Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Tuesday Dawn 8/11

I'm going to start this off with a gripe. Y'see it's hot here and I'm cranky. Now, the flashback function on the RealPlayer live feeds is indeed a cool function. But in the house itself where they boast four feeds ... it's still just two different views of the same happenings and, a lot of time, all four feeds are on the same thing at different angles. Not once in the history of BB have I seen all four feeds on entirely different rooms. What's up with that?

Anyway ... here's what's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Pitiable Pigs in a Poke:
  • Lydia and Jordan went on a cleaning spree. There's some excitement, eh?
  • They also talked about how boring the house is this week.
  • You don't say.
  • Chima told Natalie and Jessie they're boring after they awakened from yet another nap.
  • 'Tis true.
  • When Jessie told the story of being pulled over by the police while in a Cadillac, Chima told him they must have thought he was black because he was "in a black man's car."
  • Oh my.
  • Jeff gave Jordan grief about eating (because he can't).
  • Russell asked Jordan to save him with her "wizard powers."
  • Chima still wants Russell out, claiming she doesn't like being terrorized by him.
  • I don't know. I think the chia pet bit was funny. I know. I'm mean.
  • Chima told Michele that if she (Michele) is the worst human being Ronnie has ever met, he needs to get out more.
  • She has a point there. Michele is odd, but not a horrible human being.
  • Ohhh ... you know the house is in the doldrums when BB gives them modeling clay. Next up will be the dollar store toys!
  • Michele says Lydia got together with Jessie to lie, so Chima suggested that maybe Lydia should leave next (after Russell).
  • Hey! What happened to the all powerful girls alliance?
  • Jeff, the best chef, thinks everyone has gone to town cooking this week while he can't eat. Why, even Jordan who doesn't cook prepared a banquet.
  • But Jeff can have fresh basil. Go to town with it, Jeff.
  • Russell worked on Jessie for the vote, telling him if he gets evicted, no way can Jessie win the game.
  • Jessie fussed on about Russell picking Jeff to play for PoV and not himself.
  • Russell told Natalie he didn't think the midwest would vote for Kevin, a gay guy, to get the "wizard power."
  • It's possible that a mouse has gotten into their bread.
  • They played with the clay, they're still talking small talk.
  • They need to go to bed.
  • And I need to go to work.


chris said...

wow first! hooray

chris said...

now, since the last week kevin has gotten too close to chima et al
this leaves jeff in a pickle with the power.
like i said in another post
he should just put jessie up against lydia
make a speech that he is trying to change the power etc etc and that jessie needs to go, apologize to lydia for being the pawn and hope for the best.
hopefully michelle, russell who he saves, he and jordan can then get jessie OUT. weakening nat and chima since lydia (i dont think)
will not team up with nat (fingers crossed) to seek revenge!
if he puts up nat and jessie then
who knows which one goes
altho again he could say who he wants gone, and hope lydia will be grateful for being saved and team with them after jessie is gone.
oh my head hurts
is it thursday yet??

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm second! :-/

Jeff, just use the powers and put Jessie & Nat up. Pahleease!? Now that would be an exciting show. Chima going postal would be the icing on the cake.

lynn1 said...

I am disppointed that Kevin did not use the POV to save Lydia. I hope it does not come back to bite him in the Butt. All I can say is Kevin do you remember Marcellus?

I hope Jeff will change both nominations. I would like to see Jessie and Nat in place of Russ and Lydia.
While many of you may not agree I would prefer to see Natalie get evicted because, INMO she is a better player than Jessie.

If Chima has the hissy fit as she has threatened that would be icing on the cake to me!

Congratulations Jackie on your 2,000,000th hit. You have a great blog and us regulars love you for giving us a nice place to play.

Anonymous said...

Chris I don't understand why you think Jeff should put Jess us againt Lydia,Especially since Kevin has teamed up with Chima, that means another sure vote for Jesse to stay. If my friend was on the block and I had the power to remove her, why wouldn't I do so to remove all doubt as for her being voted out. He needs to put up Jess and Nat and let the chips fall where they may because I really dont think these people will vote out Jess, so at least Nat would be gone.

sizzie said...

