Saturday, August 08, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Saturday Dawn 8/08

Jessie wanders the house alone in the wee hours of the morning. This screen cap I took shows how much muscle mass he's lost. To be honest, I never like the overly-muscled look except perhaps in those ads in the back of comic books which help out your basic 98-pound weaklings. I think men look silly with huge muscles bursting out all over the place. Toned, normal limits muscular ... that's fine. Incredible Hulk muscular = silly.

The Have Not room looks eerily like a crypt. I expect the non-dead to get up and roam the night with Jessie.

Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Flibbertigibbets and Foolish Boys:
  • Chima told Jeff that she wants him to vote Russell out this week.
  • Now Jessie and Chima think Jeff has the "wizard power." Before, they were figuring Jordan.
  • Jessie's sure that he's gone this week if Jeff has the power while Natalie and Chima doubt he'll use it.
  • Heh. It would be a hoot if Lydia had it, but we know that's not the case.
  • The more Natalie tried to convince Jessie he'll be okay this week, the more paranoid Jessie became.
  • Chima said she's going to freak out during the live show if the power takes away her power as HOH. She will outshout Julie Chen over it! She will have a conniption!
  • Well, that could be entertaining to watch, eh?
  • With Jeff on slop, they're probably losing their best chef this week. Natalie is sad. She likes to eat.
  • When Russell asked Jeff if he had the power, Jeff told him he didn't but then added on "don't worry."
  • Jeff better be careful.
  • After being silent for a long time, Lydia said the Diary Room told her to start talking. Once again, I question whether the girl should have ever gone into the house.
  • Once she went non-mute, the rumors started swirling once again. Jessie, Natalie, Michele, and Chima - he said, she said, they all said.
  • It's a spool of lies, folks. That's all it is.
  • Russell and Michele had another blow-up. Earlier he told Jordan and Natalie that he felt all of his friends in the house have deserted him.
  • Chima thinks Jessie is furthering the Michele controversies in the house and blowing things out of proportion.
  • Russell now says everything Ronnie said about Michele is true. I personally don't know if she's truly socially inept or whether she's playing some sort of master game. I do know that I don't like Michele as much as I did before I got to know her on the feeds. She may be local (Iselin, NJ), but she's um ... socially inept and odd.
  • Jeff remains in the middle of it all just observing for the most part.
  • Chima wants to push for a girls alliance.
  • Natalie nixes the girls alliance because she doesn't trust/like Lydia.
  • Jordan told Jeff he really shouldn't trust Russell.
  • Jeff thinks that Michele is bipolar.
  • Michele meanwhile claims that Jeff is shady.
  • Of course, neither of them said these things to each other, just about each other.
  • Michele told Natalie, Kevin, and Chima of her Russell final two deal and the odd Russell vote for Casey.
  • Michele denied that she was gunning for Jeff. Again, she's a woman of bizarre social interactions.
  • Kevin and Michele think that Jeff has some sort of "dark background" in Chicago. Or that he's led a troubled life.
  • I don't quite get that vibe from Jeff.
  • Michele thinks Russell is manipulating Jeff.
  • Chima once again promised a freak-out on live national television if her nominations are changed. She wants Russell out!
  • Heck, the more she threatens a freak-out, the more I want Jeff to save Russell.
  • What will Jeff do on Thursday? I honestly don't know. Although he has a deal with Russell,if Russell goes through no actual fault of Jeff's -- he has an ally on the jury.If Russell stays and one of the Jessie Mob goes, he has an enemy on the jury plus Chima all up his case over changing his nominations.
  • At least Jeff has the power, not Jordan. She'd be a basket case wondering whether to use it or not.
  • They're all asleep as I get this posted.


Delee said...

All I can say is that it will be a very interesting week. Also it would be wonderful to see Chima totally flip out if her noms are changed...

