Friday, August 21, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Friday Dawn 8/21

Duh. I kept Natalie in the house. Duh.

I had to do something with the expression on Jeff's face in my screen cap! He won HOH last night, but sheesh ... he kept Natalie over Lydia in the house. What kind of gameplay is that?

My show review and HOH spoilers posts are up over on TV Squad. But, what's been going on lately in the Big Brother House of Benevolent Hohs?
  • Heh. Kevin mentioned how stingy with prizes the show is and that caused a feeds blockage. They're so touchy!
  • Apparently in the comp, they announced that Kevin was in the lead and he didn't realize how close Jeff was.
  • Somehow, they could pause people in the comp. Kevin paused Russell and they claim that's what made for a Jeff win.
  • "So, I helped you win. I should be safe," Kevin joked (although probably with hope).
  • Natalie told Kevin that Jeff told her she was safe yesterday and she indeed was.
  • Russell and Michele are definitely have-nots. Don't ask me why or how. It went down with the blocked live feeds in the comp.
  • Jeff was going on an adrenalin rush, but most of the others just wanted to nap last night.
  • Lucky Jeff, Michele kept him company!
  • Jeff hopes his HOH music is Bob Marley. Hmmm ... not quite what I would have figured him to enjoy.
  • Russell told Kevin that being a have not without candy or alcohol is going to kill him. Me? I'd be fussing about the FOOD.
  • Well, well. He got his Bob Marley in the HOH room. We jammin.
  • One childhood photo with a bowl-cut made Jordan say he looked like the character in Dumb and Dumber.
  • Ahem. They kept Natalie. Jordan and Jeff may qualify for the roles in the movie.
  • Everyone thought he was a cute child and fun was had for all. And blah, blah, typical HOH room reveal stuff.
  • Natalie worked on Jordan. She told her how nervous she already is about going on the block again.
  • Jordan questioned Kevin about the physical aspects of gay sex.
  • Oh my. I've known so many gay guys over the years and have never, would never, ask.
  • Natalie told Kevin he should try it with a girl. Now, who's to say that has never happened?
  • Jeff and Jordan discussed his nominations. The early plan (always subject to change) is Natalie and Kevin on the block, backdoor Russell if veto is used.
  • Not unexpected.
  • Michele told Russell she felt threatened by Jeff and Jordan last week -- that's why she said all the stuff about him.
  • Um, I thought she didn't remember.
  • Michele told Jordan that Russell is acting crazy and paranoid again.
  • Ah, so it starts all over once again.
  • Will she claim not to remember when she gets confronted?
  • What the heck is really going on with Michele and Russell?
  • I think they're both sketchy and couldn't tell you which one is sketchier!
  • That's it for now. I don't see anything on the schedule except nominations today since they combined the have-have not with the HOH.
  • Seize the day!


Sasha said...

Thanks, Jackie!!

From the last post...hi Zoetawny, get my email? Miss ya.

Maybe I'm glad Jeff is HOH but who knows what he will do or maybe it's who knows what Natalie will be able to convince him to do. Can someone be too nice? For BB, I'm afraid the answer is yes.

RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning!
I'm hoping that Jeff will wise up and Natalie will be the next to go.
Russell is also a good choice, but people seem to have an esier time believing Natalie's verbal game than Russell's, so I say get rid of her first.

I'm interested in seeing how that game played out with the blocking others ability and have/have not thrown in. All within that hour? Must've been hectic out there in the BY.

wv: gatan
I be happy Jeff gatan the HOH and that he been had gatan the wizard.

monty924 said...

Good Morning All!

The pic and caption is priceless, Jackie. I still can't believe they kept the pit bull... but they did. It should be an interesting week. :)

Delee said...

"I shot the sheriff but I did not shoot the deputy." Jeff did not follow his music! He shot a deputy and left the sheriff alive!

Nasty will be plotting and schemeing all week. With R/M as H/HN this week, Nasty can make up great stories of their plotting. But how many times can they say R will want up J/J or Michelle doing that? N/K have to come up with something better!

Cha Cha said...

I think that Jeff wants Kevin as the target. Kev does come close in most comps.

There is an article on Jokers with Allison Grodner. It was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Bad move Jethro, hope Russell wins the veto and is able to stay.

wv: Maken: Jethro is maken a mistake

AlbGlinka said...

Jackie: send me all your questions about gay sex and I'll be happy to answer them... :-)

and keep up the great work here on the blog!

meb said...

