Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Monday Daytime - PoV Meeting! 8/24

If looks could kill ... look at those dagger eyes on Russell! Yep, it happened. The PoV meeting was today and Jeff did what he said he was going to do. He saved Kevin and put Russell on the block with Natalie.

Here's how the day went down:
  • BB woke up the hamsters early today -- around 8 AM. Of course, most of them were up into the wee hours. They're going to be sleepy.
  • Jeff told Jordan he was going to take Kevin off the block because he'd be more likely to win (and put Michele up). He's going to tell Natalie and Kevin he drew a playing card to decide which one gets saved.
  • Kevin and Natalie are way nervous. They don't want to look desperate, but want to just confirm the deal with Jeff and Jordan one more time.
  • Natalie and Kevin have already decided that if either of them win, they'll put Jeff up. They'll tell him he's a pawn, of course.
  • Then, if/when Jeff gets voted out, they'll explain to Jordan that the opportunity came up, he's such a strong player, blah-blah.
  • Natalie thinks Ronnie was totally right about Michele.
  • Kevin thinks they should give Michele a break because she's been through so much.
  • Um, okay.
  • Natalie claimed she hasn't won anything because she hasn't had to win anything. I think I've seen her trying ... she CAN'T win comps is the issue!
  • The PoV meeting went down.
  • Michele said that this will put her loyalty to Russell on the line.
  • Jeff hadn't told Michele he was going to backdoor Russell although the thought has certainly come up in conversations.
  • Kevin and Natalie are going on about how their last minute lie saved them.
  • But they don't know their lie was actually the truth, just not witnessed by them.
  • Russell reminded Jeff about swearing on families. He's mad.
  • Jeff told him he had to know it was a smart move on his part.
  • Remember, Russell was telling US in the diary room that Jeff should put him on the block. Now that he's there, it's all about betrayal.
  • Almost violence! Russell warned Jeff that he's had it if he goes to the jury house. He'll "mop the floor with him."
  • Russell also brought up that Jeff said he'd kill the families of anyone who breaks the final four agreement. (He did, but was obviously joking when he said it.)
  • Russell shouted at Jeff.
  • Jeff shouted at Russell.
  • Macho, macho man ... oh, I want to be a macho man.
  • Kevin and Natalie just looked amazed at their handiwork.
  • Fight, fight.
  • Threaten, threaten.
  • And on.
  • And on.
  • No punches thrown.
  • No maids screamed.
  • Then it all went sort of calm.
  • Kevin is scared Russell will punch him and went in hiding.
  • Natalie is sucking up royally to Jeff and Jordan.
  • Wait until she stabs that knife in his back.


BJ said...

I am not so sure getting Russel out now isn't the best move. The thing is they have to get out Nat or Kev next, so they need to play nice with Mich.

Patti in Okla said...

Well I have been a Jeff and Jordan fan but, that just changed they are way too cocky. If Russell is smart, he will make a deal with Michelle and Kevin to keep him and get rid of Nasty and then he can try to win HOH and put up J&J. Kevin is surely smart enough to know that if he is in final two with Michelle or Russell, that he will win.

beverly said...

I have followed Jackie's BB blog from day one, butI have never commented because all of you do it so well. I am very disappointed in J/J although a fan of both from the first week. I think Russel would have kept his word. Now I think J/J are acting as arrogant as the Jessie mob. His sense of entitlement is unreal.Sorry but they are not as smart as the TH.
I can't wait to see the look on Jeff's face when Natilie nominates him. J/J shame on you. You've been had by Natalie and Kevin (who never lie @@)

Anonymous said...

I think Natalie will win against Jordon if its an endurance HOH.
Jordon and Jeff look out, to bad Jordon trusted Natalie.
Jordon always questions others, when they're staring at her, she asked Ronnie " Why are U staring at me "?
I don't care for her, hope shes out next.


PlaidChick said...

I think Russell would of kept his F4 deal, I have a bad feeling this will come back and bite J/J in the butt.

PlaidChick said...

Anonymous said...
I think Natalie will win against Jordon if its an endurance HOH.
Natalie couldn't even hang on in the last endurance, she was out early.

joy n said...

Really, what is the difference between Jeff's cockiness and the THs cockiness? Same game, different "actors" involved. Part of the game.

JimmyB said...

It's official: Jeff's a complete moron. He had the best chance to win, and just blew it. What a fool.

Heather said...

First time poster here... I think Jeff has made all of the right moves in this game.. Go BIG or Go HOME.... They just need to get Jordan HOH and they are golden IMO.

Sissy said...