Everyone have a great weekend...

sizzie said...

thanks Jackie, I watched when Chima seemed to realize what the power meant. It was almost funny because she must not have been thinking too much about it at first. She is HOH and all powerful, and that is all she thought about. Then finally it sinks in what this wizard coup is. She was not happy. One cannot overthrow The Chima. Why have me as HOH, she asked. Exactly girl, that is why winning the power is a big deal.

Michelle and Chima do seem very close. Either Michelle felt comfortable with Chima (which would be telling in itself) or Michelle is putting on the ineptness because she had no problem talking with Chima about how it should go down.

Also funny to me was that now that Jesse is on the line, he is working it when he stayed in the background earlier.

I, too, think Jeff should be careful or he will speak too soon and lose it all.

It looks like Natalie feels safe no matter what happens.

Jeff,it looks like to me at least, is going over all the ramifications of using the coup, who can vote, how they will vote, who will be left to vote next time and whose side would they be on.

The house has two firm alliances, but even this late in the game there are several unknowns. I don't know if I remember that before. I say unknowns because they might have a secret alliance. I assume Lydia would vote with Jesse unless Kevin was up...but if Jesse were gone, how would Lydia vote?

Again, thank you Jackie. It is fun to talk to you. And that is what you blog feels like to me. A conversation with Jackie.

My wv is corights co rights

Anonymous said...

Chima is a big mouth little troll. I wish Jeff could use the coup power on her to get her evicted. She was on the feeds yesterday extolling the virtues of Braden and wishing he were still in the house because he was so "quirky and fun." Wasn't she the psycho who called him a woman hating racists on live TV in week one? I cannot stand her shrill voice/fake laugh/seaweave hair. She needs to go right after Ratalie.

Sydney said...

zzzzzz.. Wow, I giveyou credit for having to wade through all that nothing and make something entertaining for us out of it. I'm going over to read your other articles to see what magic you did for them! Thank you Jackie -- You RAWK!

Sydney said...

Oh and you're right, Jessie looks MUCH better now. And less pinheaded I might add.

lynn1 said...

I managed to post some comments before I realized Jackie had new info up. At the risk of seeming to be a blog post hog I am copying and posting my comments again on this newer post.

I am not unhappy with Chima's nominations. INMHO she is playing right into Jeff's hands. Giving him the nudge to use the secret powers to save both Russ and Lydia.

Best case scenario for me would be for Chima to win POV. She would probably leave the nominations as is. She would be the only person would would have "immunity" from Jeff's secret powers but as HOH she already has that.
I have mentioned before, I would like to see Natalie evicted this week. I believe she is a better strategic player than Jessie.

I still believe if Jessie is in the final 2 he will win simply because the jury will be made up of his most loyal supporters.

INMO Jessie could win it all without ever winning another HOH, he would have to win POV though.

My WV is dimbillh. Is that anything like being a dimbulb?

8/08/2009 8:42 AM

lynn1 said...

As far as Chima flipping out if her HOH is usurped by Jeff, how would we know?
She rants and raves so much I don't know if I would notice anything different.LOL

sizzie said...

Is it calories that build the Jess muscles? The only difference in his time on slop was that he wasn't eating as much. Did he also stop lifting, since he had less to eat?

Witt said...

To quote Hoke in Driving Miss Daisy, "she (Chima) sure can throw a fit, can't she?" I've only seen the one loud one on air (with Russell) but I don't have any doubt it could happen if Jeff turns the nominations around. I can't remember who said this earlier, but he should take off Russell and put in Jessie, guaranteeing that Kevin will vote for Jessie, not Lydia! What will Natalie do when he is gone? Jessie usually gets fights going, then hides while it all goes down (I remember one huge one last summer); it's interesting that he is worried now. Gee, that stuff that goes around sure can come around, can't it?

For the record, I'm a dog person. We always have had yellow and black labs my whole life, but also had an extraordinarily brilliant Australian Shepherd named Chester, who would never leave your side on a walk, was a big cuddler, and could get out of any crate we had (nis nickname was Houdini).

