the pit bull. I don't think it's working tho! LOL

Becky said...

PDX, the dog is hysterical! I think I will laugh until Pit Nasty is out the door.

Laurie said...

Hey, PDX, when I zipped the big mouth it worked, so maybe your muzzled dog will work, too. I hope so! Love the creativity!

Tessa said...

How do you get the avitars? I was trying to figure it out but have not been able to get one posted. Any help would be appreciated.

Laurie said...

Tessa, do you have a picture you want to use? You go to your blog and load the picture as your profile picture. Then, when you sign in here to post it shows up. Let me know if you need help loading your picture.

Judy/JKSP1957 said...

Go Jordan & 2nd for Jeff then Hawaii,from showmance to romance? we can only hope. That something sweet, innocent, sincere can come out of a summer of Big Brother Brouhaha's.Both their of their families ought to be proud of them. Unlike some of the others. ChimeAPITA needs more than help, she needs reality as did Ronnie, they both forgot this was a game. Took it too, a whole new level. Let Lydia go to her spinhead of a man, it will drive Matalie nuts.

Anonymous said...

Jordan crying in the HOH room and being so nice to Michele got to Jeff . Michele said she likes her nail polish that was in her basket and she offered to give it to her. Jeff just looked at her with a huge smile on his face and love in his eyes. He kept touching her everytime he passed her.

Jessie jizz is something nobody wants on their clothes. Nat should know.

Tessa said...

Well I went in and loaded a pic but it is not showing here. I'll try to see if it appears after this comment.

WV- slyllyza- The slyllyza will catch up with you.

Tessa said...

That worked. Thanks Laurie.

WV- I won't mismo drama from Chima.

Tessa said...

WV- deproot- Jessie's girls have some deproot-ed problems.

Sorry all. Just a little bored.

Laurie said...

You are welcome Tessa. Like your avatar and your use of the wv in sentences!

PlaidChick said...

I was so excited to hear Jordan won HOH.

These TH's are really getting desperate. One, JJ will not believe a word they tell them about Russell and Michele. They're also not going to believe Kevin is switching to their side.

I do hope they evict Natalie this week. Only because Lydia is so desperate to leave and get to Jessie first. Did she seriously say she was looking for an undershirt of his because "it smelled like him" GRRAAAOOOSSSS

Laurie said...

I was just thinking that none of us would qualify for the BB house (as if any of us would want to be there).

We would all score to high on every test they gave us!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Nat washed her sweatshirt yet? I wonder if its blue? If she hasn't washed it and she finds out about Jessies secret sauce being on it she would probably save it. I'm gonna go throw up now just thinking about that.

Delee said...

Pic Search is a great place to find pictures for avatars...

If you want lips type that in want Disney couples type that in...type in most anything and get a pic

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

So do we know if Kevin/Nat put operation "Fabricate More Lies" into play?

Kevin is foolish if he goes down that road.

Mimi said...

I agree with you PDX Granny! I really believe Lydia is dying to get to the Jury House to be with Jessie. She is dumb enough to give up her chance at winning all that money to get the attention from Jessie.

She still gave Jessie sexual favors even though he gave constant attention and loyalty to Nasty Nat. Instead of seeing she was being used she aimed all her anger at Nasty Nat!! So sad for her. She really does need help.

lynn1 said...

I am trying a new avatar in honor of Jeff and Jordan. Hope it works.

lynn1 said...

Can anyone tell me how to increase the size of my avatar?

Donna in AL said...

Speaking of avatars, I had my son draw a cartoon of Chima and Nat. Chima with horns and Nat as a pit bull on a chain but now Chima has gone and it's not useful. So I just got Jordan's pic instead.

JOKATS said...

I'm seeing RED!!!!!

GOLF has pushed back the start time 20 minutes, here in Philly, PA!! & to make matters worse "THE DOG KILLER" is on 60 minutes.

Laurie said...

Lynn, it's because your avatar is so much wider than it is tall. Do you have a program you can use to add to the bottom to square it up a bit?

Laurie said...
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lynn1 said...

I just decided for now to use my old avatar. You guys will have to look at my ugly mug until I have time to play around and learn a few new tricks.
Thanks so much for explaining how to change an avatar and for suggesting Pic search. I have had fun playing with it.

lynn1 said...

Hey Thanks Laurie I will email you. Thanks for helping me out!

Laurie said...

I just watched several hours of BBAD (fast forwarding thru much of it) while crocheting a baby blanket. I have to say, it's like watching paint dry for the most part! However, I did enjoy seeing Jordan talking about her HOH stuff and her family. I also very much enjoyed the look on Jeff's face when he spoke to her or just looked at her when she was talking. He is really taken with her, isn't he?

Goodie said...

I hope that SOMEONE writes about what happened on BB regarding Chima with honesty. Everyone knows that if Chima were to have gotten the CDT or for that matter any of Jesse's girls they would have used it if they could. That is a given. I read the article from TVGuide. She is so full of it.
In contrast....last night seeing Jordon crying and being so sweet to EVERYONE...and feeling sorry for Natalie. She is one special girl! She is the one that needs the money the most and she is the nicest and most generous of all except for Jeff. I am even beginning to accept Michelle.
Russell??? I am still not exactly sure about him. He is a game-er!!

Judy/JKSP1957 said...

Off topic sort of;;;

But had to do it

WV: (C)lintin

Jessie says strictly platonic...
Lydia brags..
Evidence on a blue piece of clothing.
Does Russ look like he could be Linda Tripp,, please say it could be so....Please drop the nasty word on Mattyalie...

sorry mind wonders when boredom sets in..

Laurie said...

Judy, I sure hope somebody is the Linda Tripp in the group and spills the beans. You can bet your bottom dollar that many other people would have used that information a long time ago!

Judy/JKSP1957 said...

Laurie I am so glad someone else got my boredom brand of sense of humor... But,it had to be said...

lynn1 said...

Thanks Lauire . I appreciate your help with my new avatar honoring Jeff and Jordan.

Witt said...

Again...I leave for 2 days and come back to an unrecognizable game!! Not sorry to see Chima gone, but hope that Jessie is NOT brought back!! I'd like America to be the final vote if it comes to that!

Witt :)