Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Tuesday Dawn 8/04

With the thought of the "wizard" power hanging over their heads, all of the hamsters are a bit antsy.

Here' the latest scoop:
  • Michele told Jeff and Jordan that she has a PhD.
  • Russell doesn't quite trust Michele.
  • Chima is mad at Russell.
  • People think Russell has deals with everyone.
  • Other people think Michele is playing both sides of the house.
  • The lies continue to go around -- Chima went to Jeff and Jordan to tell them that "people" are saying that Jordan doesn't like Jeff, she's just playing him.
  • Lydia is back to playing and wrestling Jessie.
  • All heck breaks loose. Ronnie gets into a chest-thumping scream match with Kevin.
  • Chima was screaming at Russell and called him a terrorist.
  • She also commented on the size of his manhood!
  • Natalie went after Michele for supporting "racist" Braden.
  • Jeff tried to break it all up.
  • The diary told all of the ones involved to break it up and gave them a warning for fighting.
  • And the beat goes on.
  • It's a ball of confusion.
  • It's to the point that I'm really not sure who's lying to whom. Natalie told Jeff that the Casey backdoor was the plan all along because Casey was targeting Chima.
  • The Jeff and Jordan duo seemed to survive all the rumors and accusations.
  • Right now everyone is still up, not fighting. Ronnie is still extolling his virtues.
  • Someone will find out about the "wizard" powers tonight.


Petals said...

G'morning & thank you as always to Ms Jackie, hello to all {special early morning kiss to Joe}

Wh-wh-WHAT!?! Actual late night drama? Chest-bumping? Penis-mentioning? WOW! Well, finally people with live feeds get something - LOL. And..*ahem* great screen cap. blech.

have a great day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

I hope everybody finds out that Jessie and Nat told that lie about Michelle trying to save Ronnie and I hope it is Chima who tells since she knows J & N won't to keep Russ over Michelle. Fingers crossed :) ( i feel so bad for Michelle)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why everyone seems to dislike Michelle. Is it because of all of the lies Ronnie told about her. I don't remember her doing all that much to anyone and no one really ever talked to her did they? She did vote out Chima over Braden but she admitted to that. Why does everyone think she's a liar?

Anonymous said...

Jessie and Nat told Russ that michelle came to them in the GR and said that if they wanted to keep ronnie that they need her vote and she would need their protection> ( but she didn't it was a lie) And russ believed them inthe end after talking to her> Jessie made the story up to save Ronnie J& N told Chima the lie and was going to tell Russ that it was a lie and C & N talked him out of it. But Chima knows it is a lie and needs to tell the house because che knows J&N want to keep Russ and not Michelle

chris said...

now when you vote, the pictures and names change places each and every time.
keep voting Jeff

at least I am

jeff, russell and jordan need to make sure ronnie still goes
that would be awful if the twit stayed smug ugh!

Anonymous said...

Chima will never tell them about the lie until she gets mad at either Jess or Nat.

Chauncey, not Billups said...

Looks like the TH are starting to feel the pressure of not being in control and striking out. If i was Jeff and Jordan i would just continue to lay low and work Russell. It's good to see the others squirm.

teabbfan said...
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Anonymous said...

What videos on YouTube?

Margo said...

hey the names are all messed up on the America vote again does that mean my 3 days of voting are for not?


WV poopityl hee hee it says poop

sizzie said...

Jeff said last night (several were around the hot tub) that Ronnie was right when he (Ron) said that words are nothing and people are stupid (or crazy..I don't remember the word Jeff used) if they listen to him (ron). Because, Jeff says, all of you are crazy if you believe anything he says since you know he will say anything and he has explained to you he will say anything.

So, at one point in last night's word fest, Jeff was thinking clearly. By the live feed view of BB, where we get to see multiple plans hatched, I saw Jessie, Nat, Chima, Ronnie remaining firm. I saw Michelle still thinking each move through, but seeing that she has no standing in the J & N club.

Jeff also said to the hot tub group, that Ronnie will continue to cause turmoil until he is out of the house.

Anyone but Jeff said...

Jeff also said to the hot tub group, that Ronnie will continue to cause turmoil until he is out of the house.

8/04/2009 10:15 AM

But is it really Ronnie causing the turmoil? He tried a few lies this week and no one believed him. Appears to be Natalie who has the game on this week. LOVE her!!!

Laurie said...