Have a great weekend!

Witt :)

WV: aftsne: My aftsne is so bad, I need some new skin wash.

Anonymous said...

It cracks me up that Chima says the pics of her as a child prove her lips are natural. Gawd, I hope so, who would do that to themselves intentionally? They are disgusting!
So many things can go down before Thurs.. I just want to shake Michele. She is nuts! I liked her before but she is showing that she is a liar, may habitual and that's why she doesn't remember her lies.

sizzie said...

I saw some discussion somewhere about why Ronnie disliked Michelle. It was obvious when he knew she wanted him out, but someone said it began before the first eviction. Does anyone remember the cause. Russ is doing what Ron advised and against who Ron advised, so it is still Michelle. I didn't see the early feeds, so missed a lot of the why of how everyone got to be where they are now in the house.

Jayne said...

I have never been a Lydia fan or supporter but I have to say I am feeling sorry for her. She has been nominated so many times and hasn't she been on slop quite a bit? I doubt she is having a good time in the BB house.

Becky said...

Morning, Jackie. Thanks for hanging in there for all of us.

Chima threatning to explode if they sit aside her HOH nominations is probably like Ronnie saying how he would let loose if he was voted out. Big words from little people.

Jeff, pretty boy Jeff, keep your hand over your mouth and keep it closed.

Excellent posts Sizzie and Lynn.

WV desude -- I hope Chima is not able to desude Jeff from using the wizard power.

Anonymous said...

WV: amperliz
I wish they would take Chima away in an amperliz

DKNYNC said...

Jeff using the Wizard power to flip the nominations and ultimately get rid of either Jessie or Natalie - and Chima's resulting fit would make for one of the best BB moments in history!
I really hope it goes down that way!

Laurie said...

I really dislike bullying and that is what Chima is doing. Bring on the Coup and let her blow (or not). Personally, I think she is full of hot air like the rat was. It's all a bluff to try to scare and control people.

Let's see who wins POV and then we can talk strategy. By the way, it's a gorgeous day in SoCal so far. The players should enjoy being outside!

formerly anon said...

Regarding Michele. Sigh. It's so frustrating listening to her try to defend herself. The fact is that she is one of the most honest people in the house, and at the same time, the worst communicator in BB history.

Chima is trusting her because Chima is the one person who knows for sure that Michele is telling the truth.

And yet the whole house is painting Michele as the pathological liar psycho bitch from hell. It's funny in a pathetic sort of way.

Based strictly on Michele's gross inability to defend herself properly, she deserves to go, imho. She let's people railroad her conversations, she let's them put words in her mouth, and the most she can do when exasperated is just throw her arms up. I just want to slap her and say "Girl, stick to the facts and keep pounding them, because they are on your side!"

Looks like Natalie is beginning the I'm-Not-With-Jessie movement, she sees what's ahead. What's weird is that while I totally expected this from Natalie, I never thought I'd be able to watch her for more than 5 seconds without feeling disgust, but I'm actually enjoying getting a glimpse of how she'll throw poor ole Jess under that bus.

Who knows what today has in store though.

Laurie said...

FA, what is Natalie doing to distance herself? I don't have the feeds and I'd love to know about that. I haven't seen anything to like about her personally but I do think she has the street smarts to play this game well.

sizzie said...

Laurie said:Let's see who wins POV and then we can talk strategy.


Laurie, that is what Jeff said ! Jordan was saying they needed to vote 'with the house' which meant Ron going. Jeff says Ron could help us since he can win comps and Lydia can't. It was a draw, Jordan kept her view and Jeff kept his and then said, they could talk about it after POV.

The girls have the numbers if they stick together. Jesse is fearful and keeps pointing it out to Chima and Nat that if the Wizard power is used it would be Jess going up. If he left and Russ stays then Russ would probably be the next HOH and the target would be Chima. That came from Jesse. The two girls (Nat and Chima) say, hummm.