Jackie, so far I have just read your first paragraph and none of the comments. I am so glad you mentioned the cameras from last night. It was frustrating, especially while Jordan was cleaning or Russ in the hammock. I kept wondering where everyone else is and what is BB hiding ! The hgs they focused on, often didn't speak or move. Not what I signed on for when they said 24/7 access. Now, I'll go read your report. Thanks.

meb said...

I agree with you Anon 8:20... I would rather Natlie go first, but put both up and let one of them go for sure. Let's not waste a wonderful opportunity to break up this 2some...

I think everyone in the house would be glad to see one of them go, even tho they might not admit it.

Thursday cannot come quickly enough.

wv pecca: Let's pecca the TH off, one at a time... Yes!

Becky said...

Good morning all. I hate wishing my life away. But I am with those of you wanting it to be Thursday.

Sending mental telepathy message to Jeff: USE THE POWER! You are a target regardless, so take out one of the TH while you can.

WV is catizo -- Wonder if it has anything to do with MacDuff Dudley?

Witt said...

Is today MacDuff Day? Woo wooooooo!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the power to nominate Jessie and Natalie. They are by far the strongest alliance and need to be broken up. (While I'd never choose to share a pizza with them I do recognize their game play.) I see their alliance as rock solid, as opposed to the other pairs. (Some may say Kevin/Lydia is strong, but if Chima could talk Kevin out of using POV, it can't be that strong.)

Chima, please stop talking. Now. Right now.

Becky, I'm looking forward to Thursday too.

Have a great day!

Witt :)

Witt said...

Couldn't resist this...
WV: fryin
I bet Jeff wishes he was fryin some bacon and eggs right now!

Anonymous said...

i know i want him to put them both up too
'but i am afraid what will happen after that
jessie will remain, lydia and kevin will team with him and again jeff will not have the numbers
so i was just thinking if he could get 4 votes, his jordans, michelles and even kevin or russell
against lydia jessie would go.
i realize the risk there too if suddenly they vote out lydia.
i agree he needs to use the power
best of the best would be
put em both up
and then he or jordan win hoh after one of them goes out the door.
still would rather jessie go so lydia joins with jeff/jor etc

we shall see!!!!
use the power jeff
use the power!!

Joe in NY said...

Dr. Will.

Anonymous said...

Chris..You made a very good point that I never thougth of. If Jeff puts up Jess and Nat and Nat goes, Lydia will just slip into Nat's place and things will continue as always.

With Kevin and Chima getting close this week, this would be a strong alliance of four. None of whom I would like to see win.

GO Jeff and Jordan.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:39
Unfortunately Jeff will not be able to vote,so any chance later to get Nat or Jess out is not likely to happen. But with them both up one will have to go. Jeff is gong to be a target at sometime or another, but at least he would have broken up those two . Kevin and Lydia will always flip flop so he has to take his chances, isn't it ironic that Jeff and Jordan got the same question wrong and were the only ones that got it incorrect, they both might have thrown the HOH for this week.

sizzie said...

I am trying a new avatar. It is Mount Everest. George Mallory is said to have said, when asked why he wanted to climb the mountain, "Because it is there".

That is why I want Jeff to use the power on Thursday. Because it is there. It shouldn't be ignored. It can't hurt his chances (even though remaining hgs will tell him it did) it is his only chance to improve his being there in the finals.

And, for my own enjoyment, sour grapes will be the topic of the week. Which is better than hearing Jordan ask how old the deli turkey in the refrigerator is. (its sell by date was in July) .

Laurie said...

I don't think Jordan would ever want to have HOH, to tell you the truth. I'm also not sure she has the smarts to throw the comp. I think she just didn't know the answer. Jeff, on the other hand, may well have thrown it.

I just watched Sunday's show. I skipped the part of Chima telling her story. Didn't want to hear it. I think it's odd that we get a blatant commercial for a movie in the midst of the show, but the presence of someone from the outside did seem to cheer people up and give them some energy.

