Saturday, August 08, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Through Saturday Daytime (POV) 8/08

At this time, a normal person would be asking herself, "Where am I? And, what am I doing in this handbasket?" But the people who go in the Big Brother house know the job is dangerous when they take it. They're not normal. Even if they seem normal, they're not.

Here's the latest scuttlebutt from that Big Brother House of Wayward Girls and Boys:
  • Late last night Michele once again put her foot in her mouth. She needs to understand her jokes, perhaps made to say something/anything, alienate her.
  • In the newly formed (will probably implode) girls alliance, Michele is the iffy one who doesn't quite fit in.
  • What else is new?
  • Michele told Jordan that Jeff is treating her differently now and she blames Russell.
  • She says Jeff is calling her crazy. To be honest, I think at one time or another, all have been called crazy by someone.
  • Including me. They're all nutjobs, I tell ya!
  • Jeff, Natalie, and Kevin were chosen to play for the veto with Chima, Lydia, and Russell.
  • Lydia and Kevin think that Jeff has the wizard power as he's been very quiet and hasn't been talking about said wizard power.
  • Lots of sleeping going on today. Maybe if they slept at night, they wouldn't feel the need to take power naps so much.
  • After an extensive feeds block for the PoV, the feeds returned ... and Kevin won the PoV.
  • Lydia and Kevin did a happy dance together. Aww, sunshine and lollipops for all.
  • Kevin told Lydia he wants to check with Chima to see if it's okay to save her.
  • Huh? What's up with that? Lydia reminds him that Chima can't play for HOH next week and can't put him on the block if she's mad.
  • Kevin told Chima he wants to respect her nominations, but needs to make sure Natalie and Jessie will vote to evict Russell.
  • Chima said that if Jeff has the wizard power, she'd end up having to put Natalie and Jessie on the block and she doesn't want to do that.
  • Chima insists that Lydia is the pawn and reminded them that Russell won $10,000 yesterday in the Have Have Not comp.
  • Kevin agreed not to use the PoV.
  • Jessie and Russell had a bit of a spat. Jessie pretty much told Russell he screwed him over twice before and he can't trust him not to do it again. Russell actually picked Jeff to play PoV when he could have chosen Jessie.
  • Russell is way worried about leaving.
  • Back to power naps...


sizzie said...

Jackie, Chima and Kevin just had a lengthy conversation. They sound like an alliance of two. I know that can be true of lots of hgs and they can be pretending. But, has Kevin been aligned with Chima all along? Kevin was pointing things out to Chima about how the mystery power could go. I am not sure either one would mind if Jess or Nat went. Did anyone else hear it? If so, what did you make of it?

Anonymous said...

I personally would like to see Natalie go before Jessie because I want to see how Jessie acts without his pit bull there to protect him...haha...Just get rid of one of them..I cannot take it anymore....GO JEFF....Use the POWER!!

DKNYNC said...

Jackie: "Chima said that if Jeff has the wizard power, she'd end up having to put Natalie and Jessie on the block and she doesn't want to do that."

If Jeff uses his Wizard power doen't he get to choose who goes on the block? Why does Chima think she will have to put Jessie and Natalie up?

joy n said...

Jeff would be crazy not to use it. I am so looking forward to this weeks decisions.

meb said...

According to Julie, Jeff has the power who to put on the block. Don't know if he has to tell Chima to do it and she has to comply, but it's certainly Jeff's decision. I would rather Jeff get to do it himself!!!! That would be fun to watch.

Can't believe Kevin won't take Lydia down... a pawn is never safe. She must be beside herself. Kevin was supposed to be her only real friend.

Delee said...

I may get the feeds for Thursday, this may be too good to miss...

Sydney--glad you liked em!!! HAHA
Had to find a new pair.

Laurie said...

I am really surprised that Kevin didn't just automatically say he would take Lydia down. I'm quite sure she would do that for him in a heartbeat. In fact, I would think theirs was one of the only real alliances in the house! Interesting that he would check with Chima first.

I do think Jeff will use the power of the coup and put Nat and Jesse up. Why wouldn't he?

By the way, I also took a power nap this afternoon. Must be catching!

Laurie said...

Delee ... love the lips!

My wf is univeres

Chima thinks she rules the univeres this week ... but she's wrong!

