Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Sunday Dawn 8/23

Talking, talking ...

Kevin works his matchmaking mojo guessing Jeff's type of gal.

Okay, it's official. I would like Natalie's head to blow up the next time she calls someone, especially a woman, "dude." I've had it! If someone called me "dude," I'd probably go into my Robert DiNiro Taxi Driver character mode ... "Are you talkin' to me? Are YOU talkin' to ME?" Bam!

I live in a very urban mean streets kind of area (well, not so much right in my neighborhood) and I don't hear the women her age call other woman "dude." I saw a guy address an NYPD cop as "dude" once. I thought the cop was going to go all Taxi Driver, but he just lectured him.

Here's what's been happening in that Big Brother House of Underlying Psychosis:
  • Jordan didn't realize the "90210" part of Bevery Hills 90210 was the zip code.
  • Jordan and Jeff are seriously considering backdooring Russell.
  • Jeff said he'd take Kevin off the block and put up Russell. He didn't tell Kevin, of course.
  • Jeff, Jordan, Kevin, and Natalie trashtalked about Jessie.
  • Kevin said that Jessie was the hated fool last season and should have expected it this season.
  • Russell and Michele are both bothered that Kevin and Natalie are spending so much time with Jeff and Jordan.
  • Jeff brought up Russell's vote to keep Jessie. Russell once again said he promised him.
  • Russell told Jeff that he keeps his word.
  • Jeff told Jordan he's a bit worried about trusting Kevin and Natalie because he really hasn't talked to them much since the start. He thinks they'll owe him big time if he saves them and backdoors Russell.
  • Kevin and Natalie are already talking about knocking Jeff out next week if one of them get HOH.
  • But Jeff doesn't know this.
  • Of course, Russell and Michele are talking about taking Jeff out, too.
  • The only one not talking about taking Jeff out is Jordan.
  • Bless her heart.
  • Jordan feels uncomfortable around Russell. She thinks he used them to get Chima out of the house.
  • Jeff made a deal with the devil ... er, Natalie. Oh, and Kevin.
  • Yep, the final four deal is that he saves them this week by backdooring Russell. Natalie promised not to put him on the block.
  • Kevin said (if he won HOH), he'd put up Natalie and Michele and they'd vote Michele out.
  • Jeff is doing this thinking they'll honor the deal as he would have saved them twice now.
  • I don't think honor is a part of the BB backstabbing greed.
  • Then, after all that, Jeff told Jordan he's not 100% sure he'll use the veto.
  • Waffles, anyone?
  • Ohh ... Natalie and Kevin discussed game strategy in Spanish and got busted for a rules violation.
  • Heh.
  • BB apparently went as far as to tell them they could be expelled from the house for the violation. Oh, big time crime! They're both mad and Kevin is blaming Natalie.
  • Natalie wants to find it in the rule book.
  • Kevin said just not to do it again.
  • Kevin told Natalie she should work on being more positive around Jeff. He pointed out that he's stopped doing things he know annoy Jeff like complaining about things in the house, etc.
  • Then Natalie and Kevin once again schemed to get rid of Jeff next week.
  • In English, mind you.
  • Lots of small talk and laundry doing ... apparently the PoV comp really did a job on their clothes.
  • Jordan was surprised when Russell referred to her and Jeff as the showmance of the season. She thinks they're good friends who hang out a lot together.
  • Kevin still seems to think Natalie's older than she says she is. He's right, of course. The only people who knew her real age are gone (Chima and Jessie).
  • Russell and Michele talked some more. Russell claims he likes Jeff and Jordan but feels they're (Russell and Michele) getting played.
  • Russell and Michele think Jeff wanted Kevin to win the PoV so he would have "no blood on his hands."
  • Jordan thinks Natalie sounds sincere.
  • I think Natalie is only sincere when she's sleeping.
  • Russell told Michele he'll unleash holy hell if he gets backdoored.
  • Oh, my. Russell is so ... so ... Chima-esque!
  • Jeff told Jordan that he thinks Russell would keep him (Jeff) next week, but not Jordan. He thinks Jordan is more safe with keeping Natalie and Kevin.
  • Yikes!
  • To be honest, I think at this point, any scenario is dangerous for Jeff and Jordan. I think Russell may actually have Jeff's back to a point due to giving his word. But all bets are off with the others -- Michele, Kevin, and Natalie.
  • Jeff and Jordan are going to have to keep having the power as they're the main targets in the game now.
  • No one wants to be with Jordan in the final two (except Jeff). Her niceness paints the bullseye smack dab on her back. Since Jeff has started winning, it's all that much more important to get him out.

