Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Overnight Into Monday 8/24

Jordan and Jeff talk while watching the spy screen.

Here are the happenings since I last posted about the hamsters in the Big Brother House of Dudes and Dudettes:
  • It was not a thrill a minute. Don't expect excitement over your morning coffee.
  • Jordan and Michele worked out. Unlike many in the house, Michele has lost weight.
  • Michele asked Jordan if she and Jeff thought something was up with her.
  • Jordan told her they did.
  • Michele claimed that Russell is just getting on her nerves.
  • Kevin thinks Russell will play the "bro card" on Jeff -- he's hanging out with him doing guy kind of stuff.
  • Kevin told Natalie he thinks she's going overboard by being too nice. He thinks they'll catch on because she's overdoing it.
  • Jeff and Jordan memorized house facts for comps.
  • Michele told Jeff that Russell needs to go.
  • Michele told Jeff that she often felt that Russell wasn't on her team. He questioned what team that was -- going after the final two deal between Russell and Michele.
  • Russell walked in on them.
  • More card playing. I'm SO tired of watching them play cards. Take the cards away!
  • Jeff once again talked with Russell. Russell claimed that things get twisted and what Jeff hears isn't what really happened.
  • Jeff and Jordan went back to quizzing each other on house counts and facts ... all the while watching the spy screen.
  • Natalie and Kevin played pool and continued to scheme away.
  • Russell's been laying low and Michele refuses to take a cold shower before bed.
  • The indicators are that Jeff is likely to use the veto tonight to save Kevin and put Russell on the block with Natalie.
  • If that happens, we'll have some sort of excitement with Russell's reaction.
  • We'll know by tonight.


RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning!
I think we're going to see some fireworks up in there if Jeff goes through with that plan.
I wonder what Michele is thinking about F2...does she know people might be thinking of taking her so they can win...who does she think she should take so that she can win?
I still think getting rid of Natalie might be the better bet.
With Russell on the block, it probably won't happen. Jordan will vote out Russell, and it will be left to Kevin and Michele. Michele would have to be able to talk Kevin into getting rid of Natalie first. Although Michele could also align with N&K then and the three of them could oust J&J.
Oh brother!

Sasha said...

Sigh. At this point in the game, whether I 'like' them or not, I have to respect any of the HG's who made it this far. I am in the minority who think that 'floating' is just as legitimate a strategy as any other. It's just not easy to be in the BB house and I'd never want to subject myself to it. Although I have my preferences, I would not be horribly upset by any of the current HG's winning.

I do think Jeff is in trouble no matter what he does but with Russ gone, he's the biggest target there. And at some point (maybe immediately) he's Russ' target.

RyzandShyn, interesting question about Michele. I guess as long as she gets to final 2, Michele will be happy. I've never quite understood the HG's reactions to her but I don't have feeds so I just have to go on what is said here at Jackie's. For that matter, I don't get why she seems to say or not say many of the things she does...yet she survives so somehow it's working for her so far.

It will be interesting to see what Jeff actually does...and the reaction to it if it is Russ who's on the block after POV.

Have a great day, all...and thanks, Jackie!

Carol said...

Oh they are playing cards too much it seems so you are getting irritation!!!
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ChicMc said...

If/when Russell/Michele is on the block, he and Michele might be able to deal with Kevin.
Kevin does not seem loyal to Natalie and perhaps he feels she has a better shot with the jury than he does.( somebody thinks about the jury)
Two problems -- can Michele be turned from her JJ alliance and will Kevin think now is the time to turn on NJJ.
IMO the 3 people not to be in F2 with are JJ&N, so now would seem like the right time for KR&M to make a bold move.
I agree with Sasha, at this point I am fine with any of them winning EXCEPT Natalie.

sizzie said...

I agree with the card playing, Jackie.

The two biggest clues from yesterday came from the cards, though, and, as far as I could tell, were missed by J and J.

Natalie knows cards and places where over aged card games are played. And Natalie is a sweet kid who loves them all and was taken in by Big Bad Jessie using her in the game.

Oh Brother

somebody either needs to make a big move in the game or at least talk of devising one.

Anonymous said...

If Jeff gets rid of Russ this week and N or K get HOH and put J/J up, I feel it serves them right.
They are not playing smart right now.
Jeff doesn't realize Russell is the biggest target and with him gone...well of course he is.
Russ has kept his word so why vote him out now? He would have one less person in his alliance.
I'm rooting for Michele. Maybe she will take the money and cure cancer with her research, lol.

Anonymous said...

If Jeff puts Russell out this week he is dead meat, and would deserve it. Natalie had been a Jesse fiend from day one, cried like a baby when he left, vowed revenge againt Jeff's side and now all of a sudden he trust her. Jeff is an idiot, and he is thinking with the wrong head. while listening to no game playing, no strategy, under the radar living Jordan. Everyone should keep in mind this is a game and the prize is a half million dollars and who cares if Jeff and Jordan make a cute couple, if I were there in that house they would have been gone right after Jesse, that's the way they should be thinking, everybody is after us, especially those who chose other alliances and made it clear who's side they were on, and now to trust NATALIE how dumb is that, I think the veto comp showed where Russell's alliance was, he chose to pause Kevin and then dumb Kevin chose to pause Russell, what sense did that make, he should have chosen to pause Jeff, and it wasnt because he wanted Jeff to win, he is just dumb too. None of them are thinking at all.