No wonder they had to sleep all day yesterday. Seeing Jeremy Piven for a few minutes exhausted them.

Anonymous said...

question with this mystical power is Chima safe or can she also be on block ?

Laurie said...

We are quite confused about the rules for the "wizard" power but I think the HOH is safe. I think everyone else is fair game, though.

sizzie said...

Anon 10:58 It is all speculation, but last week Julie said that POV and HOH were the only ones safe if the mystery person used the power. Which, imo, is a big reason Kevin didn't save Lydia. He would still have won the POV, but he might not be holding it ...maybe Lydia would have owned it. I think both would be safe...but they don't know that.

I see from the screen cap, Jackie that Jess was making eyes at Lydia.

meb said...

I agree with you Witt... you said:

(Some may say Kevin/Lydia is strong, but if Chima could talk Kevin out of using POV, it can't be that strong.)

If it were the other way around, can you imagine how Kevin would have reacted if Lydia had the power of POV and didn't take him off. (I would love to see his DR session for that tho... he is funny).

I don't think Michelle would vote Jessie out unless Natalie were up there with him. She's become too chummy with Chima, so I think she'll do what Chima tells her to, but I also think Michelle is listening to the Chima 'all girls alliance' plan. That's the only way Michelle will be in the house much longer. I just don't see it happening. They can't seem to keep one thought in their heads long enough to follow through with a plan for an alliance.

Besides, Chima is going to implode when Jeff changes her noms and that will probably make her a target real soon... especially for Russell.

Anonymous said...

Anon-in-Jersey here ...

If Jeff uses the power (DO IT JEFF! DO IT!!!), and puts up Nastily and Jessie, I think better odds are Nastily will go home!! And rightfully so!

She is a better manipulator, she is a better, more active liar, she is certainly a better player than Jessie and do you really think Lydia will vote to send home her cuddle-bum Jessie, if she can send home Nastily and know Nastily will be going ape-sh*t at the thought of Lydia & Jessie in the house togehter without her? Oh yeah... Lydia would oust Nastily.

And I'd love to watch Jessie try to play the game without Nastily's brain behind his brawn. Seriously... I think we'd see at that point that, although he's got the bulk, he's swimming in the shallow end of the intelligence pool!

wv: didger
didger really think the housepets would do anything worth watching?

Laurie said...

Things to look forward to:

Jeff revealing he is the wizard

Natalie going up on the block and slouching

Jessie going up on the block and posing

Chima exploding/imploding and losing control

A herd of unicorns entering the house through the front door

Anonymous said...

I was directed to youtube website from the season when Boogie won the CDT and Julie said the HOH and CDT are safe and the CDT picks whos goes on the block but that person and the HOH can not vote.


Anonymous said...

Meb from what I understand Chima wont be able to tell anyone anything because once her picks have been changed the houseguests have to vote right then. I believe thats true because once the noms give their speech they go right into vote. This is going to be GREAT!!!!!!.

I also agree with Anon-in-Jersey, Natalie is the best player in that group, she fights all of Jesse battles, like I said before this might be Jeff's only chance to break them up, I trully think Jesse will be lost without the pit bull, Chima may explode and get sent home (I wish) I think Kevin has a secret crush on Jess and he probably wont vote out Jess either, so let Nat go PLEASE

Anonymous said...

WV fadas
Natalie needs to get off her 'fadas' and help with the cooking and cleaning.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who's expression I'm most looking forward to seeing: Jessie's, Nastily's or Chima! Nat will be in full pit bull mode. Chima's head will be spinning, and Jessie will be looking for the unicorn! It's going to be a doozie!

WV sittoe.... Jessie, Natalie, go sittoever there in the nominee's seats. One of you are going HOME!

Katie in Chi

Sasha said...

OMG Joe in NY. Proving that 'less is more', your two word post cracked me up! Point taken.