Laurie said...

I went back to read the comments on the previous post (yes I'm one of those who does that) and I want to thank those of you who explained that the players for this POV were not picked randomly but were chosen by the people on the block and the HOH. That explains why Jesse was peeved about Russ choosing Jeff over him. There are a couple of egos that are a bit too big ... King Jesse and Queen Chima. And both may get their comeuppance this week. Now wouldn't that be sweet?

This has been a really good day on Jackie's blog, too. Well done players!

Jackie said...

DKNYNC - They don't know hardly anything about the power and are assuming noms can be replaced. However they think if noms are replaced, the HOH names new ones.

Sizzle - Kevin and Chima promised not to evict or put each other on the block long ago. While not final two allies, they do have that between them.

Becky said...

I hope Jeff can keep his mouth closed and then will pull Lydia and Russell, putting up Jess/Nat.

WV: gandsta Natalie acts like a gandsta.

sizzie said...

Thank you, Jackie. They seemed to have some kind of understanding.

Anonymous said...

Jeff would be crazy not to use the power to put up Jessie and Natalie. They will be coming after Jeff soon if he doesn't break up the voting block. The only reason he's been safe so far is because there have been "bigger fish" to get rid of. Do it now Jeff before it's too late to go against them because of the numbers.

Natalie ROCKS! Jessie RULES! said...

On topic...


The Kevin/Chima conversation demonstrates what I was saying about Jeff not using the power. There is usually (some people are so steroidal, they react without thinking) a great reticence to using POV except for self-defense purposes. The argument is always about upsetting the order, respecting the HOH, etc. which all boils down to: I don't want a target on my back.

That, of course, is also what Giordan was telling Gioff about using POV (tacit CD'E) to save Russell.

Y'know what would be a pretty cool way for Jeff to use the power by not using it. Stand up at the POV ceremony declare he has it but won't use it because...he can rationalize whatever: respect for HOH, respect for other hgs, sense of fair play... That actually would be better than secretly not using it at all, but less dangerous than actually using it to paint a bull's eye on his back. Just a thought...


Anonymous said...

Jackie, Can you get a shot of Nat's yellow hoodie outfit with the red striped knee socks and the hideous oversized slippers? Her parting photo op?

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

"Y'know what would be a pretty cool way for Jeff to use the power by not using it."

You know what else that would accomplish? Him not winning if he makes it to F2. Who could respect that game play? He gets the golden ticket then tears it up for the sake of peace and harmony?



joy n said...

Won't Jeff have a target on his back even if he doesn't use it? The TH may want Russell out now, but Jeff has to be on their short list for eviction too. He was a close second in the comp that Russ won. Jesse wants all worthy competitors out of there. Jeff and Jordan are tight but Jordan hasn't been a threat. Kevin and Lydia are lesser threats even tho Kevin just won one. Michele would probably come up for eviction after Jeff. It makes no sense to me for Jeff to not use the Coup d'Etat if he wants to stay in the house. If he gets J or N out of there, I believe everyone's game would change. No deferring to Prince Charming's whims anymore trying to keep themselves out of the headlights. Nat's agenda would come out into the open. Chima will continue to play emotionally and piss everyone off.

This is Jeff's biggest and probably only shot to rid the house of Frankenstein Returned.

Natalie ROCKS! Jessie RULES! said...

To formerly anon,

My point remains that he won't use it at all because of the target issue. What I was suggesting is that simply sitting there Thursday on his hands and doing nothing wouldn't gain him anything. If he wishes to not exercise, it might be better to try and curry favor by making it known that he didn't use it for a million noble (fake) reasons. Kind of a 3rd option.

I acknowledge that many of you think it is a no-brainer to use it. Giordin and I disagree as, apparently, does Kevin who won't even use POV to save his bestest pal, Lydia.

If you think that his noble refusal to use the CD'E would cost him votes in the final 2, I would counter that using it would prevent him from making the final 2 and, possibly, cost him more votes. I would also suggest that all of you who think (perhaps rightly) that Jessie/Natalie/Chima are nasty, evil people must also acknowledge that they are vindictive people (note Russell nomination). That being the case, he has more votes to gain (IMHO IMHO IMHO) by the middle option than by actually exercising the veto.

