Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big brother 11 Live Feeds Into Monday Evening 8/17

Yawn. The hamsters are feasting because at 9 PM they could go off slop.

Here are the events from the evening in that Big Brother House of Dubious Superheroes:
  • Natalie denied crying about Jessie at the wake (this was to Jeff).
  • You know, she never cries and she didn't care that much that he's gone. She was only staying with him for her game.
  • If Jessie could hear her, he'd turn over in his grave.
  • Oh wait. After the wake, I forgot he actually lives.
  • Natalie also told Jeff that neither he or Russell have ever been her targets. She wanted Michele and Lydia out.
  • Jeff told her that he felt he had to get Jessie out because he needed to get the king of the house out.
  • Natalie feels guilty because she told Chima to go to the Diary Room to confront the producers.
  • At least she says that.
  • She also said that Chima was deliberately pushing the limits and wanted out.
  • Jeff told Jordan that the others seem to be gunning for Michele and now Russell isn't in their sights.
  • Jordan thinks that Russell and Michele might be working together. She thinks they should get the remaining two from the other side to target one of them.
  • Jeff told her not to get too far ahead in planning. They haven't played POV yet.
  • Jeff still has some suspicion about Michele "playing a Ronnie" on them. But he also wants the four to look solid to the other side.
  • The playing cards they now have show why they don't usually get playing cards. They sit around playing cards half the day.
  • Russell got a massage from a massage therapist. Lydia told him that now all the toxins have been released and he won't feel well.
  • Lydia fussed that the Diary Room told her to get a scarf or hoodie because they didn't want her pink hair showing.
  • They must be planning on some sort of continuity, eh?
  • I keep expecting them to show the margarita party.
  • At one point Lydia misplaced her cape. She was bereft.
  • Yawn.


Anonymous said...

hopefully tomorrow's show will be more exciting :/

Nana from the NW said...

As darkness settled on the BB house Volcano Chima began to erupt....video on Tuesday>>>>>>>>>

ChicMc said...

Kathy in NC
Thought the joke was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

mywv is futaste...I could do come up with such bad things with that.

What is with J/J, they want to get rid of Russ why because he's giving them space to be alone. I think that's fairly thoughtful on his part. And I do believe Russ is grateful for Jeff taking his butt off the block last week...unlike Lydia. I hope Russ wins the Veto and doesn't use it.

Come on HG's throw that pit bull out of the house otherwise we're all going to have to storm the house and do it ourselves.

meb said...

Love your avatar nana... LOL

joy n said...

Now that Nat knows of the extent of Jesse and Lydia's "affair" (the sweatshirt and questions to Lydia about "how many times") she's trying to brush off her idoltry of him. Sure, Nat.... you didn't cry at the wake....not you.

justmeagain said...

survivor sucks has a link to one of the commercials for tonight's show. it shows the production staff asking chipet to put on her mic. doesn't show her tossing it into the hot tub though.

not sure if this has been posted or not but chipet is banned from appearing on to be interviewed or working for any viacom station. this include mtv and bet. -jeannemarie