Saturday, August 29, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Saturday Daytime 8/29

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There. That's as exciting as it gets.

I think today has been the dullest day ever in the house. Well, sometimes when they have that silly extended stay time with the final two, maybe that's worse. I'm basically posting this so you don't think I forgot about you.

Here's the latest from the Big Brother House of Snoozing Losers:
  • Jeff is dreading going to the jury house with the people he evicted and watching [bleeping] movies and [bleep].
  • Jeff doesn't want to campaign to stay because it would mean Jordan goes home.
  • We need to remind ourselves that the veto meeting hasn't happened yet.
  • But I don't see Michele pulling a Marcellas.
  • Natalie mentioned how often Michele goes to the bathroom. (I told you there's nothing happening!)
  • Jeff told Jordan that Michele has no reason to save him.
  • Kevin thinks Michele needs to go next because she's a strong player and not to be trusted.
  • If Michele is HOH and Kevin or Natalie win veto, they would get Jordan out.
  • Well, duh.
  • Natalie thinks she could beat Michele in a comp.
  • Yeah, right.
  • Jeff isn't really talking to anyone but Jordan and no one is talking to him ... but Jordan.
  • He drank an entire bottle of wine last night and probably is feeling that a bit, too.
  • They're all napping except Michele. She's staring off into space.
  • Um, okay. I must stare into space now.


Anonymous said...

Imagine spending your entire summer in bed sleeping. How depressing.

Susan in MA said...

Especially at their ages; like throwing away a whole summer of your life.


That's normally why the people on the show usually have such mundane jobs. Dr. Will and Michelle were the exceptions. I don't know many people that could take that large a block of time off of their job and have a job to go back to.

I always think it would be fun to be on the show. But, if I'm being honest with myself, if CBS showed up tomorrow and said "We'd like you to be on the show", I think I'd decline. My dog, my job, my's really too much to leave behind for too long.

chris said...

everyone keeps writing that J/j biggest mistake was getting Russell
I say it was getting lydia out instead of kevin who clearly was the better competitor. He had been close in every comp unlike lydia or gnat!
Lydia would have freaked without her jessie and kevin bear.
and nat would have tried to worm her way in but without kevin that would not have been possible.
oh well there is not turning back but IMO the russell thing was less of an issue than the lydia ouster.

Anonymous said...

worst season of bb ever!

~~Silk said...

OFF TOPIC - I left this comment on the previous post - repeating it here for your information.

Actually, Joe, regarding harassment, it's easy to find the IP addresses of commenters, even the anonymous ones. Jackie uses Sitemeter. If you click on the box at the bottom of a post, after the comments, you'll be taken to the sitemeter output. Click on "location" on the left, and you'll see a list of visitors. If you hover over the visit number, you'll see the IP address and the time of the visit. Clicking on the number gets more detail. Match up the time of a visit with the time of the comment, and you can pretty well pinpoint the troll. I believe from there you can block that IP address, or you can take that info to "the authorities" (or to Blogger, or block it, maybe).


Chris, that's probably accurate. Lydia couldn't get out of her own way.

In a lot of ways, however, this is America's fault. We (well, you but still...) gave him the CD'E. It's always a double-edged sword, particularly because he couldn't tell anyone he had it. Upending the house only works if you can maintain HOH control or you bring the rest of the house over to the new regime. Because of the CD'E secrecy, Jeff couldn't negotiate with anyone, he never got a buy-in from Chima, Lydia, Kevin, and Natalie. So, as soon as he lost HOH control, he was the target.

Honestly, may have ended this way earlier without it. But, in the end, Jeff never really had control of the house. It was always just sort of J/J vs. Jessie's Posse with the floaters in between.

In the end, I think it turned out well for the viewers. We saw Jessie get flipped, Chima go nuts, Lydia go nutser, Russell get got and then Jeff get got. All great viewing and I enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure the final 4 will be so eventful, but you never know. When the numbers are this small, alliances shift in a hurry. And I'm not so sure that Kevin and Natalie and Michelle aren't capable of some drama!!!


Hi Silk,

That's interesting. I didn't realize one could do that. Again, I don't much care, but people (Petals?) do get their feelings hurt sometimes and it is unfortunate. Now, if I do it, at least you know who I am and so I do try to avoid personal attacks. But the trolls are emboldened by their anonymity which is why (IMHO) they say some of the hateful things they do. As much as I like privacy, I don't think my privacy entitles me to hurl anonymous insults at innocent people. In a cyberspace that is less anonymous, I think people will obey social norms.

I do feel that anonymity on the internet has created a loss of civility. This board is actually pretty mild, but if you go to any site that allows comments you will see hateful, pornographic nonsense thrown around by anonymous posters. Very few of them would be brave enough to do it (IMHO) if their name or email address were included in all their postings.

wv is "puntring" Jeff got got so now he is puntring.


