Friday, August 14, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Friday Morning 8/14

Maybe I'm just too old or something. I just can't get with the profound feeling of loss that Natalie, Chima, and Lydia have for Jessie. It's not even like he was their exalted leader -- usually people told Jessie what he should do rather than he leading his minions. These girls seem willing to risk their own game acted like spoiled toddlers because they lost their Jessie. Very odd.

Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Bereft Babes:
  • As The Three Lost Ladies sipped wine and spoke eulogies of a Jessie gone by (accompanied by Kevin and Michele), Jeff and Russell talked about how foolish they're acting.
  • He didn't get a proper goodbye!
  • He didn't get a chance to fight to stay!
  • Even Jordan thinks they're being silly.
  • Jeff and Russell both spoke of being calm in the house. Russell said he'll try to keep Jeff from losing his temper.
  • I think it should be the other way around!
  • Russell is still denying being the second vote for Natalie.
  • People are messing with other people's property. I blame Chima who started it all by dumping Russell's suitcase earlier in the evening.
  • Natalie claims that production doesn't care about them or their goodbye messages.
  • Natalie and Lydia talked of plans to mess with Jeff's stuff after nominations.
  • Lydia thinks that Michele didn't like Jessie because he didn't flirt with her.
  • Russell, Jeff, Jordan, and Michele talked of winning next week and being the final four.
  • Michele is actually playing well right now -- Chima thinks she's listening to her and Jordan thinks she's on her side.
  • I think Michele is leaning towards the Jeff/Jordan side, but it's hard to tell. She doesn't really trust Russell.
  • Lydia said she won't be happy until Jeff and Russell are evicted.
  • So much for being appreciative that Jeff saved her, huh?
  • When Jeff told Michele to enjoy her HoH week she corrected him -- "OUR week."
  • Hmmm. Good acting or ...?
  • Natalie thinks that Chima should have gotten to name the replacement noms. Well, that would ruin the idea behind the coup d'etat, methinks.
  • Natalie and Lydia are sure that Michele will put Russell on the block.
  • But will she? He was horrible to her, but if she sticks with the Jeff/Jordan bunch, he's a number.
  • Natalie pledges to sleep all the time.
  • Jeff commented that Natalie was drinking and she's 18? Food for thought, Jeff.
  • Michele said BB said to drink all her HoH liquor before the end of the week.
  • Michele also said that BB told her not to let boys in her bed and to talk about her husband more.
  • She invited Jordan to sleep in the HoH room with her.
  • Jordan is better off there than with Chima and her Chumps. Although ... Jordan gets along with everyone.
  • It's a slumber party! Jeff and Russell talk of sleeping on the floor in the HOH room with Jordan and Michele.
  • That may be more comfortable than being with the others.
  • And, it also keeps Michele to themselves. But it's not to be ... Jeff still has one day more of being a Have Not due to the evil Gatorade.
  • Lydia talked of causing trouble and doing things to get BB mad. Chima warned her against it as they would take damages out of her stipend.
  • Michele kind of hinted to Kevin that Chima may be going on the block. Hmm ...
  • Michele told Kevin she has no intention of putting him on the block, but she can't make any promises about the rest of his alliance.
  • Jordan told Jeff that winning the coup d'etat is great because it means America likes him. Well, yeah.
  • The Michele/Russell relationship seems to have turned a new page. They talked of final two and hugged.
  • Russell wanted to sleep in the Have Not room with Jeff, but BB said no.
  • He has to be in with the wolves.
  • Michele and Jordan talked about Russell. Jordan thinks it's odd that Russell doesn't want Michele to put Natalie on the block.
  • From all of the conversations, it seems that Michele is leaning towards putting Chima and either Natalie/Lydia on the block.
  • But it's hard to tell.
  • For all I know, she could be playing Jeff and Jordan. But she does seem more sincere when she's with them.
  • Jeff is way uncomfortable in his Have Not room as the Chima Chumps stole most of the bedding.
  • Later!


Jayne said...

