Sunday, August 30, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Dawn Sunday 8/30

They spent most of the day comatose and now they're up most the night again. Not helping matters is that BB gave them alcohol once again. In a way, the Natalie age lie keeps her from imbibing and she's often the straightest thinker on alcohol nights. Occasionally she slips and drinks, but Natalie doesn't get drunk. I think all BB hamsters should take a clue from that -- why do they go ahead and get drunk? Loose lips sink ships!

Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Smoke and Mirrors:
  • Smoke and mirrors describes the night well. Schemes and dreams could do it, too.
  • Jordan, forgetting that she is trying to win a half million dollars to help her family as well as herself, is willing to blow it all for Jeff to stay in the game.
  • Jeff, on the other hand, doesn't want Jordan to ruin her own chances in the game. Yay, Jeff.
  • Natalie is the one most antsy trying to find out how much money the hamsters won in the Pandora Box yesterday.
  • BB ain't tellin'.
  • Jeff says he really can't trust Kevin again because he broke his word and put him on the block.
  • Jeff broke his word and put Russell on the block.
  • Jeff admits that it's a game and he got got. But he won't trust Kevin again nonetheless.
  • He shouldn't have trusted Kevin and Natalie in the first place!
  • However, Jeff still trusts Natalie, as does Jordan.
  • Ack. Fools and their money will soon part.
  • But do Natalie and Kevin dislike Michele more?
  • Jeff can't think of a scenario in which he can make it through this week.
  • Yet, there are schemes.
  • Jordan is willing to go home in his place.
  • Natalie, Kevin, and Jordan came up with a new scheme -- Kevin will "betray" Natalie. He'll get Michele to use the veto to save Jeff and promise to put Natalie in his place on the block with Michele. He will trash talk Natalie and convince her that he wants her out.
  • Then they'll vote out Michele.
  • I don't think that Michele is that dumb. I doubt she'll fall for it.
  • Michele is acting like she wants Jeff to stay. She told Kevin she wants him to stay.
  • But who can tell with her?
  • Michele knows that of the people left, Natalie would be her most likely adversary.
  • But no one is close to her in the house still ... near the end of the season and no one can really declare her as a friend.
  • Meanwhile, Jordan has really worked herself in well with Kevin and Natalie.
  • I think they'd like her in the final three, but boot her before the final two because she's too popular with everyone. No one wants her against them with the jury.
  • No one has approached Michele with the latest scheme yet.
  • They're muddled with alcohol.
  • I'm muddled with all the schemes and dreams, smoke and mirrors.
  • We'll see what happens, but I can't think of Michele pulling a Marcellas.
  • Jeff himself thinks it's pointless to try.
  • Jordan and Natalie think Jeff should flirt with Michele.
  • If Natalie and Kevin do this, one of them deserve to win ... even if they save Jeff.
  • Whether it's better for Jeff or Michele to leave for them, I don't know. Jeff is a strong player, but he's predictable. Michele is proving herself a strong player, but is very unpredictable and a lone wolf.
  • Then again, going against Michele in the final two might be a guaranteed win for anyone. Going against Jeff may be a bit trickier.
  • I just don't know.



As an exercise of pure power, saving Jeff and ousting Michelle would be amazing. But it also seems absurdly stupid: you've now got J/J in the final 4 and I don't think if you're Kev or Nat that you want either one of them in the final 2.

Personally, if they could talk Michelle into it I think it would make her even more naive than Marcellas (who at least didn't use the POV at all much less use it on the OTHER person!) and this would rank right up there with Parvati, Amanda and Sirie talking the goofy Survivor kid into giving up immunity in the final 5!!!


P.S. Are K/N REALLY trying to save Jeff or just sucking up to Jordan (and Jeff?) by seeming to be trying to save Jeff?

Jackie said...

Joe - It could be either. It's hard to tell when they're sucking up or sincere. I think there's a growing friendship yet framed with distrust on a game level.

chris said...

Did you read when Jordan told nat her first impression of her was that nat is/was an instigator??
HAHA Jordan was so right then and should have trusted her gut.
Nat is really sticking it to Kev by making nice to J/J.
If Kev was smart he would not take Nat to final two.
we shall see
I still can't believe that J/J messed up so bad.
I think Jeff, if not for listening to Jordan say how great Kev/nat were would not have been played so easily.
well I dont see Michelle being dumb
I would not mind Jordan going in lieu of Jeff.
If Nat was really being truthful Jeff could say then vote out Jordan and I will take out michelle for you.
It is really his only chance to do anything.
Michelle would vote out Jeff i think and kevo would have to be the tie breaker.
Nat would have all the allies at that point
and kev and michelle would be targets

chris said...