RyzandShyn, you're on a roll.

Zoetawny from last post... I'll definitely share Jeff with you... there's enough for both of us. Smile

Jeff is going to be much smarter this go around. Laurie, my prediction is that he will definitely put up Kevin and Natalie with a Russell backdoor if POV is used. He has to notice how close Kevin was to winning this HOH. Kev is dangerous to keep around two fold... he can win comps and he could get the vote if he makes it to final 2. Get rid of him, get rid of Nat, get rid of Russell... and oh, yeah, get rid of Michelle.

HOWEVER... Jeff... take a real hard look at Jordon and realize that you're giving away $450,000 if you take her to the final 2, cause she's gonna win and you're only gonna win $50,000. How much in $$ do you really like this sweet darling girl.

I like her too, but let's get real. My suggestion: Take Jordon and Michelle to final 3 and then hope Michelle ends up in the final 2. It won't be your fault, cause somewhere in here Jordon has to win on her own so she can't blame you...

Jeff are you really thinking about the F2 and what it means to you???

meb said...

Does anyone think Jeff will really answer my question?

Laurie said...

Thanks, Jackie. Great caption on the photo.

Do the people in the house still think Natalie is only 18? I wonder if that's why she's getting the break. If you didn't know the truth, her little speech was believable. Poor me, I have no deals and I'm all alone in this game. She may go all the way! (Not with Jessie, of course.)

Delee, love the avatar this morning. Meb, let us know if Jeff answers your questions.

Kevin is my guy in the pool but I do think they better get rid of him soon. He's good in some of the comps and good take it. I still think it would be a riot to see him as HOH.

Anonymous said...


I was about to write the same kind of comment about Jeff and Jordan I was saying to Jeff "are you really that smitten with Jordan, someone you beeen knowing for 4 or 5 weeks". He will be so forgotten about by Jordan when this game is over because she has said if I am remembering correctly that she's too young to get so serious. Jeff I think was serious when they were playing about being engaged but I don't think Jordan was. I would take a second look at my husband of 29 years (smile) as to if I would throw him the $450,000. This girl as sweet as she seems is a little ditzy I guess or she could be playing us and everybody in the house. I was thinking last night why can't Jeff and Jordan see how close Natalie and Kevin have been, how could she make that speech last night about her two closest allies are gone and now she has no one, when she and Lydia and Kevin have been inseperable since Jess and Chima left and for that matter wven while they were there,one of them definately needs to go especially Kevin he is going to eventually win HOH and for sure put up Jeff and Jordan. J/J really missed a golden opportunity last night, what sense did it make to get rid of harmless, no game playing Lydia. I predict a Natalie , Russell or even Kevin win if they remain in the game after next week

Witt said...

I was SHOCKED they kept Natalie last night. I know Lydia has a big mouth but she also couldn't plan a strategy out of a paper bag. She also can't lie through her teeth like Nat can.

Kevin does win comps -- I don't know why they haven't noticed that. However, Russell would be good in endurance, which is what the final comp always is. But on the other hand, no one would vote for him in the end so he may be handy to have around.

Witt :)
WV: prept: Lydia should have prept people not to vote her out; not screaming at everyone might have helped.

Anonymous said...

Jeff is playing for LOVE and the rest of the houseguest are playing for the MONEY...poor Jeff, his famlily is probably proud of the way he showing character, but I bet they wont be to happy with him giving $450,000 away should he get to the final 2. He difinately wont win against Jorday from the jury, because Jesse's group will still hold a grudge for him getting all of them out of there, because I honestly dont think they have the mental capacity to award him or be proud of him for his game play.

Witt said...

**stepping on soapbox**

Considering that Julie advertises the feeds as "24/7," there sure seem to be a lot of blackouts!! That is the whole point of having the feeds, that you know what is going on (comps included) when show-watchers don't. What is up with that??? They should give live feed subscribers discounts!
**stepping off soapbox**

Witt :)

Laurie said...

Witt, I was thinking last night they should change it to 12-18/7 ... and I don't even get the feeds. Those who do are not getting the deal that's advertised.

I'm wondering if Jeff really will take Jordon to F2 if he gets that far. I think he may make a deal at the end and let someone else get rid of her, keeping his hands clean but increasing his chances to win. It would be an easy deal to make since nobody wants to go against Jordon in the F2. Of course, this would involve making a deal and keeping quiet, something nobody seems able to do!