The house guests should not be allowed to remove things from any of the bedrooms or mess with things that belong to other people. Besides that seems like something a kid in middle school would do. I am thriled Jessie is gone and that Jeff has turned the house upside down. Now a Natalie?Chima eviction week would be great!

Anonymous said...

i can't believe they are getting away with messing with jeff's stuff.
morning all! according to another site 'it's a done deal' and Chima and Natalie will be nominated. we can only hope.

BJ said...

BB needs to grow a pair and let Natalie, Chima and Lydia walk instead ov giving them presents. Call their bluff and I bet none follow through.

Anonymous said...

I am really suprised that Michele is leaning toward Jeff's alliance. I thought she practcally worshiped Chima. Oh and of course her name is not really Sheema@@, she would change it though being the self proclaimed queen diva. That is one mean spirited spoiled brat.
Anyway, I have to admit that Natalie can be hot looking when she is clean but I am not suprised that she is going to sleep all week. She seems very lazy and also spoiled.
Lydia is ungrateful and a very shallow person which suprises me. I thought she would have depth.
I really hate that BB blocked the drama, that's what we watch it for mostely geesh.

sizzie said...

Michelle and Jordan both can ignore a lot, but I have noticed that they both take being made fun of as a serious offense. I know that should be a duh statement. But, both have let other insults slide right off them. If Michelle does stick with Jeff and Jordan (or even Russ) I think finding out (from Russ) that Nat and Jess were behind Ronnie wanting to throw water on her will be one of the deciding factors. And after finding out, seeing all the craziness of their reaction to Jess' departure. In this game, it often comes down to personal insults deciding who stays or goes. Kevin was giving good advice to Chima and to Nat last night but I was very disappointed to see how firmly he alligned himself with them. In fact, some time in the middle of the night Nat was directing that 'teach me master' gaze to Kevin..the one she used to bestow on Jess.

during the performance last night, when Jess was leaving the house door, I noticed some in the audience turn away from him, so he couldn't slap their hands.

thank you Jackie !

Anonymous said...

OMG, Lydia that little ungreatful B____. Like I stated before, Heather Mills should be watching this show and take a second look Lydia's character. I'm not sure she is stable, I wouldn't trust her with my child. Jesse disrespected her, used her and humilated her to show his true alliance to Natalie, I wonder if she ever thought as to who Jesse would vote for if she and Natalie were on the block together or in the F2, she is beyond stupid. BB or the producers must have something to hide to allow these people to allow these ass____ to bother someone else's property and maybe there will be some kind of penalty if they do because Chima mentioned to her that they might make her pay for damages, sinceI'm sure Chima might have thought of doing and wa warned.

Anonymous said...

I think Mich should put up Lyd & Nat. If she gets rid of Chima Russ could go to Nat, Kev & Lyd and it would be 4 to 3 with Jff, Jor And Mich on the bottom again. I still dont' trust Russ. with Chima still in the house with Kev, Lyd or Nat then Russ would have to stay with J/J/M because Russ And Chima would never work together. I don't trust Russ with Chima gone. What do you think?

lynn1 said...

I bet if either Natalie or Lydia happened to be the one evicted the other one would have a melt down that the evicted one got to be alone with Jessie.
I swear I don't see what the big attraction to Jessie is. He looks freakish, he is an egomaniac and he is not that smart.

sandaroo1 said...

I was watching BBAD last night & was sick to my stomach!! Chima, Lydia & Natalie crying their eyes out was difficult to watch!! The most pathetic was Lydia saying she wants to go this week. She just wants to be the next one in the Sequester house so she has a week alone with Jessie. She makes me sick.

Angie In KC said...

Do you think maybe they drug these people- because they are acting really insane. I am so glad Jessie is gone- believe me I have had a hard time watching and a hard time keeping up- and I used to be a diehard fan of the show. Glad he's gone, but wish Lydia or Chima would have left.

If Russell and Michelle stick it out- it would be the best thing, because most are not suspecting that alliance.

Ive Noticed Russell Has an Amber like quality and just tries to kiss up to whomever is in charge...brings back memories.

