Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Tuesday Dawn 8/25

Russell, driven to the brink of insanity via the backdoor, tries to off himself by shoving a hanger up his nose.

Or not.

Here are the happenings from the Big Brother House of Foolish Follies:
  • Supposedly Michele cried after the PoV ceremony -- this was what Kevin told Jeff anyway. I didn't see tears, but wouldn't be surprised.
  • Kevin also told Jeff that Russell's going around saying he has Michele's vote and just needs one more.
  • Kevin told Jeff what a good little loyal puppy dog he can be. After all, he stayed loyal to his pals Chima and Lydia.
  • Jeff and Kevin bonded some more.
  • On a purely platonic level, of course.
  • Natalie tried to make nicey-nice with Russell, probably thinking of the jury vote. After all, her hands are clean in the latest.
  • As far as Russell knows, both her and Kevin's hands have no blood.
  • No, there's been no murder. I'm talking figurative blood.
  • They all discussed The Amazing Race. I should mention I did NOT try out for TAR yesterday when they had the casting crew around here.
  • Jordan moved all of her belongings to the HOH room because she's scared Russell will do something to them.
  • Jeff thinks Kevin is acting strange after he took him off the block. Jordan insists he's grateful.
  • Neither Jordan or Jeff trust Michele but feel they need to keep working with her.
  • Jordan is scared she will be on the block next week.
  • Russell, Natalie, and Kevin hung out together talking.
  • Natalie once again mentioned she can only go to Indian casinos because she's so young.
  • She doth protest too much -- there was no need for her to mention it again.
  • But Russell isn't bright enough to pick up on it.
  • I think Kevin's filing all of this age suspicion away in his mind, though.
  • No more brouhahas.


RJM in SC said...

Morning all,
Can't help it. I am sad for russell.just hate seeing Nasty still there.

RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning!
If I remember correctly, didn't Kevin make a comment about Natalie's age in his first DR session the night they entered the house? I think he said he didn't believe she's only 18, that she's more like 24.
I wonder if casting suspicions on that being a lie will help at all at this point.

Russell has his work cut out for him, but at least it looks like he calmed down a bit and is working on it.

OT: looks like the heat wave might finally be broken here in NJ...enjoy the breeze, Jackie!

chris said...

i think if russell did cast doubt on nat to jordan it may help
and again, he could stage a conversation, have michelle go to kev nat asking about a final 3 deal to see if they say they are targeting jeff
they could have j/j listening in
anything is worth a try
i am liking jeff less and less reading jokers
seems he has quite a foul mouth and temper
and he is not on slop so no excuses

Nina said...

A kevin or natalie hoh would be nice but it's unlikely. The next hoh will probably be michelle or jordan. So jeff is still sitting pretty in the house. Although the comp might be endurance. And without jeff and russell, that could be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I wish Russell was smart enough to scheme. He gave up last time he thought he was going home.
I would love to be a fly on the wall when Jeff and Jordan watch this show after it's all over and see how dumb they are.

Laurie said...

Good morning from SoCal. It's going to be warmer today and heating up all week. It should be in the high 90s by Thursday. I wonder if the heat wll affect the house guests.

There's still time for Russell to turn this thing around if he works on it. Oh how I would love to see that happen just for the twist in the game!

RBennie said...

I have to give props to Natalie. Love her or hate her, the girl's got game. She and Kevin are a formidable team. If they can contain their smugness and glee until after Thursday's vote, they have a shot at going all the way. Although they did orchestrate Russell's demise, I think it was still the best move on Jeff's part anyway. I never trusted Russell's loyalty. If the situation had been reversed, I think he would have done the same thing. Jeff just had the chance to strike first. Russell going nuclear after the POV ceremony just hurt him more.

sizzie said...

Russ has made a few good points to Kevin.

He said Jeff wants to win and will take Jordan for his second place (I don't know if he will but it was good for Russ to say it) Kevin says 'that is true'.

Russ then said he promised me he would not put me up and he broke that promise to me and he will break any promise he made to you also. Hmmmm, Kevin says.

While Kevin tells Jeff and Jordan all the Russ says, he is doing it in a way to allow Jeff to deny it. The funny thing is that when Jeff denies it or ridicules it, often he uses the exact words Russ said he would. Kevin is watching that.

