Monday, August 03, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Early Monday 8/03

You can tell Kevin is having a thrill a minute, eh? Here's the late night/overnight events:
  • Chima thinks Russell is a mysonginist -- didn't she say that about Braden, too?
  • Ronnie said that before he got married, he was a horrible person.
  • I think he still is.
  • Jessie knows that Russell knows about his scheme to save Ronnie. Jessie told Ronnie it's over.
  • Russell told Jeff and Jordan that Jessie and Chima are next on his list. Hmmm ... I don't think he'll go after Jessie that soon.
  • Michele once again said that she won't be using the veto. She said the votes are locked in to get rid of Ronnie.
  • Jeff trashtalked about Ronnie ... a lot.
  • When Michele asked Jeff if Jessie ever said things about her, Jeff told her he doesn't really talk much to Jessie.
  • Lydia and Jessie wrestled. No, I don't mean they had sex. He has no power this week, y'know.
  • Russell eavesdropped on Ronnie, Chima, and Kevin. He would have gotten more of an earful had he listened to just Ronnie and Chima earlier in the night.
  • Ronnie talked about Jokers Updates. It would be nice if a hamster mentioned this blog!
  • As I get this posted, Lydia and Jessie are still up.
  • They're friends again.
  • Isn't that special?


RJM in SC said...

Good Morning and Thanks Jackie for the updates. couldn't start the day without them.

Petals said...

G'morning Jax, RJM (who is up before me?!) and everyone!

Blech about Lydia & Jessie. Give that girl a chew toy so she will leave my man alone!

Is misogynist the only "big" word Chima knows? Or did you insert that for her, Ms Jackie? I don't have feeds, so I rely on you for my fair interpretations of these HGs.

Thank you, as always, Ms Jackie -
I still think about you - you know - every day. I know you do, too. Hope you are doing better. {Jackie}

PS - much too late "goodnite" *kiss* to JoeNY

Sydney said...

Isn't there a limit on how many times you can vote for the secret power? I voted at least 10 times and saw no limit. Maybe only 1 counted? I did over vote for Jeff only, because someone here mentioned that Ronnie's wife/friends might have some computer geek evil way to flood the voting board.

I agree that Jeff will prolly not do anything with it unless Jordan is up, which is kind of a waste, but so might Kevin and some others who are playing it safe. Then there are players who I don't think have the capacity to think it through strategically if they had it in THEIR hands, though maybe that would be more fun to watch.

But I also don't want any more of the people I like going, as it will end up as it often does -- weeks to go with only 4 then 2 people in the house you have no interest in watching....

Chauncey, not Billups said...

Sydney,You can only vote 10 times, i voted 5 for Jeff and 5 for Jordan, but now i'm thinking i should have voted all ten for Jeff since you brought up the computer geek evil thing.

Anonymous said...

the website says ten votes max for cellphone votes. doesn't say anything about voting online. i pray ronnie does not win!

wv insur as in make sure you vote jeff to insur the right people get voted out. -jeannemarie

Laurie said...

Morning all from the west coast. Jackie, thanks for keeping us informed about the overnight activities (or lack of).

Petals, a chew toy for Lydia is a good idea. She looked so bad last night when she was selling her stuff to Russell. She really looked liked used goods on the 99 cent table. Glad to see Russell didn't buy it.

lynn1 said...

Jackie, thanks for all the photos you posted of your home town this weekend. I did enjoy them.
I know you are still feeling like you are on an emotional roller coaster. I am thinking of you and hope you will have better days ahead.

Now my two cents on current conditions in the BB house.
If Michele sticks to her word and does not use the POV. I hope Jeff will not use his special powers this week.
Assuming that Ronnie leaves this week, my hope for the next target is Natalie.
I don't think there is a chance to evict Jessie just yet and I would really like to see how Jessie plays the games sans his bitch (Ronnie) and his pitbull (Natalie).

