Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Monday Morning 8/17

I'm going to say it right now. Even if I like certain people in the house, if they're gullible they just might deserve to lose. Sigh. Here are the happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Deceitful Dawgs:
  • Oh, don't tell me that Jeff believes Kevin's lies about Russell! I don't mind so much that he might eventually want Russell out, but let's concentrate on either Lydia or Natalie this week!
  • Jordan still wants to get Natalie out this week -- back to her original plan.
  • But Jeff said if someone wins and uses the POV, backdoor Russell.
  • Jeff and Jordan don't want to bring up her (Michele's) final two plan with Russell that Kevin told them about.
  • Jordan admitted that Michele has a final two "deal" with her ... and with Russell. Jordan said she didn't specify her, but it was sort of understood.
  • So, they think Michele is playing them and Russell has sneaky stuff going on all around.
  • Kudos to Kevin.
  • Michele told Jordan her final two deal with Russell was fake.
  • Jeff wondered if Kevin might have lied to him.
  • Jordan doesn't think Kevin lies.
  • Hey! This is Big Brother! Wake up! Everyone lies!
  • Jeff thinks they still have to take out Natalie this week for the numbers.
  • Good.
  • The hamsters know that nominations are today (Monday), but production is keeping tight-lipped about the PoV comp. It seems to me that it would also have to be today.
  • Jordan once again confirms she plans to put Natalie and Lydia on the block.
  • Natalie asked Lydia all about her sexual escapades with Jessie. Blech.
  • Jordan is having second thoughts ... again. Jeff told her Natalie out this week, Russell later.
  • Adding credence to Kevin's lies about Russell is Michele's ongoing tales of Russell.
  • But then Russell has ongoing tales of Michele, too.
  • Ah, finally Jeff mentioned to Jordan that it's possible Kevin is lying in a last ditch effort! Yes!
  • Jeff and Jordan also think Michele might be lying.
  • Well, duh.
  • They've set their sights on the Natalie eviction this week.
  • For now.


Delee said...

I am spinning around after reading that. 1st yes 2nd no 3rd yes. Oh what a tangled web they weave...

Why would anyone believe K?

RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning all...Rise and Shine ;)
Wow...I didn't think J&J would believe kevin, the lie seemed too much like a plan NOT to be a plan.

I was glad to see Kevin's DR on last night's show where he admits that he knows those girls are crazy. Why stay, Kevin? You have to know that no one out here would fault you for dumping them.

wv: Gamyan
If you're going to play for the money, you might as well get you gamyan on now!

BJ said...

You have to give credit to Kevin his DR sessions were a riot. Yes he has made his bed, but at least he knows it is a bed of nails. He could follow through to become one of the f4 and just cut Nat our.

chris said...

Did J/J not see Kevin get instructions from queen chima during the HOH comp when Michelle won???
WTF are they thinking
why ruin your own numbers.
concentrate on Russell after you weaken that side further!!!
if you take out Russell now they will weaken themselves and hand the power back to the nasty Jessie ladies! plus Kevin!
jeff think america gave you the power for a reason so continue along those lines!!!!!

joy n said...

Jeff and Jordan have trusting souls but I'm hoping their common sense will prevail. I believe they realize that Russell can't be trusted in the long run and it's pretty much the same for Michele, whose plans are all over the place at any given moment. Kevin is desparate and surely they will realize that he would say anything to save himself.

Jeff is right, they need to deal with Natalie first for the numbers. Russell probably will be a problem later, but Natalie still has influence over Lydia and, to a point, Kevin. Lydia, I think is benign in this game. Natalie spreads her poison around and Russell can easily win comps so they have to be dealt with quickly. Then either Michele or Kevin has to go. Again, I think Lydia isn't much to worry about.

Cha Cha said...

Haven't they heard all season to go with your first and gut instint?

Get Nat out now.

meb said...

I just hope that the ones who end up in the final 2 are ones that Jessie, Natalie and Lydia would hate to have to vote for. They'd have to vote for one of them to get $500,000 and the other would get $50,000. Having to do that would probably set them into another crazy demonstration of "how unfair" it is that they didn't win.

joy n said...

