Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Overnight Into Wednesday 8/19

Gosh, this is the most wrapped-up and clothed Big Brother ever. Has California been having a record cold wave or what? I'm just as happy not to see nearly naked people all the time, but these folks act like it's November in New Jersey.

And here is little lying mastermind. I don't care for her. But if she successfully convinces everyone and stays in the game, she just might win it all. And, if it gets to that point, I'd have to give her kudos for playing everyone.

Yes, I feel that Jordan and Jeff just could be falling under the spell of Natalie. Scary, eh? I can't understand how anyone thinks a woman who calls other women "dude" is an upstanding ally. Yeah, I'm nitpicking, dudes. Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of All the Young Dudes:
  • Michele has become increasingly paranoid and was crying on and off.
  • She finally talked to Jeff, bringing up odd things like she thought he said "Colt 45" when he actually said, "Good night, talk to you in the morning."
  • He consoled her and reaffirmed that she's in with him and Jordan.
  • Jeff claimed he has no clue what Colt 45 is and wouldn't have said it.
  • I'm trying to remember if it's a beer or a gun myself.
  • Jeff and Russell talked. Russell said if the noms remain the same, the strategical choice to to home would be Natalie. Jeff agreed.
  • They both know that if Kevin wins the veto and takes Lydia off, either Russell or Michele will go up.
  • They're all trying to figure out the show and comps schedule.
  • So are we, the viewers.
  • Jeff thinks that Russell isn't being 100% honest with them (himself and Jordan).
  • Michele keeps planting more anti-Russell seeds once again.
  • So much for their final two plan (Russell and Michele) ... or, is it all to throw folks off?
  • Natalie apologized to Lydia for fighting with her but reminded her that Jessie is an ass if she goes to the jury house.
  • Jordan's in a quandary. She knows either Michele or Russell is lying about things like targeting them, but can't figure out which one.
  • The Kevin and Natalie lies about Russell targeting Jeff have really taken seed and sprouted.
  • Russell mocked a man who will go around wearing a shirt with his own picture on it.
  • Well, he does have a point there!
  • They talked of Chima disposing of Little Jeff (the clay figure) in the storage room trash.
  • Jeff thinks Little Jeff had an escape plan out of the house.
  • Michele and Russell are still together (or are they?) -- they talked about how Russell is worried because Jordan is acting like she's having second thoughts. They think Russell will have the edge in an endurance comp if they can get Jeff to keep exercising and wear himself down some beforehand.
  • Jeff told Jordan everyone is lying and she shouldn't be so nice to the other side because they haven't had their backs for the entire game so far.
  • Jeff wants to confront Russell and Michele, yet he doesn't want to as he doesn't want a blow-up. They have conflicting stories. Who's lying?
  • They played cards forever. And a day. Take those cards away, BB!
  • Natalie came across as quite the pro for her tender years. She talked of playing in tournaments.
  • Isn't the age 21 for tournaments? Danger, Will Robinson, danger!
  • Jordan told Michele that she might trust Kevin more than Russell.
  • Michele says that Russell might want Kevin gone because he could easily replace him in the final four scenario.
  • Jordan and Michele confirmed their final three deal -- Jeff, Jordan, and Michele.
  • But what of the final two pact between Russell and Michele?
  • Meanwhile, Jeff and Natalie bonded. Oh, make it be just for show! Make it be not real! Jeff, DANGER! DANGER!
  • Uh-oh. My warnings aren't working.
  • Natalie is working her way into the Michele, Jeff, and Jordan circle.
  • Say it ain't so!
  • I'd rather Kevin work himself in there than Natalie!
  • Natalie gave them her word that if they save her this week, she will be with them all the way.
  • OMG, it's ridonculous (as Kevin would say).
  • Maybe Natalie will usurp the position of the true puppetmaster from Dr. Will.
  • Jordan and Jeff are totally buying into her act.
  • I feel a bit ill.
  • My show review was posted at TV Squad in the wee hours. Give it a gander if you wish!


Delee said...

I just can not believe what is happening in the house. Can J/J be buying Nasty's plan? I join you in being scared!!!


joy n said...