JimmyB said...

I'll stand by that Michele should be backdoored. My second choice, in Jeff's shoes; would be to vote Kevin out. I think that Michele is the least trustworthy and quite capabale. (Russell's probably the most trustworthy and not so capable--I'd rather have him as a jury-friend).

How Jordan could trust Natalie over Russell is beyond comprehension. Natalie's not even a good liar.

Anonymous said...

good morning.

off topic, have any of you watched shark tank yet? It is an amazing
still want jeff and jordan for the final 2

Laurie said...

What will they do if they take away the cards? Sleep, sleep, sleep!

I keep thinking someone will wake up in the middle of the night and think "Hey, how does an 18 year old kid know so much about gambling?"

lynn1 said...

If Jeff does backdoor Russell, it is all over but the crying for Jeff and Jordan.
I predict the final 2 will be Natalie and Michelle.
I am very disappointed that Jeff has quit thinking things out in a logical manner. I do believe he is being influenced by Jordan to think that Russell is untrustworthy and Natalie is honest.
IMO it is the $500,000 mistake that will cost Jeff the game.

RBennie said...

I'm going to have to go along with Russell himself who thinks backdooring him would be a smart move for Jeff to make. The way I see it is that J/J are in the sights of all the other HGs. They are a team that needs to be broken up if any of the others want to get to F2. Russell is Jeff's strongest competition and he has a golden opportunity to take him out of the game right now. If he doesn't use this opportunity, he most likely won't get another chance. It seems obvious to me that Russell will go after Jeff if given the chance.

sizzie said...

Yesterday (or maybe the day before?) Jeff said to Jordan, you do know you are going to have to step up and win or we are out, don't you? You will have to win it on your own. She says she knows and she won veto on her own. He gets very stern with her and then laughs it off. I think they are a great pair in the house and have worked well together, but I hope she goes back to her regular life far from Jeff when the game is over.

Someone asked why Jordan doesn't trust Russ. There are probably many reasons that I don't know, but I have heard her say 'he stares at her'. He watches her and it'freaks' her out, she says. I am sure he does, she is beautiful, but I don't know if he is 'squeaming' when he watches her or only enjoying the view.

Nana from the NW said...

Good least still here on the west coast! Sun is shining, not a cloud in the blue sky and high about 78!!!

Some BB thoughts....

Why are none of these people connecting the dots with Nat. and poker?? She even told R/J that she had been in a Vegas tournament and won $7,000. That girl really is game smart.

The show last night sure editted the "confrontation" that J/J had with R/M last week. That was alot more than asking Russ a few questions. They didnt' show Mich. being put on the spot about what she said and her pat answer of "I don't remember". Ohhhh, what most of America doesn't know!!!

I am trying to figure out Jordan's feelings for Jeff....she looks at him like she has a major crush, yet backs away when he goes in for a hug after getting the HOH key. Talks about setting him up with her gf and then gives him a back rub....that poor guy must be taking alot of cold showers!!! He seems to really have feelings for her, which might cost him $500,000.

I am surprised that Jeff is believing Nat. Keeping her in the house is like handing her the money. If Russ goes and K/N win HOH they will put up Jeff/M. Jordan votes for M and K/N vote for Jeff and he's gone. Any of them will take Jordan to F2 because she may be liked but she hasn't played the game. The only person she can probably win against is Mich.
Today could be interesting...will Jeff really BD Russ? Will Russ flip out??

Sasha said...

Arrghh reports on the feeds have Jeff planning to take Kevin down to bd Russell. As some have mentioned, it may be Jeff's big opportunity to do so but he seems to be doing it truly believing that K and N are being truthful with him. Not thinking clearly, Jeff!!!!

Do you think he heard me? lol

Anonymous said...

If Jeff doesn't keep Russell, he's a goner the next time either he or Jordan aren't HOH. No question. I don't see how he can't see that.
girlsmom, ia


It honestly doesn't matter who Jeff can trust at this point, it's who he can beat in comps - especially POV. Alliances don't matter too much anymore. There's only 6 people, will be 5 next week. At 5, it wouldn't even matter if Jordan is HOH and Russell is loyal: Jeff is still in jeopardy. HOH can't vote, nominees can't vote. With 5 people, there are 2 votes and if one of them has the POV, that person basically decides who goes home - no the HOH, not your alliance.

For example, let's say Jordan wins HOH next week and let's say they keep loyal Russell instead of Kevin. Jordan nominates Natalie and Michelle. And then...if Russell wins POV, he can backdoor Jeff by removing Michelle and forcing Jordan to nominate Jeff.