Anon in Jersey: Exactly what I've thought all along. Lydia would be thrilled to evict Natalie.

wv: andlers. Aren't those the people who have to deal with the HG's in sequester?

Nana from the NW said...

Good morning all....keeping my fingers crossed that Dudley and Jackie become a family today! xxx

As for BB:

Anon 10:29--you remarked about J/J throwing the HOH comp. They did! Before the comp. J/J/Kev./Lyd were talking about the comp. and Jeff said, "remember the order, true, true, false, true". That's the order of Jeff and Jordan's answers not Kev and Lyd. They must have decided not to throw it.

Earlier this week Jessie was talking about going to the movies with his gf.....hmmmm hope she doesn't have the live feeds and have seen him and Lydia!

The best thing about when the CDT is played is timing. It will be after the speeches and right before voting. If Jeff replaces noms. no one will have time to scheme and most HG will be so rattled they will vote on feelings not gameplay. If it was Jess/Nat. I think the votes would be:
If it was Jess/Lydia:
I really think Russ knows the threat Jess is in the game. Given a chance he will vote him out...especially now that he has become tight with J/J.
Mich may be tight with Chima but that will end when Chima is done with HOH. She is playing Mich. for the vote and Mich. will befriend the new HOH. Jordan may not be the smartest(!) but at least she isn't fake(other than the boobs). She says things that make you go, "HUH"...and then laugh. She takes Jeff's teasing easily too.
Need for Thurs. to come....we need the excitement.

wv--myropo......I am at the end of myropo with Chima's racist remarks!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Will was so last, last, last(you get the point) season, let him go. Please.

Anonymous said...

Putting up Jesse and Natalie is without a doubt the most exciting way it could play out!!

GOOD BYE JESSE!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse is not fooling me...he was a total creep until he found out America was voting this year. Once a creep always a creep!!

sizzie said...

Does Kevin know it was Nat's tattling to DR that got him the grape penalty of one more have not day? I heard him and someone (was it Chima??) talking about how 'they' (Nessie) don't have to follow rules, can sleep where and when they want and ignore the BB warnings about things. Whoever said it surprised me because it was someone I didn't expect to criticize Nessie. Did anyone hear the conversation?

sizzie said...

Jeff and Jordan haven't been together so much yesterday because of the have not and other things. Jeff was crabby (which I think is a shield he is using to deflect talk)... They bickered a little in a funny way, but then, for a moment when they were alone, Jeff gave her an assignment about who to talk to to find out things. As if they had been planning the alone time. I was pleased to see it might mean they are playing harder then it appears.

my wv is cancoc Is that anything like hand jive?

Anonymous said...

Is it really that cold or windy in the house that the hg's need their hoodies covering their heads? Or is it more to hide uncombed or unwashed hair?

Debbie in NC said...

Sasha, I love, love, love the Doxie picture!

Anonymous said...

I so hope he puts up Nat and Jess! Nat imo does more harm than Jess seems to with the constant chasing after peeps in their ear. Jess is prolly just more sly about it I suppose. But either way, one of the two will be gone and only that little twosome is super pissed (which would be an single after the vote) If he puts up Lydia and Jess and Lydia goes home, N & J are still together and Kevin is pissed. Jeff might be able to sway Lydia and Kevin to his side against Chima and either Nat or Jess (whoever was left) Altho, if Jess goes, oi what a horrible house it will be with Chima and Nat rampaging around. Eek. Either way, we should enjoy the calm, cos the storm is going to be perfect! Hold on.

sizzie said...

There is a lockdown that just started and hgs are in the backyard...then music on the feeds.

They do talk about it being cold both inside and out. The have nots freeze when sleeping and wear layers of clothes. Lydia said at least.

Sasha said...

Thanks, Debbie. They are much cuter than the picture, it's a little dark but I like it anyway. Of course, I'm totally biased, I love them so. Go Doxies!! :)

Fingers crossed for MacDuff Dudley, Jackie :)

Sally said...