OMG! Jeff, please show us you're smarter than that. Don't fall into that poisonous spiders web! He HAS to be scheming, right?

I also thought it funny last night that after all of Natalie's screaming about Michele backstabbing Chima after Chima had "befriended" her, and moments later, Natalie yelled out that Michele had been next in line to be put up.

Delee said...

Could they really allow N/L/K as a block...are J/J really that naive??? Nasty can promise them anything about the following week but HOW can they trust her...

lynn1 said...

I enjoyed your article over at TVsquad. It made me smile!

I don't like Natalie but if she is able to brainwash Jordan and Jeff to turn from their alliance with Russ and Michelle, I'll have to give her props and say she is deserving of the win for this season.
I'm certainly not saying it is unfair but I feel the delay in the POV competition has given Natalie and Kevin some time to plant seeds of doubt in Jeff's & Jordan's game plan. If they buy into it there will be another major power shift.

I have thought that the pendulum would eventually have to swing back to the TH.
This week's eviction and the new HOH could well decide who wins this game.

joy n said...

I hate to say this but if Jeff follows thru with this DUMB plan, he will deserve the consequences that are sure to follow.

It HAS to be that he's trying to get Nat to trust him that Lydia is going next and not her so maybe she won't pull a Chima before Thursday, I hope. I hope. I hope.

joy n said...

The man may just be looking for some peace in the house.

Anonymous said...

They need to talk to kev about nat and if the chips are down, kev will protect himself by admiting the last minute lie hopefully.

there's still time for all this to come out and with any luck it will.

I really really want Nat gone. I can't stand her. I really can't.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Lydia and Kevin.
Lydia is second behind Chima in the CRAZY BB Ward of so called ladies.

Joe in NY

Anonymous said...

hey jackie, debie in calif here!! thanks for all you do here for us! wanted to say that yes we have been having unseasonable nights here, very cool here. the days are still hitting 80's + for BB area. thats why they are probably keeping their clothes on LOLOLOL.

Anonymous said...

What does TH and GG stand for?

Katie in Chi

Cha Cha said...

Jeff and Jordan have been my fav all season cause they have kept out of the crap.
If they go with this plan they deserve to LOSE!!
Jeff did say early this morning that N/K stories are exactly the same and they may be lying.

Do the original FINAL 4!!!!

lynn1 said...

Katie in Chi,
TH = Turd Herd

GG = Good Guys

my WV is crymi...Natalie and Lydia can Crymi a river whe nthey leave the house.

Justene said...

It is cold in CA. The temps drop at night since this is a desert.

I saw the picture off Jordan and said to myself "that's how I felt like night." Threw a second blanket on the bed.

Margo said...

I think BB should have given Lydia turquoise hair dye. Then she would look just like Thing 1 and Thing 2 from at in the Hat. When I saw the first screencap of her in the unitard and the pink spiky hair what came to mind at once was she looks like Thing 1 and Thing 2.

I can not wait to watch my taped show this evening it sounds as if it is really good for once.

Mary Poppins was OK - the Bert was a sub so I did not get to see the guy the reviewer raved about. The Mary was fantastic. I got myself a genuine Mary Poppins bag (purse) and I'm gonna see if I can pull stuff out of it like Mary Poppins does hers. So far nothing has come out - but I'm still hoping there is a switch or something to make it work. :P


JohnNClaire said...

My new theory is that the whole house is bipolar. Either completely maniacal and out of control, or so boring its hard not to fall asleep. What a weird season.

Margo, LOL! Lydia also ACTS just like Thing 1 and Thing 2 - TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE!

Anonymous said...

Well, if Jeff and Jordan fall for this then I really would love to see Russell win. He has pretty much been a loner as has Michele. Actually either of them win and I will be fine with that.

Cha Cha said...

Chima's new statement

I don't really believe anything she said.

Chima'Chima Simone may no longer be in the "Big Brother" house, but she still has a few things on her mind she wants to clear up with BB fans.

Since entering the "Big Brother 11" house last month, Simone has been one of the season's most outspoken houseguests, and she found herself in the center of controversy when she used derogatory terms to describe "Russell’s abusive, bullying, and threatening actions."