Russell worries. As he should.

Michele takes off her slippers and puts on her socks to go to bed with Russell. I don't think her husband has any worries.


meb said...

I think Jeff and Jordon have problems, no matter who goes home this week. Jeff can't play for HOH and so they have to rely on Jordon to win the HOH competition. Love the girl, but need I say more???

Of course if Jeff is on the block, he can try to win POV, but that's always up for grabs.

Delee said...

It is so hard to watch the waffling. Of course, at this point everyone is fodder in being nom'ed. N/K will bite J/J in a minute if given the chance. Love the speaking Spanish warning.

I still think J/J/R/M should be the final 4. N/K have too many friends (?) in the JH, for the GG to win in the final 2.

JohnNClaire said...

Anyone else SCREAMING at Jeff to keep Russell?! No, really, literally screaming. Despite all their paranoia, Russell is the sole body in the house that will keep his word to J/J. I say get out Nat, Michele, Kevin in that order.

And Russell, start campaigning wouldja?! Save your ass!

Sydney said...

WTF is Jordan's problem? Maybe her telling Jeff's plans stuff is her way of playing to get jury votes? I know, not that much thought would have been put into it. I mean, I'd really be pissed at her if I were him. SHUT UP Jordan,

And I still want to know -- what did Natalie do that has them so all about her? Doesn't Jeff ever say he would not win against Natalie? He's a thinking man. She has all the jury votes, even if he pissed very few people off in there, she is their girl. COME ON PEOPLE! This is where I miss Dr. Will and Nakomis. They kept thinking all they way through.

sizzie said...

What if Russ does go up and Natalie is voted out? could that happen? Not that Jeff asked for it but that the voters did it on their own. could that happen?

Jackie, thanks for the posts and photos. I am having a hard time getting on the blog, so don't come here as often as I would like. It is taking a long time for it to load for me. Not sure why, but I keep clearing out the memory...much like the hgs, it seems.

Sasha said...

Sizzie, I was having the same problem (slow loading of this blog)using aol but I changed to using a different browser (firefox)and it loads very quickly. Maybe try a different browser?

RyzandShyn said...

I agree with you, Jackie, the J&J duo have no easy answers to who goes next.

Although I wouldn't want Natalie in the JH for so long with just Jesse and Lydia because of the trash talking and resultant voting ideologies formed by that, I DO think Natalie has to go this week.

Russell is paranoid anyway, he'll just continue to be paranoid. He can't convince anyone of anything because everybody is suspect of conversations they have with him. Natalie, on the other hand, seems to be able to convince everyone of anything. Yep, she's my choice for this week now.

RyzandShyn said...

yes, JohnNClaire, I'm screaming it now too. I waffled myself, but I agree that Russell should stay before Natalie.
Russell does pride himself on his word and appreciates that Jeff has kept his. I hope Jeff sees that Natalie is playing the classic liars version of BB and isn't as dedicated to her word.

wv: soakeers
J&J are a couple of soakeers if they believe Natalie won't put them up.

Anonymous said...

They have to get rid of Kevin and Natalie first before backdooring Russell. IF by some quirky chance either of them make final 2, K&N have the votes in the jury house.

Jackie said...

That's a thought -- what browser are you folks using who are having problems with the blog? I use Firefox and have no issues. I'm thinking you might be using Internet Explorer. If you are, I suggest a switch to Firefox -- it's definitely better and more safe, too.

Jackie said...

Added note: The Windows Internet Explorer browser specifically through AOL tends to have all kinds of issues. You can download Mozilla's Firefox right here

Anonymous said...

I'm using Explorer with no problem, but NOT via AOL.

Jackie said...

AOL tends to not update the browser -- that's why I gave it up a few years back. I had problems with pages freezing and slow loading.

JimmyB said...

They should backdoor Michele. She's very unpredictable; Russell is trustworthy--I'd keep him as long as possible and try to make a final 3 deal.

Becky said...

Jackie, I am having trouble with AOL loading your blog. Well, it loads, but immediately it freezes the computer up. I can't go anywhere or do anything after that, not even close out the blog.

I am not having problems with Explorer. I can read mail and your blog fine with it.

sizzie said...

Amazing difference! I just installed Firefox as the browser and left AOL for everything else. I should have done it years ago. thanks for the help, and the best part is I can be back at Jackie's :)

my wv is humsing I am humming and singing

sizzie said...