If Jeff saves Lydia on Thursday night, that could give him some bonus points with her. He could regularly remind Lydia that he was the one who took her off the block, after her friend Chima wanted her to stay on the block and her friend Kevin wouldn't save her with the POV. (Can you really trust friends like that.....?) And if Jeff saves Russell, that should certainly strengthen the loyalty there.

Two of my cats, Emily and Vinnie, have been all over the keyboard as I type this. Maybe they're trying to send a welcome message to MacDuff/Mac/Duffy/Dudley.

Joe in NY said...

To anon:

Since Dr. Will is widely regarded as the best to play the game, you can dismiss him if you want, but I think there are a fair number of people on this board that will NEVER let him go.

Anonymous said...

Let put ourselves in Jeffs place right now.

He puts Jessie and Natalie up.

How do the votes go for eviction?

Name names of who votes for Jessie out.

Who votes for Natatie out?

He has to think about that, and see who will be left to deal with in the aftermath.....

Then who is the best case to win the next HOH? Who the hell knows, but he has to be thinking of all the "what if's" and how it will effect him, IF the one left.......Jess or Natatie gets it!

How can they get him out, where will the votes be to make that happen with who's left?

He has to be going crazy with all of the "what if's" that lies in his hands with this big decision on what to do.

Some thoughts out there on all of this?

meb said...

Anon 11:33.. I obviously phrased that comment incorrectly:

"so I think she'll (Michelle) do what Chima tells her to, but I also think Michelle is listening to the Chima 'all girls alliance' plan."

I was inferring that Chima has ALREADY TOLD her what to do... not directly for this eviction, but Michelle knows what Chima wants and she'll do her bidding. If she doesn't, then Michelle has a little hope for redemption in my eyes. (but don't really care for her)

I really want Natalie to be gone more than Jess because as already pointed out, a house with Nat and Chima will be sure hell after Jeff uses the CDT.

Sasha... the two word post... please don't encourage him. LOL

wv byrst.. I'm about to byrst with excitement waiting for Jeff to let the hammer drop!

sizzie said...

I agree Dr. Will was fun to watch and knew the game. He knew, to quote Kenny Rogers, when to hold'em and when to fold'em. But, he was able to play his game because he had the Boogie man to do his dirty work.

Joe in NY said...

Do we actually have any proof that Gioff is smarter than Giordin?

Becky said...


Had to post. WV is snefin

Jeff is snefin around trying to come up with the best idea.

I was a little upset about Jeff and Jordan fussing until I read that they are still comparing notes.

BTW I am one who gets more that a little pi$$y when I am hungry.

sizzie said...

Michelle and Jordan are on camera in the kitchen. Michelle has brought up 'wizard power' several different ways..with a snuffle (her version of a laugh) and then a pause. She is, imo, trying to get Jordan to talk about the power and tell all she knows. It is Michelles assignment for the day. Jordan has ignored each try. Jordan then turned the talk to something else completely and Michelle was talking normally for a change. Jordan says 'do you get attached to the rats?" What ? Michelle says. Jordan is talking about Michelle's lab work. : )

Michelle then talks about not naming them and how each rat has its own reaction to the world.

I'd say Jordan controlled the convo.

My wv is tries

JimmyB said...

I agree that Jeff's best strategy is to put Natalie and Jessie up. Time to change the game and get rid of the best player.

And Geeze--Chima really has issues. The Cadillac comment says it all.

Sally said...

Gioe in NY: Do we actually have any proof that Gioff is smarter than Giordin? No, but we also don't have any "proof" that Jordan isn't smart, unless you're talking strictly about academic achievements. I think Jordan has more substance than she's letting on, happpy to let others see her as a nonthreatening blonde. That may serve her better than Michelle's PhD.

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

The proof that Jeff is smart is that he's making certain people consciously think about a Jess/Nat vote, so that when it happens and there's no time to think plus the element of surprise, that they do the reflexive thing which is the choice they already made earlier. Yeah, he's smart.

Regarding a post-Thursday house: If Nat stays, does anyone really believe she'll be "rampaging" around the house with Chima? Chima, the non-HOH? LOL if you believe that.

