Friday, August 28, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Friday Dawn 8/28

This is the first time there haven't been distinct "I hate you" sides with a HOH win. No one in the house doesn't like Kevin. But that doesn't mean that everyone is necessarily thrilled to death that he won.
  • Natalie told Kevin that she wanted to win the comp to vindicate Chima and put Michele on the block. She had her speech all prepared and everything. But she calls it "vindiction." I just can't do that.
  • Then why didn't she try to win the comp?
  • Michele cried. And cried. I believe she thinks it's the beginning of her end in the house.
  • I don't know if Kevin will do Natalie's bidding, but he's often said he doesn't trust or care for Michele.
  • She probably should cry.
  • Natalie is sure she will win the next HOH. She thinks it will be a memory-based comp.
  • I'm sure she'll continue her streak of not winning.
  • Michele cried some more.
  • Natalie seemed to automatically assume she would be moving into the HOH room.
  • Kevin didn't invite her, nor did he protest her assumption.
  • Natalie, Kevin, Jeff, and Jordan sat around Russell-bashing.
  • Kevin said Michele has thrown him under the bus many times.
  • Jeff is sure that they'll put Michele on the block (probably right) and that she's the target this week (possibly not).
  • Jeff has washed his hands of Michele.
  • Kevin told Jeff and Jordan that Russell told him he had Jordan's vote to stay.
  • Now, that would have been ludicrous! He called her fat!
  • Kevin got his HOH room. He was super emotional with his letter from his partner.
  • Natalie went through his basket of goodies as if they were hers. She claims the Mike's Hard Lemonade for herself.
  • Gee, is she old enough to drink?
  • I would so love it if Kevin abandoned Natalie.
  • But I doubt he'd do that.
  • He got an Enrique CD and they're all playing up on Enrique.
  • Natalie keeps saying she wants Michele gone.
  • Jordan thinks she herself will be going home.
  • Jeff thinks he'll be backdoored.
  • Yet, no one has said anything bad about Kevin.
  • You know, Kevin is growing on me.
  • They think there will be a luxury comp today.
  • Natalie told Kevin they should stick to their original plan - get rid of Jeff.
  • Kevin thinks production likes him now and the HOH comp was made for him.
  • Kevin thinks they have to get Jeff out now before the final three round of competitions. He thinks no one would be able to beat Jeff in them.
  • I like Jeff, but I think Kevin's right.
  • They stayed up all night talking downstairs and upstairs. No brouhahas although Michele cried us a river.
  • Boy, I'd love if Kevin turned on Natalie just because she irks me and she has attached herself to power all season while doing horrible in comps.


Ariel said...

I wish Kevin would get rid of Natalie, too. She hasn't done anything impressive in this game.

Thanks for the update Jackie!

chris said...

i actually hope he puts up jordan/michelle with the thought of backdooring jeff
jeff wins pov and nat would have to go up in jordos place.
and then out the door with the nasty liar.

wishful thinking
anyone but nat!

RyzandShyn said...

Well, that worked out nicely. Yippee for Kevin! I know I've already said it but, I like him!

I was so hoping that Kevin and Michele would have talked and decided to keep Russell and get rid of Natalie. Oh well, I guess I don't get to have it my way.

I don't think Kevin should hope to BD Jeff. I think he should just put Jeff & Michele on the block and let the POV decide. If the POV is used, Natalie can go up in the replacement spot. It's all sweet for Kevin!

I wonder what the surprises are that Julie was talking about. We know that in seasons past, some of BB's surprises fizzled, well, crashed and burned actually.
That coup power was pretty cool though, so maybe the "surprise devising production person" has another good one up their sleeve.

Tessa said...

Well, Kevin is my man in the pool and as soon as I saw that comp for HOH I predicted Kevin would win it. Kevin has a steady hand and needed to win that comp. Now it truly is about who wins the POV. I'd love to see Natalie go to the jury house this week . That would be priceless.

