Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into the Evening Wed. 8/05

Well, I last posted about the brouhaha. We haven't had another major one yet, just some skirmishes. But that's not saying than nothing has been going down in that Big Brother House of Deceptive DIngbats.
  • Lydia is all down, wants to hurt herself, and had to pack. Earlier she mentioned that she was told in the DR that if she does anything to hurt herself, they'll remove her from the house.
  • Again, I say better psychological testing is needed.
  • Chima and Michele blame Russell for all the stress in the house.
  • I blame the pit bull and buddies.
  • Lydia screamed at Natalie.
  • What else is new?
  • Chima tried telling Lydia that Kevin through her under the bus.
  • Lydia had Kevin write the word "perspective" on her forearm with make-up.
  • I recall the first season, there was no make-up other than Jamie's infamous lip gloss. She'd hide behind the sink to apply it.
  • Ronnie is still trying to work Jordan and Jeff. It ain't working. They blatantly told him they don't trust him and never will.
  • Natalie claims to not know how to use a tampon.
  • Maybe she doesn't know the mechanics of a washcloth, either.
  • They were all in and out of the Diary Room recording goodbye messages.
  • There have been no hints on the coup d'etat. I keep hoping someone will look up at the cameras while alone and thank America.
  • Natalie told Jordan and Jeff that she will be the sole vote to evict Ronnie, just a sympathy vote, just wanted them to know.
  • That's part of the scheme she hatched with Jessie.
  • The annoying phone calls started coming in and they're running every fifteen minutes as I type this report.
  • I know a song that really gets on your nerves. Yes, yes it does. Make it stop.
  • Lydia thinks Jessie is behind trying to destroy her relationship with Kevin.
  • She loves him, she hates him. He hurt her, she wants to hurt herself. Lydia talked a long time with Jessie.
  • He claims that he hasn't cast his vote yet, so she has no case to complain that he's voting against her.
  • A common theme to the calls is calling for Natalie to bathe. Heh.
  • They think they have to memorize the calls.
  • Right now it's not looking like a solid exit for Ronnie.
  • I'm irked. But if Lydia is so unstable that she's talking about cutting herself and stuff ... it might be in her best interest to get her out of there.
  • I'd still rather Ronnie leave.
  • Now Michele is crying to Jordan and Jeff about Russell.


PlaidChick said...

Ohh my gosh, Natalie is taking a shower!!

PlaidChick said...

Laurie, no they don't bleep anything out on BBAD. It's like watching the feeds, they do showtime commercials every 20 minutes or so, but they're only 30-45 seconds long

Anonymous said...

actually, I was the one who pointed out (in the last Sunday live blog party comments)the idea that if there was a personality test, the producers must have chosen those they knew could not handle conflict appropriately and suffered from certain mental disorders from narcissism (Jessie), bipolarity (Lydia) to loss of temper (Russell)

Laurie said...

Thanks PlaidChick.
I was just reading on Joker's that Natalie is "dun" with Jesse because he betrayed her by talking to Lydia. Dang, sometimes Natalie is scary and seems like a gang member or something. He betrayed her? Yikes! I'm so glad she took a shower.

Anonymous said...

I think the HGs are just weird not pyscho. Since the tats aren't getting Lydia attention, and the tears and shouting aren't working either, she made up cutting herself. Hell, she's already paid to have her body poked with needles and pierced to within an inch of her life. What's a few scars? I am not impressed by her tantrums.

Anonymous said...

I agree Laurie, Nat exhibits the gang member mentality. If Ronnie says he can be gross because he's a man one more time, I am going to puke.

Anonymous said...

jordan looks like kristy swanson wyho played in the movie buffy the vampire slayer.

Anonymous said...

Lydia mught in fact not be putting on about wanting to hurt herself. She might just be hormonal. Once a month every month I feel the same way. When I was younger I thought I had something really wrong with me but then I figured out that it was just my hormones and now I know to guard against those feelings. It would also explain her over emotionalism.

Plus I do think that her feelings were hurt by that sob Jessie who I can't stand.

Natalie reminds me of Pigpen. I keep expecting to see little puffs of dust rise off her when she moves.

Anonymous said...

Hormones? ohmy...probably very true. Pigpen? Classic call. LOL

Sydney said...

I'd rather ROnnie leave too. Please make Thursday come so we know already!

Anonymous said...

I am not wishing for time to pass by quickly but I do want to see what happens on Thursday too. Little gerbils are so destructive.

Anonymous said...

I do not feel sorry for Chlamidia one bit. She's only interested in giving it up to Jessie when she is in trouble and then backstabs him any other time. Now she is in trouble and Jessie is not there for her because Ronnie is in trouble too and Jess is more loyal to Ronnie than Chlamidia. She is just looking for attention and sympathy. My wv is lieshe. Jumble the letters around and you get she lie.

teabbfan said...

Jackie I added that I follow this blog on my google account I hope that is ok if not let me know by email and I will take it off sadly but will

Jackie said...

Not a problem at all, teabbfan. If I didn't have a fear of losing stuff on this blog, I'd change to the newer format and follow people.

Anyone but Jeff said...

Anonymous said...
jordan looks like kristy swanson wyho played in the movie buffy the vampire slayer.

8/06/2009 1:30 AM

That's it! That's who I was thinking of.

Thank God, it was driving me batty.

joy n said...

Just think, Natalie, only 364 days til your next one!