Speaking exclusively to Hollyscoop, Chima released the following statement about her eviction from "Big Brother 11" and issues her apologies to those she may have offended on the show. She wrote:

Upon recently leaving the Big Brother show this season I have been privy to many judgments and criticisms made of every aspect of my being ranging from things as trivial as my appearance to more egregious comments referring to me as a racist.

As a woman of color, I have experienced racism first hand. I know what it is to be discriminated against so I would never want to inflict that pain onto someone else. I will, however, always stand up for myself. Many of you perceive my resolute candor objectionable, but I have always been outspoken and will remain so. I will never apologize for my looks, personality, or straightforwardness.

Nonetheless, I am particularly sorry that my words disparaged the regard and respect that should be shown to all cultures, especially the Middle Eastern community in this time of great turmoil within our nations. In describing Russell’s abusive, bullying, and threatening actions towards me and other houseguests, I referred to him as a terrorist. I used a phrase that was insensitive given his Middle Eastern descent and I apologize to all who are justifiably offended with my use of that racially charged term.

My sentiments concerning his behavior, however, remain intact. I do not agree with his antagonistic rampages throughout the house. Russell constantly demoralized many of us on a consistent basis and his conduct was alarming, daunting, and terrifying.

Fortunately, for me, I do not have to be subjected to those tirades anymore. I am going on with my life in the real world. I wish the remaining BB housemates the best of luck!

Chima Simone .

Cha Cha said...

Last night Jeff said something I think he needs to remember,.

I am paraphrasing but:::
When they were on the bottom of the barrell they didn't believe the TH. Why should they believe them now. Being HOH makes you paranoig...

PlaidChick said...

Awww Hell...

I hope this is just plain ole waffling Wednesday..

I want to kick Natalie in the nut sack when she has that mean pitbull look on her face, you all know it, it's on her face 24/7, when she eats, sleeps, glares, you name it. On the flip side, I want to kick her in the nut sack when she has that smirk on her face like "I *AM* running this house."

Get her out. Lydia's game will be over as she will flip out even more so knowing Natalie and Jessie are alone without cameras in the Jury House.

Hopefully Russell wins the POV and this little plan will be squashed.

Anonymous said...

During last night's show, a frightening question occurred to me: What if there had been a gun in that house?

In the heat of any of various angry moments, someone might well have used it.

It shows why keeping a gun is more of a danger than a protection against intruders, and why, like other countries, we should ban most gun ownership.

Sharon S said...

no no no....Jeff is NOT that stupid!

wv = becipe = Natalie staying in the house is a becipe for disaster for the viewers.


You go GIRLFRIEND! C'mon Hot'nNasty...

This is just too good to be true. Now, if Kevin would only win the POV and take Lydia down...

Morning to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Well where have you been GREAT POINT I AGREE WITH YOU TOTALLY.....
WHen you think your team is down and possibly about to GO you almost totally disappear, you came to life wehn you thought Nasty was about to get back in the fold, well..I hope you're not holding your breathe of betting the family's crown jewels(smile) Honestly though what do you think of their behavior, I really don't care who wins but Chima was totally out of line and then the rest of them crying over Jesse who doesn't give a crap about any of them, how obsurd.

Anonymous said...

Can someone paraphrase the lie that Nat & Kev are using to sway j/j against russell? I must have missed it...
thanks bunches
girlsmom, iowa

Joe in NY said...

Anon 12:52 p.m.

They are really NOT my team. As I've said all along, I don't care who wins as long as it is entertaining. But, as I've also said, I find Hotn'Nasty totally hot and so I do kind of cheer for her...just her, not her team. I have no use for Kevin and Lydia - other than any good use my little Nasty puts them to!

I mean, let's face it (IMHO IMHO IMHO), it would be pretty boring if J/J/M/R just sat around playing cards and bumped along into the final four with no fighting, screaming, or nervous breakdowns. Having had one tremendously good viewing week (Jessie ouster, Chima meltdown, Lydia meltdown...), a little surprise twist (Michelle flip-flop sending Russell home or a Russell flip-flop sending Michelle home) would create (IMHO IMHO IMHO) another compelling week of watching.