LetsJustDance said...

Great recap. In my dreams Kevin puts up Jordan and Michele or Jeff and Michele. Either Jeff/Jordan wins POV takes the other off and UP goes the Gnasty Gnat! The two votes are Jeff and Jordan and Gnat is history. Now we've got a final four worth rooting for. I simply do NOT think it's right for Jeff and/or Jordan to go to sequester just yet. They are my picks for final 2, with Jordan winning. The only thing about that is that IF either go to sequester, other than dealing with the scorn of everyone there, they will indeed win America's Choice $25K, so I feel they are in the money anyway. Michele needs to stay in the mix though, it's way too easy to edge her out since she's not part of a pair. How stupid was she to throw her partner under the bus to J & J repeatedly and then vote him out? dum de dum dum I was glad to see Russell go ESPECIALLY after he described his gameplay as pretending to be Evel Dick, Dr. Will, Boogie, etc. The subtext being 'I'm really a NICE guy and was just telling girls they are crazy and/or fat as gameplay'. Right Russell, shovel that stuff somewhere else.

PlaidChick said...

Ohh these HG's need to wake up. Natalie said at least 3 times last night she requested Mike's hard lemonade for her HOH basket, so of course it was for hers to have when Kevin got some. I finally got fed up with her talking so I switched off BBAD

It'll be an interesting week. The POV win is huge.

JimmyB said...

I said Jeff blew it, and it surely looks that way.

Anonymous said...

LetsJustDance said...
Great recap. In my dreams Kevin puts up Jordan and Michele or Jeff and Michele. Either Jeff/Jordan wins POV takes the other off and UP goes the Gnasty Gnat! The two votes are Jeff and Jordan and Gnat is history.

That would be great but it won't happen. I think they'd keep Nastalie over Michelle. Unfortunately. I really really don't like that girl and I like her even less as time goes by. I also would hate to see her win. Maybe they will all wise up and realize that not only could no one beat Jordan in the F2 but I don't think they could beat Nat in F2 either.

Anonymous said...

michelle has to win the veto if she wants to stay in the game.

RyzandShyn said...

I think that immediately following the finale of BB, Natalie needs to go on TLC's What Not To Wear.

I understand the challenges of single parenthood since I live it, and have always thought the challenges faced by a man raising a daughter alone must be quite unique and plentiful. Clothes shopping and all the instruction, arguments, and time that go into it for a daughter must be difficult for a father alone, but geesh...I'm just saying she could use some help.

JimmyB said... the "Mystery Door" an old houseguest returning?

I have trouble with the math, but assume that the jury can not be an even number.

Margo said...


The teams are:

Jeff – sizzie, dla, Margo
Jordan – Becky, meb, Lynn1
Kevin – Tessa, NanaNW, Laurie
Michele – Sydney, ORKmommy, Susan FL
Natalie – Caroline, Jennasmom, Plaidchick

Braden – KarenCA, Monty924, DonnaAL
Laura – nomad, SueGee, Sasha
Casey – PDX Granny, Jackie, Patti in kzoo
Ronnie – Sally, Catonine, nina
Jessie “Pinhead’ – Lars Eller, Feral Cat, Petals
Chima – Brent McKee, Delee, DonnaFL
Lydia – Witt, RBennie, Gaylos
Russell– TerryCA, Zoetawny, Aunt Leigh

Anonymous said...

I think Jordan is the one to take to the final 2 because anyone but Michele could beat her. Jordan had no strategy throughout this entire game, no bold game moves, she did what Jeff told her to do, and is so inarticulate that she will not be able to convince the jury that she had a strategy at all. The only person she might beat in a F2 would be Michelle because the house guests think Michele is strange and could never figure out what she was thinking. If Michele goes home this week, that will seal Jordan's fate as runner up because the rest of them can beat Jordon in F2. The jury is stacked in Natalie and Kevin's favor so I wouldn't want to take either one of them to F2 and if it is Jeff and Jordon at the end, the jury will vote for Jeff who masterminded the demise of the two biggest threats in the house. Russell and Jessie will certainly vote for Jeff because their egos will dictate that they give the money to the man who beat them. So, if Jordan has any game play whatsoever, she will try to ensure that Michele stays because that is her only hope, albeit a slim one, to win the $500,000.