Setting aside your Jetski/Nasty bias, do you really think it is worth saving the ever-wavering Russell with the CD'E just to get out J/N? Russell is already sucking up to Jessie. He would remain grateful to Jeff for about as long as it takes to crown a new HOH. If Kevin is deferring to Chima, Michelle is pals with Chima, where does that leave Geoph in a Nasty or Jetski free house: a gang of 2 with Giorden with a big target on his back.


Do you recall why Dr. Will actually went to the trouble to throw ALL the comps?

Anonymous said...

I agree Joy and FA. They don't give out degrees for common sense. Well said.

joy n said...

I always go back to read any new additions to old posts. Don't want to miss anything interesting or new.

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Nat are talking in the hammock together. RANDOM!

Natalie ROCKS! Jessie RULES! said...

Hi joyn,

I don't see it that way. Jeff has kept his head down for a couple weeks and has dropped off the radar for the most part. Especially if he took my "noble" 3rd option he might well earn favor in the house as someone who could be trusted (tough thing to earn.) As I see it (IMHO IMHO IMHO) he is actually currently behind Russell, Michelle, Lydia and possibly Kevin on the eviction tree. He would (IMHO IMHO IMHO) be better served by laying low and working an alliance with the floaters (which he doesn't currently have) than sticking his head up where it could get noticed.

Again, Dr. Will intentionally threw all comps because he recognized the problem with power in the house, it is fleeting. He felt it better to work the crowd (brilliantly, I might but need not add) and avoid the inherent risk associated with being HOH or POV holder. And, for those who have forgotten, he won once and made the final 4 a second time with that designed impotence as a strategy.

I would also point out that steroidal Jetski, Nasty, and Sheema would use the CD'E in a minute. That alone should give you pause to consider if using it is so obvious a move.

Natalie ROCKS! Jessie RULES! said...

Apparently, Dr. Will lacked common sense among his degrees.

joy n said...

Joe , do you truly believe that the TH would show their gratefullness to Jeff for NOT using the CDT on them? A trillion noble (fake) reasons would not impress these jokers. They'd simply breathe a sigh of relief, think him a fool and continue with their annilhilation of the ggs.

They'd show their gratefullness by putting him up the next time.

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

Joe, keeping either Russ or Jess is to me a very close toss-up.

With Jess it's a known threat, and one with multiple heads. In some ways it's the devil you know.

With Russ, I fear that Jeff let's his guard down and takes it in the back, as Russ has shown himself quite capable of. Yeah, Russ has been loyal in the past, but that was then, this is now and the stakes keep rising.

I have thought of one scenario that sort of is the best of all worlds for Jeff, if the planets align and everyone comes under my magical mystical psychic powers and do my bidding from afar: that someone stirs up sufficient crap in the house that Jeff, in (faux) anger, relinquishes the Power. So not a benevolent laying down of arms, but a throwing down of a gauntlet sort of.

Like for example if Russ starts getting paranoid again (gasp! what are the odds?) and scheming with Natalie, and Jeff gets wind of it, sort of making a big scene in front of the whole house and "accidentally" in the heat of the moment, says something like "Screw you! And to think I was going to save you, you backstabbing lying weasel!" He might get some wide eyes and gaping mouths and maybe some respect.

I dunno. Everything is risky in that place. The safe prediction is that he puts up Jess and Nat and Jessie goes home, and that very soon thereafter Nat and Russ align and throw Jeff to the wolves.

I may have a completely different take on it by tomorrow. Or even, in the next hour.

GET A NAME! said...

FA, I agree with you. (Please, don't let that cause you alarm!)

joyn, we are balancing TH vindictiveness vs TH gratitude. While you think they may not be capable of gratitude, I will counter that they are definitely capable of vindictiveness.

Can anoyone out there honestly say that Dr. Will would have used the power? If he would not (as seems obvious), then you must at least acknowledge the possibility that not using it is the better play. Unless, of course, you don't respect Dr. Will's game play.


joy n said...

And if Jesse and Nat are both still there, why would anything change with the floaters who vote the way Jesse wants them to, so that they are safe for another week? Jeff is becoming a threat to Jesse. As I mentioned, he came close to winning an HOH. Russell won and HE's on the block. Jesse will pick off Jeff sooner than later and Jeff has to know that. Not using the CDE changes nothing for anyone. Jeff will still be a target and the TH keep knocking out whoever they want.