Just my thoughts

Delee said...

Just had to find this avatar >>>>

Totally the situation last night and just super sad. This will be another interesting week and I do feel Chima and Natalie will be on the block. Hope they lose in the H/HN comp too. Would love a double whammy for those 2!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:58, I almost agree with you regarding Michelle not trusting Russell, but he has kept his word to everyone he promised he would, he told Jeff that he would not put him of Jordan up when he was HOH and he didnt, told Jess that he had his vote to keep him and he did, that's why I said almost, somehow I just can't see him aligning himself with Chima, Lydia, and Nasty, anyone should be able to see that they are shooting for an all girl alliance dispite the fact that they got Kevin, but he has also showed his loyalty to Lydia by not taking her of the block and she is too stupid to even care about that, but somehow she's to be pitied because she likes being a freaking doormat for whoever. No selfesteem.

Anonymous said...

Ah what a web we weave......

Who woulda thought Michele would throw a bone to Russ/Jor/Jeff!

Give "others" the same feelings of victory in the bag!!!

But a loooooooooong week ahead, even with the noms coming up!!!

We all know that everything changes in that looooooooong time before eviction don't we!

Miohele has a realllllly looooooong week!!! Buckle up girl! You are going to need it!
Chima unleashed no doubt!

Plus DOUBLE EVICTION....... a new HOH and someone else out the door next Thusday........

Jessie will have TWO coming to keep him company. So, Lydia, if she makes it to the sequester house won't have her dream of Jessie alone, the sick little soul!

Jeff is my hopes for winning it all.

Sadly though, he is the biggest threat on three counts, Jordan as a couple/and strong competitor/and what he did those who hate him for his breaking the hearts of removing Jessie. He has a lot to contend with to make it thru the voting unfortuately, plus the luck of the rest of it.

Hate that BB put the fear of God in Chima and somehow had her tamed and silent for the was the dullest show ever in what we knew to expect IF. But, CBS would have had major fines I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Are these people for real???

They represent posters for bad behavior.

Some weird people this year. I am glad Jesse is gone. Thrilled.

I am sorry to see how horrible Chima Lydia Natalie acted last night.

It's a GAME!! Get over yourselves. GROW UP!!

Anonymous said...

Are these people for real???

They represent posters for bad behavior.

Some weird people this year. I am glad Jesse is gone. Thrilled.

I am sorry to see how horrible Chima Lydia Natalie acted last night.

It's a GAME!! Get over yourselves. GROW UP!!

sizzie said...

I think Michelle will keep her options open with Chima and not put her up. I think that is what this week will be for Michelle...keeping her options open to see who will be the one most likely to let her go along to the end. They all thought she was amazing in how quickly she could get her answer to the right button in HOH, so they will fear her in future comps of that type.

Love the avatar delee !

It will take some doing for Michelle to nom anyone though, especially having to do it eye to eye.

I don't know what nickname to use for the Minus Jessie Gang. Any ideas?

Cha Cha said...



sizzie said...

Cha Cha..that is a good one. And with all the wine and whine last night they are the Sour Grapes Crew

Sally said...

Thanks Jackie! Your recaps are absolutely the best!

I kinda hope that Jessie's Girls follow through on some of their threats:

Let Natalie sleep all week--we won't have to hear her whine and drone.

Let Chima throw the have/have not competition, then break the rules--maybe BB will give her a penalty nomination.

Let Lydia campaign to be the first to go to Jessie's hideaway--maybe she'll be one of the lucky two next week.

Let them mess with Jeff's stuff--reason enough for Jeff and friends to mess with their new beauty products.

I'd love to see a Chima/Natalie nomination. Go Michelle!

Connie in Fl said...

When BB After Dark ended this
morning Chima had been in the DR
a long while. Wonder what's up?
Maybe BB only wants her to behave at 1/2 volcano drama(we watch to see her in action) Hope she is gone this week.
Why can't they see? We chose Jeff
because of his behavior.
I agree that Lydia is a spoiled Brat. She has a warped idea of what
a friend is.
I would like to see the stats on
the voting. Russell thinks Ca. does not do telephone voting and Lydia thinks we women voted Jeff
because he is cute.