Anonymous said...

I think if Jeff or Jordan are nominated, Jeff will fight like h*** to win the POV. Wouldn't want to have to compete against him.

My WV is "mystris"

Wanting to keep Nastalie in the house is one of the great mystris of life.

Have a good day, everyone! Thanks, Jackie!

Anonymous said...

If they are not careful, Natalie could win the whole thing.
She is physically much stronger then she has been showing


Just my two cents...

But Dr. Will threw all comps intentionally and simply talked people into doing his bidding. Now, I would not dream of comparing Natalie to Dr. Will (even though I never liked Dr. Will) but the simple fact that Natalie has never won a comp but has managed to run the house for about 2/3 of the season should sort of count for something, don't you think? Let's give her a little credit.


Anonymous 9:00

I kind of agree, but it is risky to take Jordin because people do like her. I will say this, and you sort of imply it also, if it were me in the house, I'd want Michelle in the F2 opposite me. I personally think she's the one person just about everyone could beat. I'm not sure she'd get a single vote out of the jury.

mammaroos said...

I am thinking Kevin is going to make it to the end... I said it a couple posts befor that i think he may win especially if Jeff is gone this week.. Like Jackie said Kevin is growing on her he is growing on me too if he doesnt win I want Jordan too they are teh 2 that need the money the most IMO :)

sandaroo said...

I was watching BBAD last night & Natalie was talking about BB5 & I was waiting for someone in that house to say "so you were watching Big Brother 5 when you were 12 years old".... But no one did. I"m still hoping Jeff gets by this week!!!

Laurie said...

Tessa and Nana, are you as surprised as I am that our guy in the pool, Kevin, is still in the game? Who would have thought? Now if only he would get rid of Natalie. He's too nice to say the HOH is his and his alone, so he'll let her reign.

Jackie, thanks again for a great update. I understand why you can't use "vindiction" ... it creeps me out, too. In my imagination, Kevin puts Nat up and says it's because she keeps using that word! You know he knows it's wrong.

Anonymous said...

Jordan had no strategy throughout this entire game, no bold game moves, she did what Jeff told her to do, and is so inarticulate that she will not be able to.
The only person she might beat in a F2 would be Michelle because the house guests think Michele is strange and could never figure out what she was thinking.

Its worth repeating, I don't understand why anyone actually believes Jordon would win simply by looks!
Jordon will not win, except against Mitcelle. I doubt anyone is voting on nice.

sizzie said...

Sometimes F5 and F4 surprise me and other times, it seems pretty obvious from the first who will still be there at the end.

Are these five the strongest players and is that why they are still there? Are they who you expected to still be there at F5?

I know Jordan aligning with Jeff has helped her...did it help him? And, wouldn't she still be in the game even if she weren't with him?

RBennie said...

I hope that Kevin realizes that trying to backdoor Jeff can and most probably would backfire on him. He needs to nominate him outright and then when Jeff wins the POV (the most likely scenario) he can only use it to save himself, which still leaves either Michelle or Jordan being evicted. If Jeff doesn't win POV then he's gone, unless Jordan wins it (slight chance that could happen). Of course, the nominees don't matter all that much this week, it's all about the POV winner.

lynn1 said...

