Saturday, August 15, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Saturday Daytime 8/15

These two photos below are an update (10:30 PM ET) -- Lydia has put on her red unitard. Hers comes with night vision goggles and a cape, plus the words "Captain Unitard" across the front.

Kevin tries to make nicey-nice with Michele.

Natalie and Jeff mend those burnt bridges ... or something like that.

Lots of happenings, lots and lots. Here's the latest news from inside that Big Brother House of Hamsters Doing Their Own Fast Forwards:
  • Almost immediately on wake-up call this morning, they were summoned to the Diary Room one by one.
  • Hmm.
  • Lydia denied messing with the belongings of others and said it must have been Chima.
  • Lydia claimed that if she is evicted, she won't scream. She'll just say goodbye to the people she likes and walk out the door.
  • But I bet she'll put a lot of effort into her look for the night!
  • We began the beginning of several feeds blockages for the day.
  • Even the hamsters are confused.
  • "Aren't we supposed to pick the veto players today?"
  • No! It's a new HOH comp in the making!
  • Michele loses all of her stuff early and cannot compete for HOH.
  • Chima's photo on the Memory Wall didn't go black and white until afternoon.
  • Lots of tension going into the comp.
  • Jordan won HOH! How's that for karma working overtime?
  • Um ... one of you is paying that Karma Dude, right? He earned his money this week.
  • Lydia got the unitard, but thus far is refusing to wear it.
  • Natalie won a call from home (which she's fussing about wanting it in private and soon as she says she'll be going home Thursday).
  • Lydia claims that she'll give everyone enough grief so they vote her out and she will wear the unitard then.
  • Michele hurt her arm in the comp.
  • I'm sure she'll live.
  • The miniature golf practice for POV ended up being the theme of the HOH comp.
  • The final two in the comp were Jeff and Jordan. It sounds like he threw it to her.
  • He claimed he wanted the Hawaii trip instead of the HOH key.
  • Nah, I think he's smitten and Jordan in HOH is pretty much the same as Jeff there.
  • Michele got into a brouhaha (I use the word so much this season!) with Lydia about wearing the unitard. Actually, Michele was out of line with her vulgar language. I would have just tattletaled to the DR and fussed about it.
  • Lydia dumped all of Michele's HOH beers.
  • Jeff tried to calm Lydia down.
  • But she's a woman possessed. Perhaps with the spirit of the man, the myth, the legend.
  • Michele hit with the most vulgar word for female anatomy (one in no way do I want on this blog).
  • Well, now I'm getting a bit ticked at Michele.
  • True, Lydia dumped her champagne, but geez ... get her for breaking rules, don't sink to her level.
  • Then as the fires built up, we had feed blockage after feed blockage.
  • On for 20 seconds ... then blocked.
  • Now they've been back a while.
  • Kevin is trying distance himself from Lydia without really distancing himself.
  • Jeff told him they have no hard feelings against him but advised him to try to keep Lydia calm.
  • It was almost the same talk with Jeff and Natalie.
  • Michele and Kevin talked, too.
  • It's all one big happy yet totally dysfunctional family!
  • Well, except for the pink sheep of the family.
  • Lydia is still refusing to wear her unitard and has dyed her hair bright pink.
  • Kevin looks outright miserable.
  • I don't know when the nominations will be. But I did notice CBS is already touting a huge happening which shook up the house.
  • Jordan told Jeff and Michele that she wants to put Natalie and Lydia on the block.
  • However, Natalie and Lydia have both pretty much figured out they're going up.
  • From watching, I think Natalie will let Lydia play the crazy card and try to float on through.



Well, it's not boring!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Jackie, can you get a good screen shot of nat in uniform?

Anonymous said...

Yay, that Karma dude is listening to us! The contestants/houseguests need to realize that America is a player and they have to please us too! Chima, Nat and Lydia's whining about how unfair everything is was a waste of breath if they had though about their behavior and how America sees them things could have possibly been different. Go Jeff and Jordan!!!

sizzie said...