Using that little gold nugget gives Jeff a better chance to stay awhile longer. Not to mention taking away another TH vote. I see it as a win-win situation for the ggs.

FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

Joe, doesn't alarm me at all.

I have no comment on Dr. Will's play since it's just so completely different in all ways.

To add further to my above scenario, it would have to be a situation where Jeff's "blow-up" would also be blowing sky-high some alliances, such as if Nat really was throwing Jess under the bus and trying to align with Russ, thinking that he's the new Jess -- see, it only works if everything gets blown up in the process. But to keep the status quo and just gently lay down the nuke? Nah, not gonna happen.

GET A NAME! said...

joyn, we must respectively disagree.

The thing is, unlike Survivor, BB is set up for floaters and the like to prosper because there is no way to perpetuate your power for long. In Survivor, you could actually win your way in. In BB, they force you to alternate HOH. So, laying low is actually a much more viable BB strategy.

Just like Chima went after Russell for Ronnie, the TH will go after Jeff (as the last "solid two" as well as vindictiveness). Rather than helping Jeff, I think using CD'E forces Jeff to win HOH or POV next week or he is gone.

Any thoughts on my Dr. Will question? Would he have used the power?

joy n said...

If I'm wrong, you can give me a big fat raspberry from afar.

If you're wrong, I'll definitely send one your way. LOL!

wv is sornesse - I'm sure nessie will be sore losers!

meb said...

Your opinions are yours Joe, but they make no sense to me. IMHO Jeff would be the first on the list to go if he doesn't break up this clique of Jessy lovers. They are so jealous of Jeff, well they will be when they learn for sure that America loves him, which will automatically put a target on his back.

Personally I think I would prefer Natalie to leave first, but if it's Jess, I'm still good.

No fun when you're the underdog is it. The GG's have some power right now and it feels so good watching the TH squirm.

Give us the benefit of enjoying the game on our terms for a while. Who knows whaat is going to happen or how this is going to turn... hopefully in the GG's favor, but we can only do just that...hope.

sizzie said...

Jeff knows what the power can and cannot do. We don't, and neither do the hgs, even though they are guessing (as are we) various ways it might play out. They assume Jeff has it. One reason is that BB keeps calling him to the DR. They called him to the DR even before they called Kevin after the POV.

Chima said we must get Jeff out next. If all the house agrees on voting out Ronnie, then chances are Jeff would go home next week unless there is some kind of upset in the house before next week..or unless he is the next HOH.

I wonder how long Chima and her crew can not make something happen before Thursday. They are already simmering.

Jessie said: I don't give a f who goes as long as it isn't me.

He is feeling the heat from the coup, whether it is played or not.

In true TH fashion 'they' are in HOH talking game incessantly.

Russ and Jeff are playing pool (or billiards?) and laughing. There is some game talk, but mostly it is just relaxing.

sizzie said...

I should have said if the house agrees on Russ going (not Ronnie).

GET A NAME! said...

Hi Meb,

Not a problem. Although, even if you disagree, I'm surprised you would say my stand makes no sense. I don't get the feeds, did Chima et al even mention Jeff or Jordan this week. From what I read (thanks Jackie!) it seems like Lydia, Russell and Michelle got all the attention. IF those 3 are the next logical targets for Jetski et al (as is my contention), then the time for Jeff to make his move is towards the end of that run when there are only 6 people left and he controls 2 of them. He only needs one person to vote his way in the final 6 OR to win HOH in the final 6 to gain control of the house.

Obviously, it is a calculated risk either way. But he knows (and I would assume you will admit) that he becomes the NEXT target if he exercises CD'E and doesn't win HOH.

But, Meb, we can respectively disagree. I won't even say your position makes no sense, because I understand it, I just don't agree with it.

Much love!

Joe in NY


joyn, we were looking at property down your way a bit (Macedon) just last week! Careful, I might be getting closer! LOL

joy n said...

OMG! I live in Macedon!

joy n said...

Guess I might not have to send that raspberry so far, after all! LOL!

GET A NAME! said...

