Saturday, August 22, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Saturday Dawn 8/22

Then numbers are dwindling in the house and Jeff's nominations are in. Kevin is a poor lost soul who's looking each moment like he would go for a do-over and pick a different alliance in the beginning of the game. Natalie, on the other hand, spent the first part of the season sleeping all the time with Jessie (while plotting, but still avoiding the rest of the house). Now she's out there mingling and playing her game. The dynamics are changing, but Jeff and Jordan are a constant. As Jeff says, "We're stuck with each other."

Here's the latest from the Big Brother House of Loquacious Louts:
  • Jordan has gained 10 pounds while in the house. She's still stinging from the "fat" comment Lydia made about her.
  • I don't think she's skinny, but I surely wouldn't call her "fat."
  • Russell has also gained 10 pounds. But since he's a have-not this week, some of that should go away.
  • I think Jeff has lost weight. He was more muscular in the beginning of the season.
  • He's still a cutie-patootie.
  • After nominations went down, Russell told Jeff he once again owes him -- he won't put him on the block or vote for him to go.
  • I think he'll keep his word. But I also think he wouldn't mind if someone else did his dirty work for him. cough:::Michele:::cough
  • Kevin tried to make Jordan think that Michele and Russell are bigger threats than he is. Michele and Russell have won comps!
  • But, guess what ... Kevin has won, too. He's also often right up there in second place. Compare his record with Natalie and he should be perceived as a greater threat than her. That's basing on comps only.
  • I want Kevin to stay merely for his diary room takes on people on the show. In the house, he's nowhere near as insightful or humorous.
  • Kevin said his target all along has been Russell while Natalie claims hers was Lydia.
  • Neither claim to have ever in their lives been after Jeff and Jordan.
  • Jordan's period finally came. You needed to know that.
  • Jeff and Jordan argued, she blamed her period. He said he wants a divorce.
  • He wants her to focus on her game so they'll go to the final two together.
  • They're a hoot when they fight. They'll get snapping at each other, then both will crack up.
  • Russell and Michele talked. Russell claims the HOH comp was geared for Kevin to win because it needed a delicate and precise touch. Russell says he himself is a bit clumsy with anything that precise. Michele said they knew she's scared of heights.
  • Russell thinks the producers wanted a Kevin win to shake up the house again.
  • But Kevin didn't win. Almost doesn't count.
  • Jeff thinks they should keep Natalie because she's the weaker player of Natalie and Kevin.
  • He probably has a point there although I'd personally prefer Kevin to stick around.
  • But they didn't ask me.
  • Jeff and Jordan are still talking the possibility of backdooring Russell if the veto is used. I doubt either of the would use the veto, but if someone else wins and either Natalie or Kevin are saved.
  • In that scenario, I think they just might vote out Russell.
  • Jeff warned Jordan about getting too close and trusting Natalie too much.
  • Jeff and Jordan think they need to get Michele in tighter with them and away from Russell.
  • As they should because Russell and Michele are still talking about targeting Jeff.
  • I'm sure Michele will lie, get flustered, and forget about the most recent Jeff target talk if confronted.
  • They're all asleep as I get this posted. Sometime later today, the POV comp will take place.


chris said...

wow first again
i agree with getting kevin out first
look at his track record.
and if you want to backdoor someone it should be michelle as she clearly has won more comps then nat or kev or russell.
at this point you just have to get yourself to the final 3 and win the right to go to the final 2.
so keeping michelle around hoping she can be trusted is dangerous but it may be all they have.
she can win the next hoh but would she then put up russell with whoever is left of kev or nat? i dont think so if she has the final two deal with russell
oh it is all so complicateda s the numbers dwindle.
perhaps they should mjjr should reiterate the final 4 plan and then may the best duo win.


RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning!
I want Kevin to stay too. I enjoy his DR conversations with us, and agree with him all the time.

I don't think he's a greater threat than Natalie because Natalie has a stronger verbal game going. She can trash-talk, sweet-talk, and lie out both sides of her mouth rather convincingly it seems. She is always thinking of something to say.

I guess backdooring Russell would be the good move if either nom is cancelled. I think Michlle is the one to bring to F2.

wv: whedner
Whedner or not to backdoor Russell now is the question J&J face.

~~Silk said...

Slightly OT: Someone (Joe?) said that showmances have a very short shelf life. True, usually.