I think that whoever is still standing in the game when there are only 3 or 4 players left including members of the TH should target Jessie because several of his "people" will be populating the Jury. If Jessie gets to the final 2 it will be no contest with his folks controlling the jury.

Becky said...

Good morning, Jackie. Thanks for the updates. When do you sleep, girlfriend?

So glad to see Ronnie have to sweat out waiting for the vote. He can't slink off and hide in the HOH room this time.

Monty, Deelee and Laurie -- excellent jobs with your avatars! I loved the humor in all of them.

WV walimp - sentence Russell went wa (long a) limp when Lydia tried to come on to him. He wasn't buying.

joy n said...

Jackie, loved your line about Jesse having no power this week. Laurie, I was wondering if Lydia would now make a move on Russell. Glad to hear he has better taste than Jesse.

Off topic: I know it was mentioned earlier on another post about Rob and Amber Mariani welcoming their first child into the world, a girl, Lucia Rose, on July 4th.

Just wanted to add that it's nice to see another "reality" marriage working out. Rob and Amber said, "we are over the moon with happiness at her arrival. I'm happy for them.

Sydney said...

woops, JoyN, I see you indeed know about this! I just wrote to you that Brent mentioned it, and here you are. I shoulda known, lol.

joy n said...

Just wrote you back, Syd.

I just finished Jackie's post over on TV Squad. So funny!

I'm still laughing over Ronnie and Natalie's discovery that they won "nothing" in the comp.

The tide has turned and I'm loving it!

Joe in NY said...

Morning everyone,

Friendly little morning breath peck for petals.

My wv is "hoehadi" (With apologies to Petals):
Hoehadi and I had her.

Anonymous said...

Check out DWTS judge Bruno dance with Lady Bunny. He teaches the legendary drag queen how to do the cha-cha!

anonymouse said...

I voted for R)nnie (who I don't even like) just to screw things up. Only a few thousand times though.

Lars said...

I mentioned your blog during a radio interview.
Of course it's not the same : )

Anonymous said...

How do you vote online for the Coup De'tat

Anyone but Jeff said...

Lydia is a bit trashy, but some of it is generational. My students don't really view sex the same way my generation did (does)...?

It is (sadly) quite common for teens and preteens to have non-penetrating sexual encounters casually. That's probably also why Jessie refered to his "platonic" relationship. To 20-somethings and younger, platonic simply means you made no promises, not that you didn't have carnal knowledge.

I'm not sure whether I was born too soon or too late!!! LOL

Joe in NY

wv is "pedid". Lydia pedid Jessie. @@

Laurie said...

Joe, I think you are right about that and I find it very sad. Call me old-fashioned but I think the casual trading of sexual favors is demeaning for both partners. And this comes from the "Free Love" generation. Nothing is really free.

JimmyB said...

So...The backdoor approach seems to be most effective. Does anyone know why Russell didn't go that way with Ronnie? I'm curious.

Laurie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laurie said...

Personally, I think Russell wanted to send a clear message to Ronnie that he is OUT this week unless he wins the POV. It's a bit of a risk but odds are that Ronnie wouldn't win and nobody would take him off the chopping block.

Backdooring him wouldn't be such a direct message and it would mean whoever won POV would have to take someone down so Russell could put Ronnie up. You can never count on that even if a deal was struck.

I think Russell played the odds and did the right thing. Ronnie the Rat is out and the other rats will follow soon!

Anyone but Jeff said...

I think Russell just wanted to make sure that Jeff knew that Russell was following the plan. If Russell told Jeff that he was nominating two pawns and would backdoor Ronnie, Jeff might have thought Russell was weaseling out of the deal.

WTF? My wv is "obsessed" which is a real word! I feel cheated somehow...

Anonymous said...