OT: DWTS; They just announced the contestants for the new season coming up.

1. Kathy Ireland - Model
2. Macy Gray - Singer
3. Melissa Joan Hart - Actress
4. Mya - ?
5. Ashley Hamilton - Actor -
George's son
6. Michael Irvin - Sports Legend
7. Mark Dacasos - ?
8. Donny Osmond
9. Kelly Osbourne - Ozzie's
10. Debi Mazar - Actress
11. Chuck Liddell - Fighting Champ
12. Natalie Coughlin - Olympics
Swim Champ
13. Joanna Krupa - Swimsuit Model
14. Louis Vito - Snowboard Champ
15. Aaron Carter - Singer/ actor
16. Tom DeLay - former Majority House Leader

It starts Sept. 21. Claims it is the largest cast yet and will have three double eliminations.

meb said...

Wow joyn... can always count on you for the good "new" news. This is really big... As I looked forward before I read the whole story I thought the list was sort of long for the contestants. But I read your note there were to be 3 double evictions. That sounds like it's going to be a good season.


wv: apolopt... Apolo has to point out the sports figures for us.

TerryinCA said...

I just have to say for what seemed to be a boring season ahead, this has turned into an interesting game!
J/J hopefully will keep true to their plan to oust natalie, of course Lydia will go beserk thinking of L & J together ALONE in the sequester...and maybe go postal so they send her to the Man,Myth, Legend....what dolts.
my WV is "balou" not the monkey, but as in "Such a Balou about nothing"?????

lynn1 said...
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Becky said...

Bet you a dollar to a donut that if Nat and Lyd are on the block at voting time, Lyidiot will ask them to send her.

lynn1 said...

I hope that Jordan and Jeff think back over the past few evictions and the behavior of certain HH afterwards.

Where was Kevin when Lydia was on the block and he had POV?

How would Kevin help J/J to make it to the final 2?

Has Kevin ever once done something to show he was supportive of them?

I personally think while Kevin has provided us with some entertaining DR sessions that he is a little snake.
It may not be an appropriate anology but I think of the serpent temtping Eve with the apple.

The time will come for Russ but if J/J think about it he has always kept his word to them.

To be honest if Russ was in the final 2 and/or won it all I would be fine with that.

My WV is coriptu. Kevin is trying his best to co-rip-tu of the strongest alliances apart.

joy n said...

OT: DWTS; Mya is a R&B Hiphop singer/actress.

Michael Irvin is a former football player.

Mark Dacascos is a martial artist/actor and Iron Chef "Chairman".

Chuck Liddell is a mixed martial artist/Ultimate fighting champ/wrestler/kickboxer. Whew!

Lots of sports figures.

Witt said...

Russell, Michele, Jeff and Jordan need to stick together long enough to get Nat, Lydia and Kevin out, and then every man for himself. Kevin is proving to be a bit of a schemer, which I didn't expect! Don't fall for it Jeff! I am hoping this is just performance on Jeff's part and that he doesn't really believe anything.

Witt :)

Nina said...

Maybe Lydia will emerge as a good player at some point (though highly unlikely). Obviously Kevin needs this veto badly so he can pull Lydia from the block. It will force Jordin to nominate Russell or Michelle. But then J/J would still have the numbers to send Natalie home. So I guess it doesn't matter who wins POV, one of the losing 3 is going home no matter what unless J/J switch targets to Russell.

I'd personally prefer to see Michelle and Russell or anyone else overthrow J/J. J/J are still stupid to me and to me not deserving of the win (I really don't care that those 2 are so cute and nice). Bottom line is Russell, Michelle, Kevin, and Natalie have all been playing the game while Jeff and Jordin were saved by and then only empowered because of the coup.

Cha Cha said...

I think that J/J are deserving of the win. If they make it this far then they do. There game play isn't about winning every comp. It has been lets lay back and see where things go.
Jeff did win he Veto when he needed it. He was awarded a move in this game and took out the enemy that no one would. It was smart
Jordan has played up the not so bright player. I think she isn't stupid. She knows what she is doing.

sizzie said...