I believe the last 2 evictions are going to come back to bite Jeff and Jordan squarely in the butt.
It is only my opinion but I feel when they had the power of HOH they both squandered their chances of staying in the game.
Lydia may have been a PITA but she was no threat to anyone at the point in the game where she was evicted.
I could be dead wrong but I don't think Russ would have made a move against Jeff or Jordan until they all made it to final 4 with Michelle.
Since Kevin and Natalie have had excellent results by lying to and manipulating Jeff, Jordan and Michelle, I think they should stick with it.
They should go to Michelle and convince her that they need to break up Jeff and Jordan and in the event of her winning POV she should not use it.
They should tell Jeff and Jordan since they are so great a the comps that they must be pawns in order to get Michele backdoored. I'm sure Natalie could convince them that Michelle is their target and neither of them have to worry about going home.

I personally am disgusted with Jeff and Jordan. I hope both of them end up with NADA.
Their behavior and mean spirited words in their goodbye message to Russ turned me against them 100%.
In my book they are no better than Ronnie, Jessie, Natalie or Chima.

cha cha said...

I completely agree with you. Two weeks ago I would have voted Jeff for the 25,000 prize....NOT NOW!!!

Also to me Jordan should have been expelled from the house for what she did...Don't get me wrong. I like her but what she did was not right. Although it wasn't nice what Russell said but its JUST A GAME

Laurie said...

Lynn, I agree with you. I thought it was very non-classy for them to leave such horrid goodbye messages. It put them down with Ronnie, and that's pretty far down. As others have said, it's a game. It was especially bad in the context of Russell being so classy at the moment.

That being said, I'm on the anybody-but-natalie team.

My wv is blesses which is just too good to waste on anyone in the BB house. May all of you feel the "blesses" that come your way today!

sizzie said...

Natalie has been on the block X number of times. She keeps saying it and I can't remember it. I think I might be blocking her words and maybe the hgs do that, too. She said it herself, though, while she is on the block she is the only one not to blame on an eviction...even an eviction she wanted to happen. Another reason she didn't want HOH last night.

I especially didn't like Nat (and Kevin?) going through Michelle's things, including looking at her birth control package (it is her calendar). Nat says she can do anything as long as it doesn't make something unsafe for another hg (like the toothbursh incident in a former season). I guess that makes it okay, Nat, be who you are.

I bet Ronnie can't wait to explain to Jeff how he was outplayed by Nat, although Nat will probably beat Ronnie to the telling.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Will is selling skincare products on QVC.


Anonymous said...
Dr. Will is selling skincare products on QVC.

8/28/2009 2:35 PM

Well, he is a dermatologist!!!

I still find it downright amazing what poor sportsmanship Jeff and Jordan showed last night. Russell "got got", but just say goodbye. Even Jessie (tool that he is) left friendly goodbye messages and actually was fairly magnanimous about Jeff after Jeff backdoored him.

Geez, Jeff, if you can't be gracious when your winning, I hate to see you when you get nominated...

joy n said...

You hit it right on the nailhead, Jackie. Natalie HAS attached herself to power all season and done little to even attempt to win comps. Lying has been her only accomplishment.

And now the greedy, slovenly brat just helps herself to Kevin's goodies. What a selfish little imp she is.

I would absolutly despise it if she won the half mil. So undeserving. Much rather see Kevin win than her.

meb said...

For Jordon and Jeff to give the negative goodbye messages they did to Russell obviously shows they are not thinking to the end game.

How would they expect Russell to vote for them with those messages. Even if you didn't mean it, you say nice things in your goodbyes...say it's just game play, anything that might win you a vote.

It was especially dumb with the way Russell was so classy in his exit. Really made them look stupid.

I'm so disappointed with them and can't imagine they can do anything to change my opinion between now and the finale'.. My vote for the $25,000, assuming there is a $25,000 America's choice will definitely go to Russell. And I'm hoping that Michelle is still there for the final 2 with Kevin.

joy n said...

Entertainment Weekly reported under BB recap: "Russell's biggest explosion yet. Up on the block, the house bully launches into a rage that even brings Jordan to blows."