Nat tells Jeff that she has never lied to his face. Or face to face or something like that. Nat, the truth teller who is friends with rowdy people, who are not her and who do things she can't conrol, because they are rowdy and she isn't.

Jackie said...

Anon - In uniform? She's wearing the bright green shirt and what looks like printed bright green, yellow, and white matching pajama pants. It mostly shows in the one screencap in which she's talking to Jeff.

Joanie said...

Nat lied to everyone the first night when they were introducing themselves, I believe she said she was only 18.

PDX Granny said...

I've got a lot of catching up to do!!! I love that Jordon is HOH now. I was going to feel bad for Michelle for losing everything she had, but if she sank to the level of "them" then I won't feel too bad.

It sounds like Natalie is still the pit bull. Let's muzzle her!!

Becky said...

If they show that the twits blame Shema for the destroyed property, then Shema will hunt them down.... and scream at them.

I suggested on the blog from today that BB needs to warn them that they ARE on camera and that they know who is destroying what (the last part of the sentence was just added). BB needs to warn them that the value of any item belonging to another hamster that is destroyed will be deducted from their stipend and given to the owner of the item..... and that it is retroactive to the time the destroying began.

And yes, Joe, the show is no longer boring.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be fabulous if J & J make final two and then can really let each other know that they genuinely like each other. For now they have to play the game and can't totally trust each other, but then they could. What a treat that would be for the viewers!

Margo said...

I think Lydia will be gone by thursday also so no live eviction this week.

Ding Dong

Susan said...

Boy, I blinked & missed everything! So glad I can come here to catch up! Thank you, Jackie.
I think Chima has problems she's not willing to face. She ACTS like the trauma she went through was nothing, but it has to affect her.
But I'm glad she's gone. She was too high-maintenance,& a little off balance.

lynn1 said...

I think Jordan ought to nominate Natalie and Kevin.
It would in effect give the GG a BOGO (buy one get one free). If Lydia lasted through the voting she would have to decide between Natalie and Kevin. That would probably finish her off mentally. She would have to DOR or the BB staff would have to get her out of there.

rozee said...

No one has said anything about Russell. Is he just laying low or did he get voted out and I missed it?

Susan said...

Lydia finally went to put on her 'superhero' outfit. She has to wear a cape & goggles, too. Should be funny.

Funny, I've heard Natalie mention 'her boyfriend' at least 4 times in 1/2 hour - more than the whole time Jessie was in the house.

SueGee said...

Its been fun trying to follow all of this today. I'm glad I don't have feeds or I would have been plastered to them all day!! And if the rumor mill has it right, no Sho2 tonight either!! And I took a nap so I could stay up!! Waaaaaa

Sue on the Left Coast

WV: criarme as in Criar me a river Chima


Russell and Michelle (IMHO) appear to be the biggest winners this week, although Michelle may be wasting her renewed vigor by getting into shouting matches with the Nut Sacks.

Russell went from being public enemy number 1 to totally off everyone's radar screen. If he can keep his temper in check, he'll cake walk into the final 4 when only comps matter anyway. Think about it, looks like a Lydia/Nat/Kevin ouster (depending on POV) Even if the Nut Sacks win the HOH next, you know they are gunning for Jeff and maybe Jordan by extension. If the Nut Sacks don't win HOH, then they get booted and Russell cake walks...

IMHO Russell was the big winner this week and the lug has actually made the most of it by (apparently) staying out of the shenanigans. AMAZING!


Susan said...
Lydia finally went to put on her 'superhero' outfit. She has to wear a cape & goggles, too. Should be funny.

Funny, I've heard Natalie mention 'her boyfriend' at least 4 times in 1/2 hour - more than the whole time Jessie was in the house.

8/15/2009 10:16 PM

Well, you really can't believe a word any of them say in the house, they are playing a game. Natalie has mentioned her age about 100 times and we know that's a lie.

Jackie said...

Russell is still there. He's been talking to people, not fighting. He told Natalie that someone else had called him a terrorist before due to the fact his family is from Lebanon. Apparently it bothered a lot of us more than it did him when Chima went at him.

Anonymous said...