On the other hand, if Jessie stays, I could totally see him sticking with Chima because he won't know what else to do.

Joe in NY said...


I wasn't suggesting Gioff was or wasn't smart or that Giordan was or wasn't smart. Previous poster suggested that Gioff was smarter than Giordan and was acting accordingly, but I personally don't see it as obvious that one is smarter than the other.


Contimplating a Jeff-less house...

joy n said...

I'm being swayed a bit on the idea that Natalie is the better (?) person to leave on Thursday if Jeff uses the C d'E and puts up Jesse and she. She is the better player of the two and one of the biggest instigators in the house. Jesse would have to use probably Lydia to do his dirty work and she wouldn't be as good at it as Nat. Chima is less likely to follow Jesse's big plans. Chima's already beginning to play her own game. I agree that she'll have a conniption fit when (hopefully) Russ is saved.

The most important thing, as most are saying, is that they break up that alliance. Even if Jeff doesn't make it to the end, he accomplishes taking away one vote from the TH. Then he and Russell HAVE to win HOH and POV comps.

Dr. Will will always be unforgettable, but there's no comparison. He and Jeff have played a totally different game and Jeff doesn't have a Boogie man as was earlier mentioned.

joy n said...

FINALLY! We have Joe thinking that the Coup d'Etat may actually be used! Jeff-less or Nat-less. Either one will be fine with me.

wv is welit. Think welit a fire under Joe? Or was it Jeff's own words?

meb said...

joyn... am I wrong or should be it jess-less......

sizzie said...

If Jeff uses the power and puts up Jess and Nat (big ifs, but I hope it happens) what will be fun is to see Nat's face. She is so certain that if the power is used that Jess would be the one to go home. I don't know that she has even given a thought to her going.

It would be the perfect blindside. And one better than a backdoor.

Laurie said...

Joyn, you made me laugh with the "better (?) person" comment.

I'm good with either of the dastardly duo leaving, because seeing either one on his/her own would be interesting. She would be more interesting in game play. He would be more interesting in people watching.

I sure hope Jeff is thinking like we are thinking. Use it and use it on those two. Breaking up is hard to do, but it must be done!

By the way, I do think Jordan may be playing the part of a dumb blonde. I kind of hope she is because her naivete is almost scary to contemplate out in the real world!

Nana from the NW said...

Joe in NY--"comtemplating a Jeff-less house"......BITE YOUR TONGUE!! May that never happen! LOL

Jordan is smart enough to know when to keep quiet and stay out of the line of fire. Those kind of smarts can take you a long way in this game....and having Jeff helps.

I'm not sure Jessie would take loyal to Chima w/o Nat. He has listened to her talk about an all -girl finale all week....that means he's out in her book. Why not align with Jeff, Jordan,and Russ? We know Lydia will swing wherever Jess is. That could make an alliance of 5.
This game is going to get VERY interesting on Thurs!
BTW--Sizzie the convo. about Nat. sleeping and not helping was between Chima and Mich. Chima was complaining about her sleeping all the time and not helping with anything....just eating whatever anyone else fixes.

wv--birionop....a secret covert operation...code name "bye ron op"...mission completed last week!!

joy n said...

AGAIN with the name mixup. Oy! Most definitely Jess-less or Nat-less! I think I'm deveoping a craving for mouth-soap.

joy n said...

Sorry Joe, wishful thinking on my part. I guess I WANTED to see Jess-less. My humble apologies.

meb said...

It's ok joyn... we're all mixing up the names... I knew you didn't mean that... GO JEFF!

Laurie said...

I saw Jess-less the first time, too, then I thought of who was posting and looked again. For a minute, though, I thought we had a convert!

Anonymous said...

I, personally, am glad everyone is understimating Jordan, whether it's by thinking she's not smart (there are so many kinds of intelligence) or that's she's not playing the game--come on, it seems everyone likes her. Seems Jordan's got it going on.

sizzie said...