I need several more cups of tea to even make sense of what I'm reading about last night. Maybe I'll just wait for the fallout and not try to figure it out.

wv: warie

I'm warie of anything anyone in the bb house says right now.

Anonymous said...

teabbfan: what video? HIS BB INTERVEIWS

sizzie said...

Anyone But said:

But is it really Ronnie causing the turmoil?


Nat is working it for herself or for Jessie, but they want to keep Ronnie. So with all of them playing to keep, Ronnie is cause.
They are playing the game and working it hard. I don't see Ronnie as the leader, but he is making sure he tries everything he can and so is his alliance.

We wanted game play and that is what we are seeing.

PlaidChick said...

CBS is changing the America's Vote thing on purpose, because many people said they would use some sort of ro-bot program to vote for Ronnie over and over. If they keep changing the names/positions, the bots can't keep up.

Last night was crazy. I wish these people would wake up. Everytime Nessie stir up the pot (with Ronnie's help) Jessie dissapears. When they outed Ronnie the first time, Jessie was nowhere to be seen. Same thing happened last night.

I still think the votes stand as:

Jordan: Ronnie
Jeff: Ronnie
Kevin: Ronnie
Michele: Ronnie
Jessie: Lydia
Natalie: Lydia
Chima: probably Lydia, but I don't know with her.

It's offcial: Throwing water on someone is definitely OK in the BB house. Chima told the whole house she was going to do it, she filled a glass of water and started it up again with Russell,and did it. It should be said she asked the DR if she could do it, and they said it's discouraged, but they didn't say she couldn't.

Ohhh and Ronnie fake crying to Chima after Kevin and him got into it? Pulllease...

PlaidChick said...

Natalie and Jessie wanted to cause doubt Michele's loyality in the Jeff, Jordan, Russell, Michele alliance. They decided to keep quiet about the plan until after the POV ceremony, because at that point Russell becomes powerless.

So with every word that comes out of Ronnie is lies, Jessie and Natalie started working Russell. They know he won't listen to Ronnie. Natalie works it pretty hard because well she is Jessie's pit bull.

Russell fell for the lies, Chima and Michele attacked him, and Ronnie sat back with his evil smile the whole night. The only person who called out Ronnie again was Kevin. Nice to see him speak up finally.

I have to give props to Jeff for keeping his cool. He's right, if anyone believes what he says at any time, they're idiots.

Russell is d-u-n

Ariel said...

I have been reading Jackie's blogs for the last 3 years and have never commented, but I'm just a little disturbed that CBS chose Ronnie... With the YouTube videos of him and his wife (SO CREEPY) and all the lying he does in real life... (He even admits to cyber bullying) He should never have been allowed to play in this game...

I really want Jeff to win, he is one of the most genuine people I've ever seen on this show. Not that being Genuine should help you win... but I do like him. I hope he gets the CDT!!!

Anyway, thanks everyone else for always saying what I'm thinking...

cha cha said...

I am hoping that Chima does tell Michelle the truth. She should to team up with J/J/M.

Jesse--he is just a big p*ssy. Running away and not defending anyone.

Lydia- she is a sh*t starter but didn't in this situation.

Ronnie- fake crying last night was great. I called it the second BBAD cut to him and Chima.

Jordan--still playing a little dumb. I could see Jeff was a little agitated that she was talking to much to Chima

Scrappy-- She just wants to start everything and then make it look like its everyone else but her.

Russell- I was beginning to like him but can't believe he is falling for Jesse's lies.

Kevin-- Loved that he went off on Ronnie. Its about time.

Michelle- poor thing she is just screwed. She needs to stick with J/J.

Ariel said...

Didn't Evil Dick get in trouble for throwing water in Jen's face a few seasons ago? They didn't kick him out then...

joy n said...

Oy! These hg's are giving me a headache.

Cha Cha said...

ED didn't get in trouble but Jen did for destroying his cigs..

Anonymous said...

I know...it is a game...it is a TV show...everyone wants drama. I do too, but Ronnie AND Jesse are bottom feeders. I find it hard to watch with those two. They are totally disgusting. They must have worked hard to get some pretty ickey people this year. I am not all that thrilled with Chima either. Oh well. I don't really like Natalie...but she is playing the game and that I respect and its GAME. Ronnie/Jesse......NOT SO MUCH!!
Please let Jeff or Jordon get the CDT.

Nana in the NW said...