Personally, the use of the CD'E seemed strategically questionable (IMHO) but boy did the stars align for Jeff on that. Michelle wins HOH and actually chooses a side, followed by Chima melt-down, followed by Jordan HOH. Not bad. Karma has been his friend..

Goodie said...

I can't figure out what is going on. Last night on BBAD towards the very end Jordon is taling to Michelle about everything. I thought Jeff told her to keep her mouth shut. Oh my. I have no idea what will happen now. I agree there has been so much time now for plotting. I have my fingers crossed that Jeff knows what he is doing and is not under some kind of spell. Ewwwww That would be horrible. I pretty much want Russell and Natalie gone the most!

Anonymous said...

re Chima's interview:

I see Chima finally talked to her grandma.

Witt said...

That is a great flashback to my Lost in Space watching days!

I am hoping that Jeff and Jordan aren't losing sight of the goal and aren't being taken in by Natalie. I am hoping that this, again, is simply an Oscar-worthy performance. Evicting Natalie is a better goal; Lydia doesn't seem to have strategy planning skills that would take her to the end.

Witt :)

Anon said...

Jeff knows he needs to keep people who are his allies that he can win against in the end. He needs jury votes and that means the witches and kevin need to go first.

Cha Cha said...

Russ and Mich just discussed having a meeting with Jor and Jeff...
Hope this goes well.
I really don't think that Russell is going after jeff until final four.
I still can't believe the J/J are believing K/N/L

dr_celine said...

Please Jackie...I love your blogs and I know you enjoy writing...but there is no word "strategical," the word is strategic. I thought you might appreciate knowing this. (I'm not trying to be mean, but to help.)

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

girlsmom, IA, you can hear a replay of the j/j/n conversation on the jokers website. it's unbelievable. jeff is pretending, he always agrees with jordan when she talks in public. he still plays the game. i hope, i hope.

Anonymous said...

IMO, I like strategical, strategically speaking. Can people stop correcting grammar and spelling in this blog? Who the eff cares?

Joe in NY said...

Anonymous said...
IMO, I like strategical, strategically speaking. Can people stop correcting grammar and spelling in this blog? Who the eff cares?

8/19/2009 4:25 PM

Actually, I never correct anyone, but I do care. Call me old-fashioned, but clear communication relies on proper grammar, syntax, and word usage. Texting is the enemy of language!!! LOL

On other matters, I'm not sure it is such a bad idea for Jeff/Jordan to align with Nasty and Michelle (maybe). The final HOH is usually the BIG endurance comp. Would you rather have Russell in it or Nasty and Michelle? If you are Jeff (potential feelings for Jordan aside) who would you rather be next to at the end? Chima is gone. Lydia never liked Nasty, and definitely won't if she flips and joins Jeff/Jordan. Jessie would vote for Nasty (probably), although he did seem to like Jeff. Kevin, Michelle, Russell, Jordan...not going to vote for Nasty (IMHO)

Personally, if I'm Jeff I want Nasty with me in the final 2 (or Lydia). They are easier to beat in comps and won't have much love on the jury. If I'm Jeff, I don't particularly want Jordan next to me. Jordan would pick up any anti-Jeff, girl power, and sympathy votes.

I know y'all are going to tell me that there is no way Jeff would boot Jordan to keep Nasty or Lydia in a final 2 (assuming it is his option). But, since the shelf-life of reality TV relationships is about a commercial break, he'd be silly to risk taking Jordan to the end. He can use the money to set up a nice little love nest for the two of them, if their relationship lasts past the finale (about a 10% chance IMHO).

my wv is "hapippen" which seems like a very cool word although no obvious definition presents itself.

Cha Cha said...

Nasty just admitted to Kevin that Jeff and Michelle are her targets next week.

Also I was just thinking why is it that only the TH hear other peoplel scheming?

Joe in NY said...

Cha Cha said...
Nasty just admitted to Kevin that Jeff and Michelle are her targets next week.

Also I was just thinking why is it that only the TH hear other peoplel scheming?