I think it is ironic that Michelle won't give Jordan and Jeff much time alone in order (I am guessing of course) to keep herself in Jordan's ear and thereby safe...but if J and J had some time to talk they would figure it all out and Michelle would be safer.

My wv is bringy I could use that so many ways.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning. Awww, J/J/M/R are all sleeping in the HOH room.

Cha Cha said...

Russell isn't in HOH. He went to sleep around 10:30 last night in the Splish Splash Room.
I think he was trying to get a good nights sleep for the POV that he must win today to save his own but.
I am sure that is what he was thinking.

Lars said...

The time will come for Russ but if J/J think about it he has always kept his word to them.


That's why I prefer Russell over Kevin, Lydia, or Natalie.

Jeff needs a break from Jordon, I like J/J but it can be a bit much listening to someone speak in circles with no actual meaning.

Russell has kept his word, I'd trust him before snake Kevin.

Laurie said...

Jeff and Jordan better stop and think and look at reality. Why would Kevin lie? Uhm, because he wants to win? I'm not so sure having Michelle as Jordan's roommate is such a good idea as far as game play goes. Hopefully, Jordan continues to have a good read on people and can sense when Michelle is lying. Funny that she remembered something that never happened!

Good morning world.

Margo said...

I feel as if somethings gonna blow on the show tuesday :)


Anonymous said...

The list of celebs, is that for BB? I am confused.

Cha Cha said...

The big blow on Tuesday is all because of Chima's crap.

I read a letter she sent in that stated she quit and BB is lying.
I know more believe that than the man on the moon.

I feel sorry for her that she couldn't handle the heat. She should stay out of the kitchen.

I think that after AG finally saw all the crap Chima was pulling it would be best to get her out the house.

Chima needed to remember this is a game. From the first live eviction they had problems with her.

The terrorist comments Chima made weren't only because Russell terrorized the girls in the house.

After not trying in the H/HN comp then flipping off the camera crew to throwing the mic in the hot tub I believe Producers finally decided that she had to go.

Anonymous said...

This is the Letter that Chima sent to the Big Brother Examiner.

She has a skewed view of things.

Hi Thomas. Yes, I did in fact quit the show, although there are reports on EW from CBS to the contrary. Big Brother would like everyone to believe I was kicked off for not following the rules, but I went to the producers repeatedly over the past couple of days wanting to leave....wanting out of that house!

As crazy as that house is, the producers NEVER want the world to think or know that we houseguests DO LEAVE when it becomes futile to stay. I lost faith in the show & my ability to remain committed to this game. All of the remaining housemates know I wanted to leave and that is why any conversation concerning me is cut in the live feed because they don't want America to hear the truth about my voluntary departure.

Do you really believe that I would be expelled for tossing my microphone when past houseguests have only been kicked off for violence & threats of violence? You know better, as do I.

It's better that I left. I did what was best for me in this game and that was to leave. When I chose to play & play hard the power I did earn was completely usurped by a game piece never used before in this game and my HOH reign was rendered useless. I have no regrets. As cliche' as it sounds, until the public is a part of a human pressure cooker, then the judgements should cease.

I find it interesting that my personal attacks on Russell have been highlighted, but his attacks on me pushed under a rug. Selective portrayals? I think so. Russell did terrorize the house, especially the women in the house. Why America constantly finds men attacking women okay, yet vilifies the woman defending herself, will always confound me. But what's done is done, now BB fans can find a new woman to hate. I didn't sign up for what I was exposed to & I left gladly. It was the principle of the matter, the $500,000 prize be damned. That's all for now! Take Care...'

Anonymous said...

I hope the list for next season isn't true, I won't watch celebrities do BB. Its ALOT better watching regular people instead of washed up idiots!!!! (Kelly Osbourne are you kidding?)

Anonymous said...

good riddence Chima, when you see yourself and your scowl you will be embarassed. I wonder what Grandma thinks of you now!

Cha Cha said...

The live feeds were never edited to look like Chima was not doing wrong.

