Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Sunday Into the Evening 8/23

Blech. Sundays are the most boring day of the week in the BB house. Natalie said she likes them because they let them sleep in. Personally, I call getting up at 9:30 or 10:00 AM every morning sleeping in. Here's the non-events of today in the Big Brother House of Dreadful Doldrums:
  • Michele's eyeglasses are broken. She thinks they were first damaged when the giant diploma in the HOH comp hit them. I'm wondering why she wore them for that.
  • Jordan told Michele that she's always worried that Jeff might evict her similar to what Drew did to Diane that season. Showmances vs. money, money usually wins.
  • Michele told Jordan she trusts her and Jeff 100%.
  • Jordan told Michele that if Russell wins HOH next week, it would give him the perfect opportunity to get rid of Jeff.
  • Jordan also told her she doesn't trust Russell, nor does she think he's all that grateful that Jeff saved him with the "wizard" power.
  • Well, he's more grateful than Lydia was!
  • Jordan reported her talk to Jeff. They think Russell will go berserk when backdoored.
  • Natalie and Kevin continued to suck up to Jeff and Jordan.
  • Michele is grouchy -- her glasses are broken, she thinks her partner in crime might be in danger, she thinks she herself might be in danger, and she's on slop.
  • Kevin is scared that Jeff won't use the veto and the backdoor plan will be thrown out the door.
  • Jordan would like Jeff to try to control his use of the f-bomb.
  • That's just about it. Nothing but doldrums today.
  • We need a brouhaha!


Sasha said...

wv: filyness -- I think Jeff and Jordan's thinking for this week is just filyness.

(Some of us will do anything to try to be the first comment :)

Laurie said...

I'll join you, Sasha, with my wv which is trumbs.

Trumbs down on getting rid of Russell this week!

Anonymous said...

This is a little bit off topic and just my own obsevation.
IMO, I think that Jordan is playing us as well as or better than Natalie is playing Jeff and Jordan.
No, don,t hang up.
Truly, if you know Jordan from just her DR's, she is sweet and innocent and pure as snow.
However, listen to her on the feeds and she talks about all her sexual experiences, blackout drinking,and taking diet pills,IDK, but she seems proud of her drunken moments.
I am not saying this makes her a bad person, just a different one than we see on TV, that makes us want to vote for her in America votes options.

Carol said...

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TerryinCA said...

I have Russell in the pool (BB one not the real backyard kind) and when he said Jeff would be smart to backdoor him I believe him. And Jeff is smart in the way that Russ is the onyl on who could outlast him on an endurance....interesting to see what BB comes up with...

Billy Brown said...

I don't think Russel will go off the deep end if he gets backdoored. I think it will make him a little angry as it would anyone but he has said himself in the DR that getting rid of him is the smart move for Jeff. I don't think it is, I think it's a smarter move to get him to the final 2 if I were Jeff because I don't think he would get the votes but I just don't think he will explode. I could very well be wrong though, we'll have to wait and see.