Feeds just came back and Chima and Nat are upset. I don't think veto has gone on, but they are talking of 'what ifs'. They say it is obvious Jeff is aligned with 'him'. I think 'him' is Russell.

Chima just said if POV is physical then it is rigged so Russ can win and Chima will be mad and 'the whole world will know'.

I may be wrong, but I think Nat just said she is going to shower.

formerly anon said...

Laurie, this was from last night. I think that Natalie is considering the magical power and realizes that it might perhaps be used to break up her and Jessie, and she wants to be on the winning end of that show down.

And of course, she's correct.

But she's trying really hard to convince Jessie of exactly the opposite, that he's in no danger at all and is just being paranoid. Jessie actually was intuiting things correctly and Nat went full court press to dissuade him (that he was in danger). She's trying to pre-empt him from doing any damage control. While at the same time she's in complete damage-control mode for herself (as it should be).

She used a relatively harmless situation as an excuse to distance herself from Jessie, loudly. She had told Jessie something that Michele had mentioned to her, and immediately Jessie repeated it to Lydia which of course means it got spread to every other ear she could get to. Natalie grabbed hold of that and got on Jessie's case really hard, and will use that to launch her new "I don't tell Jessie everything anymore" campaign.

Just heard that Nat, Kev and Jeff are playing in POV.

Sorry Jessie, looks like you're SOL this week buddy!

Laurie said...

Thanks FA. That all made sense and gives credit to Natalie for thinking ahead. Good for her! Still not a fav of mine but she does have real game.

Oooh, Natalie, Kevin and Jeff in POV? No Jessie? I love that!!

Becky said...

Are you sure that Natalie said she was taking a shower? I think there were more messages piped in than what were heard on the show. I bet Natalie got an earful about her slovenly ways.

I do not care for Natalie as a person, but she is playing one smart game. Of course if she dumps Jessy, then Lydia will zoom right back into his waiting.... never mind.
WV resses Looks like the hamsters are on resses from picking at each other.

What was Russell's reaction to going up? Come on Jeff, whisper in his ear that it was all Jessie's doing.

meb said...

But please don't let Nat win. Then it would put a big crimp in the wizard re-noms, cause Jeff wouldn't be able to put both she and Jess up if she wins...

Somebody let us know as soon as you know... I'm dieing here!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Chima likes Michelle that much. Last night she said she would put her up if Russ wins POV.

Anonymous said...

You know how kids play with their blankee? Rub the fabric between their fingers? Russ is doing that too. Kinda cute for a big bodybuilder.

formerly anon said...

I think that Chima trusts Michele more than anyone in the house. If Russ won/used POV, Chima's options are very limited. She's convinced that J/J has the CDE and as long as neither of them are on the block, it won't be used (she's wrong), so that leaves only Kevin/Michele/Nat/Jess as replacement noms.

With a safe Russell now loose in the house, she desperately needs her Jessie/Nat protection, so (in her mind) they're not going anywhere.

I think she personally likes Kevin. So that really only leaves Michele, and I think Chima would be fine with either Lydia or Michele going if it had to come to that (but a weak HOH move since neither are really a threat).

But it really doesn't matter, Jeff will be using the CDE to put up Jessie, no doubt whatsoever. Hopefully with Natalie by his side.

formerly anon said...

A truly cathartic interview with Ronnie:

I pass this on so you all can breathe knowing that someone finally said to him what we wanted to say (more or less; I'd have said more, lol)

sizzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sizzie said...

FA, if Jeff uses it and puts both Jess and Nat up, then who would vote for which hg? Chima, Jess and Nat and Jeff couldn't vote, I think...not sure about if the veto holder can vote. They can't talk about it before voting.

Lydia would vote because she would be off the block....Nat to go

Russ if off the block would vote for Nat to go?

Kevin: ??

Jordan: Jeff wants Jess out I think, so Jordan would vote Jess.

Michelle: Jess

What do you think?