8/19/2009 4:46 PM

Well, I'm sure she would tell Kevin that. She will probably tell Jeff that her targets are Kevin and Lydia.

And the truth...we'll never know...

Cha Cha said...

Joe in NY---

I am sure that Nat wants to avenge Chima and Jessie's departures. She is going to go after Jeff and Michelle.
She said from the first week that she(jess) wanted to get Jeff out.

Anonymous said...

I really think Lydia, Chima and possibly Natalie are going to wish they could go into the witness protection program when this is all over and they see themselves.
I can only hope they will see how off they were saying the others are the "evil" ones.
Maybe it will make them want to be better humans.

lynn1 said...

Unfortunately I don't think Chima, Lydia or Natalie will ever take ownership or responsibility for any of their actions.
It is too easy to blame someone else or twist the facts and play the victim.
I regret to say I know several people who think this way and some of them are not twenty soemthings. They have life experience but still play that victim card even when they cause the problems themselves.
My WV is enzyg. I don't have a witty way to use it but I think it is a neat word all the same.

Laurie said...

*Steps on soapbox*
I think we all know folks who are professional victims. Lots of people fail to see where their own decisions came into play to make something happen. The person who whines "Why does this keep happening to me?" doesn't really want to know the real answer to that question. It's easier to blame others than it is to take responsibility and make the changes we need to make to change what happens in our life. It takes great courage to say "I'm making this happen and I can change it".

*Steps off soapbox*

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of Jeff's from day one, however if he falls for Nasty's scheme then he should get the boot, if his memory isn't any longer than a couple of weeks ago when Nasty, Lydia , Chima were crying their eyes out over Jesse leaving and he was the one that caused it, Chima screaming why did you use the CDE and his last words to Jess and Nasty when he used the CDE to put them on the block were "you two have been running this house with your alliance" and would probably go after him next then Jeff must go because he's thinking with the wrong head.

Jordan, "God love her" is so ditzy until she has become almost unbearable to watch, her voice is irretating like some of the other past houseguest. Does she really think guys want to hear about her menstrual cycle and the fact that she has some difficulties with some of her feminine products Please Jordan grow up. As much as I like her she would never be able to sway me in any manner. Her logic at times is very juvenille. So If Jeff wants to listen to Jordan then Bye-Bye Jeff.

GREAT POINT I AGREE TOTALLY....I never agree with you, however if Jeff is stupid enough to fall for Nasty's scheme she definately should win the $500,000. No doubt about it.

RyzandShyn said...

wait a second...Natalie is reminding Lydia of what an ass Jesse is?
Dude, really? After the wake and all?

I wish Jeff would just get up the nerve to approach R&M or visa versa and let the great lies fall where they may. They can all then decide whatever they decide.

I agree that Kevin might out the whole thing at the last minute just because the lying makes him too nervous.

Anonymous said...

The air in the HOH room must have stoopid particles in it. Whut's up with those goof balls. Geesh...Nat is the enemy.

Joe from wherever: As a lover of nicknames and word play, I love purposeful variations of language. We are not writing a thesis here.

joy n said...

OT: There's supposed to be an announcement on Monday in re to the dancing partners on DWTS, but some celebrities have already leaked the news about theirs.

Aaron Carter - Karina Smirnoff
Debi Mazar - Maksim Chermkovskiy
Ashley Hamilton - Edyta Silwinska
Donny Osmond - Kym Johnson
Natalie Coughlin - Alec Mazo

This info from US Daily

More OT: Richard Hatch was re-arrested at his sister's house only hours after his Today Show interview yesterday. He's being held in a local holding cell until he can be transferred back to the prison. It seems someone in DA's office didn't like that he blamed his conviction on homophobia. He gets out in Oct. anyway. Think he'd have learned to keep his mouth shut for a couple more months.

Sydney, saw on the news that you had a terrible storm there in Houston. They showed a lot of damage with cars smashed on top of each other. Hope you're okay.

Sasha said...

Joe in NY said:
Actually, I never correct anyone, but I do care. Call me old-fashioned, but clear communication relies on proper grammar, syntax, and word usage. Texting is the enemy of language!!! LOL



Laurie said...