That made me laugh. That chest bump wouldn't have hurt a fly. She was just showing him she wasn't afraid of the big, bad wolf, and she really wasn't. Even Russell laughed at her. When that didn't work for him, he started the "fat" thing because he saw the reaction it had gotten before when Lydia said it. That worked for him. Mission accomplished. Can't understand the big deal made of it now. Even the reports are making fun of it.

The girl has a lot of spunk.

JimmyB said...

Jeff has made very poor decisions: Backdooring Russell AND taking Kevin off...and acting stupid on the goodbye's last night instead of being a gentleman. Very foolish; I think it's just a matter of time for him.

RBennie said...

I'm not really trying to defend Jeff and Jordan, but I think those goodbyes were taped right after Jordan's big blow up. It looked like the same clothes she was wearing. My guess would be that production purposefully picked that time to tape them just to get that sort of reaction. I know I wouldn't be able to have a huge fight with somebody and then say something nice about them 10 minutes later. Russell had plenty of time to cool down and decide to go out gracefully.

Diane said...

As for Natalie being old enough to drink - the other day in the DR she said she was really 24 - only bluffing to be 18! Sure enough, on the CBS website, her bio says she was born in 1985!

By the way...I love all your blogs Jackie!

Sasha said...

RBennie, I agree. And if I recall correctly, someone said that production got Jeff all riled up to tape his message. It wasn't smart game play at all but it was quite understandable at the moment. Just because Russell left graciously doesn't mean he acted that way 'inside'. JMO

Laurie said...

RBennie, you make a good point about when J&J made those comments. They were still dumb to make them, IMO.

Ha ha ... my wv is scremo. I'm pretty sure that is a code word in the house!

Any thoughts on the outfit we saw Jessie working out and posing in last night?

Sasha said...

Oh Laurie! So glad you mentioned it. Just loved those shorts or whatever they were ... for a girl. His appearance at the jury house just reinforced my love (NOT) for him.

meb said...

Diane, We knew that Natalie was 24. That was told in her bio and she said it at the beginning of the show that she was going to tell them she was only 18. She did ultimately tell Jessie and Lydia that she was really 24. I even think Russell knew it, but he didn't tell it, or put no stock in it. Kevin thinks she's older even tho he doesn't know it for sure.

She acts like she's 12.

Good thinking Rbennie on the timing of the goodbye taping. I'm with Laurie tho, they still should have known better if they were interested in getting a vote from him.

Laurie said...

Sasha, those things made me think of a booby prize for a BB comp! I can't believe he owns something like that. Maybe it's part of his pro-wrestling fantasy outfit.

Anonymous said...

Make all the excuses for the double J's goodbye messages but it really shows how little sense they have. Jordan acted like a baby, that's why people laughed. It was ridiculous.

RBennie said...

I refuse to comment on those "things" Jessie was wearing. I'm trying very hard to forget that I ever saw them, LOL. MEB, I think Natalie only told Jessie and Chima the truth. Lydia and Russell both think she's 18. As far as getting Russell's vote, I would guess that Jeff and Jordan figure there's no way in hell they were getting his vote anyway.

joy n said...

Rbennie, I looked at my tape and you're right. When Jeff was in the backyard, he was carring in his hand the same gray t-shirt he was wearing in the DR. Jordan's hair was still up and messy looking in the DR as it was in the yard and she was still sweaty looking. So was Michele. The only ones who still looked cool and calm were K&N and since they weren't involved in the brouhaha, they would look that way. Their (K&N) speeches in the DR were obviously for the benefit of Russesll's vote. If J&J had had the same opportunity as Russ, to calm down before the vote, they most likely would have spoken differently. Not nice, production.

Lars said...

I know I wouldn't be able to have a huge fight with somebody and then say something nice about them 10 minutes later.