Jeff seems to have turned into the CEO who gets a big bonus and refuses to realize he had a lot of help getting where he is. He said or was quoted as saying that he wants the $550 K at the end. That is 1st and 2nd place. Russ pointed that out to Kevin.

I don't think Russ will be able to remain methodical and logical for very long, but it was fun to watch him work when he could.

Jeff exposed his Achilles' heel yesterday. Any personal remark about his inability to win will make him act crazy. He is a better fighter, he is a better card player, her knows best. That was his mantra after the big to do. So what I say. That isn't the game, that is little boys fighting on the playground. Jeff should have walked away and let Russ self destruct.

I may not be able to check again until later. Jackie, thank you for your posts and for giving me a place to visit and talk. It feels good to be able to do that !

Now, I will go have some oatmeal in support of the have nots.

sizzie said...

I forgot to add, Kevin realized early on yesterday that he is the swing vote. In front of Jordan (in an effort to be open about it all) he made a joke about Natalie (who was sitting next to him) needed to curry favor with him. He had a sore shoulder she would massage, etc. He was being silly and playing it up and I think Michelle was there with them and he brought her along in 'the joke'. Natalie didn't seem to appreciate the humor but went along. As I say, it was in a tone of making fun of Russ's points and in front of Jordan, but Kevin was milking it and it was fun to see him get to Natalie.

sizzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RBennie said...

Russell pointing all these things out to Kevin might have worked if Kevin really had intended to be loyal to Jeff. Since Kevin is planning to get rid of Jeff if he can, I don't see how Russell's talk will help him on the Kevin front. At least Russell is trying though.

Laurie said...

Sizzle said: Jeff seems to have turned into the CEO who gets a big bonus and refuses to realize he had a lot of help getting where he is.

Great analogy, Sizzle. He needs to be humbled a bit and reminded that the game turned around because of America's vote. That's what gave him the power to change everything. I wonder if Jordon will remind him of that.

mammaroos said...

Can I ask a question does anyone have a link or know where the HOH twitter at I tried to find Jeff's twitter blog but can't find it can someone tell me where i can find it thanks

Cha Cha said...

Yesterday before POV ceremony I said on a previous comment page what Russ should do. Exactly what he did, go to Kevin.

If Kevin is smart he will take Russ up on the offer.
Then there would be no blood on his hands if Russ or Michelle win POV

Cha Cha said...


If you go to
jokersupdates.com and scroll down you will see Jeff HOH Tweets.

This is a good site for up to the minute info on the house. I really like it and use it all season long, but LOVE Jackie's updates. This way we can all put our two cents in

monty924 said...

The HoH twitter and blog are both under the Interact tab on the CBS Big Brother site. Same tab for the America's Vote and Polls.


Joy Reed said...

Jeff is too trusting and he is playing with fire.

Anonymous said...


From the blog:

• Jeff thinks Kevin is acting strange after he took him off the block. Jordan insists he's grateful.

• Jordan is scared she will be on the block next week.

Jeff's following Jordan's density and paranoia is likely to take them both down.

mammaroos said...

ty all so much for the info about the tweets


Joy Reed said...
Jeff is too trusting and he is playing with fire.

8/25/2009 12:05 PM

He doesn't trust anyone, except maybe Jordan. But trust doesn't much matter: no one, except maybe Jordin, was going to take Jeff to the final 2. He'll have to earn his way there, which gets a whoooooooooooooooole lot easier with Russell gone. That final, massive endurance comp is probably a cake walk for Jeff with Russell gone.

It is kind of funny that so many people (Kevin/Nasty haters) think keeping Kevin/Nasty and booting Russell is a strategic mistake on Jeff's part. But y'all know that Russell/Michelle AND Kevin/Nasty both want to target Jeff next, so what is the advantage to keeping big, strong Russell over little bitty Kevin/Nasty? It's just Russell-love vs. Kevin/Nasty-hate. There is NO good argument for keeping Russell and booting Natalie and I ain't even gonna add an IMHO to that! LOL

Laurie said...

You are entitled to your opinion. I disagree with it, but you can have it!

Anonymous said...