Becky said...

This was said: Call me old-fashioned, but clear communication relies on proper grammar, syntax, and word usage. Texting is the enemy of language!!! LOL

I always use spell check with emails and really make an effort to use proper grammar. My spelling can be gosh awful if I don't.

But in defense of those who don't spell correctly, use proper grammar, and syntax -- perhaps they never had the advantage of a good education. I know when I was in high school the females were shuffled off to lesser teachers because, "after all, the boys may go to college and girls will just get married, have babies and stay home". This was the "norm" in those days. Now days classes are so overcrowded and teachers having to "teach the test" so their school will not fail, education has fallen by the wayside. Also, while typing during a show mistakes can be made.

So cut the posters a break. So what if they may misspell words or use incorrect grammar. Yes, it would be a "better world" if EVERYONE was perfect, but we all can't be!

I do agree on one point, texting is the enemy of language.

WV: undstent - unless you undestent where a person is coming from, don't judge.

Laurie said...

Well said, Becky! You know my ITA2 was a joke, right?

Anonymous said...

If you say texting is the evil language and end your post with LOL after every put down, I don't get the hypocracy.

imho imho imho

JimmyB said...

Just read Chima's statement; obviously written for her. She's 100% a phoney & a hypocrite full of hate.

An immature, foolish child with zero credibility. She's the worst individual ever on this show...and that's sayin' something.

joy n said...

As we've all witnessed, Chima lives in her own little world. In it, no one matters but her.

sizzie said...

Oh Joe, I wish I had time tonight for a great discussion on the differences between communication and proper grammar. It could be a rousing time. Creative writing has been terminated by a teacher's using the red pencil on grammar and missing style and content of a student's paper. I am sure you have heard that discussion often, though.

But, as it turns out a big confrontation is about to happen in the house and I want to listen to it. : 0


Anonymous said...
If you say texting is the evil language and end your post with LOL after every put down, I don't get the hypocracy.

imho imho imho

When in Rome...

I just worry about the evolution of language from something with standard rules of grammar and syntax into a free flowing sub-language that excludes segments of the population.

I'm middle-aged but teach college, so I have some sense of texting abbreviations. But, honestly, I can barely read some text messages from my students. I get email form my students that is in text form: no punctuation or capitalization. Sometimes, the email is actually open to two diametrically opposed interpretations!!! I've had to send more than one request for clarification.

My grandmother, may her soul rest in peace, would not understand LOL, LMAO, btw, brb, etc. My mother doesn't understand them either. This excludes her from the discussion. It is similar to the English as an official language debate: it is all well and good to have Spanish as a secondary language, but it makes it possible to not learn English, even if you were born in this country. I know someone who barely speaks English yet was born in the U.S. and even went to school here, in an almost exclusively Spanish-speaking neighborhood. Such language segregation prevents him from working for me and me from working for him. It prevents he and I from being full partners in this great experiment in democracy. It makes it possible for a single Spanish-language newspaper or television station to become the SOLE source of information for an entire subset of the population. This is anathema to freedom and democracy.

So, yes, I do use abbreviations in a population that understands them. But, I worry about the natural extension of this practice. You can see it on this site: how many people have jumped in and asked what "wv" stands for? We've got all our nicknames. This is very much a semi-exclusive club because of the way we use language so loosely.



But, as it turns out a big confrontation is about to happen in the house and I want to listen to it. : 0

8/19/2009 9:15 PM

Who's confronting whom?!?!?!?

pls gv me sum info I hv no feeds

Anonymous said...

Best thing to do is to ignore the posts. I refuse to be friend of the friendless. Yawn.

sizzie said...

Joe, I agree and see some of it as generational, meaning I am an old fogy. : ) But communicating a proper grammar are not the same thing. I can slam a door and be communicating that I am angry.

But..Jordan went up to Russ and asked him if he wants Jeff and her out, she continues that Michelle (who is there) says so. Then they bring in Kevin and Nat to verify their lie and their lie is so close to the truth that Jeff believes them and even says that they are two independent observers and therefore trustworthy because (with Nat using her acting powers) they pretend to not know that Kevin has told Jeff.