Y'know, one thing I hadn't really thought of until Sizzie made me think of it: I wonder if the ASSUMPTION that Jeff has the CD'E is making him a target? Interesting...

I still think, even if that is the case, that the best strategy is the Dr. Will strategy here. The House is always in flux and his failure to act would lessen his perceived threat and it would take about 2 unkind words to get Michelle back in the hot seat.

Joe in NY said...

Night all, I've caught Petals migraine!

wv is "uperse"

I need uperse to survive this week.

Giordin needs uperse to complete the ensemble.

Screw me? Uperse!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad that's over.

meb said...

Joe...I added IMHO when I said your opinion made no sense. Didn't say it was wrong... can't be wrong cause it's your opinion, but I probably should have said "I disagree with your opinion" instead of saying it made no sense...which it doesn' me... IMHO

wv exter and that's what I'm doing until tomorrow.. extering!

PlaidChick said...

I have Petals migraine too, but that hasn't stopped me from having BBAD and the feeds going. I have the HOH crew on ignore.

Russell has just stated that he wants to stir it up with Jessie, and that would "entertaining." Yes, it would considering, the tool who never drinks, is drinking red win tonight. That makes my head hurt worse.

Nina said...

What the heck is TH? I can only guess GG stands for good guys. But gimme a break, what is so god damn great about Jeff and Jordan? I think those 2, the GGs are way overrated. Jeff is no Dan and he's certainly no Dr. Will. Jeff is mediocre, I'd be shocked and disappointed if Jeff walks away with 500,000 dollars. Jeff's coup power is a free pass b/c he did not have to win it in a competition and obviously he will be sitting pretty when he has the opportunity to use the coup to take out 1 of the two best players in the game right now: either Jessie or Natalie.

The person playing the best game so far is Natalie; she's manipulating the HGs and not winning comps so she's still less of threat than say Jessie or Russelle. Everyone just dislikes her b/c she doesn't shower or wtvr and hangs out with Jessie. Jessie is also playing really well. He's had a hand in every eviction except Ronnie's. Chima is proving herself to be a good interpersonal player who is making deals with several players, such as Kevin and Michelle. She is very unlikely to be a target after this HOH despite the fact that Jeff will assuredly disrupt her plan to get rid of Russell. Keving is playing a great floating game.

The rest of the players completely suck at the game. Russell is a moron who has completely isolated himself from the other HGs due to paranoia and he's proven himself to be an uber strong competitor. So the HGs will always gun for him until he's gone.
Lydia is a psycho.
Michelle has the worst social skills of anyone in there.
Jordan doesn't win anything and is perceived as too nice by the other HGs to even have a remote chance at making the F2 (not to mention she's unworldly giving the others the perception that she is stupid).

Anonymous said...

Russell is antagonistic on the feeds tonight. But I can't tell if that's his normal self or if he and Jessie got into it. There is a bit of trash talking each other in separate areas. Anyone know what happened?

quixoticelf said...

actually signing in for the word verification! LOL Not a fan of Chima

wv: treawe

is that what Chima's hairstyle is? sorry if it's rude, but for some reason it made me laught out loud! LOL

Anonymous said...

I hate that I forgot my password! LOL

Anyway, I like Jeff, and I hope he doesn't screw things up! Really do not like Chima, I hope Kevin does not set up an alliance with her


FA (formerly formerly anon) said...

Anon, Jessie and Russell are drinking, that's what happened.

If they cross paths, things could get interesting.

Anonymous said...

Drunk bobbleheads? LOL

Anonymous said...

Jordan is in the viper room. I'm cringing. lol

Sydney said...

OK, I read the article about Ronnie and I have to say, It thought the interviewer was beyond brutal. A little brutal is OK, but he was relentless and was doing a little cyberbullying of his own I thought. And Ronnie is not the most hated GH for me.... There are many I didn't like (in Cappy's season for example) but ED was the worst for me. And I think he was for a lot of other people. Much as I was SO glad to see Ronnie go. I mean he's definitely up there, but I think there's a decent argument that half of the BB viewers might say they thought ED was as bad or worse (Ronnie is described as the most hated player ever). Does anyone else concur?

I am glad to have someone ask some of the things we'd really like to hear as this interviewer did, but I think he went too far. I can see why he/she is not allowed to do any more.