OMG--my head is swimming trying to keep all of this straight!! I don't care whose throwing water, chest-thumping, hiding, or talking about the size of Russell's ****....just as long as Ronnie the Rat walks out the door on Thurs.!! Sounds like the confinement is finally getting to them. Most of this hysteria seems to have started with Nat/Jessie. They are panicking now that they don't have the control...good! I feel bad for Michele, too. I haven't heard her saying anything that bad about others but she does seem to be the outcast. Just wait until they start piping in the "messages" from America. That should really stir the pot!

I think I need to go to Youtube and watch some of this.....

Darn!! I never get any fun wv....scomia.....sounds like some kind of skin disease!

joy n said...

Nana, be sure to watch the spoof of Jesse, Natalie, Ronnie and Lydia. It's hilarious!

Cha Cha said...

what am I doing wrong, I am not finding anything on Ronnie and his wife.

sizzie said...

I am more awake now than I was last time I commented. I had so many typos, I doubt anyone could make sense of what I was thinking. My head was working faster than my fingers, which seems to be the opposite of Lydia.

I am glad she is on the block. I hope she stays, so Ronnie can go, but I am very glad Lydia doesn't have a vote (unless somehow she is removed by a wizard and then gets to vote).

Nat showed me she is more of a game player last night than I had seen before. Early in the game she has jumped right in the middle of things. Last night she knew her assignment and was methodical about fulfilling it. She is a player and when the two are rated, I never see her as the real helper, but more the power behind the Jess scenes. He sees himself as the King, of course. Maybe the two (J and N) together make one player (like Dr Will and Boogie). Jessie uses his facade but she is doing the work. They are a curious pair. I can't tell if the talk of the girl alliance goes over Jessies head as being impossible or if he realizes it could come to pass.

Just because I can see her game play doesn't mean I am on the Nessie train. That train has been coasting into the station all season and it is interesting to see them have to step it up to try to keep going. But...they are playing defense right now. If they were better at the game or had paid attention to Russell earlier they would still be coasting.

Part of last night was that the hgs thought the wizard had already been crowned and they wanted to take advantage of turning a head if possible. imo

Cha Cha said...

I just checked the feeds. Russell is buying what Jesse is saying again this morning about everything.

I thought I was liking Russell finally. Guess he is just another PIN HEAD


Why can't Natalat go make Jesse another sandwich.

joy n said...

I can't find the clips of Ronnie and his wife either.

sizzie said...

cha cha said: I just checked the feeds. Russell is buying what Jesse is saying again this morning about everything.

I haven't seen the feeds yet today. Maybe it is good timing as Russ seems to change daily and there is still some time before the next HOH and eviction. Maybe that is showing Jeff (I hope) that Rus can't be trusted but can be used.

Anonymous said...

Ok people.....what is this You Tube video you're speaking of? I went to you tube, and typed in his name, but only get snip-its from BB. Can someone post a link to the video with his wife that is causing this ruckus?

Katie in Chi

monty924 said...

Ariel, ED didn't throw water in Jen's face. He dumped his glass of tea over her head, and didn't get in trouble for that one. He might have got a talking to, but even Allison Grodner said back then it "was only tea".

I thought Russell was playing with a more level head than weeks 1 and 2, and then last night happened. I knew the minute Jessie went to the HOH and stayed there for at least 30-45 minutes ALL HELL was going to break loose. Russell is too emotional and personal of a player. He'd be better off to adopt a more laid back approach. He's only painting a target on his own back with each outburst.

I also feel bad for Michelle. Ronnie, Nasty and Pinhead have really did a number on her reputation in the house, and ROnnie started it all week 1.

Ariel said...

The creepy clips of ronnie and his wife are Chip and Zach Episodes... They have a sock monkey that his wife pretends to be sleeping with (and is kissing on) the sock monkey. Creepy.


There are also forums on the CBS site talking about how people thought his wife was cheating. There probably isn't anyway to find out if the user on cheatnet.com (or whatever) was his wife. Someone logged on and asked if anyone could make a autobot that would vote for ronnie. They gave the website.

This link is his Solitary 3.0 Audition...

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness CBS changed the way voting is done so that the bots are pretty much useless now.

RBennie said...

It' times like this - when there's some real action going on in the house - when I wish I had the live feeds! As much as I hate the idea, if J&N can manage to turn things around and save Ronnie, that would go down as one of the biggest moves in BB history. Since I dislike Lydia every bit as much as I do Ronnie, I wouldn't be too upset if she went home instead.