Thanks to all of you for your comments. You keep me atuned.
And especially to you,JACKIE,
for this blog!

wv: watian
Watian is happening now?

Laurie said...

I saw this on another site. Really, Chima should be wrapped in a white coat and taken away:

The big stand-out moment of the night was when Chima again calls Russell a terrorist while claiming she would be the Twin Towers. She finds this comparison of the 9/11 tragedy to her petty grievances in the game to be hilarious and laughs and laughs at her disgusting joke. Something is very wrong with this girl.

Kathy in NC said...

The only thing that wuld have made Jessie's eviction even better was to have him spend the first week alone with Ronnie in the sequester house. Jessie should be really thankful that Ronnie was evicted when he was.

wv: kisms - Jessie eviction with a Chima/Nat nomination would be an early kisms present!

Anonymous said...

The big stand-out moment of the night was when Chima again calls Russell a terrorist while claiming she would be the Twin Towers. She finds this comparison of the 9/11 tragedy to her petty grievances in the game to be hilarious and laughs and laughs at her disgusting joke. Something is very wrong with this girl.

8/14/2009 12:08 PM

911 is getting near, yet Chima continues blabbing about terrorist, I agree something is very wrong with this women!

Sasha said...

Well, that's what I get for not keeping up at Jackie's! I'd been away a couple of days and only watched the show late last night. I thought it all went a bit smoothly but didn't know it was not live. Duh.

I actually was a little surprised Jeff really used the power. I have to say I was glad to see Jessie go. I'm kind of neutral about Natalie although I wouldn't have cried (not being one of those nut cases lol) if Natalie left. I just didn't enjoy watching Jessie and definitely don't get the hero worship thing.

And to Joe, in last night's show, I'd have to agree that Natalie looked good! I'm not one to use the "hot" expression but she did look adorable. I liked Chima's grandmother but I really don't care for Chima. She talks one thing (or yells) and does the opposite. She keeps her arguments on the issues? I don't THINK so!! She does provide drama but how delusional she is about how much class she supposedly has.

I think Michele getting the HOH is an interesting development...kind of like a bit of a wild card until noms...and after as well, for that matter.

'Tis enough but for saying Jackie, sorry about MacDuff but it'll happen when the time is right.

Cha Cha said...

Chima should have a penalty nom and penalty vote like Jen did.

I can't believe the words out of her mouth. Russell was correct in saying that if he said anything about race she would start her rants again.

I don't think what Russell has done by screaming at L/M and to a point C but he owns up to it unlike Chima

She thinks its ok for her but not for him.

sizzie said...

Sally...Jessie's Girls...very good !

Laurie said...

Sally, I like how you think.

Chima clearly lives by a double standard and what's good for everyone else is not good for her. She sees herself as being special ... which she is, but not in the way she thinks. Giant chip on her shoulder. Her grieving for Jessie was really grieving for her loss of power as HOH and for Michelle getting a better letter from home than she did.

Remember the character on Little House on the Prairie who lived in the store and was so mean and jealous of everyone, even though she had plenty? I think her name was Nellie. Well, Chima is a Nellie of a different sort. Real life diva!!

I think the other two Jessie Girls (love it) have lost the only interest they had in the house, Jessie. No explaining why, but some people are attracted to any kind of fame and he was a previous player. Plus, he didn't reject their advances like the other guys. I think they'll get over it after the shock of their "loss" and maybe even get into the game. Natalie could win if she stopped whining and started playing for herself.

WV: tollyas
We tollyas that Jeff would use the power and nominate Jessie and Natalie. Let us celebrate!!

sandaroo said...

Are nominations today??

Cha Cha said...

yes nominations are today.

According to Jordan, Nat and Chima are going up

Delee said...

Just down-right love you comparing Chima to Nelly on LHP...Laurie...

