Sunday, August 02, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Sunday So Far 8/02

The hamsters have a quiet day ahead of them. Well, maybe Ronnie will go berserk! That would liven things up! Here are the events of the day so far in that Big Brother House of Squishy Squiddy People:
  • A lot of the talk today has been Ronnie bashing. Why is that not surprising me?
  • Ronnie told them that he admired Hitler for being a powerful speaker who led others with his words.
  • Ronnie told them that his (Ronnie's) words were not the problem, it was their fault for following him.
  • Would you like more Kool-Aid now?
  • Lydia told Michele that she yelled NO twice in her sleep last night. I swear that gal should have that checked out. It sounds like some sort of trauma is manifesting itself in her sleep.
  • Maybe Michele is dreaming that she has to move back to New Jersey.
  • Russell and Jordan say that if Ronnie wins the wizard power, the game is rigged.
  • Well, yeah.
  • Ronnie worked on Chima some more telling her that Russell probably has a deal with Jeff and Jordan (which would not be to her benefit).
  • Russell and Michele both talked of Ronnie's poor pitiful crying pleas to them last night.
  • They laughed.
  • I laughed.
  • Lydia sucked up to Michele. I don't see the need for this at all.
  • Lydia isn't as close with Jessie ... oh, wait! She's a power wench who knows Russell isn't too fond of her.
  • At least Lydia knows when people aren't fond of her.
  • Ronnie doesn't.
  • Ronnie said that Michele can't be persuaded because she's "too socially awkward."
  • It didn't enter his mind that she might not be persuaded because he's such a lousy excuse of a human being whom she despises.
  • It still looks like Michele will not use the veto at the meeting (which should be tomorrow). The house consensus seems to be with Ronnie leaving. Jessie and Natalie seem to be the only ones not aboard the Get Ronnie Out Train. Lydia is almost relaxed.
  • Natalie and Jessie (but mostly Natalie) are trying to scheme to save Ronnie.
Please stop back for the show blog party post which will be up at 8:00 PM ET!


Laurie said...

Am I first? I can't think of a worse torture than having Ronnie the Rat nibbling at me all day and night. I think I'd say I would take him off the block just to get him to shut up!

Donna in AL said...

Michelle should tell them she screams NO! in her sleep in answer to Ronnie's persistant begging to take him off the block with the Veto.

formerly anon said...

OMG, Jessie is such a bad liar! Right now, he's up in HOH with Russ and Nat, spinning a really stupid lie, and his body language is so obvious!

If Russell has the least ability to read people, he'll see right thru this!

They are trying to tell Russell that Michele approached them (Nessie) that they should keep Ronnie!

HAHAH, like Russell will believe this!

Susan said...

Would you like more Kool-Aid now?
I love that!
I happened to hear Michele yell "NO". Creepy.
After Ronnie, I hope Jessie and Natalie go up. They both need to be shown they aren't the king & queen of the roost.
I think Jessie started ignoring Lydia after Julie asked him about their 'rivalry' for him. He feels safe with Natalie because she has a boyfriend at home (as hard to believe as that is.) I think he's afraid of women. Like he won't measure up. Last season he was friends with Michelle - women that are definitely not threatening to him.

formerly anon said...

Oh I can't wait to see Russell confronting Michele about this. Hopefully he does it in private.

Too bad, this plan blew up already, I don't know how it did, but if it had worked, Jessie et al would have believed Michele was on their side and they would have voted to keep ROnnie and shown their hands to Russell

Zoetawny said...

Happy Sunday!

I almost didn't check in today because we're leaving in a few minutes. I haven't been following what's going on in the house as closely as I would like.


Your photos in the previous entry were amazing. You definitely have a talent and I appreciate you sharing it with us. I finally made a "Ronnie the Rat" graphic and I hope it's not too late considering he could be going home.

I should be happy that Russell (my guy in the pool) is still there but I just can't. He's such a Neanderthal. UGH!

I'll have to come back later and read all the updates I missed. Enjoy the show tonight. :)


formerly anon said...

Notice to all Jessie fans who think he's "playing" so well:

Go find the clips from today starting around 4pm (pacific time) when Jessie and Natalie go to give Russell a bald faced lie.

It makes no sense, there's no strategy, and he's doing it badly.

So if this is his first example of "game play" WOW he sucks even worse than I ever imagined!

Petals said...

Susan - I totally agree that Jessie's shame over his "hand-shake relationship" with Lydia is what pushed it away. She is so not his type, and when he heard that America saw these two stinky-skanks fighting over him, it had to be an embarrassment. {JMO - I know there are Nat/Lyd fans}

sizzie said...

Ronnie is pretty sure America loves him. Unless he got a bad edit from BB.

joy n said...

After reading your post, Jackie, I want Ronnie out more than ever. The guy is loonytoons! It's great to see Natalie looking so miserable instead of cocky.

Anonymous said...

Those of us voting for Jeff for the CDT need to keep voting early and often just in case Rattie does actually have any friends and they are using those voting bot programs to stuff the ballot boxes for him. I'm sure if they are as computer savvy as Rattie is they probably know how to do it good. We can't let Rattie get the CDT! I myself have already put in at least 300 votes or more for Jeff. We need to keep it up. We still have a few more days to work on it. Goodbye Rattie!

Joe in NY said...

Bad game play is still more game play than Jeff has got.

joy n said...

And starting to look like more than Jesse's, too, Joe.

Brent McKee said...

Totally off topic, I just read that Rob & Amber Mariano became parents last month (July 4th to be exact). They have a new daughter, Lucia Rose. And not a reality show camera in sight.

Sydney said...

Wow Brent, thanks for the news. I'm amazed they didn't try to sell the pics to US magazine... not that I would object to that, but I am amazed all the same.

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