Cha Cha said...

So I watched about two minutes of this video of Ronnie. He is appalling. He has to go Thursday.

joy n said...

I just watched that clip. Ronnie is a nerd, indeed. He's not funny. He can't sing. He can't act. But he really seems to think he can do all those things. He and his wife are both weird.

Anonymous said...

The house guest that are eligble to vote dont really need Russell's okay on who to vote for Jeff, Jordan, Michelle and Kevin do not like Ronnie, the others Jesse, Natalie, and Chima can vote for Ronnie to stay but they wont have the numbers, and if for some reason Michelle is stupid enough to change sides I hoping that the Coup De Tat' winner ( hopely Jeff) will be told before the voting that he could change the noms, which would scare the S*** out of Jess, Chima and Nat and maybe they will shut up about saving Ronnie.

Cha Cha said...

If Jeff does get the CDT he could use in Thursday. Would he want to chance keeping ronnie here for another week?
I think its a great idea to change up the nominees to Natalie and Jess that way one would definetly go.
I also think its a great idea to keep it until next week if by some chance He and Jordan are on the block or even just him or just jordan

RBennie said...

I don't think Jeff should use the coup d'etat this week under any circumstances. He and Jordan are definitely safe and that's all he should be worried about right now. Save it for next week when he might really need it.

Anonymous said...

Cha Cha said...
So I watched about two minutes of this video of Ronnie. He is appalling. He has to go Thursday.

So funny. LOL

Michelle and Russ are the only ones up and talking. Does that mean they made peace with each other? Does Russ know that all the hoopla last night was caused by Jess and Nat's lie earlier, and Chima acting like a scorned woman?

Seeing Kevin riled up at Ronnie was a side of him that was very cool to watch.

Yay! Ronnie is still leaving and the guy with the best legs in the house will be AC. <---my prediction.

Anyone but Jeff said...

I really don't see how it matters if Ronnie goes or not. He's creepy, a poor game player, a poor sport, and borderline insane (methinks!) but in the end he's not really capable of being anything but a vote. He has no credibility and is too transparent to be an effective advocate.

Now, if Lydia is really a Jessie Posse member (I can't tell, she's all over the place), it is moot whether she or Ronnie goes home. Frankly, I think Lydia is more dangerous (for you Jeff fans) since she has credibility with the Jeff side of the house, she could actually work both sides of the house. Only Chima, Jessie, and Natalie will EVER listen to Ronnie.

Just my 2 cents.

I'm also not sure why, now that the POV has been played, that anyone is working Michelle. Kevin is as important a vote as Michelle.

Russell going ballistic might put Jessie back in the catbird seat. He could reasonably approach Jeff about a 5 person alliance (with Chima and Natalie) that could run the house. Especially if he actually votes against Ronnie.

Methinks it could be an interesting week after Thursday depending on who wins HOH.

joy n said...

Jackie, if you deem the following inappropriate and delete it, I will understand.

Off topic: some of you may have heard about this.

A married guy in Wausau, Wisconsin was carrying on with several "other" women. Wife and gf's found out about each other. One of the gf lured him to a motel and talked him into being tied to the bed for a "massage". Then she let his wife and two other gf into the room where they proceeded to torture him. The final torture? They superglued his, uh, "member" to his stomach. All the women face charges.

How Lorena Bobbitt - ish.

My first question. How is this guy gonna urinate until that glue comes off?

Second question. If Lydia happens to hear of this, should Jesse worry?

sizzie said...

I watched a flashback on live feeds that was titled 'nat tells her age'

She told it to Chima. It was a cozy moment of girl talk. N says only Ch and Jess know. Nat says to Ch, If we have a fight, and we will because we all do in this house, don't throw it up to me that you know or tell anyone on me. Chima says she wouldn't do that (she didn't promise she just said she wasn't like that) because when she fights she sticks to the target (of the conversation) because she doesn't belive in character assasination.

I think it was said before her run in with Russ.

Then today, russ tells Michelle that they don't have to worry about Nat because she is just an 18 year dumb little kid.

Also, I looked to see if Laura had a blog, since I would be interested on her take of the hgs and read that she said she wouldn't be watching the live feeds. That made it sound like maybe the evicted ones were being kept sequestered. has anyone heard that?

Sally said...

joy n: That incident happened last Thursday not far from where I live. The DA said the guy was treated for minor injuries (likely involving glue dissolution) and released. and now the women are facing charges including battery (misdemeanor), sexual assault (4th degree) and false imprisonment.

joy n said...