The Twin Tower's remark was could she even voice that? She is my person in the pool and I have not been rooting for her and def will not even think about wanting her to win now. Boot her out the door...quickly!!! Just can not find the words to describe my feelings over that comment!!!

Laurie said...

OMG ... That would be so awesome if she put Nat and Chima. What a weekend it will be in the house!!

Laurie said...

Delee, I agree, her comment about 9/11 and Twin Towers is proof positive that she is completely self-centered and has no empathy for anyone else. I would hate to be her.

I'm glad you liked my Nelly comparison, although it does insult Nelly!

I'd ask you to join my float in pool and root for Kevin but he's going to be out soon.

sandaroo said...

I was watching when Chima made her twin Towers remark. She makes me sick. She has such a double standard.

I truly hope she is going on the block & is sent packing this week. Would love to see her face shen she finds out America is not a big fan of hers!!

Laurie said...

If she gets put on block we should think of a theme for the avatars that would represent her being taken away. Flying monkeys come to mind...

Sally said...

Laurie, I liked the comparison to Nellie Olsen too. Not only self-centered, but mean-spirited too.

Chima's 9/11 comparison is disrespectful and certainly nothing to laugh about, and it's not even a good analogy. Did she mean that she is Russell's prime target? (I think it's the other way around.) Or does she expect Russell to completely take her down with one swift move? (Doesn't she think she's invincible?)

I don't get her. She seems to be intelligent and articulate, have solid family support and good role models, yet she's shrill, temperamental, self-centered, doesn't want to play fair and like good ol' Nellie, is really mean-spirited.

I hope she's one of the two who joins Jessie next week.

Anonymous said...

I thinking that maybe Chima friends dont know what an ass she really is, even though her grandmother and friend said with Chima "what you see is what you get" that was nothing I would be proud to say if my granddaughter was acting such a fool,I am an African American woman and I find her to be one of the most despicable people I've ever seen, I am totally embarrased by her acts and actions, I have twin daughters about her age and they are in total disbelief that after all of us (black,white.asian ect) have suffered from the acts of those responsible for 911 that this chick (for lack of what I really want to call her) would continue such hatred. So for those who think Chima is cute, pretty or what ever else I heard people say about he, she is ugly as hell inside. "UGLY IS AS UGLLY DOES"

Laurie said...

anon 2:51
Excellent post and I agree completely. She is not a good representation for any of the things she is. I can't help but wonder what is underneath all that hatred and venom the lives inside her. I used to care about it, now I just wonder about it. I can only hope Michelle puts her up and she doesn't get POV. Oh the fireworks we would see!

lynn1 said...

I simply don't understand how CBS is OK with her comments.

I do understand how it is to say something mean spirited and hurtful in a moment of anger. I am guilty of it myself. However,I think her comments have crossed a line. I am seeing bigotry, ignorance and ethnic profiling, none of which is OK with me. If someone was doing that to her I would not be OK with it and I am not OK with her doing it.

I think from this minute forward if she is speaking I will use my mute button. I really have no interest in hearing her spew venom.

Laurie said...

I wonder if CBS is getting email or tweets about getting rid of her? There were lots of tweets from people who paid for feeds about yesterday's very long blackout. People were (to quote Jordan) pissed!

I'm trying out my flying monkey to see if it works.

Laurie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tbc said...

Love the flying monkey comment. I would pay good money to see flying monkeys come and snatch Chima away. LOL

lynn1 said...

Unfortunately I used all my flying monkeys to get rid of Ronnie! LOL

Cha Cha said...

I truly believe that Chima needs to be removed from the house.
This is what she said now

Chima to Natalie in the RR "I can't believe that m'fer left his rosary in here. He's not even Catholic he's some extremist Muslim terrorist."

I am not muslim nor catholic but rally think this has gotten to far. That to me isn't game play at all

Laurie said...

Wow, she needs to be hold accountable for this behavior. She's gone way beyond acceptable game play, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Adam made comments about handicap children and many thousands of people complained to CBS? I need to find the address to start sending them emails about this.Does anyone know the email to send it to. Maybe we should flood Julie Chens email so she forwards it to her husband

Laurie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laurie said...