Whenever a man and a woman work tightly together on something stressful, intense, complicated, or potentially life-threatening, they also tend to form an intense interest in each other. Hormones and all that. It happens all the time with coworkers - at the end of the project they (want to) fall into each other's arms.

That's why rollercoasters or riding rapids is recommended as a first date.

If there's no other connection, the attraction fades after the stress ends.

That's another reason that spouses should be interested in each other's days and work, even if they have to feign it - to maintain the "working together" feeling.

JimmyB said...

I agree with Chris--Michele would be a better BD target than Russell. Russell is more trustworthy and has already made promises.

On that note, it seems silly that both Jeff & Russell have made promises--after the fact--not to vote someone out. It's a non-deal; doesn't make sense.

AlbGlinka said...

I kinda wish we'd seen Kevin's homelife, partner, etc. on the air... we've seen Jeff's, Jordan's, Chima's grandmother and Natalie with her Dad on the phone. I'd really like to see what Kevin's partner is like, before he possibly gets the boot. Mainly because longterm gay relationships are so under-represented on TV.

Anonymous said...

WV: Canati

"Jeff, canati he see that Kevin may be a bigger threat?"

Good morning all.

meb said...

And I agree with whoever agrees with me ... that if Jeff really wants to take Jordon with him, he needs to get Michelle to be in the final 3 with them... that way he would have a chance that it would be Michelle sending Jordon to the sequester house, knowing he probably can't win against Jordon but doesn't want to be the one to send her out of the game. Jordon wouldn't blame him, for getting rid of her. Hopefully Michelle would have done that.

Jeff would then, I believe, win the $500,000...Michelle the $50,000 and Jordon would probably get the $25,000 America's choice award. Its a win, win, win situation.

Any other scenario would make me very noivous as to the outcome of the votes!

frealso is my wv.

I frealso strong about this.

meb said...

As you can see, I've already gotten rid of Kevin, Natalie and Russell. Done, Over, Finished, Gone.

I don't know whether Jeff could win opposite either of these three, while I do think he can win over Michelle.

wv: serce

I'm serce about this.

BJ said...

The entire outcome depends on the jury, do they vote game or do they vote personal?

Hopefully they have been out of the pressure cooker that is the BB House long enough to vote game.

Laurie said...

meb, you made me laugh out loud with this: As you can see, I've already gotten rid of Kevin, Natalie and Russell. Done, Over, Finished, Gone.

I agree with you. Let is be so.

chris said...

for sure kevin would get jury votes
so if he does not get pov get him out now as he is strong in comps especially ones where he would have to figure what the jury has said.
so... get out kev then work from there.
i still say get nat out next and let the 4 duke it out.
michelle sees a win against russell with the jury and she may or may not be right.
but against nat or kev for surely not
so jeff same thing
go with what you think you know
not what you don't!
i can see michelle bdooring jeff next week so they need to solidify the 3 or 4 of them
again it is too much thinking for me lol

Sydney said...

Albglinka -- Good point. Maybe it will happen this week. At least they aired him saying he'd been together with his guy for 9 years and then showed big he man Russell saying in the DR how much he respects anyone who can manage a long term relationship, regardless of if it's with a guy or girl.

Plus, I'd just like to see who he's with, their house, and if they have a dog or not, lol

Sydney said...

So I guess everyone thinks Jordan would win no matter who she was against if in the F2... and I think that there would be some people who'd say, I really like Jordan, but she was not playing the game. She just exists in the house, and has never gotten in a fight, which is a feat in itself. But that's it. The votes so often seem to be based on vindictive, immature reasons rather that who had the best game play, even if they gotcha. I wish it were more like Survivor when you can still vote for the asshole who did outplay you. In which case, Jordan would not get the vote just because she's nice and didn't piss anyone off.

What would she have been like if there had been no Jeff in the game? Still sweet, but would she have had to end up PLAYING at ALL? Just a LITTLE bit?

Anonymous said...

Dr.Will Kirby is on Qvc now selling a skin product.

Nick said...

I was laughing so hard last night while watching J/J fight on BBAD. They could last maybe about 2 minutes before one would just bust out laughing (usually Jordan...shocking I know). Jeff did seem quite irritable last night though, and I dont think Jordan quite knew how to handle it. This is a very stressful week, and if they make the wrong move, their game could be over very quickly.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be mean but I can't take it anymore. Michelle is NUTS! What school did she graduate from, anyone know? Could she be more awkward?

joy n said...

OT: More DWTS pair-ups leaked.