Sally, I just heard about it on AOL news today.

Sizzie, the day after Laura was voted out, I read an interview that Laura did on Reality TV World and she mentioned that she had been in sequester for a month. I couldn't figure out how that was possible since the evictions are live. But she did say she was in sequester. Maybe A. Grodin has something else up her sleeve?

sizzie said...

Thanks JoyN. It is something to think about. I remember that big gift box on eviction night when the evicted hg returned. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

monty924 said...

Laura called in to Russ Mathew's show when Casey was evicted. Russ interviewed Braden on the beach after his eviction. I don't think they are in sequester. Laura's comment could have been based on being in 'sequester' for a month based on the week + days before BB started and her time in the house.

Michelle is NOT going to vote to keep Ronnie. Ronnie is D-U-N (GNAT)! Russell and Michelle have also mended fences today. this game, these hamsters, geesh!

Laurie said...

I'm enjoying reading all the comments today. Sadly I'm actually doing the job I get paid to do and don't have much down time right now. I just hate when work gets in the way of fun, don't you?

Anyway, I'm thinking that it's still a long time until Thursday when Ronnie gets evicted (positive thinking). So much drama could still take place. At least people aren't sitting around looking bored anymore!

joy n said...

Ahah! Thanks Monty, that makes more sense.

As long as Ronnie goes this week, I'll be happy. He's an instigator, almost as good a one as Natalie. So if Ronnie goes this week (one less vote for TH) and Jeff or Michele win HOH, (Russell can't) then maybe we could see Nat leave next week. Jesse will be lost without his two muckrakers.

Sally said...

You're probably right, Monty, that Laura was using the term "sequester" to mean the total time she'd been away from the outside world. The houseguests are probably held somewhere for a few days before they actually enter the house, and Laura was in the house close to three weeks in real time. That would total close to a month.

Sally said...

I hate to think that Ronnie actually could win the CDE power because of some computer whiz with a voting robot. The fact that CBS only recently started scrambling the photos makes me think that's a possibility.

CBS should limit future voting to 10 votes per computer, like they did with the 10-vote limit per cell phone. Didn't they have that limit on computer voting last year?

Laurie said...

CBS should be able to tell if a bot is voting just by the sheer numbers in a small amount of time. Of course, I'm always astounded at the things that go wrong with their website so maybe I'm giving them too much credit!

joy n said...

Do we find out about the wizard tonight? If we don't, I'm thinking maybe we'll know just by the winner's reaction. Jesse or one of his gang would probably immediately start acting all cocky again. One of the gg's getting it would probably get all smiley.

Hope to see Jeff with a s**t-eating, ear-to-ear grin tonight.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie needs to go..Natalie needs to go.. and Jesse and Chia Pet!! oh i mean Chima...

formerly anon said...

Arrgh! I am so annoyed at Michele, I can't get over it.

There's a very simple exercise she could do to once and for all prove to Russell that Jessie and Nat are lying to him about her alleged GR convo re: ronnie staying.

All she has to do is get in a room with Russell and call Jessie and Nat in individually, and then ask them questions like: where was I standing in the GR when we had this conversation? Where were you standing/sitting? Where was Jessie? etc

And then make sure that Jess/Nat can't compare notes before you ask them. There's no way they have invented a total lie in such detail that their stories would match. No way.

Why doesn't someone think of this besides me?


sizzie said...

monty said: Russell and Michelle have also mended fences today. this game, these hamsters, geesh!


I saw them talking this morning. Maybe they were the only ones up? They seemed comfortable and sincere, but I didn't know if that was true or game, and I couldn't listen long enough to decide.

formerly anon said...

I hate the fact that I sometimes agree with Chima and like how she thinks/argues. She's smart, but fundamentally I don't like her, but I see her good points.

I cannot say the same about Natalie, AT ALL.

These people need to sit down and figure out what happened last night, and trace it back to the Jess/Nat lie. It's doable, but they need to focus.

I hate this game!

Anonymous said...

formerly anon...are you in law enforcement? =) Good idea.

vw = slymonal

It wasn't a full moon but the houseguests were slymonal last night.

formerly anon said...

Anon, lol, no but I did watch all seasons of The Wire.

But really, it's common sense, isn't it? Suss out their stories, just like the cops do.

The Usual Suspects!