8/08/2009 2:23 PM

formerly anon said...

sizzie, if that happened here's how I'd think the voting could go:

Jordan - Jessie
Kevin - Natalie
Lydia - Natalie
Michele - Jessie?
Russell - Jessie?

Frankly it's a coin toss in my opinion about which of them would be better to get rid of. I can make a strong case either way, as long as it's one of them. So it doesn't really matter.

However, I'm slightly tending toward thinking it's better to remove Natalie, but I really want Jessie to go, so honestly, either one is fine with me.

The risk with Natalie staying is that she might just plug Russell into her Jessie hole, which is why Jeff needs to keep a really close eye on them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the R interview link Formerly. Thank god Ronnie is not a teacher. The school district should take a look at You Tube and ban he and is wife from the school grounds. I hope the parents and faculty make them stop those tasteless videos for the sake of the children and students.

wv=gonersm Is that a disease or what happened to Ronnie?

Laurie said...

FA, I'm thinking the same way. Either one is good and it doesn't matter which one. I think Natalie has more game and would be interesting to watch, but I also think she could go further in the game than I would like.

Now to go hear the interview with the rat. Hope you are enjoying your Saturday.

sizzie said...

I think Natalie, too, but I think Jeff thinks Jess. Jeff may be not looking past the infatuation of a young girl for the semi-celebrity of Jess. Which proves how well Nat is playing. Casey said when he left that thinking she was 18 made him look at her game play differently than if he knew her true age.

I think an important part of the power is to keep someone from voting. Also, if the veto winner can't vote. Maybe a tie wouldn't even be possible depending how how many voters there are.

~~Silk said...

(I moved this from an older, abandoned, post, on the discussion of off-topic posting.)

What I appreciate most are the "news from the feeds" comments, because I neither have the feeds nor the time to follow them if I did, and you guys do an excellent job of picking out and reporting on the most interesting and important feeds bits.

It's difficult to just skip the off-topic comments, because you don't know the entire comment is off topic until after you've read it.

Could we use some kind of label, like "OT", as the first word of the comment or the paragraph if it's going to be off topic?

WV" "redlr". I'm not creative enough to make anything of that, except that I'd like to redl(ine)r off topic comments.

(Screwed up, had to delete and redo.) New WV: "beraft". I would be beraft without your news reports from the feeds.

Laurie said...

It well worth your time to read the interview that Formerly Anonymous posted earlier and I'm reposting here:
Read interview with Ronnie

He is still delusional and has a double standard. The most interesting thing about it is what the interviewer says about what happens after. Not to give it away, but there were some serious repercussions and I think it says something about how the show is run.

Becky said...

I just read the interview, Former Anon. It was terrific. I could visualize the little worm trying to wiggle off the hook. Loved it! To bad they blackballed the guy for actually putting Ronnie on the spot.

WV porsod During the interview Ronnie, the porsod didn't know which way to turn.

monty924 said...


If you're nt watching a news channel, there has been another plane/helicopter crash on the Hudson River between NY/NJ. Sad news as there are no survivors.

Total of 9 people involved... including 5 tourists aboard the helicopter.

Sally said...

Laurie, thanks for posting the link to that interview. I could just picture Ronnie sitting there with that irritaging grin, squirming and tap dancing as he tried to come up with reasonable explanations for his actions. Class act? Gracious loser? No way, no how!

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

Laurie, re: the interview and the behind-the-scenes machinations: it is also a potent demonstration of how the media/PR firms, in general, manipulate things.

Big take home lesson there, beyond BB and CBS. (And if we can't learn big lessons from watching BB, it hasn't been time well spent, lol)

Anonymous said...

Hello all I was under the impression that "The Wizard" power could be used to put any one on the block including the currant HOH and the POV winner...that's what made it so powerful. Am I wrong


Dave B. said...


FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

Joan, that is wrong.

ONLY the HOH and POV are safe.

WV = "nessies" (I kid you not!)

Nessies gonna be pissed this week!

Anonymous said...