I picked my avatar the day the hgs did the tie dying. I hadn't planned to keep it, but realized the design does speak of the game. All the seperate parts spiral into one place. Maybe they will tie dye tonight?

meb said...

Suzanne... My wv is humsa so I immediately had to comment. You keep humming and I humsa along with you!

I changed my avatar back to the tried and true, but I may look for something specific for tonight.

PlaidChick said...

Everything points to them BD'ing Russell, and if that happens, look out, Russell will explode.

I think Russell and Michele are more trust worthy than Natalie and Kevin. J/J are not thinking it to the jury, they do have the votes. If one of those two win HOH next week, Jeff will go up.

I can't believe that have yet again listened to one of the TH's lies and fell for it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jackie, I had to laugh about the guy calling the NY poloce officer dude.. I live in Queens, and my car was broken into. I dutifully reported the incident, so crime is not under-reported. The two officers that showed up were very young, and kept calling me, a 46 yr old woman, DUDE! I kept looking around for Ashton Kutscher, sure I was being Punk'd, but the only goofballs around were the two cops! I keep thinking about that lately, every time I hear Natalie say dude at odd and/or inappropriate times! I love the blog, read it daily but don't usually post. Thanks for all you do, JeanBean

PDX Granny said...

I can't believe I'm really saying this. Nastily seems to be playing the better game right now. Somehow she's managed to get Jeff & Jordon to forget her past alliances and her vow for vengeance. They both seemed pretty good at reading people. For Nat to be in their good graces now, is a feat to be appreciated. I guess. : (

I just really like J & J and want them to take it all. I wish they could see they have a much better chance up against either Russ or Michelle in the F2 than Nat or Kevin.

WV = dedset
I'm dedset against Nastily winning, even tho right now she's playing the best game.

Anonymous said...

It seems that if you watch showtime after dark you get all the same info that people who pay for the live feeds get. What is up with that? I wanna see and know things that I don't get on after dark!

Billy Brown said...

I think the only real hope Jeff and Jordan have next week is if Jordan wins HOH again. That's the only way they know for sure that they are safe. Russel has been a man of his word though and I think anyone has a better shot at being voted for in the jury house for the win than he does except maybe Michelle because she's been right there alongside him scheming and denying too.

Laurie said...

Well, PDX, I think you made a good point. We may not like Natalie but she playing the best game, which is funny since she hasn't won anything. Even her phone call from home was won by losing the HOH comp.

I won't be home to watch the show tonight so I'll catch up tomorrow. At least I already know the outcome, thanks to Jackie's excellent blog!

Patti in Okla said...

I have a question. How do you set Firefox as your browser? I am downloading it now.

joy n said...

At the end of installation, it will ask you if you want it as your default browser.

Patti in Okla said...

Thanks Joy, I guess I just got in too big of a hurry.

chris said...

well I think jeff/jordan
officially blew their alliance with R/M
not sure why russell did not go to them and get back in theri good graces etc etc
jeff is as good as done unless jordan wins hoh
argh frustrating
i do not want gnat to win the entire thing.

sizzie said...

The two nominated this week are very important, because, as Michelle pointed out to me (she was talking to Jordan but Jordan didn't hear it the way I did) that two people decide who will go home. There are 6 in the house and 3 can't vote. If the noms stay the same, Russ and Michelle can decide who to send home. They will be outing their alliance and making HOH Jeff mad, but they will have to do that soon anyway.

If Russ is put up then the player who comes off, Jordan and Michelle would be voting. Jordan will vote for who Jeff wants, but what about the other two. Michelle doesn't want Russ to go home and she doesn't want to have to make the move that shows that unless she could get one more to vote with her.

Michelle said today when Jordan was explaining to her (Mic) that she must dump Russ because all he wants Michelle for is to get to the F2 with her (which I found to be a weak argument on Jordan's part). Michelle says (pensively) the vote will have to be at least 2 to 1 this week and next there could be a tie with HOH breaking it.


Nancy said...

I love firefox. Thanks Jackie

sizzie said...

I forgot to add that Kevin has shown some annoyance with Nat. If he came off the block and Russ went up, it is possible that Michelle and he could vote Nat out, leaving an alliance of 3 (Mi, Ke, Russ) against the J's.

Jordan also said today (during the same conversation) that Mic shouldn't think of Jef and jor as a pair because that isn't so. Jeff does his hoh and she would do hers the way they wanted...then she uses Dianne as an example of how a pair an get to the finals and not pick each other.

monty924 said...

Back from a weekend vacation and ready for some HoH action tonight. See you all in the comments.

Carol said...

That talking photo looks very funny ha ha!!!
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