Oh it is getting tangled. And that, Joe, brings me back to my first post to you today. Your comments, while with merit in some cases make me self conscious about typing. And, what is the fun here if we all have to be college level research paper caliber? See dude, wtf, let us just be who we are. Ok? : )

dr_celine said...

Hi again,

I don't correct the grammar/syntax of the posters, but as a writer and developer of this blog, I thought Jackie would appreciate knowing this. I realize that posters may misspell things left and right and use improper grammar. However, I know that Jackie writes for herself and is a paid blogger as well. I thought she might like to know about the word "stategic" since writing is "her thing." Like I wasn't meant as a derogatory remark, but rather as a helpful remark for a writer! :) Hope this clears things up a bit!



Anonymous said...

where are you?

Joe in the hood
Damn Natalie's A hotMAMA

joy n said...

I don't have the feeds either. Please share with us have nots.

Anonymous said...

i's hear for gram scool wheres joe the teascer
i thuoght this was big bros

joy n said...

Jackie's probably taking a well-deserved nap. It's been a busy week for her.



It wasn't my comment. (Must I be blamed for everything!) Celine mentioned it. I simply said that I never correct anyone, but I do worry about what texting (or IM) is doing to language. In fact, the only correction I ever even suggested was the spelling of Jessie's name.

Friendless Joe in NY

Bt me anon


Anonymous said...
i's hear for gram scool wheres joe the teascer
i thuoght this was big bros

8/19/2009 9:44 PM wasn't ME!!! I corrected no one!!! U cn bt me h

Anonymous said...

ppl who correct other posters do it out of spite!

Joe on the potty
not hating on white ppl but why is it that they are the ones who try correcting all races

Anonymous said...

Jeff is trying to patch up his alliance. He's da man. Not a fool. Didn't fall for the TH BS. Right now he is trying to talk sense into Michelle. They are at an impasse.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, no one should talk to Michelle. She's like the outcast on the playground that starts shit so she can be part of something. Maybe some could learn from Michelle's mistakes.

Anonymous said...

And Russ tells dumb lies. Because of his ego. And he talks to Michelle because he's a friend of the friendless.

sizzie said...

In the house right now, Jeff and Jordan say that they believe and don't believe both Michelle and Russ. But not one of the four has thought that perhaps the whole thing was made up by Nat and Kevin. In fact, their lie was so close to the truth that they are getting away with it.


Anonymous said...
ppl who correct other posters do it out of spite!

Joe on the potty
not hating on white ppl but why is it that they are the ones who try correcting all races

8/19/2009 9:51 PM

I don't know, but I'm not white so what's your point?

Sasha said...


Friendless Joe in NY

You're not friendless. I got that you were just expressing YHO and that you don't correct people here. Neither do I but I also care about language in general. I write for a living and I also use abbreviations in text/IM. Doesn't anyone see the humor in Joe's posts?

So sue me, anon.

Anonymous said...

LOLOL I see the humor in all of the posts.


Sasha, you're my heroine! But it's okay, I don't mind taking some crp...but I'd like to be guilty of the crime!!! LOL

concerned citizen said...

anon 9:51, 9:52, 9:55 I think I hear your Mommy calling Jason it's time for bed.

joy n said...

Joe, you have to learn to ignore the baiting. You'll never give a answer that will satisfy. Doubt they're even looking for one.

Anonymous said...

Who is Jason? Those posts are not the same person. But interesting that Celine is "a writer and developer of this blog". Why correct a fellow bloggers written word in the open forum.

joy n said...

AN answer. Oops! LOL.

joy n said...

By the way, thanks to all posting on the feeds for us.


Jackie has a new post, for any of you who haven't found it yet.

wv is "dogole"


yes, thanks for the feeds updates.

Justene said...

"Strategical" is a BB word that was used constantly in the house one season and the subject of much discussion outside the house.

I smiled when Jackie carted it out again. It seemed to me these guests are being "strategical" in the fine tradition of foolish houseguests about to blow their advantage.

dr_celine said...


I was saying that Jackie, as the writer and developer of this blog, would hopefully appreciate this.