She continuously cursed the prod crew, flipped them off, called Russ a terrorits(after being told to cut it out).

She did any and all things to get herself booted. I don't think she thought they would really di it.

I am waiting on her to pull the racial card. I am sure she will.

I wonder if she will get any of her stipend. I can't imagine she would. The cost of the mic is more than her total stipend could be.

She talked about how she couldn't be sent home for throwing the mic in the HT but she can and was after they repeatedly told her to put it on...I was watching the feeds they asked her like 6 times.

Cha Cha said...

anon 11:59---

Grandma wasn't to happy when they were interviewing her for the Live(taped) show Thursday

Her friend should be embarressed to know and be friends with her

Chima will have to become a cycon for a while and re emerge next spring.

Laurie said...

Anon, that list of stars is for DWTS as clearly stated by Joyn, starting with Off Topic so one would know that it wasn't about BB.

Have some more coffee and read again.

Margo said...

Maybe it's Laurie that is gonna expolde. ;P

Anon said...

Jeff asked Jordan, "where's your shadow?" hehe

~~Silk said...

And for those of us who had to go look it up, DWTS stands for "Dancing With the Stars".

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this has been asked before but what do WV mean?

Anon said...

How much comparing of notes did Lydia and Nat talk about? Did they bash Jessie? Anyone have the details?

Laurie said...

Anon, WF means word verification. It's the letters you have to put in the post here. It's sometimes fun to make up words out of the jumbled letters.

My WF is cressap. I see that as a big pile of cressap that smells to high heaven.

sandaroo said...

Haven't been on in afew days. Had a bad toothache & had to have it extracted not fun!! Thanks for the updates Jackie, very much appreciated. I truly enjoy your blog & everyones comments.

I loved Kevins DR last night, it was hilarious!!

Anon said...

Nat is eating fruit. I thought they were all on slop today. Is she allowed to eat that?

Witt said...

Funny how Chima lost faith in the game once her group was no longer holding the reins of who was voted off. Does she forget that BB has her on tape dumping Russell's things, flipping off the camera, and putting her mic in the hot tub? I have only heard of one other houseguest leaving voluntarily; it was due to personal reasons so it wasn't dwelled upon.

Witt :)
WV: presh: There is so much presh-ure in the BB house.

Cha Cha said...

Natalie has a slop pass. How unfortuate for us that we have to see her eat with that horse mouth of hers.

Natalie now knows that the stain on her sweatshirt is from Jesse and Lydia.

Natalie also keeps asking Lydia how many times. She said she wants to see if it matched up to Jesse.
There is no way Jesse told her about his Tentcapades.

Lydia is really a big piece of triessh

Laurie said...

ChaCha, I just said almost the same thing to a friend. No way does Natalie know the number, she's on a fishing expedition for sure. She is jealous and wants to know it all, like a woman scorned.

Tentcapades made me laugh!

Margo said...

I thought Nat used her slop pass the week she was a have not with Jessie & ??. I assumed you could only use it once. So maybe she will get a penalty nomination - that would be funny.


Cha Cha said...

I am assuming the pass is for the whole year.
I don't remember them being for the whole season but maybe they are.

I think she should get a penalty vote just because I dont like her.

Anon said...

I think you are right Margo. Did she get another slop pass? A slop pass for the entire season would be new. I second ChaCha's penalty vote. Doesn't she look horrible in green?

Cha Cha said...

According to Casey on Twitter he thought she had a season long slop pass.His words were

" thought scrappy had a season long pass."


Cha Cha said...

New Twitter from Casey

" the impression it was sesonlong but I could be wrong"

I hope he is wrong. NATS GOT TO GO!!!

Laurie said...

ChaCha said I think she should get a penalty vote just because I dont like her.

At the risk of sounding grumpy, I totally agree with you!

I don't think she has used the slop pass, though. I vaguely remember her saying she didn't want to use it yet and then she tried to give it to Jessie but wasn't allowed to do that.

Cha Cha said...

When Jordan pulled there name Natalie said she didn't care because she had the slop pass.
I don't think they should have it for a whole season.