Laurie said...

Sydney, the interviewer probably did go too far for the profession but it felt good to have someone ask those questions after Ronnie had been so bullying on the show.

I'm too new to BB (I don't even know who Dr Will was) to have a most hated person, but I definitely didn't like Ronnie. I also didn't like ED for different reasons. If either returned to BB for a reunion show I know I wouldn't bother watching.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie deserved every bit of it. imo His you tube videos scare me.

sizzie said...

I am not sure where Ronnie fits in the bad houseguest list. In fact, I don't think I could compare him with ED or even with Boogie. Ronnie, imo, was terrible at the game. ED and Boogie and others whose names I have forgotten knew how to play. Ronnie had a list in his head of what should be done, but he seemed to have no understanding of how to accomplish any of it. His, according to one of his before house profiles, big secret was he was a persuasive speaker. Right off the bat, he is telling someone that.

My reason for wanting Ronnie out was so I wouldn't have to hear him speak any more. Ever. A bore squared. A brain without a mind. He wasn't most hated or most feared, imo, he was the player who knew the game backwards and forwards but missed the point on how to play it.

chris said...

jeff has a target on his back no matter what!
unfortunately he has a wishy washy alliance except for jordan.
if he had secured kevin earlier and thus lydia then using the power would secure his safety provided the one remaining, jessie or nat did not win hoh.
the way i see it is he should try to convince kevin to save lydia with the pov.
this forces chima to change the nom.
(if she puts up jordan) jeff would be forced to use the power.
if he puts up michele he may be able to sway her to his side along with russel
then he would have an alliance of 4 with himself jordan, michele, and russ.
again not great but something.
he is nats next target anyway so...
i say use the power jeff
use the power!!!!!
chima does not want kev to use the pov because then she knows someone will be forced to use the power as there is no one to put up but jordan, jeff or michele

Sydney said...

well said Siz. And Anon.. he has videos? eeew. I'm not sure I want to see his face or body again. Maybe he's not IN them....

Anonymous said...

i wonder if perhaps we won't have anew catch phrase on bb...suppose Kev doesn't use the POV on Lydia and she gets voted out...should we call it getting Kevin'd or Lydia'd.

Anonymous said...

best quote ever from ousted HG from TV And how do you feel that, in your case, it's mostly the latter?
Ronnie: Remember, everyone: I'm not really a rat. I only played one on television!


Witt said...

Dr. Will probably would NOT have played the CDE/CDT (I took Spanish so have no idea about French abbreviations). It would have tipped his hand too much.

To rank bad houseguests I would think: who would I cringe to spend dinner with? ED wins hands down (his disrespect makes me vomit) with Boogie right behind; his slime factor is extremely high. Then comes the Cappy/Ivette/April group, who send my blood pressure soaring. Ronnie comes after all of them. His God complex balanced with sniveling rat factor is really healthy; I would just have to realize that I couldn't believe ANYTHING he ever told me.

Witt :)

WV: dities: Jessie won't be singing any happy dities if he is evicted Thursday.

meb said...

joe has referred to Dr. Will as a comparison for Jeff and that Dr. Will would not use the CDT.

As much as I love Jeff... you can't compare him to Dr. Will. Jeff hasn't played the game like Will did. Jeff hasn't really had to play the game up until now. He wasn't being targeted so he just let things exist. Will wasn't being targeted either, but only because people in the house (most) liked him. I don't think people in the house like Jeff (some). No comparison.

Laurie, FYI (IMO) everyone loved or at least liked Dr. Will so he just sat back and did nothing and won the first year he was on. Second time, Jannelle raised her gorgeous head and slayed him in the All Stars year.

IMHO Dr. Will was the best to ever play the game and Dan last season was the 2nd best. I can't even remember any of the other winners, well except Maggie and/or Boogie about people you live to dislike! (some of us).

Anonymous said...

After watching BBAD last night, I feel Jeff and Jordan aren't even playing the game and Russell has given up.
Jesse is nonstop freaking out and sucking up to Jeff and Jordan. He even told Jordan that he loves her. It's really too much to watch.
It looks like Chima has secured Kevin to be in their alliance and Michele wants to be there also. It seems like that alliance includes most eveyone in the house except Russell listening to Jesse promise everyone's safty.
Jeff and Jordan seem to be buying into it and alligning with Jesse and his peeps so why don't they see if Russell goes this week, who do they think Jesse and his crew are going after? They have promised everyone safety if they vote for Russell to go.

