Saturday, August 22, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Saturday Daytime 8/22 - POV

Well, since I'm running behind today, I'll start with the big news -- Jeff won the power of veto. I like to think this is karma for the folks who thought he's been dead wood and was given the coup d'etat for doing nothing. He's got game!

Here are the happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Regional Accents:
  • Jeff made the best breakfast sandwich ever this morning. He's still talking about it going into the evening.
  • Michele asked Jeff who he wanted voted out this week (Natalie or Kevin). He told her it depends on the PoV, but Kevin is stronger player than Natalie.
  • In other words, Kevin.
  • Jeff and Michele discussed the blow-up ball of confusion spool of lies between Russell and Michele.
  • I'm the one calling it a ball of confusion spool of lies, not Jeff.
  • Michele's latest is that she's a bit deaf in one ear and doesn't always hear right.
  • Yeah, sure.
  • Thankfully, Jeff is still talking of getting Natalie out next week if someone from their own side wins HOH.
  • Russell is paranoid, nothing new.
  • Natalie is all of a sudden a social butterfly ... sort of a street gang oriented one, but one nonetheless.
  • Then the feeds got blocked for the POV. We're talking more than a couple of hours.
  • From what they said, Jordan was the first one out.
  • Russell is not a happy man between losing POV and his paranoia demon.
  • The comp had a taped Casey and something to do with bananas, a slippery banana peel lined track, and done in rounds.
  • I guess you have to see it.
  • Which I haven't.
  • Natalie said the track was hot.
  • BB swapped out for a smaller kitchen table.
  • Russell is laying around moping. And Kevin is ... well, look at the screencap below.


chris said...

would totally make sense to get rid of kevin now, weaken natalie further and get in better with michelle.
i am just afraid leaving kev/nat in will bite j/j in the butt.
backdooring russell gives another jury vote to kev/nat should they make it to final 2.
i say dont do it yet.
get kev out
and then natalie provided whoever wins next hoh does not screw j/j
my head is spinning again

Laurie said...

Jackie, the visual of Nat as a street gang social butterfly is making me laugh out loud.

Chris, I think you are correct. Getting rid of Kevin is the smartest move right now. Put the guy out of his misery. He's my guy in the pool but I know he's going eventually.

Getting rid of Russell right now would mean making an unnecessary enemy out of him and means the loss of a vote.

Jeff, are you listening? Must I start a chant?

meb said...

Read your comment on the last post Gaylos! Ahh... it's a boy... that's great! Keep us posted on how he's doing! Hugs to you and the baby!

Does it appear that Jeff is thinking about changing his own nominations? Please... let it be done... and get Kev out. He can win comps... Nat can't. Jeff. DON'T DO ANYTHING STOOPID! Did I yell that loud enough?

If not my wv is nuphov:

Jeff I have a new phov for you, pick it up, it's ringing!

Joanie said...

If Jeff gets rid of Russel now, he's leaving his shot at the $500,000 in the hands of Jordan and Michelle, since he can't play for HOH. I think it would be a good bet, if not a sure one, that if Nat or Kevin win HOH, Jeff goes up on the block.

William said...

Kevin does not look well. I think the smart thing to do right now is get rid of Kevin. He's always been more of a contender than Natalie. I'm not really sure the order I would go after that. If I were Natalie I'd get rid of Russel or Jeff first and if I were anyone else I'd go after Natalie and use Jeff or Russel as pawns depending on who is HOH.

chris said...

yes laurie
see someone agrees with me
russell then becomes an enemy and nat and kev get the power and out goes jeff or jordon
i would hate for that to happen
glad i am not in the big brother house
it always gets dicey at this time
but getting out that entire side is best still i believe.

chris said...

lets start a chant
don't do it jeff
get rid of kevin
leave russell alone for now!!
don't do it jeff!!
don't trust gnat she still seeks revenge, don't fool yourself
don't do it jeff!

RyzandShyn said...

Poor Kevin, what a face!

I don't want him to get kicked out, but am at a loss as to what to suggest instead, too many pros and cons to each scenario I come up with.

Oh Brother, wv: bedmarm

Anonymous said...

i don't think jeff taking out russ would mean he wouldn't vote for him in the finals. he seems to be a player that would vote based on who played the best game not personal reasons. he would be angry sure but would eventually see it as a good move if he did end up in the final two.

i have to agree though that they should wait another week. kevin this week, then russ, michelle, and leave nat with them in the final 3. she's a weak competitor and j/j can easily beat her in the hoh comp and take each other. as much as ppl don't like her i think she will be sticking around till almost the end.

Cha Cha said...

LIke I said in the other comment section earlier..
If Jeff leaves N/K in the game like he has been talking about it will end his game.(IMHO)

N/K say they will never put them up but if they take russell out this week Jeff is trusting Michelle and Jordan to win. If those two don't win and Kevin or Nat win then Jeff or Jordan will have to go up. Michelle will go up with one of the J's then if one on the block wins the other goes up.