Here's the link to write to CBS about Chima or anything else:

Write to CBS

PlaidChick said...

Well I want to say these three are worse than Cappy's season and the NH.

They all wanted to leave after yesterday went down, so BB gave them lotions etc.

And the crying over the wine. Are you freaking kidding me? What in the sam hell did they see in Jessie that we didn't? WTF, It's damn game!

These are the biggest bunch of sore losers. They have been in power in some way shape or form since the beginning of the show, the house falls on them litterally and they act like a bunch of 8 years olds.

I hope Chima does become a have-not and gets nominated. Hell, I'd even fly out to LA free of charge and help her pack all her sh*t up. I am sick of her calling Russell a terrorist. And the 9/11 remark? OMG.. again I know to many this isn't on the same level, but what if others started dropping the N word? So not right in any way...

Anonymous said...


Does anyone know if when Michelle told Kevin that she would NOT put him up on the block, BUT was thinking she would put up someone from their group ( Chima, Lydia , or Natalie), that she told him NOT to say anything?

For, I wonder if Kevin would spill the beans?

And, if he didn't , and she does put two of the girls up.......what a HUGE suprise this is going to be to them!!!!

Now this would/will be a shocker of a nomination ceremony !

Does anyone know if Kevin has told or was told NOT too?

Witt said...

I must say it again: Chima, stop talking. Now. Right now! I wouldn't have too much faith in CBS doing anything about her comments; they put her on the show for this very reason. They did nothing about ED's comments, and his were aired, unlike many of hers. The only truly offensive one I've heard so far is the terrorist comment from the other day, not any others.

I didn't think that Michele would nominate Natalie and Chima; they were pretty tight it seemed for awhile. I guess she's seen some of the maneuvers and comments and doesn't want to align with them? Are they aware of this?

I know many don't trust Russell, but I do think he'll hang with J/J, knowing that Chima would throw him under the bus at the very first opportunity.

Glad the pizza made it on time, Granny! Hope they put just the right amount of toppings. :)

Witt :)

Anonymous said...

I think BB should give Chima the boot. She is calling Russell (TODAY) a Muslim Terrorist. That is just plain wrong. If he were to call her the N word....all H would break loose. What the hec is going on????? That kind of language should not be tollerated.
She is also called Jeff an Ahole.
She is going way over the top.
I do not appreciate watching her.

lynn1 said...

Iknow that when David Letterman made comments about Sarah Palin's daughter a lot of Palin supporters wrote to the sponsors of his show.

I read that after the uproar at least one of the sponsors, Olive Garden Restaurants pulled their sponsorship from the Letterman show.

If CBS won't do anything we can write the sponsors of BB and let them know that we find Chima's words objectionable and will not continue to use their products if they support her behavior.

PlaidChick said...

To Anon@4:16 PM..

In answer to the Michele and Kevin questions, here is what said:

Michele: I'll tell you honestly. I'm not putting you up.

Kevin: Oh! Yay!

Michele: Yeah... I appreciate that you didn't use the PoV last week, as it probably would have been me going up. I know there's some things that will come out, but you need to look at it from a strategy level. With myself and Chima, while we were friends, we've never had an alliance together. I'm in such a weird place... I had a plan for if I won HoH. Jessie was gonna go up, but Jessie's not here, so now I have to pick someone else... so I'm like, what the f**k? I'm thinking no one's gonna be happy with me tomorrow... It's not my intention to put you on the block. I'd hope the PoV doesn't get used, because that dwindles down the pool. I like having you you around. I apologize if we get people out of the house you were aligned with, but...

Kevin: Yeah. No hard feelings. I understand. If I were HoH, I'd have to make my decisions too. It's down to the point. It's a responsibility..

Michele: I guess Russell would have been up, if you'd won HoH?

Kevin: Yeah.

Michele: I just know you're a good guy, and I can trust you.

Kevin: We're down to the jury now, you know? We have to start thinking about that.