Thanks I guess it was wishful thinking on my part.


Anonymous said...

why can't jeff vote? -jeannemarie

wv-nonsi ever since rat boy's been gone there's less nonsi(ense) in the house

Laurie said...

FA (love that new name)- Yes, it should absolutely teach us something about how the media and pr can (and do) manipulate the truth. Nowadays most everything has a spin to it whether it's a reality show or the news.

I'm glad we can learn something from BB because otherwise it would be a total waste of time (giggling) and that just wouldn't be right!

monty924 said...

Echo my thanks to those who posted the link to the Ronnie interview. Finally someone not afraid to ask the quesions the fans really want asked. Too bad he was blackballed for it.

I'll have to share that link with my BF. He hates Michelle based solely on watching the CBS show and BBAD. I keep telling him that Michelle is just playing the hand she was dealt and Ronnie was the dealer. Russell is no better in my eyes for his treatment of Michelle.

Natalie ROCKS! Jessie RULES! said...

Has anyone ever explained fully the CD'E power? (P.S. I still don't think he'll chose to use it as long as noms stay the same.)

If he performs a coup, is he then HOH and ineligible to vote but Chima is eligible to vote? I don't think it makes a huge difference if you count the votes, but if Jessie or Natalie won POV, only one of them could go up and I'm not sure how the voting would go (other than Kevin and Jessie) since no one would have time for deal-making.

my wv is "messess" which is quite appropriate for BB.


Witt, Australian Shepherd? That is a brilliant high energy dog that can be hard to handle. It would wear me out, kudos to you for mastering Houdini!

monty924 said...

Jessie could still be "whizzed out" (Natalie) of there on Thursday. Jessie is not playing in the POV. Russell, Lydia, Chima, Kevin, Jeff and Natalie are playing the POV.

sizzie said...

Feeds just came back. Kevin and Jordan were both in the kitchen, one of them says 'this is exciting' the other says yes, and Jess walks in and they stop talking. Everyone was showering, so it must have been a dirty comp. Can't wait to here something.

Anonymous said...

Kevin won it

Delee said...

Kevin won the POV...I think. Because he wants a meeting with Chima if he can use it on Lydia.

WV is sychowar If Jeff changes the noms there will be a sychowar!

No kidding that is what it was!

sizzie said...

Kevin, no offense, but I want a woman to win this game, says Chima to Kevin. She has just been telling Kevin that she wants Russ out and the reason she didn't ask Lydia and Kevin up to talk is...blah blah blah, she is Chima hear her speech in declarative sentences.

Becky said...

Kevin should do what he wants! To heck with Chima. "She wants a girl to win". Well, tough luck lady!

WV: sperie Kevin should sperie Chima's wants right in the bud -- or bottom.

Laurie said...

Kevin won POV, eh? So now what do you think will happen? I read on Joker's that Russell is trying to get Jessie to stick with him so they can be the F2. Jessie isn't so sure. I don't get why Jessie it so ticked off that he didn't get to be in the POV comp. Isn't that a random draw?

Sydney said...

Woah, Delee, that avatar rocks.

And Siz, I am just now seeing your ficus tree.

Lynn1 -- no blog hog! I often comment last on posts and probably should move them up. There are some die hards, however, at this blog (me included) who do go several posts back and check for any new comments. I can name a few of you who join me, lol.

thx Petals for asking where I was Thurs nite. I did comment later explaining what happened.

And RJM in SC -- Someone forwarded a post you made asking where I might be when I was on vacation. It definitely was nice to be missed! Thank you! :-)

And RZnshine -- GIRL! Have not heard from you in ages! You used to be the first commenter on so many posts. Whatcha been up to (yes, that would be off topic).

FA, I can't believe you got Nessies for your WV!

Going to read the Ronnie article now...

sizzie said...

Laurie, Jess felt he would win Veto and that by not being in the comp, he had no power over his own possible eviction.