Michelle referred to herself as Zach
so not Marcellus
she is playing a good game
anyone but Nat for the win!

chris said...

Michelle should try to align with jeff and keep him in the house agains kev/nat
so she would not be zach who did not make final two.
surely jeff could not think he would win against kevin or nat with that jury?

sizzie said...

So, if the key Jeff holds saves him, who do you think he wouldn't want to go? Maybe Michelle who offered to save him and take him to F2?

Michelle is trying to cover all the bases, which is the game she has played all along.


Michelle should try to align with jeff and keep him in the house agains kev/nat
so she would not be zach who did not make final two.
surely jeff could not think he would win against kevin or nat with that jury?

8/30/2009 8:49 AM

Actually, I think Jeff would win easily against Kevin and probably also against Nat. After all, you've got Bro-hood with Russell and Jessie going for you. Sadly, gay Kevin is not likely to get the bro vote. So if it is Jeff vs. Kevin in the F2, I think Jessie, Russell, Jordan, Michelle and possibly America would all vote for him which is a 5-2 win. As for Jeff vs. Nat, I think it is tougher to call but I think Jeff still gets Russell, Jordan and Michelle and maybe America for a closer 4-3 win.

And I also think that with Jeff gone, Michelle stands a better chance of not being Zack. I think she means she'd be the 3rd wheel in a final 3 (D/D vs. Zack) and either K/N vs Michelle or J/J vs. Michelle works against her. BUT, one of those 2 gets broken up this week and all she needs is POV next week to break up the other 2 (or HOH in the final 3). At this point, she is best served by not aligning with either twosome and trying to break them both up. If Michelle gets to the final 2, I think she actually may have earned the win (don't know if she'll get it...) because she will have had to win her way through the final 5. Unfortunately, that also means she has little room for error and she's smart enough to know that and, therefore, smart enough to know that Jeff has to go. Against the other 3, I think michelle stands a chance even in a physical/endurance comp. Against Jeff???


BTW, great pictures Jackie...although I'm starting to worry with the number of stinkhorn photos in the last couple of weeks!!! :)

wv is "stilhoti" as in "Nat is stilhoti to me."

TerryinCA said...

I cannot believe this game is so good...for such a slow starter...thanks so much Jackie, you truly crack me up with your commentary....

meb said...

Joe's wv "stilhoti" as in "Nat is stilhoti to me."

Joe.. you made that up just so we could all cringe at the thought.

Sasha said...

I doubt Michele wants Jeff to stay. That just seems like working a jury vote to me. Perhaps that's what all this nicey-ness about Jeff is really about (except for Jordan who probably means it...unless she's smarter than it appears :) JMO

Nina said...

If Jeff does not leave this week, the hamsters are retarded.


Nina said...
If Jeff does not leave this week, the hamsters are retarded.

8/30/2009 1:05 PM

I'm not that is a PC way to put it, but I agree with the sentiment. Jeff got got. They know it, he knows it (and is taking it well) and the game goes on. Turning things upside down at this point would benefit no one but Jeff so the hamsters must be bored if they are even playing with the idea.

monty924 said...


Natalie took a shower and is changing clothes!

Michele is not dumb enough to give up her veto to Jeff. Its the only thing that assures her safety this week. Natalie and Kevin are getting pretty sure of their scheming abilities to even consider this plan.

I want MIchele to kick a$$ even more now.

joy n said...

Sounds to me like Natalie is only pulling this to get Jeff's hopes up, or at least Jordan's up, just to squash him tonight. I think the little biotch gets a kick out of doing things like that. She just can't let him go quietly and she certainly doesn't care about his vote. Methinks Nasty has a serious nasty streak in her. Very distasteful girl.

monty924 said...

Here's Eric's (BB8 America's player) take on the houseguests Week 7. Natalie lies for the sake of lies.

RyzandShyn said...

So, there is no more have/have not
this year, but BB put two buckets of slop in the supply room. They haven't announced the amounts of money collected yet either.
Jeff still has the key he used to save Kevin. The hamsters seem to be getting some sort of talking to in DR sessions.
Something twisty this way comes.

I'm excited to see what happens to bring it from F5 down to F2.

wv: coarset
Coarset was Jordan who ofered to leave to protect Jeff's spot.

Lara said...

I really don't like Michele, she IS a socially awkward duck. It may be best to bring her to the final 2. She is a terrible public speaker and I think she would do a poor job at answering the jury's questions.

sizzie said...

I just saw a report that says it is 100 degrees at the BB house. The weather also says there is smoke in the air.

my wv is shesess She must be Natalie because she says enough for all the others put together.