Am I the only one who would like next season to be like the 2nd and 3rd season where they are all complete strangers and no gimmick for the season like cliques, people of the pass, etc.....

Cha Cha said...

Trivia for about an hour. I guess Jordan did mess up the nom ceremony.
She was saying she would forget what she was supposed to say.
Maybe they are playing veto right a way?>

wv-- messe

Nat better not messe with my way that I want the season to end.

sizzie said...

they are back...Jeff and Russ and Jordan look happy...but I have heard nothing. could it have been noms and then veto immediately?

I only posted because my wv is
natesse As far as I'm concerned Nat can ease on out the door.

sizzie said...

No veto yet, because Nat says she will win veto and Lydia says and if you do take yourself off they put Kevin up. Nat says oh. (cause she doesn't know the rules you know)

Laurie said...

ChaCha, It would be great to have a season with no gimmicks and a wider representation of ages.

BB, are you listening???

Laurie said...

It's so funny when Nat plays dumb and like she is only 18. She is one of the savviest players in the game and does a good job of hiding it. I don't like her but if she manages to make it to the F2 I'd have to admire the game play.

Anonymous said...

On the CBS morning show today, Julie said Chima was the third person asked to leave a BB house. Who were the other two?

Anonymous said...

jokers is saying nasty and lydiot are on the block. not sure what it means; but the diary room is trying to keep jordon from putting russ on the block. -jeannemarie

Cha Cha said...

Allison's boyfirend was asked to leave if memory serves and also the guy with the knife. That was years ago. I think like the 1st or 2nd season.

Cha Cha said...

Yes Jesses' Deciples are on the block.

According to Jordan DR is trying to get her to keep Russ.

Michelle and Russell are talking about having to win HOH next week and final 2 again. Lets see if Michelle relays this info to J/J

monty924 said...

Knife was S2 and crazy ex bf was S4. The Early Show clip is on youtube - "Big Brother Expulsion".

kevin is finally talking reason to Lydia and Natalie. He told them if they aren't going to play smart then he won't use the veto on one of them if he wins it. good for Kevin!

sizzie said...

If DR doesn't want Russ gone, then they make sure no one wins Veto or they plant the thought in Jordan's and Jeff's heads that Kevin was telling them a lie about the R & M alliance. I hope it is Nat, but wonder if BB is planning a Jeff Russ throw down for the finals.

I listened last night as Kevin and Nat worked out what he should say to Jeff. They were very detail oriented. What room was I in? What room were they(M & R?) when you heard them.(it was supposed to L and N heard the lie and then told K)(I don't know if that is how he told it to Jeff thought) I want to say this or that, what words would be most likely for Russ to use to say that? Why didn't I tell them earlier? They trust me because I am Kevin so they will trust me when I tell this lie. It was a lesson in creating a lie. Fabricating a prevarication.

Music on now. Hope it is something.

wv is spinnfr sounds like a word Jeff would use...spinn f er

Anon said...

The you tube clip is more like a teaser than the spoiler Julie called it. *The snoopy pic always makes me smile.

Goodie said...

I cannot WAIT for Chima to watch BBAD (or that time period) where she is on the bed with Russell totally hitting on him. TOTALLY!!
There was no doubt and she was coming on strong. That right there makes her look soooooo stupid. She was flirting so much and you could tell she wanted Russell for her Showmance. D for Done!!! Truth hurts Chima and when its on tape....its a bi- -ch!
I hope they show her on the next show for the person she REALLY is.
She probably wants to sue BB so they might tip toe around her.

Anonymous said...

Cha Cha did you say that Russ and Michellle are talking about them winninh the HOH and going to the final 2 together, if that's so then Kenvin doesnt know that he really isn't lying.

joy n said...

When Chima talks about being copletely usurped by a game piece never used before in the game, is she talking about the Coup d'etat?
She has to be, right? Guess she didn't do her homework.

Silk, we have used the DWTS abbreviation many times before here. If it should happen again, just ask aomeone here.

Thanks, Laurie.

Laurie said...

Joyn, I'll take you to the F2!

joy n said...

You and me, girl!