I was pulling so hard for Jeff and Jordan, and now I can't wait for them to lose. All of a sudden Jordan is the smartest pea in the pod. The thought that they are getting played by nasty Natalie is just sickening, but with that being said Natalie should win.

Margo said...

I can't wait to see the blow up - I wonder how much we will actually see. They will probably wait til Thursday to show it. I guess maybe we will see Lydia arriving at the jury house tonight.

Margo said...

Laurie you are such a hot head. :}

Laurie said...

Margo, your big blow up made me laugh! I hope we see some of that tonight. I also hope we see Lydia entering the JH. Wonder if Jessie was glad to see her?

sizzie said...

I see the argument that can be made for getting Russ out now. Although, the same argument would have held for Jordan's HOH and Jeff thought it was timed wrong then. If they wanted Russ out, then the immediate exit would have been better planned. What happened to make Jeff decide now was a good time? Nat and Kevin happened.

The only reason Jeff didn't want Russ out last time is because Jeff knew he could trust no one and even said that. he said the only chance I have is to stick with Russ and hope for the best. If he had kept to the F4 it might have worked out as they both had planned. Maybe not, but either way I think Jeff's run is about done. Even if he doesn't go home, he is about to find out that he isn't making the big decisions any longer. They are being made for him.

I don't have a favorite to win. I enjoy the journey more than the finale, so I want to see 'some scheming by schemers' as Jordan says.

Another thing is that with all the talk from Russ last night, Kevin was offended that Russ thought K and N too unsmart to know all that already. The nerve of him, they said behind his back. They know Jeff is the one to send home.

When Jeff asks Kevin questions about his vote, listen to his answers. I am sticking with the plan, he said when Jeff asked about his vote. You will see, when Jeff asked if he could trust him.

Those kinds of exchanges can be fun to listen to.

I think if Jeff wanted to win the game, he should have trusted his F4 and then fought it out with them. I think he might be wishing he had done that, too.

Anonymous said...

Great, as has been stated before, possibly by you, its getting to the final 2 that matters. Jeff stood a better chance of that w/R & M, than with K & she whose name must not be mentioned.

BTW We don't hate Kevin

Laurie said...

Excellent points, Sizzle. I don't care who wins either. Although I'd prefer it not be a couple of people, I don't have a favorite anymore. It's the game play and the banter here that keeps my interest.

MY wv is bownni. I would sure enjoy a plate of bownnis right now. How about you?

monty924 said...

They have to show the big blow up, but I doubt they do it tonight. It happened after the POV ceremony, so they will probably just tease us with it as the credits roll. I'm just waiting so I can count the bleeps and blurs when Jeff goes off on Russell, lol.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love how the fewer the HGs there are the higher the level of self righteousness.

I've always been upfront, he was going to backstab me, I don't F'ng curse, etc.

Of course they all played an honest, no insults or mean behavior game and made it this far by luck and charm.
Well, in Jeff's case the luck part is true.


Anonymous said...
Great, as has been stated before, possibly by you, its getting to the final 2 that matters. Jeff stood a better chance of that w/R & M, than with K & she whose name must not be mentioned.

BTW We don't hate Kevin

8/25/2009 4:49 PM

I still think getting to the Final 2 is all that matters. But unless you are universally hated by the jury (Jeff is not), you have to win your way there in comps. POV winner in the final 4 and final 3 has ALL the power. Russell has to be viewed as the bigger competitive threat.

And again, all this F4 talk. We are already in the Final 5 (with Russ gone). At most, we are 1 week ahead of ourselves. AND YOU ALL KNOW THAT RUSS AND MICHELLE WERE TALKING ABOUT GOING AFTER JEFF (sorry, shouldn't yell but I'm having a rough day), so what exactly does Jeff lose by throwing out the only person in the house who is his physical equal?


TerryinCA said...

Oh my its all so true....Jeff was great till we gave him the power and now he is a regular King without any clothes on.....

Great reporting Jackie as always..
Laurie love the avatar...

I wish Nastalie would get tripped up...wouldnt it be a good deal if Michelle and Jordan got to the final two?

Anonymous said...

You can't get by in the BB house with just one good friend on your side. Everyone liked Dan and even Will so they could survive this part of the game. I think Jeff knows he is running out of allies, heck, they have been picked off since week one. I hope he survives but this is where luck plays a part in this game.