I wouldn't have a problem, generally people tend to " change they're behavior ' in front of a camera.
It makes me wonder about their upbringing, sure people blurt out angry words to co-workers, relatives, but they aren't on TV or " playing a game" Anytime a person sits in front of a mic/camera, either your true colors show or shyness keeps you from blurting hateful words
Jordons anger stunt was laughable, I'm to the point where I can't stand listening to her mousy voice.

monty924 said...

The only way Nasty goes home this week is if she's on the block with Jordan or Jeff. That ain't gonna happen! If Kevin puts up Jeff and Michele then Michele comes down (POV) up goes Jordan and Jeff's out. If Jeff comes down up goes Jordan and Michele's out. If anyone of the three uses POV on the other and Nasty goes up, Jeff stays, Jordan stays - Michele goes home.

Jeff and Jordan will NOT vote to save Michele unless she can convince them that Natalie needs to go to the jury, and then Kevin, to ensure that one of them wins. She won't be able to though. Jeff and Jordan are bright enough to see what's right under their noses. They've bought Nasty's bull hook, line, and sinker.

Michele needs the veto in the worst way or she gone. JMO

monty924 said...

Aren't bright enough.
She's gone.

typos, just love'm

Margo said...

how about michelle & jordan get nom - Jeff wins veto and takes off Jordan - Natalie goes up and Jeff & Jordan vote her ass out.

monty924 said...

Jessie's um pants matched Lydia's hair.

Russell said on the Early show interview that he didn't hold the goodbye message against Jeff. Said he understood why he said what he said. I think he would vote for Jeff against anyone but Natalie. IMO

monty924 said...

In my dream world Margo. I would love it but Jeff and JOrdan are on the Natalie train big time. They've both said they wouldn't save Michele.

Margo said...

Russell made a promise to Jeff that he would never vote for him. So he doesn't have to vote for him to win either

Margo said...

J/J will realize that they can not win in the end against Nat so they will keep Michelle cause the could win against her. Ya know one of them has to fall and hit their head and the logic will start flowing again.

sizzie said...

Jordan was talking about the 'goodbye' she gave Russ and was hoping they ran it all 'cause she got him good. I know she said it yesterday and it might have been last night after the show. Russ had promised them all he would make a memorable speech and they each thought that meant something about them. Jeff thought he would bring up the 'hurt your family' comment Jeff made, Jordan thought he would call her fat. He was memorble, but none of them guessed how. It was Russ playing them one last time, I guess.

I think both Jeff and Jordan are very used to being charming and getting people to be on their side. I think that might be why the don't think about jury votes. Jeff just figures no one could resist him when he gets up to smooze them.

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish NAT was GONE TOO. Shes like the little kid down the street always taking things and crying I never win, blah blah blah. She needs to pack up the paly dough and her toys and go HOME.

meb said...

Sizzie... I want one of those smores... a little more chocolate please.

I thought that too, that Russ played them again... and he has one last play in the playbook when he doesn't vote for them. And if they end up there as 1 and 2, I'll bet Russell will vote for Jordon just to make certain that Jeff doesn't get the big money.

Wishful thinking. Not that I want Jordon to get the big bucks either.

chris said...

i agree with all the posters on j/j leaving angry messages not bright
but someone brought up a good point about when they were taped
so that would explain it.
as far as natalie
i want her gone
jeff's biggest mistake was not getting kev or even nat out instead of lydia.
and lydia, she was mad at jessie for like a split second, ugh no self esteem
like nat and her mattie from that winter season, argh these people think nothing of what they do for all the world to see.
i am also on the anyone but nat bandwagon!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, can't blame production for the way two grown adults act on camera and what they said. If they don't get Russell's vote it was all their own doing.
I totally agree with the person who said they are tired of her mousy voice. Her voice is beyond annoying.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, can't blame production for the way two grown adults act on camera and what they said. If they don't get Russell's vote it was all their own doing.
I totally agree with the person who said they are tired of her mousy voice. Her voice is beyond annoying.

Nana from the NW said...