Michele: You've shown you can step up and do this. You're a smart guy. You won PoV. That was awesome. I can't reveal the nominations, but know that you're not one of them. No worries.

Kevin: ...and no hard feelings at all. No matter what.

Michele: Ya know, it's like, Chima's said bad things... Ronnie... and Jessie was worse than Russell in a way... There's something different when you say something out of anger..

Kevin: It's more sinister when it's hidden, too. You know what? Secretly, in my mind, I was hoping that Jeff or Jordan would evict Jessie, because honestly I couldn't have... then it's like bittersweet though, because the girls are completely destroyed, and I can't build them up, because they're all in love with him!

Michele: I had to leave the table..

Kevin: I almost went to the DR. I was thinking, Chima, he nominated you! Lydia, he voted to evict you. Natalie, he yelled at me for voting for you to stay! I'm giving them their space. I've had these conversations with Lydia, and it just doesn't work. I do appreciate you saying that to me though, I would've understood. I would've been a little angry, but I would've understood.

Michele: I will be playing hard for the PoV, and since I don't nominate you, I would appreciate it if you don't use the PoV, if you win it.

Kevin: Definitely... though it depends a bit. I got heat before for not using it. I'm sure there will be heat. We'll see.

Michele: My door is open. I don't mind you coming up. I'm not gonna be like don't talk to me...

Kevin: I just really don't want it to be divided. I want it to be like, look, it's a game.

Michele: I have the votes to evict whoever I want this week, ya know? It's just how it worked out.

Kevin: It's coming to that point... You have to win.

Michele: If you win and feel you must use the PoV, that's fine.

Kevin: You have to weigh it out.

Sydney said...

I just found out that Jessie's last name is Godderz.... God for short (in his mind at least)

Anonymous said...

CBS CBS CBS Letting Chima get away with her totally racist remarks is terrible. Give that girl the boot. She is ruining the season. This is a game and she is acting like an idiot. Please. Enough is Enough! This season of houseguests certainly has some strange people. No wonder Jeff and Jordon sit in the backyard. I would too. What a shame that J and J had to be on a season with so many trouble makers.

Anonymous said...

If cbs didn't do anything to ED and he was really terrible. To me man shouldn't call a woman the B word and and ED threw it around constantly among other things. don't count on them doing anything to Chima.

Sally said...

I'm curious...doesn’t it seem like there are a lot more Anonymous posters here recently? Why don't you each start using a name and really join the party? Especially if you're here frequently?

I think it's easier to follow the comments if you can link different remarks to the same person, and it helps establish context too. And I think it's more inviting for people to respond to a comment with an identity attached.

You don't have to register or do anything official. At the bottom of each post, just click "Name/URL" and type in your chosen name instead of clicking "Anonymous."

Or am I missing something? I've been trying to identify benefits to remaining anonymous, and I can't come up with any. Especially at a friendly place like Jackie's.

Just a suggestion....

Chauncey, not Billups said...

Well said Sally.

Witt said...

Sally, I agree!

Witt :)

sizzie said...

Thank Plaid for putting that convo up.

Goodie said...

Thank you Sally for your advice.
I am NOT good on the computer and did not know how to sign in with a name. I am going to try. :o) I am one of the anonymous that find it very upsetting the way that CBS is allowing Chima to talk about Russell. If he were to talk about Chima the same way....meaning some mean statement using the N word....It would NEVER be tollerated. This game is getting out of control where Chima is concerned. JMO

P. S. I am thrilled Jesse is gone.

RyzandShyn said...

When Jesse and Natalie were nominated there was no hand holding or hang-in-there pats on the arm or even sympathetic looks between them. And they were friends? Weird.

The very thought of Lydia alone in the sequester house with Jesse makes me throw up in my mouth a little and laugh out loud. He'd have to lock himself in a closet to get away from her. It'd be the worse week of his life. She could go all weepy and suicidal when he rebuffs her...oh boy....what'd I'd give for live feeds in the sequester house to see that.

Is it possible to dislike Chima more than Maggot and friends? I ask because I'm pretty sure I do.
This crying over Jesse reminds me of the Cappy business that year or when Evilette cried for hours because she wanted a letter from her mom...Yuck!!