Jackie, can you get a shot of the sneer that Michelle makes after she drinks from the cup. She's weirder than a mad scientist.

sizzie said...

Jeff originally (that was before he became HOH) plan for Russ to stay with him in F4 was because Russ was the only one who also had physical strength. I know it is an odd reason, but he said he needed someone who could win HOH for his team (his words) . Now he only has Jordan...and she could do it, it just depends on what the comp will be. I'm not saying it was a good plan, just that was what Jeff kept saying as his reasoning for keeping Russ way back when.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Michele win. She is so strange and such an odd ball and has no friends, that's why.
Jordan and Jeff are so cocky and how about Jordan telling Michele she better not vote to keep Russell? That Jordan is just plain annoying and I look forward to their faces when Nat or Kev put them on the block or backdoor Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Before the POV, Russell was a safer ally for J/J than Kev & Nat. K/N will almost certainly nominate J&J. Russell, if kept in the fold and he'd won HOH, probably would have nominated K/N. Next week, if Russell is gone, J/J are vulnerable to nomination by all of the others. Michele, too, is more likely to split off and nominate J/J to get to the finals with weaker players.

With Russell gone, to stay in the house, Jeff will have to count on Jordan to win HOH or himself to win POV. Without help, Jordan is seldom a strong HOH competitor, and having to count on POV is desperation.

lynn1 said...

Thanks so much for giving up sleep and any free time you have to keep us posted on the hamsters.
You do such a great job of making some of the world's dullest people sound interesting.

monty924 said...

Actually Michele stands a very good chance to go to F2. If Kevin or Nat/Russ (I'm still not sure Russell is going home) win HoH, Jeff is the main target. If he wins POV then Jordan goes up. One of those two will likely go home next week. That leaves Michele in another week and she can play for HoH to get herself to F4.

Her memory, faulty or fake at times, will serve her well in the F4 POV. That's always a "put these events in order" comp and I'm sure she could wiz through that one.

lynn1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lynn1 said...

I am testing a new avatar to give my current feelings towards J & J

Laurie said...

Lynn, you ended my work day with a good laugh!

mammaroos said...

I wonder what will happen if jeff jordan kevin and michelle are in the final 4 then j j leave do you think kevin has a chance in winning??

Nana from the NW said...

I decided I needed a new avatar, too. It is what is happening in the house.....the pied piper(Natalie) is leading the hamsters to the slaughter....and they are all following her willingly!!


With Russell gone, to stay in the house, Jeff will have to count on Jordan to win HOH or himself to win POV. Without help, Jordan is seldom a strong HOH competitor, and having to count on POV is desperation.

8/25/2009 5:55 PM

This is true. Completely and totally true. But it is mostly true no matter who is HOH. Only HOH, POV winner is safe. With only 5 people in the house, even if Russell was one of them and won HOH, depending on who won POV he could still end up having to nominate BOTH Jeff and Jordan (for example, if Kevin won POV and removed Michelle) with the decision in the hands of the POV holder and the other person.

When there are 10 people in the house, the alliances are more important and the HOH much more useful. At this point, HOH barely matters because the POV winner has all the power. The HOH winner is safe, but has little control over whom they nominate because there are so few people in the house.

Nana from the NW said...

mammaroos--yes, yes, yes! The jury would vote:
Jeff--Kev.(unless he is the one that put him out of the house)


Ryzand Shyn said...

I'm with you!
Jeff would have fared a whole lot better (with viewers at least) had he walked away and let Russ self-destruct. It DID seem so 5th grade boys all the bravado afterwards....what a turn-off.

I believe that Jeff will rue the day he didn't stick to the F4 plan he had with Russ.
Wait until he and Jordan see the footage of Jordan saying she doesn't trust Russell but she does trust Natalie. HA! Believing Kevin and not believing Russ was the crash and burn.
Silly hamsters.

RyzandShyn said...

WOW Nana...that's a whole lotta Kevin going on!
Cool with me, I like him a lot.

WV: psingb
Psingb! I think I just heard the mance going out of the showmance.

Rita said...

I did see Michelle cry last night after the veto ceremony. They were running the credits and she and Russell were hugging and she had tears in her eyes. I think Jeff has made a big mistake backdooring Russell.