Cha Cha said...

the live feeds get blocked when houseguests mention production, DR, and people who haven't signed releases.
I do get agitated when they cut the feeds(as a feed watcher).BBAD just changes feeds to another location.
Case in point, Wednesday night they kept flipping to michelle sitting alone in the Have not room. Last night the kept flipping to Nat sleeping.
There was an article over at jokers about this a few days ago.

Jennasmom said...

I may be the only one who thinks this way, but I think it might have been a smart move to keep Natalie a bit longer. She really hasn't done that well in the comps so far & she will be on the jury. They may be working on her jury vote. Lydia was a lost cause.

WV: saners "Natalie is saners than Lydia."

Cha Cha said...

jsut went to cbs website and listened to lydia's exit interview.
It was not that bad. She does speak well. Cracked me up...

sizzie said...

I am not sure that Jeff is taking Jordan to the F2 or vice versa. they bought understand the game too well. I think it is an understanding they have to do what makes most sense to each other at the end. They aren't Maggie and Cappy's girl. If anyone besides J and J gets HOH I am not sure which one they would see as a bigger threat. Jordan seems the weaker, but has played so that even Nat thinks of her as sweet. How hard is that for any BB player? I don't know that J and J either one will make it even to F3.

So funny to ready your comment this morning, Jackie, because I came very close to using dumb and dumber as my avatar last night. And, I am a fan of J and J!

Anonymous said...

It is a bit difficult to see their reason for keeping Natalie over Lydia. Without more info, the only thing I can think is that Lydia's outbursts and antics simply put people off.

Maybe, to some extent, Lydia was playing dumb in the house. She was surprisingly sharp and funny when interviewed after her eviction.

Generally, but consistently, the jury has voted for game play over passive survival, even when the player is an enemy. So I think Jeff would win over Jordan in the jury vote.

(For game play, if I were on the jury, I'd vote for Michele. She recognizes (1) where the power is, (2) when she needs to compete, or scheme, or make a move to stay in the game, and (3) when discretion is the better part of valor.)

I don't see the wisdom in backdooring Russell if POV is used. If they (unwisely) want him evicted, they should nominate him to begin with. If he isn't nominated and POV is used, he could go up as a pawn, but why suddenly shift the target?

sizzie said...

I said: they bought understand the game too well

I meant to type 'both' for bought, but a funny slip, don't ya think.

Caroline said...

At 8/21/2009 11:31 AM, Jennasmom said...
I may be the only one who thinks this way, but I think it might have been a smart move to keep Natalie a bit longer. She really hasn't done that well in the comps so far & she will be on the jury. They may be working on her jury vote. Lydia was a lost cause.
I definitely think they kept Natalie for her jury vote. J/J worked long and hard this week to bring some peace to the house. By the end of the week L/N had exchanged Jessie stories so Lydia was mad at him. She had completely forgiven Jeff for CD'E and sending Jessie out. They bantered the whole time they Tye-Dyed and seemed to really be getting along. Lydia has always liked Jordan and only yelled at her once when she was pissed and drunk. She wasn't really mad at Jordan, just the loss of power and run of bad luck. Plus Lydia still hates Michele & Russell for all the Chima stuff. So if you have either J/J against M/R, I think Jeff or Jordan has a chance at Lydia's vote.

Now J/J have given Natalie a week's reprieve. She had a fair shot at the HOH and even if nominated she'll have another run at POV. Plus both J/J have spent time "hanging out" with Natalie. She's interracting with them as people instead of competitors for the first time and she's finding she actually likes them. Again, Natalie is pissed at Michele & Russell for the Chima stuff. So even though J/J may ultimately get rid of Natalie, they've bridged that gap with her.

Anonymous said...

Dumb--dumb--dumb. Jeff & Jordan blew it in keeping Natalie. She is a strong player--remembe the first endurance challenge. And can't they see thru her lies. Jordan said "Natalie is nice." Yes, when she is snowing you. Nat said she is all alone and in no alliance. What a phoney==Kevin is her henchman and puppet.

Cha Cha said...

How funny..Lydia said that Jessie was a 4 on a scale of 1-10

Nina said...

Natalie could try winning at least one POV. She's gone this week if she doesn't win POV. It's getting ridiculous, you can't win 500,000 dollars without winning a comp unless you are Dr. Will.

And I would really like to see someone take down Jeff. In truth, he never felt any of the pain. For the first three weeks of the game, he was essentially safe b/c of the athletes clique (only Ronnie nominated him as a pawn, but at least Jeff won that POV) and then he had the coup which protected him for the next two weeks. I personally think 4 whole weeks in which you do not even have to fear for a sec. for nominations is rather cushy.