I think instead of bringing someone back in to the house they should kick Jesse out of the jury house and start the jury with the next eviction. That way there would only be 5 people on the jury with no chance of a tie decision.

~~Silk said...

Believe it or not, I'm sitting here hitting refresh on the comments while I'm watching a movie, and I get a new WV on each refresh, and the latest one is "andbing". And, BING!

Yeah, what about Russ?

Oops. When I entered the WV, I included the "!". Second one is "hidebic". Has any of the hidden stuff been found?

Sally said...

Jackie, I was so glad to see your new post! I checked in a couple of hours ago and ended up confused, without you consolidating and organizing everything.

~~Silk said...

Heh. Ok, Russell is ok and staying low. (This is why I rarely comment. I type so slowly the world passes me by.

WV="stiodu". Lydia, Jess stiodu up.

Susan said...

Lydia looks silly in her superhero outfit.

sizzie said...

Joe, I still haven't heard Nat's boyfriend's name. She just says 'my boyfriend'. Maybe she has said it, but even with Jessie, I just heard it as title not name.

Jordan said in front of Jeff and Michelle that she will nominate Lydia and Nat with Nat the target because she wants to eliminate someone who plays the game and not someone who is emotional (emotional is my word because I forget the one Jordan used). In Jordan's opinion Nat is playing the game and Jordan would rather let Lydia act out for another week than eliminate her just because she says she wants to be voted out. I don't know if it will happen, just what she said for Michelle. It sounds like Jordan doesn't want to waster her time as HOH.

Sharon S said...

If they aren't careful, K could win the right HOH and end up in the final four... I think he's really more of a threat than Natalie or Lydia -- he doesn't get hung up on stupid stuff -- he keeps his wits about him, and that will serve him well in the long run with comps. Not that I'd mind him going to the end, although I admit I'm a Jordan/Jeff fan.

joy n said...

The TH art falling like dominos. What a lovely sight to see.

~~Silk said...

Sharon S - I think you're right about Kevin. But who would he have to be standing next to, to guarantee a win?

WV+"arther". An arther one bites the dust.

~~Silk said...

Ha! I love these WVs!

WV="rentivel". Instead of trying to be Evel Dick, Chima should just rentivel.

Susan said...

This from TVGrapevine Forum

1.Chima is the first BB USA contestant to ever QUIT.
2.For the first time ever. No eviction week. (since BB2?)
3.America will be voting as the seventh vote at jury.
4.Chima has forfeited ALL stipend, and will not be at the Finale night.
5.They will be showing this on TV Tuesday. (Probably edited to hell--removing all the good stuff )?

Anonymous said...

Does Captain Unitard out rank "the man, the myth, the legend"?

AlbGlinka said...

Wow, I can't believe today's happenings! I feel bad for Chima's grandma, she seemed like a nice lady.

The person who commented that America is a player has a great point-- it's been proven on other seasons too. Sometimes the nice, cool people get America's vote, like Janelle and Co. The egotistical ones usually don't-- exceptions: Evil Dick (ugh!) and Dr. Will... I can't remember that bible-thumping lady who cried and cried on her pillow because America never voted for her friends...

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jordan, but I would also be thinking about Russell after Nasty is gone. Lydia is going to get so emotional if she is only left with Kevin, she would vote Kevin out before she would Natalie though so I want Lydia up on the block with Nasty.


Susan said...
This from TVGrapevine Forum

1.Chima is the first BB USA contestant to ever QUIT.
2.For the first time ever. No eviction week. (since BB2?)
3.America will be voting as the seventh vote at jury.
4.Chima has forfeited ALL stipend, and will not be at the Finale night.
5.They will be showing this on TV Tuesday. (Probably edited to hell--removing all the good stuff )?

8/15/2009 10:43 PM

Not to be contrary, since that's a great point and I agree totally, but...did Chima quit or she was booted? I thought the CBS site said that she was removed not DOR'd.

Since it was a DE week anyway, we are having an eviction this week, aren't we???

Jackie said...

AlbGlinka - That was Wahmber ... er, Amber.


Ah, yes...Amber. Up until this season, I thought she was the most borderline imbalanced person every put into the House.

