Sunday, August 09, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Sunday Dawn 8/09

I spent a part of last night in anticipation of a house falling on Natalie. Those ARE the wicked witch's socks, right? Of course, Natalie being Natalie, the ruby slippers were more along the lines of huge quasi-fuzzy slip-on slippers which looked utterly ridiculous. Top the foot attire with baggy yellow gym shorts of one shade, an ASU sweatshirt of another yellow hue with the hood up ... and you have the Natalie fashion statement. I'm sure the look will take off all over the country.

Here's what's been going down in that Big Brother House of Unconditional Love and Respect:
  • Chima is still leading her boot Russell movement. She says she wouldn't have taken the $10,000 prize because she knew the others would be mad at her.
  • Chima also thinks they should have a maid. Um ... um ... aren't there several healthy young people with nothing to do most of time who are perfectly capable of cleaning up after themselves?
  • Jessie is very worried that Jeff might have the power. He's not being calm, cool, and collected about it all, either.
  • Jeff thinks Natalie is going around bullying people to not use the power.
  • Well, we know Natalie is one of the ones who won the movie because she's already making special candy and wine requests.
  • Chima, Natalie, and Jessie want to make sure that Lydia knows she's not going home this week and Kevin needn't use the PoV to save her.
  • Jessie is still going on about Russell picking Jeff to play for PoV instead of him. I guess it's one of those ultimate disrespect things.
  • While most think Jeff has the power, Kevin thinks it's Michele.
  • Russell, despite being told not to worry by Jeff, is planning his exit speech. He says it will be more explosive than any Chima tirade.
  • Lydia told Russell that Kevin won't be using the veto on her. (He told Chima he won't because they guaranteed that Lydia was safe this week.)
  • Chima had told everyone not to tell Russell or Jeff or Jordan that the veto won't be used.
  • But Lydia will be Lydia. Although they told her she's safe, she still would love to not be on the block at all. And, her best bud Kevin has the power.
  • Chima said Southerners can barely speak English. Oh my.
  • Jessie tried to convince Jeff that he and Natalie have their best interests at heart.
  • Yep, anyone want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?
  • Jeff is upset that Jordan didn't tell him that Russell said he stood a better chance on the block against Jeff. Jordan doesn't remember Russell saying that. (Neither do I, but I might have missed it.)
  • Who told Jeff that? Why, Jessie did.
  • Jessie told Jordan he's never lied to her while Russell is constantly lying.
  • Lydia fussed more with Kevin about not using the veto to save her. He says that not using it ensures that she'll stay.
  • Huh. I'd say using it would do that!
  • Russell told Jessie that he got Lydia and Kevin to fight over the veto and that if they (Natalie, Jessie, Jeff, and Jordan) stick to the plan, they have the votes.
  • Say what? Could it all be a scheme? Or is it alcohol and wishful thinking? Jessie's not a big drinker and he was imbibing.
  • In passing time, Jeff said he'd love to see Jessie on the block with Natalie.
  • Of course, he could make that happen.
  • Jessie said he thinks he's going home on Thursday.
  • Of course, that could happen.
  • In his drunken state, Jessie said someone will ride in on a unicorn Thursday to evict him.
  • Of course, I doubt that could happen.
  • And we thought Michele is the quirky one.
  • Jessie and Kevin rode bikes around the house. BB Voice: "I said, STOP THAT! DON'T DO IT AGAIN!"
  • They're all asleep as I get this posted.


Laurie said...

Good morning to all. Jackie, thanks for the post of what happened overnight. I think it will be more of the same all week, don't you?

Here's to a good show tonight that lets us see much of what we've heard about this week. Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

My ultimate wish.....That Jeff can give both Natalie and JESSE the boot!! Please!

Anonymous said...

Chimas comments about Southerners is so absurd..I am a Texas and proud of it...At least Texasns dont laugh like a hyiena, and have lips that are the size of a horse..I am sorry, but I hope Jeff uses the power and upsets Queen B Chima...haha...

AlbGlinka said...

Please Please Please Please Please Please make Jessie or Natalie go away off my TV screen!