The game is moving along but I wish it would be without Jesse. He puts a whole new spin on this game and his poor sportsmanship. I can't stand him. I like drama but not the way he plays it. He thinks he is special. HE should not be on slop. Its not fair to HIM!! Ewwwwwwwwwww I would enjoy this show more without Jesse and Ronnie. Wouldn't Natlaie just crap without her Jesse man!
Good Luck to Jeff and Jordon! :o)

Becky said...

Joe, unfortunately I think you are correct in the "as long as you don't 'do IT', it is not having sex" and no big deal with teens and young twenties today. I remember when our oldest grandson was a senior in high school there was an epidemic of oral gonorrhea (in the mouth) in their high school. I imagine that kind of problem is much more common now.

WV: spedrap Ronnie's chance to win has spedrap past him.

Anyone but Jeff said...

Hi Becky,

Yes, there has been a HUGE increase in sexually transmitted diseases among minors.

Joe in NY

wv is "reerop" Lydia will try to reerop Jessie in when he wins HOH next week.

Laurie said...

Becky, I can just hear you say "Ronnie's chance to win has spedrap past him." with a slow southern drawl.

PlaidChick said...

Joe, but they did have sex. The feeds clearly showed him putting on a condom. When she did HJ's on him, no protection was used.

So the veto was not used. See-ya Ronnie.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if he did the deed with Lydia on camera to get around the is he gay issues...

JimmyB said...

Appreciate the answers to the backdooring and excellent points--things I hadn't considered.

Petals said...

TMI about my Jessie and Lydia Chlamydia

Anyone but Jeff said...

Joe, but they did have sex. The feeds clearly showed him putting on a condom. When she did HJ's on him, no protection was used.

So the veto was not used. See-ya Ronnie.

We can't really know what happened under the covers. Did they ever have an HJ after that without a condom? Did her head ever go under the covers, if you know what I mean? There are lots of reasons to wear a condom that are sexual but not The Big One!

I actually knew a girl who had anal sex with all her boyfriends but never vaginal until her wedding night. People draw funny lines...

joy n said...

Joe, I think that's wishful thinking about your pal, Jesse. I didn't see it but from what was said by the people who did, little was left to the imagination. Lydia offered, Jesse bit.

Anon - 2:27, ask Anon - 12:51. LOL!!!!

Anyone but Jeff said...

joy n said...
Joe, I think that's wishful thinking about your pal, Jesse. I didn't see it but from what was said by the people who did, little was left to the imagination. Lydia offered, Jesse bit.

Anon - 2:27, ask Anon - 12:51. LOL!!!!

8/03/2009 9:15 PM

What does any of that have to do with Jesse? If he hit that, good for him, she ain't my daughter and she's old enough to decide for herself. For the record, Natalie is more my type, but I wouldn't kick Lydia out of bed for eating crackers.

If Jessie thinks "platonic" means friends with benefits, fine with me also. I just suggested that condom or no condom, I don't know (no feeds) what went on under the covers and maybe you don't either. Could have been:

1) Oral
2) Rear entry
3) Petting
4) The old slip and slide

Don't know, don't care. Just pointing out that many of my students (not all, mind you) wouldn't consider any of those to be actual "sex".

wv is "ingsh" as in" Ingsh and out goes she.

Anonymous said...

And you used to be such a nice guy. You have to debate everytime someone disagrees with your opinion. Gets tiresome.

Sydney said...

Oh Joe, let's face it, they did the nasty. lol -- the old In n' out, regardless of where he entered in her nether regions. And I don't think they are hung up on whether it was sex or not. Friends with benefits or whatevah.

Petals, I swear, I'm not talking dirty to your man.

And Anon 12:34, I LOVED the Lady Bunny salsa. Thanks for that.

Petals said...

Syd - S'all good - I think Joe isa teacher, so he knows all about these young kids and the changing moral parameters, right?
I just think it's too much information. If Jessie lets Lydia do stuff, whatever - that makes him exactly like a million other men. I just don't wanna read about it in detail. blech.