If Jeff doesn't take out Russel this week then I definitely hope Russel gets Jeff out. How do the other HGs not see that Jeff and Jordan will ride easily to the end for the win if one of them (preferably Jeff) is not taken down ASAP.


Nina, you are a brave woman: you mentioned Dr. Will AND criticized Jeff in a single post.

On the bright side, I'm sure I'll get blamed for it! LOL

Laurie said...

I think they all see Jeff has to go if they want to win, but the have to be strategic about it. HOH and POV are crucial now because nobody is safe. He could easily go after this reign as HOH, especially if Natalie or Kevin win HOH next week. Kevin could do it.

Cha Cha said...

I honestly believe that Kevin should go this week. If you take him out Nat will be even more weak.

I believe that is Jeff is in the final 2 and Jordan isn't then she will be a shoe in for the america's choice of the 25,000.00

joy n said...

Not getting Kevin's remark on the stinginess of prizes since he just won $5,000.

Natalie needs to go because she can influence people in that house. I have no idea why they listen to her but they sure seem to.

Russell is good at endurance comps but Jeff showed he wasn't bad at them either and his resolve to win would be even stronger now. However Russ definitely needs to go soon.

Kevin is obviously becoming a danger to J&J as he is showing himself to be a tougher competitor than the hg's had originally thought.

I don't believe that Michele is trusted by anyone in the house. Her 'short memory" concerning her lies cannot be unnoticed.

Just be smart this week, Jeff, please!

I'm also wondering if Jeff may have it in his head to let Jordan win the whole shebang because he really cares for her and knows of her family's financial plight. You know, the things you do for love?

Sasha said...

On the bright side, I'm sure I'll get blamed for it! LOL

LOL...Joe, how could you mention Dr. WIll and criticize Jeff in a single post? Have you no fear, Man?

As for me, I'm not so sure why anyone would categorize Natalie as weak. Of course, I'm not of the persuasion that you're only playing the game if you win comps. I suspect, however, that if she really needs to, Natalie could win. I consider her a strong player, actually. She manages to convince people of whatever is necessary. Don't get me wrong, She's not my favorite but I definitely think she plays this game, comps or no.


Richard said...

There's a report at that says that the BB finale will be 2 hrs this year. They have comments at the bottom and Chima left an interesting comment. She said they took her out of the DR then let her back in and then called told her don't bothering sitting down and escorted her right back out. Here is the link

Laurie said...

Sasha, I love your banana dog!

I think you are spot on with your analysis of Natalie. She's not on my list of favorites, although I did soften a bit watching her talk with her dad, but she is playing the game.

I laughed last night at Lydia saying Natalie was the little sister she never wanted. That girl does have a lot of energy and when she gets wound out there's so stopping her. My mom would say she is "scrappy".

They are making a mistake if they keep her much longer, but I'd get rid of Russell this week (at this point anyway). I reserve the right to waffle and flip-flop as the week goes on.

Anonymous said...

Is this Big Brother or, The Dating Game, The Bachelor, ot The Bachelorette? Everyone is hoping for Jeff and Jordan to win because they make such a cute couple."whatever" I thought this game was about wit and strategy amd now it's all about showmance. People get over these suppose to be love birds, I was pulling for them at one time and then they just got completely stupid, and lost sight of what the game is all about and now they are about to get PLAYED, that's what they deserve, EVERYONE wants to break up alliances including their's. what are they thinking when they start to listen to Natalie and Kevin, when they had been in an alliance with Jesse, Chima, Lydia, and Ronnie, that speech Natalie gave last night "my alliances are now all gone and I'm alone now" WTF and then those two dumbies let her stay in the game, I hope she put's one or the both of them out. You see what happened to Janelle when she lost sight of the game for a few minutes when she became smitten with Dr. Will.

Sasha said...

Thanks, Laurie! I love doxies, banana or otherwise :)

Of course you should reserve your waffling/flip flopping rights! That's half the fun...and the HG's do it all the time, why can't we?


Margo said...

i'm doin a happy dance - Jeff won HOH buh bye natalie!

Oh ya and Joe I can not believe you bashed jeff and mentioned Dr Will in the same comment :P


Cha Cha said...

This was posted by Chima yeasterday at another webite.
Its amazing..... I know the feeds were blocked but I don't buy her saying that she had just been in the DR. SHe wouldn't have refused it that were the case...