I don't know the rules, but thought that if the coup is used, Jeff, Kevin and Chima can't vote along with those 2 on the block. That way, if Jeff wants someone out, he has to think of who he doesn't want as a sure vote for that person and take them out of the voting.

It is a multi layered power. Chima, imo, would stay HOH...just the lame duck version.

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

Laurie, apparently Russell picked Jeff to play in POV instead of Jessie, and naturally Jessie is miffed.

I have to think this one through, right now I see many possibilities, depending on mainly Russell's tendency towards instability as well as Natalie's recent Jessie-distancing act.

Things might get heated in the next few days

Anonymous said...

Without HOH or POV, Jessie is vulnerable to the Wizard Power.

meb said...

Siz... are you referring to Kevin winning the POV and thus if he uses it, not able to vote. I don't think that's true. Even the person he took down (if he does) can vote. And we don't know yet if Jeff can vote or not... Julie never went that far to explain that if he used his wizard power whether he would be allowed to vote.

So right now, the only person who cannot vote, unless for a tie, is Chima.

wv deffier: I hope Jeff is the deffier of Chima and uses his power to put up Nat and Jess!

meb said...

let me clarify that statement... the two on the block of course cannot vote either..

sizzie said...

Jeff said last night that his reasoning for keeping Russ (even knowing he is a loose cannon and that he would make enemies doing it) is that Russ can win HOH and Jeff would have a person in power who owed him. If Russ's other ally (Jess) were gone, Jeff thinks then that he and Russ could work together. Although he also knows he can't trust Russ. It wasn't a perfect plan, but he was thinking along those lines, since he can't think of anyone else in the house who can be a power player in comps. Including Jordan, who he was saying all this to. I think Jeff sees he is at the end of the line if he doesn't try to create something to save himself. Nothing to lose either way in other words. I think it shows what he is thinking and that he realizes there are pitfalls in every direction. I wonder if he will even make up his mind until closer to eviction day.

I wonder how upset, at this point, Nat would be to see Jess go home. She will make a big noise about it, if it did happen, but I think it would please her a lot. Maybe between now and Thurs. Jeff will see that Nat is the danger. Especially if Chima continues to talk of the girl power alliance.

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

So, just thinking out loud here, about the current status.

On the one hand, Russell has proven some degree of loyalty/trustworthiness to Jeff by 1) sticking to the agreement about keeping J/J safe last week and 2) by booting Ronnie's butt out the door.

However, Russell flip-flops with the wind--and emotions--and loyalty values appreciate faster than real estate in California during a bubble. Yesterday's loyalty is worth twice as much tomorrow.

I didn't hear the whole conversation between Jess/Russ after the POV comp, but what I heard was Russ trying to secure Jessie's (and Nat's) vote to keep him. I don't know if Russell told Jessie anything about what Jeff might do, but if so, Russell may have rendered Jeff's committment null and void if Jeff learns about it (and what are the chances of that Mr. Big Mouth Jessie?).

Russell is the bigger threat in terms of winning comps, especially endurance ones, so Jeff has to consider that too.

And if Natalie really pushes hard on her distancing act, she just might convince Jeff that she and Jessie are no longer the threat they used to be as a team.

I dunno. I think I need some chopped liver.

sizzie said...

meb, that may be right (about the voting). Last week there was talk of Russ and Michelle not voting (hoh and pov) I do remember their being some stipulations about who can and can't vote. I may have to wait until Julie explains it Thursday. I have read various rules on other sites and am not sure if any are accurate.

sizzie said...

FA said: Laurie, apparently Russell picked Jeff to play in POV instead of Jessie, and naturally Jessie is miffed.


Oh my. I didn't know it was a pick and not a random draw. That was telling wasn't it? Chima and Nat were talking about how Russ and Jeff were whispering (schemers as Jordan would say) before POV and it was 'obvious' they were together. That would be true espcially with the POV pick

Anonymous said...

I think Jessie is a bit of a pied piper and so Jeff is better off trusting Russ, who make enemies at the drop of a hat, as his ally.