I guess I could turn off the TV, but I can't.

I'm a little bothered here by comments about Chima's lips. not that I'm in love with her as a player, but... well I'll leave it at that.

Thanks for all the Feed updates Jackie, I am lost without them!

Lars said...

Good Morning to all.
Jackie do you know whether or not Kevin would be safe from the special powers if he uses the POV?

Would Lydia be safe?
Or would all three be safe from the powers? Chima, Kevin and Lydia?

I wonder if Kevin is worried about using the POV because of the wizard powers?

Lars Eller

Joe in NY said...

Hi Lars,

I'm not sure we know for sure, but Julie said that ONLY the POV holder and the HOH were immune from the CD'E. Interestingly, that would appear to mean that even if Kevin took Lydia down, Geoph could put her back up (not that I think he would, mind you).

But again, I'm not sure we're 100% sure. If Gioff exercises CD'E, is Chima eligible for HOH but not Gioff? Does Gioff cast tie-breaking vote? In the strictest meaning of the term, a coup d'etat is an overthrow. Technically, that should make Gioff HOH (for about 10 minutes), but I don't know that CBS structured it that way.

I haven't looked, is there any info on the CBS website about the details?

Witt said...

Joe, I agree...I wasn't comparing Jeff to Will in any way, shape or form. I don't know that Dan would have used the power either; it will be interesting to see how it all goes down.

You are right, I get FAR more information from Jackie than the episodes. I still watch though on Sun, Tue, and Thurs...just to see how they edit.

I will BRING the unicorn to take Jessie home...anyone know where I can borrow one? I will even feed him and give him a bath before I bring him back (the unicorn, not Jessie).

OT: I wore those striped socks of Natalie's one Halloween when dressed as Miss Viola Swamp (from the children's book Miss Nelson is Missing). I always knew they'd make a comeback!!

Witt :)

WV: cloonde: I read that George cloonde has a new girlfriend.

chris said...

according to mike boogie who had the power the season he won,
the hoh (chima) cant play again for HOH. Kevin the POV holder is safe no matter what.
Lydia could get taken off and put right back up by Jeff.
Jeff can play for HOH.
I hope he uses the power
i am sure the diary room segments will tell us his thought process.
some of us will agree and some will not.
clearly if he puts up jessie and nat and the remaining one does not get hoh then it was a good move.
if nat remains and gets HOH jeff will be the target no matter what!
just my opinion!

Joe in NY said...

I took a quick look on the CBS website: seems to be a lot of confusion over the exact rules of CD'E on the message boards but NO posting from CBS with an explanation - at least none that I can find.

It would be interesting, for example, if exercising CD'E meant that Gioff was outgoing HOH and couldn't compete. It would be a huge (IMHO) factor in deciding whether to use it or not since he would clearly be the biggest target in the next week. It also is potentially a big issue as to who casts the deciding vote or if Chima or Jeff votes at all, at least in determining who exactly leaves.

I'm rather surprised CBS hasn't fleshed this out for us, not that we could do anything about it, but it would be guaranteed to create an uproar if the "wrong" person got booted.

Joe in NY said...


Interesting, thanks. Hope that's accurate.

As for next week's HOH, I don't think it is just Jetski and Nasty that he'd have to worry about.

Sissy said...

not sure we know for sure, but Julie said that ONLY the POV holder and the HOH were immune from the CD'E. Interestingly, that would appear to mean that even if Kevin took Lydia down, Geoph could put her back up (not that I think he would, mind you).

Well, I'm not sure but if Kevin used the POV to save Lydia, then wouldn't Lydia have the POV around her neck and Jeff could put up Kevin? Of course I'm sure Jeff won't do that but maybe that's why Kevin is hesitant to use it, because he would then be vunerable. That's a good question though, who really has the POV, the one who won it or the one saved from elimination.

Witt said...

Sissy, I think "POV" would mean Kevin -- he won it, so it is his. Him saving Lydia doesn't transfer it to her, it takes her off the block but I don't think it becomes "hers."