Susan said...

GPIAT (Joe?)
That's what you do: contrary


Susan said...
GPIAT (Joe?)
That's what you do: contrary

8/15/2009 11:00 PM

Sorry, Susan. But I'm really confused...anybody know the answers to my questions?

And that is NOT WHAT I DO!!! (LOL - kind of a tough one, if I agree to being contrary, I'm not being contrary, but if I deny being contrary, I am being contrary, so I'm sort of stuck...)

Anonymous said...


If Kevin is left standing with Jeff or Jordan he would have a better chance of winning The TH is not likely to give their vote to any one of the gg because they will feel that they are responsible for their demise, but he might have a problem if America has to vote, some people feel Kevin was wrong for not taking Lydia of the block, and if there is a tie, and America has to break the tie more than likely America will vote for Jeff or Jordan.

Susan said...

Kevin said to his new BFF (Natalie) "use your whisper voice". HA. Pitbull doesn't have a whisper voice.
My wv: ratem
I ratem 0.

Susan said...

You just made me dizzy, LOL!

Joanie said...

Does anyone know how many personal items the HG are allowed to bring into the house, other than clothes, shoes and stuff for the bathroom?

wv is colkin. I hit my head and got a colkin on my noggine

Anonymous said...

If Nasty/Kevin/or Lydia goes home this week, it wont matter if one of them wins HOH next week because they would have to put up one of their own and they wont have the votes to keep them so who ever is SOL.

Anonymous said...

Can Lydia wash the pink color out of her hair? How permanent is that? I hope she buys herself a tooth when she gets out of BB. I guess Heather doesn't offer health insurance.

~~Silk said...

Joanie -

I don't remember now where I read it, or when, but the houseguests are allowed to bring almost anything EXCEPT electronic devices, entertainment materials (cards, games, and so on), books, pens, paper, photos, etc. (exception made for religious books), as long as it all fits in X cubic feet of luggage. So that leaves pretty much just clothing, stuffed animals, and cosmetics.

Susan said...

If they bring someone back (I doubt they will) I hope it's Laura. I wonder what that would do to the house dynamic.

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo confused.

Chima gone - check.
No POV because of it. Yes?
Jordon just won HOH.
Lydia & Natalie will be on the block.
Then we have a POV, right.

They can't bring back anyone that hasn't been sequestered. Maybe America will count as 1 jury vote.

Patti said...

I thought this was the year of an eco-friendly house! Why haven't we heard anything else about that? They should be drying their clothes on lines in the backyard. I must admit that I'm not very green, but I really thought that was one of the premises for the season.

sizzie said...

NOminations haven't been made yet and the hgs are talking about having Sunday with nothing planned, so noms won't be until Monday? Is that right?

Anonymous said...

I am confused about the fact that they held another HOH comp.. Was that because Chima left? If so, how is that fair for Natalie to get off the block? I don't get it. It's also not fair to Michele at all. I mean, it worked out but what if Nat had won HOH? It would be like Chima left to help Nat, kwim?

Anonymous said...

I am confused about the fact that they held another HOH comp.. Was that because Chima left? If so, how is that fair for Natalie to get off the block? I don't get it. It's also not fair to Michele at all. I mean, it worked out but what if Nat had won HOH? It would be like Chima left to help Nat, kwim?

TerryinCA said...

Why would they give Lydia pink hair dye and refuse Ronnie to have a haircut?
What was the big cry about continuity?
I was wondering about the green thing too....I expected much more emphasis on the environment

AS said...

I've been out and about only to return to Jordan being HOH. So what happened to Michele...I thought she was HOH?

Have always loved your blog, Jackie. One of the BB best!

One question off-topic. Where/how does everyone get their tag pics?

And...I LOVE Jeff!

Susan said...

When Chima was trying to break into the dr, Lydia & Natalie tried to go with her. On the feeds Jordan said Lydia tipped the table over, so they probably let her dye her hair to shut her up. She's been asking to go home.

Joanie said...


Thanks for the info.

Joanie said...

Just had to comment for the WV.


I'm so glad I'm not in the house, because then I might be a nomene.

