Sunday, August 02, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into the Evening Sunday 8/02

Will Ronnie EVER shut up? He knows that he's likely to be evicted this week yet continues to rehash the same stuff over and over again. Chima seems to be the only one really listening to him. I think that might be because her own ally situation is a bit precarious in the house. She's low on the totem pole in her alliance.

Here's what's been going down in that Big Brother House of Pontificating Posers:
  • Ronnie told Natalie that he knows Michele has a deal with someone in the house and that he told her if he's evicted those who like him will go after her.
  • I don't like Ronnie. Is there a way I can send Michele some thank you flowers?
  • Lydia went around pretending she had the wizard powers and saying everyone had to wear spandex unitards. Natalie's would be brown.
  • It reminds me of my faked Jessie HOH rule about the color-coordinated shirts and cups.
  • Ronnie said he's going to stare Michele down when the vote to evict him finishes.
  • Then why is he still rehashing and campaigning?
  • Shut up, Ronnie!
  • Kevin was given an extra day of slop by BB in punishment for munching grapes.
  • Natalie and Jessie had schemed to lie to Russell by telling him that Michele wants him out.
  • They think the lie worked.
  • It didn't.
  • Russell told Jeff and Jordan that Natalie and Jessie are worried because they're not friendly with anyone outside of their little circle.
  • Russell is not pleased with Natalie's lies about himself and Michele.
  • Chima is also irking Russell.
  • He wishes BB was all guys because the girls create so much drama.
  • Russell broke the elliptical machine.
  • And Ronnie is STILL going on to Chima.
  • I can't respect Chima at all because she's sitting there listening and sympathizing with Ronnie.
  • What kind of blogger is she? Sheesh!


Sharon S said...

Chima is a blogger? I missed that somehow. Do we have access to anything she's written? Is it any good or all whining?

I'm sure it's all whining.

That's why she is listening to Ronnie you know. She gets it. She's just like him.

I hope we get to see a Jeff, Jordan, Russell, Michelle, Lydia, Kevin show and that the do some cool stuff with their time like having a cooking comp and such. That would be so much better than gross Nat, whiney Chima, and delirious Ronnie.

My wv is "spitus" --> in spitus of our wishes, they haven't kicked Ronnie out yet.

Laurie said...

"Russell told Jeff and Jordan that Natalie and Jessie are worried because they're not friendly with anyone outside of their little circle."

Well that's certainly true. I think people are seeing the the Emperor (Jesse) has no clothes! I had to laugh at Natalie's horrified look on her face and then her confession that being part of clique gave her power in the house ... and now that power is gone. Russell showed that by the order of his nominations, I think.

As I was watching the show tonight I was noticing how bored and unattractive many of the house guests looked. Natalie can't sit up at all, she's always slouched down somewhere with Jessie. I'm still laughing at Casey's comment about her being Jessie's bitch. That comment will live on!

I look forward to seeing Ronnie stare down Michelle at POV. That is just too funny to think about. I mean, it sure scares me!

Nina said...

Yipes. Russelle has mad skills. If ppl don't get rid of Russelle, Russelle will win the game for sure against anyone else. There's no denying he's playing hard. Quite frankly, at this point, I'd like to see either Michelle, Russelle, or Natalie take the top prize. I'd be pissed if Jeff got the 500,000 dollars when he's a mediocre BB player at best. He's getting lucky right now. Russelle needed an ally so Russelle handpicked him.

Nina said...

Bottom line is Jessie is also playing very well. He's the one who told Russelle to make a deal with Jeff involving Ronnie. Jessie will now have had a hand in the first 4 evictions of the season. He does deserve props for that. (It will be interesting to see if Jessie will ultimately get rid of Russelle or if Russelle will get rid of Jessie.)

Anonymous said...

for that person who had Russ in the pool and didn't want him because they though he was a neanderthal...I'll take him off your hands. I think he's hot now that he shaved off that moustache. And as for body...He's got a much better body than least it's in proportion to his head. LOL.

Anonymous said...

i think russ nominated
Lydiafor one reason and one reason only...It's a guaranteed vote for evictintg Ronnie. He's fully aware of Lydia and Kevin's close friendship and that neither would vote the other out. In addition, he also knows about Jessie and Ronnie's alliance and wants to break it up. He knew that Jessie would want to keep Ronnie over anyone else in the house except Nat. He can't go after either Jessie or Nat...He wasn't sure if he could count on Lydia and Kevin to vote Jessie out. It's a great plan

chris said...

I for one am happy that the power is shifting, and that Russell actually is a nice guy.
My opinion of him began to change even when he was tormenting Ronnie, who so deserved it.
But mostly he proved he can be loyal when he kept his word to Casey who clearly was out the door.
Now I just want Ronnie out, the power to go to Jeff and hopefully Nat or Jessie to follow next week.
I do not think Jeff has not played the game just because he did not align himself with his bully clique on day one.
at least he made friends in the house, and america likes him...
for final 4 i would not mind jeff, jordan, russell and michelle, or even kevin.

Petals said...

Well, for as useless as thir personalities are, at least they are nice to look at: Thank you for the eye candy, Jackie!

Love Jessie
Admire Russell's muscles (can't dig anything else, tho)

Sydney said...

Anon 2:01 -- Agreed!

joy n said...

Again, another pic of Jesse not being able to stop looking at himself!

How did Jesse have a hand in Russell's nom of Ronnie, really? He told Russell to make that deal in a "tell Jeff anything" move and almost immediately tried to change Russell's mind after Jeff made the deal. Russell is the one who kept the deal going in spite of Jesse's wishes. Again, Jesse gets way too much credit.

I'm starting to feel (maybe) that if Jeff doesn't win this, (maybe) Russell should.

Anonymous said...

Two worries--since Jesse told Russ to nominate Ronnie, is the whole thing for show and if Mrs. Ronnie is using a bot to vote for him, will he get the coup d'etat power? Never feel safe.

joy n said...

You can never feel safe in this game, no matter which side you root for. I get that.

I doubt Russell's nom is for show from everything I saw and from Jackie's feeds post. Jesse's early suggestion to Russ was obviously for show and Russ knew it.

There are lots of other people with the same "bots" that are going to try to make sure that worm Ronnie doesn't get an unfair advantage.

Anonymous said...

Does bb pick the most annoying people they can find ?? Ronnie is like the biggest loser in any high school. Why aren't the house guests pissed Jesse is getting a second chance at the game. Instead of welcoming him as a messiah they all should have wanted him out. Last natalie half woman(???)half man should try applying RAID as perfume;she's a cockroach.

Anonymous said...

Oh please........Jesse came on strong and found some stupid followers. He is disgusting. Jeff and Jordon have not had a chance and just because they are nice normal people and not wanting be with the wirdo's......doesn't mean they can't play...especially Jeff. I am sick of Jesse/Natalie/Ronnie. They are horrible people and not even worth watching. If things don't change I won't be tuning in anymore!