Witt :)

WV: pacts: There are too many pacts in this game to keep track of.

meb said...

sort of off topic: I tried very hard NOT to remember Evel Dick and his not so darling daughter!... But yes, they did win 1 and 2... much to my chagrin.

Joe it amazes me that you think Jeff should NOT use the pow4er handed to him. You truly believe he would align with Jessyschmesy after not using it. If Jess won HOH or Nat or Chima or probably anyone in the house except Jordon and possibly Russell... they would put Jeff right on the block immediately. You think Jessy would be loyal to Jeff? Yes, absolutely, same way he was to Casey.

With American voting Jeff the power, he must realize we want those skanks gone.

I hope he will use the power and I hope he will be the next HOH. If so, then hopefully the other Jessilie will go!

BTW.. Witt.. I never included you in comparing Jeff to Will... You didn't word your comment the way Joe did... it certainly appeared that Joe was comparing Jeff's play to Will's play...and there is no comparison.

meb said...


Jackie: Chima's outfit looks very similar to a young girl who worked at our nutrition club doing community service for school. She wore those socks with flowered dresses that showed as much as she could show without being arrested. Thank God she didn't have much to show. She was 14.

I wanted to tell her she couldn't dress that way, but her mother was a friend of my daughter and you know how that goes. I cringed everytime I saw her enter the club.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you mean about comments regarding Chima's lips, but if she would stop spewing BS out of them, people would have less to say. Face it, her mouth is awful. She should be ashamed of herself.

Anonymous said...

Witchy sock commentary was priceless. OVERTHROW NESSIE! DING DONG, da, da, da dum!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the feeds this morning, I see that Nat is still wearing that outfit.

Connie in Fl (formerly SC) said...

Subject: Chima-Shima. During the phone calls she made a remark about viewers. She thinks that BB
watchers are middle America in the
South. She was thinking middle-class America in the South. I'm a
Southerner and take offence. To me that is no different than a racist remark. She is smart but not as smart as she thinks. And not as adult as she thinks. If she should win I will be finished with BB!
Thanks guys for allowing me to vent.

wv: mudingf
Throw Chima-Shima in the mudingf!

sizzie said...

Jeff is 5'11". He and Kevin think Jess must be about that,too.

Jeff weighed this week and is 183 pounds. All this was spoken because of Jeff being on slop.

Except for making a hg cranky and not rested for comps, I think Jeff being a have not might work for him. since many think he has the coup, his winning at pov and any prizes (like the trip ) would be a little too much to bear. also, whenever anyone tries to talk to him about something he doesn't want to talk about, he says "i'm just so fing hungry, you know what I mean, that's all I can think of right now'.

sizzie said...

Nat is showering right now. didn't she just do that yesterday? or the day before? She mentions people being able to see into the shower, so maybe her lack of cleanliness is modesty. She hates bugs. She ran from one in the backyard. Several comments by hgs on how to use a bug to scare her.

my wv is dogra maybe the dogma of bb is dogra

Laurie said...

Connie in FL, I agree that some of what comes out of her mouth is racist. Chima lives in her own world and appears to have some ridiculous beliefs that she sees as truths. Her generalizations about people are abhorrent to me. I wonder if those comments will be shown on national tv? I think not!

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

Regarding Chima's power-alliance. Remember, Chima is HOH so of course everyone is rallying around her and doing whatever she says!

When she's out of the HOH room, things change again. C'mon people, we know this.

Jessie is the biggest mass in that house that has it's own gravity field that draws everything toward it, which is the very reason that he must go this week. Jeff knows this.

Russell on the other hand seems to repel anything that gets near him, so in Jeff's mind, he's the one to keep around because there will always be someone (if not everyone) who wants him out, thus providing a shield for Jeff.

Jeff not using the coup this week just ensures J/J's demise that much sooner. Keeping Russell at least extends it for, hopefully, a week. I do think that if Russ won HOH he'd keep Jeff and target his ex-BFD friends first.

What Jeff needs to do, after the POV ceremony, is start pressing very hard on people. He needs to get aggressive and start making deals all over the place, so that when the coup happens, he's got his captains and soldiers in place (just like a real coup). If he just passively goes along, then his days are numbered.