Anonymous said...

my wv was hemps...hmm, not a bad idea

sizzie said...

I just listened to a clip of Julie telling the hgs about the mystery power. She says that POV and HOH are important because they are the only ones who will be safe from the power.

meb said...

Now I'm confused, as to choosing POV Players... because up to this point they've "picked" their players from a bag. Did they change that rule. I'm assuming Jessie just didn't get slected from the bag as one of the players, thus he couldn't play to protect himself.

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

Let's pretend CDE doesn't exist.

Kevin leaves Lydia up, based on Chima's assurance that Russ will be voted out. Whose votes is that based on?

Kevin - keep Lydia, 100%
Michele - boot Russell, 100%

Jessie - keep Lydia? it sppears he's wavering.

Nat - keep Lydia? Are you Nuts?

But wait, what happens when Russ goes mouthing off that Jeff and Jordan will vote to keep him?

Lydia will go Ballistic. Riiii-ight?

And then what happens?

meb said...

So according to that, HOH and POV cannot be put on the block if Jeff chooses to use it. That has always been the case if the person who won POV used it...the HOH couldn't turn around and put them on the block.

Now the POV ceremony will have already happened before the vote to evict night. Shoot, if Kevin takes Lydia off, Chima could target Jeff in hopes that he doesn't really have the CDT. That would be fun to watch too as Jeff took himself and Russ off and put up Jess and Nat.

This is going to be so much fun to watch.

wv monsh. It feels like it'll be monsh before eviction night gets here!

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

meb, sometimes the pick from the bag says "houseguests choice" and they thus choose the player they want.

It appears that's what happened with Russ's pick

meb said...

FA.. Kevin will surely take Lydia off since he'd be safe if he used the veto. Why would he leave her up there. Surely he doesn't trust any of them to keep their word.

sizzie said...

FA said: And then what happens?

"Fasten your seatbelts it's going to be a bumpy night" Bette Davis

It really should be fun to watch it change continually between now and Thursday. Last week I wanted Ronnie gone. I couldn't stand to hear his voice any more. But, this week I could get behind several scenarios. And the hg that can pull off a big move this week deserves to make it the finals.

meb said...

FA... Ahhh... I forgot that. You are so right. Now I see why Jessy is so upset.

meb said...

I agree Sizzie and I hope it's Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Jesse is the most self centered person to ever be on BB. I hope he hits the road. I can't stand looking at the dude! Horrible. I am just so glad that Jeff won the CDT. Perfect. Who knows what he will do but at least it keeps him in the house longer. There are some real nerds in the house this year. 1. Jeff 2. Jordon 3. Kevin
My top 3.

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

med, there's a very strong possibility that Kevin leaves Lydia up there.

I know, huh!

Lydia, Kevin and Chima already had a meeting about it and agreed.

However, between now the the POV ceremony a bazillion things could happen to change that...

monty924 said...

Kevin won't use the veto. Chima said that she would have to J or J up and she knows Jeff would use the wizard in that case and Natalie and Jessie would be in danger.

She's speculating (correctly) that Jeff has the power.

sizzie said...

Bazillion things for sure. Chima alone could be responsible for most of the bazillion. IMO, she seems ready to have another loud battle with someone. with anyone. She goes off on people as quickly as Russ does.

One thing that might be intereting to watch is the interaction between Nat and Chima. Nat is used to Jess who is much calmer than Chima. Nat doesn't recognize Chima's personal boundaries the way Queen Chima expects. Nat may make the mistake of thinking she can handle Chima the same way she handles Jess and be in for a surprise.

Anonymous said...

I think Jeff will find a way to rationalize putting up Nessie because I think he really, really wants to do it.

joy n said...

Just read that interview with Ronnie. Thanks for the heads up.
He really is a little worm.

Happy to hear that Kevin won the POV and not Jesse or Nat.

This is going to be one exciting week on BB.