I'm on the fence if this is the right move or not.Since Jeff can't play this HOH, if it's an endurance either Michele or Jordan can win it (both of them were on that swing quite a while).If it's questions, then it's a crap shoot, anyone of the 4 can win it.I just don't understand why Russ is so mad if he was talking about doing the same thing to Jeff and admited in the DR it would have been a good move last week.

joy n said...

Probably because Russ is a moron.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until Natalie and Kevin backstab Jordeff. It's coming next week. Watching Jeff's meltdown when HE is on the block and Jordan is sitting on the sidelines all slack-jawed will be well worth the cost of the feeds.

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of J/J from the beginning and felt that Jeff played the game better than anyone BUT this is ridiculous. I don't get his stragedy at all. I'm still pulling for him but now have some doubt that he will win because of this latest move. I hope I'm wrong.

Dottie from NC

RyzandShyn said...

Well, well, well, that's quite the mess as we expected. Sounds like russell is busy burning his bridges. If he was thinking rather than being a hot-head, he might have fabricated a lie about overhearing Kevin and Natalie
(which, of course wouldn't be an actual lie, but Russ wouldn't know that) talking about ousting J&J.
Dumb hot-head.

The good thing is that Kevin is still there. I'm not saying he should win or shouldn't win, I just like him.

wv: bilsov
hmmm..Russell should rub some bilsov on his ego and get back to playing the game. (I don't know)

Anonymous said...

I think it is too soon to make this move on Russell. J/J needed to get out K or N first. NOw, there will be 2 playing for the HOH again J/J. If K or N get it, good bye Jeff! And then R can mop the floor with him in the jury house.

joy n said...

I am really worried about Jeff now. His decision to evict Lydia was probably his downfall and the rest of his game, unless he is extremely lucky, will most likely have a dominoe effect.

Michele can't be trusted, she's a flipflopper. Kevin and Nat are stuck like glue and have influence over Jordan and apparently, Jeff.

It's looking to me like Jeff has painted himself into a corner and it's not quick-drying paint. Jordan has to win this HOH and the odds don't seem all that great that she will. If she doesn't win but Michele does, Michele could easily flip to the other side again thinking she has a better shot at winning comps against Nat and Kevin than Jeff. If whomever wins HOH should happen to protect Jeff, Jeff would HAVE to win the POV to keep himself safe for another week. An awful lot of ifs.

Ya shoulda sent Lydia home, Jeff. This is starting to look like an uphill battle.

Ya coulda been a contender!

Witt said...

I am torn between Jeff needing Russell in the final two (Jessie, Lydia, Natalie et al won't vote for Russell) and needing to get rid of Russell (strength in endurance comp). Kevin, Jordan, and Michelle are voting...Kevin will vote Russell out, Michelle will vote Nat out, and it's up to Jordan. Could Jeff change his mind by Thursday?

Witt :)
WV: bilan: The clothes in bilan are all the rage this year.

Anonymous said...

Jethro is an idiot! I actually liked him and Jordan a lot but after the way they are acting, I have changed my mind. He is a bully and she is a dumb sheep. She has no mind of her own and btw, why is she so happy to get her own room at home? Isn't she 22? I would think she would be living on her own not sleeping in mommies bed.

Laurie said...

I would love to see Russell sweet talk his way into staying and see Natalie leave. That would be an interesting twist to the saga of BB11.

chris said...

i agree with those who have said they needed to include michelle in their plans
alienating her was dumb
now all he has is jordan
when he gets put up he will see the error of his trusting ways.
really to think that nat could be trusted
i however like kevin so if he makes it and wins so be it
not a nat fan at all
yes the lie was the truth
and michelle did not help russ's cause by saying that they discussed lots of things.
that poor memory of hers that is only present during house discussions but not during comps when she suddenly recalls everything.
oh well i have resigned myself to jeff getting played, not so much for bd'ng russell but for thinking nat and kev have his back
at least they should have kept michelle for final 3 she may win the next hoh!

chris said...

and yes russell should get jordan to overhear kev/nats plans
then she would change her vote
and jeff would realize he f-ed up big time

Laurie said...

Dotty, Pete, Heather and Beverly, nice to read your posts.

Please join us even if we have already said it all. It doesn't stop us!

Great to see new folks posting and giving us a name to respond to.

Anonymous said...

We will have to see whether or not this is a good move, perhaps Jeff will make it to the final two but being against Russ would have been the easiest shot at him winning.