This is really the last week an alliance does you much good. At 5 people, whoever wins POV can determine who goes up and (with one ally) who goes home. At 4 people, the HOH is completely irrelevant to nominations and evictions, the POV holder has all the power. And final HOH winner determines who goes to final 2. As such, loyalty is all but irrelevant right now. All that matters is comps and would you rather have Kevin or Russell against you? Frankly, as I've been saying for a week or so, if I'm J/J I want Michelle and Natalie in my Final 4.

If Jeff doesn't backdoor Russell, all the good fortune he's enjoyed for 2 weeks goes up in smoke. And, especially since y'all know that Russell and Michelle are targetting Jeff, why would any Jeff fan (and you know I'm NOT one) want him to keep Russell?


lynn1 said...

There are 2 reasons I would rather Jeff not backdoor Russell.

First Russell is not Natalie or Kevin both of whom I dislike. I don't want to see either Natalie or Kevin win.

If Russell decides to send Jeff packing and wins it all I would be Ok with that.

Second I think there is a slim to poor chance that Russell and Jeff could mend fences and take each other to the final 2. I don't for one minute believe Natalie or Kevin would make such a deal.

I don't think Jeff has much of a chance to go to the final 2 but hey a girl can dream.

Sasha said...

My 'fanship' is basically up for grabs at this point and I'm just interested in watching the game play. And I have to say to Joe in NY that you have a great point and I totally agree.

Let Jeff bd Russell or not, I just think he needs to understand what you point out: loyalty schmoyalty, he has to win POV's.

wv is 'backsb' isn't that what BB is all about?

joy n said...

RTVW says that the 2 hour finale will be on Sept. 15 (Tues). It will be live and include a reunion of all the hgs to discuss their season. We'll have to endure Jessie one more time.

Production says that Chima will NOT be allowed back but a separate article says that Chima has said she WILL be there and if they don't let her in, she will immediately go outside and talk to the reporters to give her side of the story. The drama never ends with her.

Nana from the NW said...

CREAK!!! That is the backdoor that is about to hit Russell in the butt! The POV ceremony is happening....fireworks tonight!

RBennie said...

I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear the outcome of this POV meeting.

Anonymous said...

Joe in NY is right. Which is why I've read this blog for years and never comment, because I usually fail to see it clearly. That'll teach me.
girlsmom, ia

WV: disesp. BB is one big game of disesp-tion.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter the outcome of the POV because the person who wins is taking someone off and Jeff is putting Russell up. I guess Russell or Michele can't play for POV?


It doesn't matter the outcome of the POV because the person who wins is taking someone off and Jeff is putting Russell up. I guess Russell or Michele can't play for POV?

Jeff already won the POV this week.


Anonymous said...
Joe in NY is right. Which is why I've read this blog for years and never comment, because I usually fail to see it clearly. That'll teach me.
girlsmom, ia

Now don't be that way. It's all just speculation anyway. Comps matter, but IF Russell were willing to take Jeff to the Final 2, he'd be worth having around. Unfortunately, America pretty much guaranteed that no one wants Jeff in the final 2 by giving him the CD'E. That proof of popularity coupled with Chima's melt down gives America a vote which one would have to assume would go to Jeff.

BTW, do the houseguests know that America now has a jury vote?

Nana from the NW said...

POV ceremony over....Jeff took Kev. off and put up Russ....he is not happy and they are just beginning to "talk".

Joe--the HG have speculated about America having a vote. Nothing has been confirmed.

wv--pawnled...the pawn(Nat.) led Jeff to his demise.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like from the feeds updates that they are having a huge fight and both being immature. Everyone is ganging up on Russell and Jordan thinks it's funny. She really hates him and is being hateful.
She is a little spiteful witch, so much for the nice girl, lol.
Kevin and Nasty are laughing and loving every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

well, pooh. I really do think that Russell would have been loyal to the final four group. I think it's all Michelle's fault for all her lying and acting so weird. Wonder why she wasn't happy with the Final four deal and set out to deliberately sabotage Russell. I'm really disappointed that Jeff and Jordan fell for Natalie and Kevin's schemes. I really, really, really, don't want Natalie to win this game!! Can't stand her! Cathi

Cha Cha said...

Russell will go home now.
The smart thing would be for Kevin to go against Nat and team up with Russ. I know it wont happen but it is a good idea. then it would be Kevin, Russell and Michelle against Jordan and Jeff. Remember Jeff can't play for POV.....
Wonder if Kev would do it.
He is staying awefully quiet in this whole blowup.

Cha Cha said...

sorry I meant to say jeff can't play for HOH...oops

lynn1 said...

I see it as being Russell fault for being backdoored. Sure Natalie and Kevin helped out with their lies but I didn't see (I don't have feeds so I could have miss it) Russell doing much to convince Jeff that he would stick by him through thick and thin.
Personally I think it would be funny if the next week Jordan was evicted because she was so anti Russell for no other reason that Natalie convinced her to be.

I still think the final 2 will be Natalie and Michelle.

Cha Cha said...

I think if Michelle and Natalie are the final two then IMHO america's vote(if thats what it will be) will vote Michelle.

I am waiting on Russ to give he speech Thursday night. Hope he calls out Jeff on there final 2. Anyone notice he has never told Jordan about that but always tells her they are in it together for the fonal 2