This show is completely rigged. They are telling everyone I was kicked out when I left on my own. When I went to the DR that night we talked and I told them I was leaving. They asked me to step out side of the DR for a moment and come back in. When I did they said right this way no need to sit down. This was so they could film that part and make me look bad. This show is demeaning to women and is set up to make us look like a bunch of man chasing idiots. They support racists and misogynist. I will show up at the Finale and if I'm not let in I will be outside talking to any press that wants to talk to me.

Laurie said...

Chima: The house guest who just won't leave!

Cha Cha said...

You are right

Just read that Jeff will put up N/K like he said but told them the real target is Russ. That he has to put them two up cause their alliance took out his whole team and He doesn't trust N/K 100%. This way they have to fight for the Veto.

Laurie said...

Should be a good veto comp with both of them fighting for survival. Thanks for the update!

Cha Cha said...

I know. Nat and Kevin are now going over what they are good at.
I guess they think if they talk the comp will be geared toward them.

I am trying to think when they do the puzzle comp. Yall know the one with the twisted faces. I think its final four but am really not remembering.

Anonymous said...

If Jeff betrays Russell by backdooring him...won't he lose that jury vote??!!

My WV: rowfle
I hope Jeff doesn't rowfle Russell's feathers. J needs his vote.

Anonymous said...

Chima is a legend in her own mind. Like Jesse:
Chima the woman
the myth
the legend
Chima the rash that just won't go away!

Anonymous said...

Natalie should go. Then Kevin.
Play smart, Jeff.

Cha Cha said...

Hopefully all this backdooring will be averted.
Whats to say that Kevinor Nat comes off the block. Michelle will not vote Russell out. If Jordan is smart then she wouldn't vote him out and there still would be one of the other team gone. I think they need to keep Russell and duke it out next week. This will make the game more interesting


Just read that Jeff will put up N/K like he said but told them the real target is Russ. That he has to put them two up cause their alliance took out his whole team and He doesn't trust N/K 100%. This way they have to fight for the Veto.

8/21/2009 5:18 PM

If that's true, Jeff can't count or spell. There's only 6 of them left: they all play the veto.

Cha Cha said...

Great Point---

They are banking that Russell doesn't win the Veto

They aren't playing smart

Anonymous said...

I do believe if Kevin won the veto he would definately take himself of the block (I don't think he's another Marcellas, in that sense anyway(smile). I do believe if anyone else won the veto they would let the noms remain as they are, so therefore one of them would be leaving, Poor Nasty just can't seem to win any of the comps, and for those who think she has been throwing them PLEASE. And if she has, she better change her game because she needs to get Russell and Michelle out of the game, because Michelle is sly as a fox.

Anonymous said...

I think Michelle and Russell have a secret alliance. If Jeff and Jordan last this week, and they will, and Russell is still in the game next week he'll go after J/J as he should. So they better get rid of Russell, Natalie is no threat, Kevin is a bigger threat than she is and I must say he has hidden under the radar for the most of the game but he is capable of winning a comp to put himself in a better position.

Anonymous said...



How is you dog doing? I must thank you for your advice about my Maltese puppy that had stopped eating, I did just what you told me and not panic and just waited for her to decide when she wanted to eat again, she's not eating like she use too, but it's a lot better than she had been. Thanks again


Hi Anon 7:06,

Glad to hear the Maltese has perked up. They often have less appetite in summer.

My dog is sloooowly getting better. I keep telling myself to be patient, but it is a long recovery process from the knee surgery.


Joe Still in NY

joy n said...

Ah, Chima. You are so yesterday.

Billy Brown said...

I have to say Jackie I enjoy your TV Squad reviews but the comments are a lot better here. Half of them there are nothing but negative and rude without discussing what they thought of their decisions. I still think that they should have voted out Natalie instead of Lydia but that can't be changed so I hope that the plan stays to put up Kevin and Natalie with a chance at backdooring Russel. They should have gotten rid of Natalie yesterday and Russel this week. But at the same time Natalie isn't much of a contender anyways so to just have some peace in the house would be nice even if just for a day or two.

Sydney said...

Jackie for saying these things, it just reminds me how CLEVER, FUNNY and dayum TALENTED YOU ARE!!! Thanks for the giant laugh

One childhood photo with a bowl-cut made Jordan say he looked like the character in Dumb and Dumber.
Ahem. They kept Natalie. Jordan and Jeff may qualify for the roles in the movie.