I have a feeling though that Michelle or Kevin will win HOH next week and then J/J are toast either way. They have alienated Michelle and she will do whatever is in her best interest as she should. At this point I'm rooting for her, she's played every side without being a big target. Russ is getting screwed big time. He's played the best game but made a mistake in blindly trusting Jeff.

Goodie said...

Wow...some things are hard core.
Whatever Jordon is...she is...but she lives at home because of $$. Her family does not have money and that is why she shares a room. I think its a 2 bedroom and her brother has a room. Sometimes things are not what they seem. She is not a Diva and has not lived the life of luxury....or so she says.
Who knows. Some folks are rich and have huge homes...others have a roof over their head and are thankful!
I have wanted J/J to win but I agree with everyone that they did not use their heads.

Anonymous said...

And Jeff trusted Russ who said that he would put Jeff and Jordan up next.

sizzie said...

How many secrets does Russ know? Does he know it was Nat that got the extra day on slop for Kevin? Will he discover and reveal the age lie for Natalie? Are there others things he could bring out this week to stir things up in the house?

Nat has already brought up that if the vote switches she is the one to go. Russ has only had a little time to talk and she is already aware that it makes sense.

All Russ has to do is keep on doing what he has been doing and keep his temper

It could be interesting to watch.

PDX Granny said...

Laurie said...
Dotty, Pete, Heather and Beverly, nice to read your posts.
Please join us even if we have already said it all. It doesn't stop us!
Great to see new folks posting and giving us a name to respond to.

I'm adding my welcome to Laurie's! Speaking from experience, it's not always easy to jump in and make comments. But it's so much fun! It doesn't matter if something has already been said or not. Just think of it as reinforcing a good idea. : )

beverly said...

Thanks for the welcome Laurie. I can't wait to see the fireworks on Tuesday, although they will probably edit most of it. Over at Jokers, Jordan is saying things that really surprises me. She is not acting as sweet as she is portrayed on BB...sigh

Thanks for all your great work Jackie.

chris said...

j/j should keep the final 3 deal with michelle
that is their best shot
and michelle could win 2/3 comps since she is good at the mental challenges
and dont forget in the endurance she was not bad either, last girl standing!!
it then gives j/j a second shot at hoh this week if michelle is on their team

Anonymous said...

That's it. I'm done with J&J. They're just as bad as TH or worse. Jeff should remember that he won HOH only because Russell used gold can on Kevin. I think Russell would have stuck with final 4. Also, I think Jordan should have helped her Mom with bills instead of buying boobs. I don't think poor people buy boobs so she's probably lying or some old man at Hooters bought them for her.

RyzandShyn said...

Sometimes the single parent thing necessitates living smaller than one would like to in a perfect world. Sometimes families stick together when times are tough.
Sometimes young adult children are smart and stay home to save some money so they're well prepared to go out on their own. Sometimes 20-something children continue their education.
The list is endless.

Nana from the NW said...

I'm adding my welcome to all the new folks....even if you have been a lurker for awhile it's nice to see a name to your comments.

I agree Jordan is not acting/talking like a nice southern girl should! Her grandpa will not be happy to hear any of that. As for her living arrangements she has said that her mom lost her job and they all moved in with Grandpa/Grandma, that is why she shares a room with her mom. She works but I don't think makes enough money to live on her own. There are MANY 22 yr. old that still live at home.

As for Mich. I think if she won HOH she would flip in a heartbeat if it would benefit her. Why have J/J not figured out that if N/K win HOH that Mich and one of the J's will go up...there's nobody left. The vote would be a tie and HOH will break it.....goodbye Jeff.

I've always been a big fan of J/J but they were just outplayed by Nat. There only chance is for Jordan to win HOH.

As for the comps. it's about time for the morphed faces. My guess is that will be the next POV comp.

Of course, it's only Monday....there is soooo much time. Come on, Russ make up a lie, tell Mich. and maybe they will wake up at vote out Nat. I can dream,can't I???

Anonymous said...

Dumb move Jeff..... dumb, dumb, dumb!

RyzandShyn said...

ok, never mind, you got me on the boob
It always kills me how people without a pot to pee in have money for boobs and tattoos.
It should be one of those MasterCard commercials...priceless.

Anonymous said...

This is also my first post been reading jackie's blog for years and the comments I luv both. I have the live feeds and as I watched today ......well I'm no longer a jeff fan. If only for the fact that nasty nat has such a smirk on her face now (she's cashing that check)The fight between jeff and russel was nasty. I think we saw jeff's true colors, with his temperment and I.Q.Russel will get my vote for the 25 thousand

joy n said...