Anonymous said...

anyone know if jackie is okay? there's no update this morning. -jeannemarie

Joe in NY said...

Hi Meb,

Just to clarify: I would NEVER compare Jeff to Dr. Will. My only point was that there is no doubt that Dr. Will would NEVER have used the CD'E, largely for the reasons I gave about becoming a target.

My only point in bringing up Dr. Will whom many believe is the best to ever play the game, is that NOT using the CD'E is a viable strategy that would have been used by the Best That Ever Played The Game. Many of my "friends" on this board have been ridiculing the idea that someone would not use the CD'E. The fact that the Best That Ever Played The Game would NOT suggests that it is a strategy worth considering and, more to the point, a serious proposition that any student of the game (I don't know if Gioff is one) would consider carefully.

So far, Gioff has handled the CD'E appropriately (IMHO), feeling out Russell and Jordan and trying to see if using it would be to his strategic advantage. Giordan (my lovely 3rd fav HG) suggested exactly what I suggested - too big a target comes with the power. At this point, I still believe two things:

1. Gioff will not use the CD'E.
2. Not using the CD'E can be to his long term benefit.

I also don't excect to see it, but I think my public renunciation of the power for Gioff would actually be a bold action that could cement his budding relationship with the Jetskiites. A lot of lies get told, but that is an action that would prove a level of loyalty and trust.


sizzie said...

Jeff has explained a couple of times at least in the game how he plays the game. "I don't wanna hear my name comin out of someone's mouth'.

He stays out of the altercations. He doesn't repeat the gossip that circles continually around the house.

Early on, when game play insults were directed at him, he turned them away with a joke about himself.

Whether playing a good game or not the house was almost immediately divided into two male leaders..Jess and Jeff. Jess was handed his power by BB. How did Jeff get his?

I don't know if his is a good way to play the game, but he is who I hope stays in the house. He is fun to watch and listen to.

About Dr. Will. He had Boogie. And ED had the daughter. Jeff is playing, for the most part, alone. Unless someone wants to compare Jordan's game play to that of Boogie's or E's girl.

Joe in NY said...

OMG Meb, you don't remember Evel Dick?!?!? How soon they forget?

Evel Dick was very much the anti-Dr. Will: get in people's faces and stay in their faces. Yell rather than talk at every opportunity. Make people hate you and revel in the hatred.

sizzie said...

I see not using the coup as a way to use it. I have no idea if Jeff would be better served to use it or not to. There are too many variables, especially this far before the fact.

That said about good game playing, as a viewer I would love to see the explosion (or maybe lack of one?) changing the block would cause. It might be the downfall of Jeff (although I wouldn't be surprised if HOH was something he is good at next time) but we would see clearly who wanted who out. And I think Chima would love to see Jess long as it wasn't her doing. After all, for a woman to win, she will have to get all the males out some time or another.

Joe in NY said...

Semi-off topic.

The one thing that is kinda frustrating about the board (but I can't stay away! I'm just not that patient.) is that it puts you ahead of the TV episodes until Thursday. Tonight's episode already seems so passe and even the Tuesday POV episode an anti-climax.

Joe in NY said...

sizzie...Good points, all.

It is interesting that suddenly Sheema seems to be running the show, and I don't mean in an HOH way. Despite her drama, or maybe because of it, she seems to have Kevin/Lydia, Jetski/Natalie, Michelle (notice how she gets no partner) and now possibly Gioff/Jiordan in a giant pseudo-alliance. In a level of brazenness that would make Dr. Will proud, she talks openly of a girls alliance right in front of the guys.

Early on, she seemed like Russell's would-be showmance, but the girl seems to have game. Honestly, she would seem to be the one everyone should want to get out of the house. I mean look how she took off Russell's legs (all 3)

sizzie said...

I know there is a new post and I will go there soon. But first, about Chima. She is insists on being obeyed. She maintains a no tolerance zone. She tells a hg how they are to vote and if necessary explains why they are to do it and it is to be done. There are no undercover ruses with Chima. She is all out there all the time.