J/J's good bye messages weren't the brightest move BUT I know I wouldn't have been able to say anything nice shortly after someone called me "fatty" several times and a lapdog.

As for Jessie pants....WWF here I come!! And he dared to make fun of Lydia's unitard while wearing them!!

I would love to see Nat's *ss get the boot we all know Mich. is a much tougher competitor and they need to send her to the JH before the F3 competitions.

Russell may have come off real classy in his goodbye speech and interviews but he was certainly NOT a saint in the house! On several occassions he attacked people...Jeff, Ronnie, Chima, Lydia...not that he wasn't provoked but he is not innocent!

I am happy Kevin got HOH....just for him to see pics. and get a letter. I think he has played the game the best w/o demeaning the others(to their face) and getting in yelling matches. He also came close to winning so many times, it was his turn.

Thanks Jackie for the updates and providing us with this site to "talk".

joy n said...

You're repeating yourself again. Relax.

Anonymous said...

Lars, I must disagree since both times they were on camera. During the fight and the DR sessions. Everything we see of them is "on camera".

joy n said...

Nana, just so you know, that last comment of mine was meant for the anon before you.

Lars said...

Everything is on camera but when your in a room alone, speaking alone is what I should have written, it should be somewhat different, well thats my take.

Some people enjoy taking photos, while others hate too.

Lars said...

HAHA for Jesses pants..
Lydia probably liked them.

joy n said...

I agree about Russell's on and off tirades in the house, most of which made this last one look pathetic in comparison.

It's the stress, folks. Remember when the TH held the power and Nat, Lydia and Russell were doing the same things? Even Jessie and Michele were to a lesser degree. Provoking people to get a reaction, trying to provoke fights between others, trying to cast doubt on other people's "loyalty"? It's the power that brings on the paranoia and the paranoia brings on the stress. Noe it's the ggs turn. It is part of the game. The players should be aware of it before they go in the house to play the game. And so should we.

joy n said...

And Lord knows, we can't forget Chima!

sizzie said...

Jeff (after one of the fights) said he refused to give DR any more sound bites. They had enough of him going off on Russ they didn't need any more. At the time I was thinking that he knew DR was setting him up and he didn't want to look bad on camera.

The comp this afternoon is making some funny talk. I think Nat is lying (lieing?) to Jeff, but is swearing she isn't. It was some kind of search for clues or money and Nat (it sounds like) was trying to get Jeff to look somewhere else so she could find whatever by herself. Greed was involved and it is hilarious to hear them sounding greedy.

ChicMc said...

Excellent point about JJ used to people being charmed by them, and that is why they give no thought to jury vote.

I also second whoever it was who pointed out that macho type men vote for the man who put them out. It happens on Survivor all the time.

The other side of that is they won't vote for the women who they feel is responsible for getting them out.

Double standards still exist.

sizzie said...

Meb, those are pretty spectacular smores aren't they? I will have to find something else not.

Anonymous said...

Who's on the block? No time to go through all the posts. Anyone know?

LetsJustDance said...

I'm so completely upset with Kevin..I never liked him..I thought he was just coasting. But for him to just promise up and down to Jeff that if he got HOH he wouldn't put him up and then put him up. ..and he thinks he's made some big move in the Kevin,you just continued to prove what a dishonest person you are...and that Gnat..ugh..pure evil.

LetsJustDance said...

Somebody probably already posted this but:

Gnat told Chima and Jessie her age. Nobody else knows. Gnat is 2 months OLDER than Lydiot, 2 years OLDER than Jordan. She's 24. Russell wondered how she could have gotten into casinos to play poker. Several wondered how she could drink wine(the night of Jessie's funeral). Alison Grodner assured us that if someone says 'Gnat's drinking wine and she's underage' that they would have been told that NOTHING ILLEGAL would be allowed. Kevin asked her INTENTLY about her age the other night and she never broke. At the worst, she's a pathological best, a habitual liar. What an asset??? ugh