For example, he needs to get Michele and Russell into a therapy session so they all 3 can hammer out all the past stories (because really, there's not much there if they would just do a thorough job of it, once and for all).

Chima will cast Nat aside the minute it makes sense, and will use the GR lie story to do so. Once Jessie, her corroborating story, is gone, Nat is alone in her bed of lies.

Jeff needs to also recruit Lydia and Kevin to some degree.

Course then if they're all on one side again, nothing matters, lol.

A house divided without Jessie would looke like what? Of course, whoever the new HOH will determine much of that, but Jeff needs to get his foot in the door early. I think he'd have it with Jordan and Russell at least. He needs to secure it with Michele, Lydia and Kevin somehow.

Laurie said...

General FA, I follow your lead. I think you are spot on with what you said, including the idea that Jeff knows this and will act on it. This is only Sunday and it's a long hot four days in front of them before anything else happens.

I, a common foot soldier, salute you!

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

Do any of us regulars here chat at the jokers site? If so, we should have a secret hand signal of some sort to recognize one another.

I've started going there and wonder if anyone here is there.


Anonymous said...

Good post FA, I totally agree with all you said.
It would be such a mistake for Jeff not to use the coup this week.
Nessie will fester and gain power if he ignores it.

Delee said...

I totally missed the squirrel in the graveyard...duh.

Wow I won...
Horse flies range in size from 3/4 to 1-1/4 inches long and usually have clear or solidly colored wings and brightly colored eyes.
Being a farm girl, I knew what that was...also have been bit by them...ouch...

Laurie said...

FA, I have not chatted at Joker's, only read about the stuff going on occasionally.

meb said...

FA... I don't chat over at Joker's either... prefer to stay here where it's "safe". Jackie always keeps it under control. I do go over a read on occasion.

meb said...

OMG Laurie... the socks are hilarious. Actually brought out a real LOL.

monty924 said...

FA, I love your shield analogy for Russ/Jeff. We all know that is all Jessie was doing with Ronnie - loyalty/smoyalty. He wanted Ronnie there to be a human shield because Ronnie would have always been a target before Jessie.

If Jeff is as smart as I think he is, he will use the WIZARD on Thursday.

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

Just to clarify re: jokers - i mean specifically the chat function as opposed to the forum. I don't post on the forum, this is my only BB forum.

But for real time chat, I go there to discuss the live feeds while they're happening.

sizzie said...

FA, I heard (but wasn't home to watch) the Chima and Russ had another snit going today. So much time until Thursday. Those two dramaistas want all the camera time they can get.

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

sizzie, yeah apparently right before they went into see the movie.

Russell is playing the "I'm the bad guy everyone should want to take to the end because he'll never win" card.

teabbfan said...

kevin told nat that she looked like ronald mcdonald when she donned the yellow hood jacket with the ww socks

teabbfan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becky said...

Anon, I am from Texas too and I was offended by Chima saying that Southerners can't talk. Yes, we can. We just savor our words and not spit them out like we have worms in our mouth!

Laurie, the socks needed a spit alert!

General FA, I too salute you. But I don't want to be a foot soldier, I have bad feet.... and as Chima says, I am a middle class American who doesn't know how to talk! What Chimouth doesn't realize is that upper class America can't stand her and lower $$ America can't either, not just middle America.

She has told everyone she will throw a hissy fit if her nominations are over thrown and that they will have to remove her from the house. Let's see if she is all mtalk if it happens. I bet she is just like Ronnie and his telling off the house.... all bark, no bite.

I do hope Jeff uses the wizard and puts Jessy and Nasty on the block. I disagree with Joe, I don't think it will make the target any larger.

WV plita. Chimouth is not a plita (Southern for polite) person.

OT Joe, how is Willie today? OT

Becky said...

Explanation for non Southerners -- a hissy fit is a yelling fit that is heck to behold. To be NOT from the South, Chimouth has thrown some doozies.

Anonymous said...

I think FA should invade the BB house and make things happen just as mentioned. Sounds perfect to me.
ANYTHING to get rid of Jesse and Natalie.
Could this possibly be a double eviction>?