By the way, if Jeff goes home, do you think the Massive Endurance Comp in the final 3 will end up lasting about 20 minutes? LOL Rmember the epic battle between ED and...damn, I can't think of his name...they lasted all night and ED finally had to give up, apologizing to Danielle as his shaking exhausted body let go and Dani telling him it was OK and she loved him and What's His Name coming over and clapping ED on the back...

No matter how you felt about ED or Dani or What's His Name, that was an epic drama unfolding in front of us and I had tears in my eyes and I even got a chill now just thinking about it. Somehow, I just don't think that Kevin/Michelle/Nat/Jordan, in whatever combination, are capable of such a chilling confrontation...hope I'm wrong, we'll see.

Joanie said...

Just word the wv


I think Big Brother needs to blast revelly at the hamsters when they sleep during the day.

Anonymous said...

As an anonymous poster I don't see what the big deal is. I do think everyone should be responsible for their own actions and comments.

joy n said...

Chris, I feel the same way about Jeff missing his cue when taking Lydia out instead of Nat or Kevin. It triggered his downfall.

I don't think getting Russell out was anything but a good move. Russ said he was putting Jeff up the next week anyway so he made it clear he was planning on breaking the alliance and even Russell said when he talked to Julie that Jeff made a good move. Plus the fact that Russell had a pretty good shot at beating Jeff in some comps. It was his time.

Natalie's cockiness is getting on my nerves now. Oh well, the finale will be here soon.

PlaidChick said...

Joe-- Zack was the F3 with ED and Danielle..

that was a crazy endurance comp, the one with Sheila, Ryan and Adam was a joke. I can't remember what last year was...

I can see Michele hanging on during an endurance comp, Natalie, as she said herself: "the only comp I can win is apparently the one where I am hanging by my underwear." :)

Anon said...

Watching the feeds, Jordan is even nicer when she's drunk.

monty924 said...

There is a push going on right now for Jeff to stay. Michele started it earlier and now Jordan (drunk out of the DR) is saying she wants to go home. I actually felt a little bit sorry for her when she was telling Jeff why she deserved to go home. I do think she has a good heart. :(

Who knows if Jeff will leave on Thursday? If he pulls it off and stays, good for him. I would love nothing more than to see him kick natalie out of the house and may the best one win (Kevin, Michele, Jeff). I'm still rooting for Michele to win it all. :)

RyzandShyn said...

I went back about 15 pages or so on Jokers to read a bit more about the comp with the money, the Pandora's Box deal. I wonder if that's all there is to it, or if the amounts they picked up (as yet unannounced) and/or getting the key and freeing Kevin will have future ramifications.
Julie DID say more surprises, so I'm hoping there's still some twist to the season.

LOL to Joe, that's a funny thought about this final endurance, could be true. I really felt for ED during that comp too. He was totally drained.
The news sites that allow comments are a prime example of the lows that anonymous posting can reach.
Even the most uplifting story will be filled with negative comments and posters arguing back and forth with name calling in futile attempts at what I don't know. Depressing.

wv: dicism
Michele has been the subject of many dicisms by the other houseguests simply because she hasn't been one of the "cool kids", IMO.

Anonymous said...

I personally LOVE jeff and jordan.the whole time i have been rooting for one of them to win and take all the money. I think that they are both really great people and i am going to be SO sad to see one of them walk out the door. I think that they have both played the games really well and are both real! If jeff and jordan dont end up together...Jeff call me! lol

Anonymous said...

America can you hear me? HOH = stoopid. OMG

sizzie said...

RyzandShyn, I remember now that you mention it that last week (probably Thurs or Friday) the hgs mentioned that while have nots were gone BB had brought two more pails of slop into the SR. Maybe that will be one of the penalties.

I cannot figure out if Michelle really wants Jeff to stay or if she is setting everyone up to out how they will all turn on their own alliances. It is either diabolically clever or some crazy move. The DR does seem to figure into all the talk, though.

And poor drunk Jordan thinks it best to make a deal (illegally so? I don't know the rules on it)with Jeff to go to Hawaii and get some fancy earrings when everyone in the house has said she would win the big bucks from the jury.

I wonder how much of her drunken DR will be shown.

I am not sure Jordan would win, juries can be unpredictible, but the hgs did spend the late evening tangling the webby weave.

Anonymous said...

What's up with Natalie and Kev trying to talk Jeff into sucking up in a romantic way to Mich, gettting her to use the veto on him and then vote Mich out because they so want Jeff to stay? Couldn't they just vote out Jordan when she takes Mich place on the block?

And here I was thinking Nat had gotten just as low as she could in this game.

Anonymous said...

Not all IP address are show, only the intranet provider.
Mine doesn't show an IP address, look it up.

There are ways to block your IP address, the count isn't on an accurate timer for various countries