Can we send them more messages.....

Anonymous said...

Jeff is for sure about to make game losing move if he backdoors Russell.

And why is Jordan completely annoying me lately - she needs to SHUT HER TRAP.

If Jeff doesn't ruin his own game, I am scared that Jordan is about to do it for him.

PS - Great posts this season (as always) Jackie. I ready every day - even if I don't always comment.

Sydney said...

Now WHY would Jeff be warning Jordan not to be too trusting of Natalie, and know who Natalie has as votes in the jury house, and not want her out? Someone has to explain this to me.

Thanks Jackie -- great post as usual.

Sydney said...

So I hear Jordan was saying she had a girl she wanted to fix Jeff up with? So does that tell us all we need to know?



PDX Granny said...

Sydney said...

So I hear Jordan was saying she had a girl she wanted to fix Jeff up with? So does that tell us all we need to know?

Sydney, this was said during one of their bantering sessions, and was said in jest.

Here's what Joker's said:
Sat 1:37 AM BBT
Jor telling Jeff to come to Charlotte & Jeff ask if her Mom will like him, she says yes & will your brother? JOrdo says yes & Jeff asks if her grandparents will hate him for kissing her & she says NO, Jeff ask her if she is still g oing to set him up w/one of one of her girlfriends & she says, yes if you want me to & he says you are soooooo stupid & she laffs & says she was just playing along w/him!

PDX Granny said...

Jeff needs to start thinking! He has to start remembering the old Natalie and Kevin. The one's that were so tight with Jessie and Chima. The one's that vowed vengeance.

If he takes one of them off, and backdoors Russ, does he really believe they'd keep him and Jordon safe, regardless of what they promise? They've already proven (to us, at least) just how well they can lie.

Come one, Jeff. THINK!!!!

Anonymous said...

Warning! I am going to go on a rant. Remember, these are just my opinions of the moment.

1. Jeff and Jordan are just as bad as Nasty and Jessie as a power couple. They are secluded, smug, and expecting everyone to kiss their behinds.

2. I am glad that Jeff and Jordan won't have a relationship outside of the house. All those "cute" little digs he makes at her now that she just laughs away, will be fighting and tears within a week in the real world. And guarantee, he will not find her unworldliness so adorable in even less time.

3. Where does Jeff come off so smug in the intellect department? He is unable to spell, it took 4 years of college for him to find out the difference between marketing and advertising,and he has been bamboozled countless times in the game. Forget about proof of Nasty's college degree, lets see Jeffs.

4. Yes, jeff is cute and relatively nice for a BB guest, but, I agree with another poster who said pretty much everything in his life has been smooth sailing( except, apparently that high school guidance counsler misleading him about marketing v advertising).

I think I might be rooting for Michelle now. That girl has come through some struggles, oh sure mostly of her own making, but she is still there.

Enough for now, maybe I am just trying to liven up the boards since the house is so quiet.

Tricia said...

I'm afraid that Natalie, Russell and Michelle will put there head together and take out Jeff/Jordan.

Thanks for all the pretty pictures of Jeff. I enjoy them!

sizzie said...

Anon 3:47, I heard the advertising talk from Jeff, too. I thought during that entire talk that the gap between Jordan and Jeff was very noticible. He has traveled (did he say Switzerland?) , he had 'the college experience' where he met people and worked as a waiter. Not sure how many classes he attended and he talked of going to more than one college. He said he wants to be an actor because he is too old to be a model (his words)and Jordan talked of living at home, not going to college, working multiple jobs to support herself and not knowing the names or recipes of mixed drinks. during the entire conversation all of them seemed to miss the major clue to Natalie's age. So, imo, no one came off as brighter than any other. But they are all bring very difference experiences to the table.

Sydney, the 'fix Jeff up' has been a running flirty joke with them. Like when Jeff says 'can we make out?" and she eventually says "you may have a kiss' or when he is showering and she is standing right outside nearby (wrapped only in a towel) and he says since it is a green house and he wants to help save the world by doing his part he thinks they should shower together to save water. they don't, but they are funny to hear.

chris said...

why is it that russell does not go to jeff/jordan and try to save the alliance of four??
he did all he could when he did not know he was going to be saved by jeff, why is he laying down now.
he even went to michelle after calling her crazy, and tried for her vote
I dont understand his just giving up!
why not go to jeff with shit gnat said make up stuff you overheard like they did!
argh so frustrating
jeff is getting played by gnat
they should get kevin out now anyway since he wins stuff
and then just let it play out
go to russ reassure m/r and go forward
i cant stand it
it will be the worst move of the game
and nat or kev will win the entire thing