Goodie said...

Thank you Sally for my lesson on the computer. I did it!!!!!!!

I will not be using anonymous anymore and many thanks for my lesson of the day!!


Laurie said...

Hey Goodie. Welcome to the world of named commenters. Happy to know you!

Sally said...

Welcome to Jackie's, Goodie! I agree that CBS' stance toward Chima's terrorist comments is hard to understand. I was really surprised with the way they edited the "terrorist" segment earlier this week, trying to make it look like she was only regferring to his being a bully. That just wasn't true and I don't think many people bought it.

Anonymous said...

It seems as though Kevin and Lydia are have nots this week. Not sure who else.

Laurie said...

Can you tell I'm avoiding my job today?

Actually, I'm just checking my new avatar, third one today.

sandaroo said...

I just wrote on the cbs web site to complaining about Chima"s behavior. I wish they would kick her off the show!! I know it's a long shot, but enough is enough. I hope when she's out of the house & the show is over she realizes what an ass she's been!!

Sasha said...

Ahhhh, Sandaroo, the shame of it is that people like Chima (and Jessie) never think they are wrong or cause the reactions to them, they just think we are all (pick one) stupid, don't understand them, whatever, because they are always right and ever the victims.

Blech lol

wv: bratrop Chima, Lydia and Natalie are the bratrop with their ridiculous behavior!

Lars said...

"what you see is what you get"

I don't believe in those words any longer.
In todays society it's no longer " what you see is what you get " esp on a Reality TV )
there was a time that saying could apply to one's behavior, however it's become overly used, just like when someone says " at the end of the day "
For me if Chima is " what you see is what you get then
8/14/2009 2:51 PM

I agree!

sizzie said...

Yes ! I, too, noticed the no touching when Jes and Nat were nominated. And I expected it. They both withdrew to themselves. ben

Becky said...

Laurie, love it! I will look for one too. I will not use it if any of the GG are nominated.

Know what would be funny? If Lydia was on the block, Jeff won POV -- and refused to use it.

Witt said...

Welcome, Goodie!!

Witt :)

joy n said...

OT: RTVW says that Omarosa is scheduled to begin studies for the ministry at United Theological Seminary in Dayton on Monday. She will spend 2 years pursuing a Dr. of Ministries degree. The school's assoc dean of African American studies says Omarosa's rep for both good and bad will help her as a minister because people will relate to her.

Huh? My jaw is still hanging after reading that.

BB: Does anyone else think that Jeff probably threw that HOH comp on purpose? At this point of the game, he must realize that the POV is a much more important prize. I think Jeff is REALLY playing this game now. My hopes are soaring!

My wv is hothloss. It concerns the Jesse girls. They're suffering from Ho TH Loss. LOL!

sandaroo said...

You're right Sasha, such a double standard! So not fair!

Laurie said...

Joyn, my jaw is down there with yours. I believe she will need to learn humility to be a minister!

I wondered if Jordan and Jeff both threw the HOH comp last night.

Becky, I think it would be funny if Kevin was on the block, Lydia won POV and didn't use it. Payback! However, I'm hoping it's Natalie and Chima on the block and Chima gets the boot so we know she is D-U-N.

Delee said...

Welcome Goodie it is always nice to know who is making the comments and be able to reply w/o an anon...

Great great avatar Laurie...

I would rather see Janet Jackson's breast than hear Chima spew the filth that she is vomiting out of her mouth. AND CBS paid big-time for that...

Delee said...

I just had to comment again...

WV is anetrat

Chima is anetrat in the BB House!

I translate it: another rat!!!

sandaroo said...

Delee.. hysterical LOL!!!

Laurie said...

Jackie has a new post up. See you there!

Anonymous said...

"Chima about Russell, "He's not even Catholic. He's some extreme Muslim terrorist."

please tell me you misheard this. what a pos chima is.-jeannemarie

wv amends chima better make amends to people before she finds her butt booted from the show without any money.