Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Monday Daytime 8/17

Who's on the receiving end of Michele's big smile? Russell. These folks are totally bonkers. I love you! I hate you! I never lie! I lie all the time!

Here are the happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Contrary Marys and Nervous Nancies:
  • Jordan thinks they should get Natalie out this week since Lydia's pretty much a waste (ditzy, doesn't win comps, doesn't really have any oomph in her game). She thinks that Kevin might actually listen to them a bit.
  • Michele thinks their side must win every comp from now on in.
  • I don't think so.
  • They can't tell Kevin anything as they know he'll run to Natalie and Lydia.
  • Jordan doesn't think they can count on Russell's vote as he votes according to his own mind, not with the group.
  • Lydia and Natalie said that Jeff is running Jordan's HOH -- they're not "her" nominations.
  • I say, "Did Jessie ever run his own HOH?"
  • America voted for jalapeno and pepperoni. They're loving the pepperoni.
  • Russell mentioned that Kevin has been almost winning a lot of comps. Michele agreed he's a smart player.
  • Natalie and Lydia talked about doing things to bug Jeff and Jordan.
  • Kevin advised them to just play the game instead.
  • Jeff can't figure out Michele.
  • Neither can I.
  • As expected, Jordan nominated Natalie and Lydia for eviction. She wants Natalie to go.
  • I'm not sure when POV will be, but I'll be posting a report later tonight.


Nancy said...

I really hope Natalie goes. I ok with anyone winning but her and Lydia. I couldn't stand all that crying for Jessie

meb said...

Jackie that last picture looks like poor Russell is taking a picture of himself since he wasn't in on all the pictures being taken when Jessie was in the house. Awww. I feel sorry for him.

Good for Jordon... now I too hope Natalie goes and then we can see how the rest of them try to get or keep the power. Now it should really start to be interesting. At least it isn't all one sided. Anyone has a shot at it now.

chris said...

I agree although I do think Michelle is a pathological liar.
She does seem a little off at times and really denies saying things she clearly said.
even in the diary room!
weird girl
I like Kevin but don't really want him to win.
If he makes it to final two he for surely will.
A reason to take Russell to final two would be that the jury is not too fond of him, altho Chima will not be there to STRONG ARM them to not give him the money.
who knows.

Judy said...

top 3 to take jury Jeff.Jordan, Russell. Whoever goes up against Russell will win the vote. It will be a toss up between Jeff & Jordan. Jeff has more game, everyone likes Jordan. Then End


Which is why Russell should actually strike a deal with Natalie, Lydia and Kevin. Who wants to sit next to Jordan in the Final Two? No one...or at least no one who wants to win the money. Frankly, even Michelle should recognize that.

Expect someone to flip this week

Anonymous said...

Judy 3 to take jury Jeff.Jordan, Russell. Whoever goes up against Russell will win the vote. It will be a toss up between Jeff & Jordan. Jeff has more game, everyone likes Jordan. Then End


They need to get rid of Kevin & Lydia so the jury is all the bullies (except Kevin who would win with the jury if he was in the final 2. Jeff or Russell should actually be in the final two. Jordon is so gaosh darn sweet, but has not played the game at all. A major floater.

joy n said...

I'm wondering if Michele is just playing the absent-minded intellectual in the house. That would be an explanation for not "remembering" the lies.

AS said...

Love the blog, love the comments...just now able to say love this summer's BB.

I've asked before and not been answered...then saw someone else ask the same question and started to read the responses...and had to go.

So, whilst thing are relatively settled down, just how does one go about finding/getting an avatar and using it???

Would love any responses as every thing I've tried has not worked.

Also I LOVE Jeff!

Lars said...

I'm wondering if Michele is just playing the absent-minded intellectual in the house. That would be an explanation for not "remembering" the lies.

8/17/2009 7:13 PM

I knew this girl who was very high IQ, she would play the absent-minded intellectual " I don't " I don't recall small white lies with her sponsors.
They seem to let her slide, I guess I should've lied and said I loved coke-zero.

Jackie I recieved cases of coke zero but couldn't tolerate the taste.

Nana from the NW said...

AS--off topice but you do you get an avatar. I will tell you the little I know. I have a dear friend who has walked me through this. Click on your name, when your blogger site comes up click edit your profile. You should be able to scan down to photo. The only thing I know how to do is choose something from my computer(you should see 2 options(computer or the web)once your into computer options I went to my pictures and found the one of Josie. My others were e-mailed to me, I uploaded them and then was able to choose them from "my computer" option. Are you REALLY confused now?? LOL

Hopefully, someone else will be better at advising you.

Delee said...