Thanks Nana in NW (about the convo between Chima and Michelle) Those two are really bonding. When Russ tried to out M for lying to Chima it seemed strange. But, I can see now that M was holding her alliance to Chima above all the others.

joy n said...

Thanks Meb, for pointing out my faux pas (sp?). I need to think of a new name for Jesse, and boy, can I think of plenty I'd like to use. But this isn't that kind of blog, so I won't.

Laurie, thank you, too.

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

I saw someone on Jokers call them:

Pinhead & Pigpen

Margo said...

3 more hours til pool party! I'm bringing the Famous Gus's Pretzels. Yummy soft pretzel sticks.

Laurie said...


Pinhead and Pigpen ... oh yeay!

Margo said...


Anonymous said...

Jeff got an extra day of slop for sipping Gatorade. Kevin had a chip last week and got a warning and got an extra day for eating grapes. WTF!! Jeff doesn't get a warning???

monty924 said...

I've decided to use my unicorn for tonight's party, then its back to the 'wizard energy' for me. Again, love all the unicorns!

Anon, I'm sure Jeff got a warning along with his extra day of slop. JMO

I'm rethinking my early thought on the vote count if Jeff puts up Nasty and Pinhead (BTW - Pinhead and Pigpen is priceless).

Kevin - Jessie (he wants to separate Jessie and Lydia and is part of the 'all girl alliance'

Lydia - duh, Natalie

Jordan - Jessie, nuff said

Michelle - Jessie, all girl alliance and get the men out

Russell - who knows??? he might be greatful to Jeff and vote Jessie out, or he might want to stick with his numbers game and vote Natalie. Either way, Kevin appears to be the swing vote.

All = Jessie riding the beautiful unicorn right out the front door. :)

Margo said...

I'm going out to dinner with my sisters family - My niece just came back from the summer at camp.

I'm leaving Gus' Pretzels and cold Budweiser next to the pool. Enjoy

The teams are:

Chima chi chi chia – Brent McKee, Delee, DonnaFL
Geoff – sizzie, dla, Margo
Giordan – Becky, meb, Lynn1
Kevin who’s your friend? – Tessa, NanaNW, Laurie
Lydia “Sadsack” – Witt, RBennie, Gaylos
Michele can’t be trusted – Sydney, ORKmommy, Susan FL
Natalie “Pigpen” – Caroline, Jennasmom, Plaidchick
Russell has roid rage – TerryCA, Zoetawny, Aunt Leigh
Jessie “Pinhead’l – Lars Eller, Feral Cat, Petals

Braden – KarenCA, Monty924, DonnaAL
Laura – nomad, SueGee, Sasha
Casey – PDX Granny, Jackie, Patti in kzoo
Ronnie – Sally, Catonine, nina

monty924 said...

And a second thought... I agree with joyn and others who say that Jeff is no Dr. Will AND he has no Boogie in the house with him.

Will was the 'don't win comps' and make waves half of that team. He is the only hamster winner in the history of the game to do so, yes? Boogie won comps and veto when he needed to. So did Dan the Man, and I rank him up there with Will. There will never be another Dr. Will in BB. IMO

Joe in NY said...

Nana from the NW said...
Joe in NY--"comtemplating a Jeff-less house"......BITE YOUR TONGUE!! May that never happen! LOL

Jordan is smart enough to know when to keep quiet and stay out of the line of fire. Those kind of smarts can take you a long way in this game....and having Jeff helps.

For the record, Nana, this proves you understand my point - even if you don't agree with it. Staying low is the name of the game, until you have numbers. With or without Jetski or Nasty, Jeff has no numbers and if he doesn't win POV or HOH, he's gone next week if he uses CD'E


Margo said...


sizzie said...

Margo, You left us with a smile..love the names, Enjoy dinner out..

Anonymous said...