QuixoticElf said...

I have to say, I love all the WV's

Crazy house this time around!

JWV: haregam: Jesse's haregam is still trying to stick together! LOL

Susan said...

Jordan is in her HOH room. She is the sweetest person ever on BB. She's sad she can't help her mom & brother more. She looked for a picture of her dad & then said her mom probably wouldn't send one.

Laurie said...

Geez, leave the house for a day and all hadies breaks out!

We saw Fiddler on the Roof with Topol this afternoon. Now that's entertainment!

I hope the BB players are able to get some sleep and get back to normal (normal for the house) tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I guess I missed it somewhere, but what does TH stand for?

Richard said...

It looks like they decided to air BBAD after all. They mentioned Lydia is wearing a superhero costume on the scroller. I hope BB will be tougher on prospective HG for next year when they're interviewing them and tell them that all future BS will be fall under a zero-tolerance policy. They could start by having 4 alternates on stand-by for the 1st 2 weeks and then sequester all evictees until the game is over to cover for multiple DOR's or removals. If somebody starts crying wanting to go they can say bye, open the door, and throw their ass to the curb and put someone back in however they want to do it. That also works for the 1st time 1 of them acts wacky or messes with somebodys stuff or makes an ass out of themselves during the live show. And they could threaten huge penalty fines in their contracts so someone like Chima would have to work for 5 years to pay BB back for damages. It would definitely make someone like Chima think twice before acting dumb. Let's just hope there is even a BB on the air next year and its not cancelled due to the poor casting decisions made this year. Jeff made some great remarks Thursday night about they should be grateful to even be there and have everything they need. But no, 3 or 4 of them were always bitchin and crying wanting more. Sorry I went off on a rant there.

Anonymous said...

TH = Turd Herd

PDX Granny said...

I was reading over at Jokers and am now confused. Part of the time it seems Michelle wants a F2 with Russ. Then part of the time she seems to be talking with Jordon about going after Russ after getting rid of Natalie.

Did anyone else read that? Did I read that wrong?

And Natalie ~ you know, the one who never lies ~ is talking to Kevin about lying to Jordon and Jeff about things Russell has said in the hopes of getting into the final 4 with them.

Oh what tangled webs we weave . . . .

Anonymous said...

I haven't read any of the past comments or even this blog post. I just got though reading the last post regarding Chima, so sorry if I repeat something. but I don't think they will replace Chima. Remember, it's Double Eviction Week. They'll just keep it at one eviction.

Also, does anybody else see the resemblance of Chima and Nat's reaction to Jessie leaving between the Nerd Herd's reaction to Eric leaving in Season 6?

Problem is, they were using Jessie, now that he's gone they are weak and are huge targets and knew they were the next to go (the whole house was against them)

about the whole hiding of clothes thing: I think we established from week one that the house was full of passive aggressive mental cases (narcissistic, bi-polar, cutting, explosive, passive-aggressive, etc). This year BB wanted to spice up the house by casting "interesting" people who probably scored low (but not too low-at least they thought) on all the personality, conflict management and mental stability exams for the show. Chima proved that tonight. I am disappointed in her.

Anonymous said...

We should all be updated on the pool picks. Who is still in it? If I had to bet money on a winner, I think I'd pick Russell. But this one is pretty much impossible to call. It could just as easily be Jeff.

I'm personally rooting for Kevin to win. I think he played the most logical game so far and sort of got skrewed by Chima's meltdown.

Michelle also played well but is relying on luck. She should have been able to get out of a couple of tight spots with Russell that she didn't get out of due to poor interpersonal skills.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add racists and homophobes to my list at 2:15

RyzandShyn said...

I've liked Kevin from the beginning. Not for the win or anything like that, I just like him.
It sounds like he distanced himself and stayed out of the nonsense both verbally and physically...didn't say or do any of the damage. I'm sure we'll see a DR of him saying he didn't realize those girls were so crazy. He must be miserable.
I hope he approaches the others to let them know he's not supportive of the girls and will vote with them to right himself.

wv - antor
Chima screamed antor her mic off.