Who did L/N think she would nom? Jeff or Michelle? Delusional 3 times!!!

Kevin is one sneaky rat and needs to be watched...

Can not wait for Tues evening!

AS go to type in what you want find pic right click do save picture as.. it goes to your picture files...then open your profile go to photo click browse your computer find picture files and click on the one you want and save your profile...

Zoetawny said...

Hi all!

I finally watched Sunday's episode on the DVR.

All the crying over Jessie just boggles my mind. I was cheering when he walked out the door. Chima was really angry that her HOH power was usurped by Jeff. Power shifts always bring on the drama. It's been said many times what a fighter Chima is so I find it hard to believe that she would give up so easily and call it quits.

Will the real Michele please stand up? Does she have a plan or is she just fickle?

WTG Jordan! Let's hope Natalie goes this week. She was riding on Jessie's coattails (biceps) long enough. If Jeff is influencing Jordan, so be it. Can Jeff and Jordan count on Russel...NOT?!

Can't wait to find out who wins POV this week. What's intrigued me more is who's going to have a melt down and asked to leave the BB house? I was thinking that it might be Chima but Lydia is prone to falling apart over every little thing. Or will Russell harass Chima to the breaking point? get combative Who do you think it will be? Will someone being asked to leave affect the double eviction?


Sorry to hear your cat adoption didn't go through. I'm not sure what you meant by it still being in the works but if it's meant to be then it will happen.

Hopefully your building's new owner will turn out to be positive for you. I'm sure all the legalities must make you feel a little uneasy about the roof over your head. Good luck with all of that.

Thanks for all the updates. Although I'm always falling behind it's good to know I can come here to catch up.


JimmyB said...

Who's been the weakest player in the house; let's say up through last week? I havta say:

Natalie. Hasn't done anything--hasn't won anything. A total hanger-on. (right?)

Nancy said...

Chris, I agree with everythng you said. I prefer a jeff win but I could live with the other's except N/L. All of that crying Sunday nite was unbelievable I was laughing so hard those 3 dopes C/L/N kept crying and crying. I have watched all the BB season's and never saw anything like that. It makes me long for the day's of Evil Dick and Dr.Will There is no crying in Big Brother over somebody evicted isn't that the point of the game Hello!

Nancy said...

I agree JimmyB Nat is nothing without jessie I don't see her winning anything. Hopefully she get's evicted this week.

Laurie said...

ZT: Good to see you here. Of course, I agree on all you said. I usually do. You and your family are in my prayers!

TerryinCA said...

I am hoping for a major good show tomorrow!

my WV is funpie

Nina said...

my bet is the next eviction is sun. seeing as tomorrow's show is going up to jordin's noms. (and includes Chima's exit). Thurs. is the POV episode which leaves not enough time for the live portion/eviction. If Thurs. isn't the eviction, that's obnoxious. And the next HOH will probably be endurance at this point.

A give away to Jeff unless he hands it to Russell and then Russell boots Jeff. A happy ending I would absolutely love.

Nina said...

Neither Lydia nor Natalie has actually won anything so this would be a perfect time for one of those ladies to step up during the POV.

Nina said...

it's driving me nuts that POV is not getting played yet. Unless they don't play in POV until Thurs.'s live show. But then I have no idea what the hg's would do with themselves. The feeds must be pretty damn boring right now.

Laurie said...

After watching a few hours of BBAD yesterday, I have to commend you for watching as much as you do and reporting so succinctly and humorously on what can get so monotonous.

Thank you for all you do, day after day, and for what you did today. :-)

Everyone, please remember to show your appreciation for Jackie by contributing to her fund. Just a few dollars from each of us can add up to enough for our Jackie to pay some of her bills!

Laurie said...

It's still daylight here in CA for another few hours. Maybe they will do the POV tonight and show it tomorrow. I hope so. Let's get things back on track and forget whatshername!

Delee said...

This is how I feel about L/N/K>>>>

One of the three need to leave...

Anonymous said...

They are getting massages in the back yard now. Russ first.

Anonymous said...

OK, now I might be jealous. =)

joy n said...

Are the massagers other hgs or are the producers trying a new therapy?

Anonymous said...

She looks like a professional masseuse. I couldn't hear anything so I assume they are all getting one. That chick is going to be worn out tho if she is doing the whole house.

joy n said...

Guess production must feel they need some unwinding after all the Chima furor and Jess's wake.

Margo said...

How do you put a catheter in a rats penis? Michelle went to how many years of college to learn how to do this?