Joe in NY....I feel your pain,because you so want Jetsy and Nasty in the game, but Jeff not using the CDE makes no sense at all, if no more than to shake up and brake up that duo, Chima has already informed EVERYBODY in the house that she's gunning for an all girl alliance. So Nasty has to go. Chima and Nasty would never get along either with Jetsy gone because they both want to run things. So with Nasty gone the girl alliance of Chima, Michelle, Kevin would be out numbered. Jetsy would align himself with Jeff, Jordan, Russell, and of course with Jetsy you get Lydia. I do believe the house would vote out Nasty over Jetsy.

Anonymous said...

I wish the regular names were used in here except maybe Nasty. That is pretty darn good. Reading over everything really fast sometimes I forget who is who...Jetski?? Is that Jesse and Natalie. I guess if you watch a show in Hollywood you would have to go with the Hollywood terms for naming couples!Frankly...hearing names like Brangalina make me want to SCREAM!
It's getting to be old school!
Please vote out Jesse and Natalie in a double eviction!

Joe in NY said...

Joe in NY....I feel your pain,because you so want Jetsy and Nasty in the game,

Not true in the way I think you mean it. I'm agnostic on the issue. I find them more watchable than Gioff and Giordan, but I don't really care who goes home as long as it is interesting.

Personally, I think a Jetski ouster with a revenge outing of Gioff next week would be ideal for watching.

RyzandShyn said...

I love the Pigpen & Pinhead nicknames, that describes them.

I think that if Jeff puts P&P up, Kevin will rethink his Chima connection. I think might be fun if Pigpen is the one who goes.

I think Jeff put himself in a pickle by having Jordon tied too tightly. He's got the smile and the personality to convince others of a strategy and be in a good position. However, if people start thinking their plan is a final two as a couple, they're both in trouble.

If Natalie is gone, I can't see Chima being "in" with anyone except Michele. I don't think Jesse will be able to tolerate her without Natalie as a buffer. Once that falls apart, it'll get interesting again.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Jeff use the power to replace noms with Jessie and Nat...then without the others being able to talk, it come down to a tie 3-3, and Chima have to decide which of her buds to send packing.

Sasha said...

Well, at the risk of being ejected from Jackie's, I have to say that I'm wondering if Jeff won't just continue to lay low since really he's not in danger this week (nor is Jordan). So far he hasn't really made any big moves.

I know it would be far more interesting/exciting for us if he uses the coup d'etat and CBS will certainly edit so we THINK he will use it but...I really have my doubts that he will.

This does not mean I think he should or shouldn't use it, just that IMHO I wonder if he would take the risk.

We might have a boring show Thursday if he doesn't use it.

Joe in NY said...


The show will be boring Thursday when he doesn't use it, but Jackie's will be hopping!!!! LOL

wv is "slyes"...too easy

Sasha said...

True, Joe. Jackie's is always hoppin'!!! In that case, might be hoppin' mad.

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

Whether Jeff will actually use it on Thursday, we'll have to wait n see.

But, as of today, I would guess he plans to use it, based solely on how he is behaving towards Jessie and Natalie. He's doing his best to avoid them, and that pretty much tells it all.

Laurie said...

It's true, IF Jeff doesn't use it then this place will be hopping. One way or another there will be drama. Since it's live, it's just going to happen the way it happens, and we'll be here to talk about it. I may have to figure out how to see it on one of those links so I can read here and see it at the same time instead of waiting 3 hours to view it.

Sasha, we could never evict you for your thoughts. Think and share away ... it's what makes this a fun place!

RyzandShyn said...

Oh no, say nay...I never considered that he wouldn't use it this week.
Well, I wouldn't be hoppin' mad, but I'd be really bored.

Anonymous said...

Jess is absolutely NOTHING without Nasty, he doesn't have any kind of game without her because she does all of his thinking and dirt, she is just what everyone says she is a PITBULL when it comes to Jess. Jess would so align himself with Russell and Jeff, you see he really isn't campaigning so hard for Russ to leave as he did for Ronnie to stay, he wanted Ronnie in the game to protect him, so if Nasty is gone he is at a complete loss. The only person Jeff would have to worry about putting him on the block would be Nasty and she would be gone and Chima can't play for HOH.