Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Monday Evening 8/31

Natalie says that 95% of the time (pre-BB house) her diet consists of fast food. Why am I not surprised?

Since my last report, they've mainly been napping. But BB finally gave them the figures for the Pandora's Box:
  • Jeff $3,181, nothing extra for finding the key
  • Kevin $626
  • Michele $2,563
  • Natalie $1,900
  • I didn't catch Jordan's winnings.
  • Natalie was thinking the $750 a week stipend was net, not gross.
  • Natalie, I'd like you to meet Richard Hatch.
That's it for now. Short and sweet. Well, sweet unless you think of Natalie shoveling food in and chewing with her mouth open. Oh ... and why is Natalie wearing Kevin's hoodie he got in his HOH basket o' goodies? Moocher!


ChicMc said...

so, do you think Kevin's added HOH responsibilty was to decide if he was keeping all the money or letting the other hgs keep the shares that they found and he gets the left over amount?

Jackie said...

He said something on Friday that I wasn't clear enough on to post -- something about making the decision to do something good for everyone or himself. So that could be it. Obviously if it was it, he decided to let everyone keep their winnings.

sandaroo said...

I was hoping the key might be something to help Jeff stay. I think it's going to be a boring show after he leaves. I don't think I can bare to watch Natalie float her way into the final 2!!

Cha Cha said...

Nat is wearing the jacket because Kevin let her try it on after she berated him that it was too small for him and its a girls jacket.
She is just unbelievable.

ChicMc said...

thanks for the quick response Jackie.

WV ingeri
I hope there are no ingeris when Jeff gets to the jury house.

TerryinCA said...

Dang it, I wanted the key to mean something really awesome....freedom to kick Nastily out of the BB game.
She is a real piece of work, reminds me of Jun and Allison....yuck

Laurie said...

I can already hear people saying it's not fair that Jeff picked up more money and it was geared towards him winning.

What Natalie wants Natalie gets, apparently. Maybe we can start a new rock group called "And Natalie Lied". We can pit them against "And Amber Cried" for a battle of the bands!

ChicMc said...

WV hordedu
Did Nat graduate from Horded U ?

Take two-
Did Kev graduate from Horded U ?
(hooded with a Boston accent)

Anonymous said...

Girls, I wish I knew how to do a screen shot of the feeds. It's a close up of Jeff's face with his 5 o'clock shadow and looking mighty fine. Just sayin...

monty924 said...

Oh Laurie, I love the "And Natalie Lied" line. It absolutely ranks up there with "And Amber Cried". That should be our new mantra. I'd buy the t-shirt in a heart beat. :)

The house is so boring, but that's usual for this time of the season. I miss Renny from BB10. She kept things hopping right up until her eviction. That was this week last year. Sigh. Miss you Renny Girl!!!

PDX Granny said...

monty924 said...

Oh Laurie, I love the "And Natalie Lied" line. It absolutely ranks up there with "And Amber Cried". That should be our new mantra. I'd buy the t-shirt in a heart beat. :)

I would too!

I can't really see the "key" doing anything like getting Nat out, but like so many of the rest of you, I can dream!!

Although it can never be predicted for certainly, it does look like it's bye bye for Jeff. He got got, and I'm sure gonna miss him.

monty924 said...

Check out C Venus' newest chop. It's what I've been saying/thinking all along about Michele. So true, so true...

That's why I don't like Nasty and the others when it comes to their Michele haterade campaign.

chris said...

I fear that this is going to be Nats win.
Even if michelle wins the next hoh
nat will be all over her to get kevin out or even jordon
michelle whoudl know that natalie has the jurors votes (except lydia if it is against kevin)even jeff seems to think nat is innocent, i just don't get what the heck happened to his brain!
nonetheless I actually hope for a natalie eviction.
but if michelle wins hoh and nat or kev wins pov jordon is toast since the only vote will be nat or kev to oust someone.
nat won't oust kev she would want someone else to do it for her!

RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning!
No one likes a bully. There's a fine line in BB between game play and bullying and I think they've all crossed it with regard to Michele. It looks to me like Russell (of all people) is the only one who "got" her even if it was only on a beginning level.

I hope Kevin watches his back before he gets got by Natalie too.
There will come a point where speaking up about her will come in handy.
I wouldn't have been able to hold my tongue (as he did) when I knew that all that talk about Michele being the target instead of Jeff was garbage. All Michele's crying/angst would have prompted me to let her know in some way.

Amy said...

I have never understood why they wear each others clothes/hats so often in the BB house.

Anonymous said...

Where can you buy Kevin's hoodie that he got when he won HOH? Who is the manufacturer? What picture is in the hoodie?

Joy Reed said...

can't believe Nat is still around.

joy n said...

Natalie is always about Natalie. 24/7

Kathy said...

Does any one else notice that the majority of the time this house is stuffing their faces.I get the Showtime2 12-3am show & All I ever hear is Nasty or Mis-hell chomping. In past seasons I guess people had more manners & did not chew with their mouths open, but we also saw more talks in the bathroom. I hardly see anyone going in to the washroom to shower or wash up.They do not even wash their hands after using the bathroom or before eating.I think the alcohol is to try & give us something exciting to watch. I remember past seasons there was more Beer Pong being played.These guys seem like Wino's who always have something crunchy being stuffed into their mouths.Also does anybody use the gym stuff. The past seasons that was a hot spot for scheming & deals. Oh well, I only see the regular shows & the Showtime2 stuff. Maybe I am missing something.