Margo said...

ha ha my WV is penjyn

chris said...

do you remember all the crying over cappy that season?
Maggie was not as bad as the others
and then when america got to vote someone back they all thought we loved cappy as much as they did! NOT! instead kaysar came back in and wasted his opportunity, oh well
funny how the house guests cant realize that america does not see them as they see themselves, ie AMBER who thought she was one of the good people.

too funny

Sally said...

I just read Michelle's HOH blog, and she writes that she's firmly aligned with and loyal to Jeff and Jordan (at least to the final 3). I was very glad to read that, as I was never quite sure where she stood. She doesn't say much about Russell at all.

joy n said...

Just saw a CBS BB commercial for tomorrow night. Didn't catch it all, darn it, but they talked of Chimas meltdown and showed other hgs making comments about her. Also said, "find out why Chima was kicked out of the BB house". I've got to watch for it again.

Laurie said...

Margo, your avatar cracked me up!
We do have our own fun here, don't we?

Anonymous said...

The chenbot spoke about Chima leaving this AM

Nina said...

I think a live POV comp on Thurs. would be awesome. It would really shake up the houseguests and would actually create loads of suspense. If they hold the comp tomorrow and then the ceremony Wed., it's spoiled before Thurs for the hgs and feedwatchers. They may as well drag out the drama for them and for us since at this point there is no possible way for POV to make Tues.'s episode and just do a live POV and then live eviction on Thurs.

joy n said...

Thanks anon 11:03. Just watched it.

Laurie said...

Nina, that would shake things up and be fun, wouldn't it?

Laurie said...

I hope they were all told to drink plenty of water after their massages. Lots of toxins get released during a massage and need to be flushed out of the body with fluids.

I do love massages!

Anonymous said...

Jordan confided in Kevin again and she better hope that Russell doesn't find out. Kevin already told the 2 witches everything she said. Oh my...

AlbGlinka said...

A badminton comp would be fun-- Natalie would have a good time trying to hit the shuttlecock. (Yes, that's what it's called) :-)

Anonymous said...

Only Russ gets the message. Remember he won the spa, Jor HOH Kev 5,000 and Jeff Hawaii and LY got the unitard.

The POV is tomorrow (Tues) according to Jokers.

Anonymous said...

sorry thats massage not messege

Anonymous said...

I am so hoping Russell wins at this point. He is very loyal and yet I feel he gets robbed of credit for this. Also, he is doing a fine job of playing and love that he has remained this long with being a target for so long.
I was all for J/J until I just saw on BBAD that said at the bottom of the screen that they (J/J) are looking for a way to backdoor Russell. That's wrong imo, not to mention STUPID.

Laurie said...

That's right, he won the massage in that comp. Thanks for the reminder. I'll bet he loved it!

Russell is rough around the edges but I would like to have him as a friend. He is loyal and he is smarter than he lets on. Underneath all the muscle is a good guy, I think.

RyzandShyn said...

Chris..Yes, this does remind me of the Cappy-Crappy business and all the other agony of that season. Wahhhamber, the good person also springs to mind.
It really is interesting how it's always the horribly behaved houseguests who believe that those of us watching are surely in their corner.

Is that true about the toxins? I recently had my first massage, and they told me that too. So what, they push junk out of your muscles and release it to your system, so you have to flush it all out? Or is that just something they want you to believe so you come back?

wv: tarlied
Natalie should be tarlied and feathered.

Kathy in NC said...

My daughter sent me this. The names were already changed for Big Brother:

Jordan calls Jeff and says, "Please come over here and help me. I have a killer jigsaw puzzle, and I can't figure out how to get started."

Jeff asks, "What is it supposed to be when it's finished ?"

Jordan says, "According to the picture on the box, it's a rooster."

Jeff decides to go over and help with the puzzle.

She lets him in.... and shows him where she has the puzzle spread all over the table.

He studies the pieces for a moment; looks at the box; then turns to her and says…

"First of all, no matter what we do, we're not going to be able to assemble these pieces into anything resembling a rooster."

He takes her hand and says, "Second, I want you to relax. Let's have a nice cup of tea, and then ..' he said with a deep sigh, . ... . . . .. .

"Let's put all the Corn Flakes back in the box."

AS said...

Nana and Delee, thanks so much for the instructions...I really appreciate it.

As much as I like Jordan, I'm not sure if she'll have the strength for the physical competitions.

And I still think back to the "how many quarters in an hour" conversation between her and Jeff. Gotta love that gal!

Joanie said...


Word verify is inabled.

I've been spending WAY too much time watching the hamsters today, that I actually think that is funny

Laurie said...

RyzandShyn: It's true. There are toxins released and your body also gets dehydrated after a massage. It's a lot like doing any form of exercise, only someone else is moving your muscles for you.