It's possible that Jordan's financial picture was better in the past. In this economy, it's not easy to count on anything. Losing a long-held job can change your whole life. I don't think some should be so quick to judge without knowing anything about a family's personal life.

Anonymous said...

Natalie couldn't even hang on in the last endurance, she was out early.

8/24/2009 6:35 PM

Thats cause she felt safe, this time she knows its do or die.


joy n said...
Really, what is the difference between Jeff's cockiness and the THs cockiness? Same game, different "actors" involved. Part of the game.

8/24/2009 6:38 PM

True enough, joyn, but people liked one group and hated the other.

wv is "seerskin". I put on my seerskin and saw Natalie winning BB! :)

Laurie said...

What if ...

The whole put Russ up and then have a big fight was staged?

It was just an act the guys put together to see how everyone else would react?

The guys are actually smarter than we are giving them credit for?

Just saying ... what if??


Actually, this is interesting, hearing all this pro-Russ/anti-Jeff talk. For what it's worth, I think Jeff finally made a big move on his own and I applaud it. The CD'E was kind of dropped in his lap and I thought it was too early to use it, but things fell perfectly with Michelle and Jordan winning the HOH and Chima eliminating herself. This was the crucial week setting up the final 4 and backdooring Russell is the totally right move. You've really got some very weak players in the house with Russell gone. And you've got at least one massive endurance comp coming up. If they can get Kevin out next week, Jeff can actually dictate the final 2 (in all probability) and the only question is is he smart enough to take Michelle with him...

joy n said...

That thought crossed my mind too, Laurie. What if the plan is to still get rid of Natalie but make it appear that Russ is the one going out? Then zero in on Kevin and maybe Michele. Wouldn't it be loverly?

This comment has been removed by the author.

joy n said...
That thought crossed my mind too, Laurie. What if the plan is to still get rid of Natalie but make it appear that Russ is the one going out? Then zero in on Kevin and maybe Michele. Wouldn't it be loverly?

8/24/2009 9:42 PM

You can hope and pray (my how you people hate my hot'nNasty), but what would be the point of shoving a stick in that hive if you were going to vote out one of the people already nominated?

Becky said...

Welcome to all the newbies!

joy n said...

Joe, I meant her mother possibly losing the long-held job. Maybe Jordan lives with her mom to help out. I'm only saying that Jordan is close to her family and they may have had some bad breaks which is why they ended up living with the grandmother. And $750. a week is possibly more money than Jordan could have made at home. This could be exactly why she's on BB. It's her way of contributing. Desparate times call for desparate measures.

A lot of people in her predicament would jump at the chance for half a mil or even the $750. a week.

joy n said...

Just wishful thinking, Joe!

joy n said...

Just to dramatically show Natalie that all her lies were for naught? A girl can dream, can't she?

Anonymous said...

Jeff should never have gotten rid of Russel. Russel was the only houseguest that Jeff might have beat with jury votes. Anyone else in the final two with Jeff and he loses. Jeff and Jordan had a good run, but this was a bad move all around. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff what were you thinking!

ChicMc said...

Sorry if someone else already said this, but I haven't read the posts yet.

Jeff's game has really gone to the dogs.

He has sided with the pit bull and the lap dog( accurate in both cases).

Jordan has been tarnishing her good girl image since hanging out with Natalie.

Jeff is proving what an arrogant A.. he really is too.

We already knew Russell likes to explode, so nothing new there.

Come on RMK, rock their boat, no tip it over and sink it.

sizzie said...

Just after the fight, Russell began playing the game intensely. He didn't do that earlier because he and Jeff had the F4 deal. I'm not sure what that shows..if anything...but it does seem to hint that Russ was going to honor his deal with Jeff.

The J's are in the green room counting and whispering. I guess they are trying to prepare Jordan for winning the next HOH.

Kev told the J's about his being nice to Russ, but really I think russ is making some head way with him.

ChicMc said...

I would love to see a Survivor style blindside of Natalie on Thursday.
I don't want her to win because she just seems to take too much pleasure in anyone else's misery.
Also, frankly I am TIRED of that smirk.
I know we don't really know these people and Natlaie is probably a fine citizen.
She just got lucky and found out just in time for BB, what an accomplished liar she is.
I'm sure all her friends will be shocked that "never lies" Natalie has told even one lie let alone hundreds. Remember JMO

ginnyjulie said...

I'm disappointed in how this is turning out. I was all for J&J, but now comparing them to D&D, dumb and dumber. Jeff's language on BBAD is horrible. I've lost all respect for him.

My WV is restes, the HG restes too much!

Joy Reed said...

Jeff is too trusting and he is playing with fire.