Cheryl Burke - Tom DeLay
Derek Hough - Joanna Krupa
Anna Trebunskaya - Chuck Liddell
Karina Smirnoff - Aaron Carter
Dmitry Chaplin - Mya
Lacy Schwimmer - Mark Dacascos
Louis van Amstel - Kelly Osbourne
Anna Demidova - Michael Irvin

Reported earlier:

Maksim Chmerkovskiy - Debi Mazar
Kym Johnson - Donny Osmond
Edyta Sliwinska - Ashley Hamilton
Alec Mazo - Natalie Coughlin

Only ones not yet leaked:

Macy Gray
Melissa Joan Hart
Kathy Ireland
Louie Vito

Just FYI

Laurie said...

Kind of off topic: These thoughts came to me while gardening earlier.

Jordon is the houseguest you would invite into your own home. She's soft spoken, cleans up after herself and is easy to be around. She entertains herself and is friends with everyone. I can just picture her at my house, playing with the dog and cat, helping with food prep and insisting on doing the dishes.

Somebody mentioned the other day the Jeff hadn't faced any real adversity in the house yet, hadn't been tested. I'm wondering is he's faced any real adversity in his real life yet. He's only 31 and he's kind of the all American guy. He's handsome, smart, straight, athletic, educated and white. Most of that is due to genes. I wonder if he's had to go against any kind of real adversity. It's not fair to make assumptions, but I do wonder if his life has been pretty easy so far.

That's all. Just my thoughts on those two.

gaylos said...

Hey everyone! I'm just checking in quickly while I have a couple minutes... Shout out to meb and margo, and excellent work as always Jackie! I have not hada chance to post but I've been doing my best to keep up with all the happenings.

I had my baby almost 4 weeks ago... baby boy like I suspected all along! All is well.

I had Lydiot in the pool, but I'm firmly behind Jeff and Jordan for the final two. They will only make it if they win comps though cause they're the only true alliance left in the house. Jeff is soooo cute! He'll be targeted though. I hope they keep their wits about them and beware of two-tongued Natalie and desperate Kevin.

I started off hating Russell, then after he won HOH and we saw a different side of him with his letter from his dad, and his alliance with Jeff, I liked him. But all that went away when he tried to through Jeff under the bus to Jessie.

Catch you guys another time!

Laurie said...

gaylos,congratulations on your baby boy. Glad you are feeling good enough to drop by!

Anonymous said...

I am 48 and have never felt the need to talk about my period to anyone other than my OB/GYN and only then with reluctance.
No wonder Jeff is cranky! Enough Jordan.

joy n said...

Just read an interview with People TV Watch and Lydia.

She said she won't tell what happened under the tepee with Jessie. (She doesn't really have to.)

Lydia also said that she packed her unicorn, Dae Dum Dum into Jessie's bag when he left. He had it SENT BACK to her. She said it now smells like him. eeewww! She thinks maybe he sprayed it with something but she'll have to ask him, "because it didn't smell like Jessie before". "It could have been a very romantic gesture." OMG!

Lydia is very disappointed in Chima for letting them down. But she still plans on the key tattoo on her leg and will add Jessie's, Chima's, Kevin's and maybe Natalie's name to it. "Only the people I liked."

She calls Jessie a "jerkopotamus" but also says maybe she and Jessie will have a wrestling match in the jury house. He would wear his Spandex and she will wear her uni. "Captain Unitard vs Mr. Pectacular"

She seems to think that Jessie has to "get back in her good graces". This girl needs to wake up.

Anonymous said...

I think Lydia will jump in bed with Jessie in 2 seconds. who is she fooling LOL

Anonymous said...

Jeff won the Veto!!

Cha Cha said...

I think this is the end of Jeff's game.....
If he takes Kevin down and Vote out Russell its OVER!!
He is saying that if he pull one of them down then next week they keep j/j off the block.
HELLO!!!! IDIOTS!!!! One of them will definetly go up!!!
Me thinks that Jeff needs to get some M&M's and figure out that one of them will go up.....

Anonymous said...

I guess he figures if say Kevin wins HOH he would nominate Michelle for sure and then Natalie?? Not very good logic, but luckily their side seems to be winning everything lately so who knows. They might have the power for the rest of the season which is good in that they're likable and everyone wants to see them in the final 2, but not very entertaining or unpredictable.

Sydney said...

thanks for the article JoyN. Anon 6:52, I agree! But what an ass he is to send the unicorn back.