Friday, August 14, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Through Friday Daytime 8/14

It's so sticky humid here that I don't want to think of leather pants. I don't even want to think of pleather pants. And, if they're latex, that's just kinky.

Here are the happenings from inside that Big Brother House I'm a Teensy Woman, But Hear Me Roar:
  • Chima about Russell, "He's not even Catholic. He's some extreme Muslim terrorist."
  • Love how those kind of comments got edited so nicely for the show, don't you?
  • For some reason, I would think the BB house is way low on the priority list for terrorists.
  • With feeds blocked, they held the Have/Have Not comp. Jeff remains a Have Not for another day due to a penalty. Lydia is a fresh Have Not as is Kevin.
  • Russell thinks Chima and Kevin should go on the block. It just dawned on him that Kevin isn't on his side.
  • As Jeff walked by Chima, she commented on how it's been proven time and time again that America votes for [bleep].
  • Michele asked Russell why he voted to keep Jessie. He told her that he had given Jessie his word he wouldn't vote him out. He kept his word.
  • Russell gave Michele his word that he won't put her on the block.
  • Despite his quick trigger temper, I've noticed that he does keep his word in this kind of situation -- he kept it to Jeff, to Jessie.
  • Michele has pretty much made it known to everyone that she will not be putting Russell on the block.
  • Chima and Natalie keep working on her -- they know people from their little group will go on the block.
  • I say ... didn't they say last night they missed Jessie? They could think of it as alone time with the man, the myth, the legend.
  • Chima reminded Michele that Russell recently did and said awful things to her.
  • Michele told Natalie other people in the house have treated her worse.
  • Michele said she's running out of people to nominate -- she likes everyone.
  • Yeah, right.
  • Chima is sure that Russell and Jeff had some kind of deal with the mystery power.
  • No, Chima. Your side had a huge advantage in the start of the game and now the tables have turned.
  • Jordan and Jegg think Michele could very well put Natalie and Chima on the block.
  • Now, that could be fun.
  • Nominations should be later tonight!
  • They called Michele to the Diary Room and there's now trivia on the feeds ... so noms may be in motion.


Laurie said...

Thanks Jackie! I am hoping for a Chima/Natalie nomination. I think the sparks will fly and we'll see what we didn't see yesterday.

Good thing we don't have any sore losers in this game, eh?

sandaroo said...

Pleaseeeeee put Chima on the block!!!!! Why is Big Brother allowing Chima to make these comments with no repercussions?? I pray she's out & Chima guess what I'm catholic !!

Delee said...

Nat is reading the rule book, saying M told her she was going up. That she broke a rule by telling Nat. Goodness gracious haven't other HOH's told someone that they would be a pawn. How is this different. Some can not leave soon enough for me!!!

Petals said...
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Anonymous said...

Michele is making a bad mistake by taking Russell, Jeff, and Jordan's side of the house. If they make it to the final four, you know Michele is the first one gone.
She should put Russell and Jeff on the block..
Sandaroo, I wish I knew also why BB is letting Chima in with all these comments. I am also Catholic :O

Jackie said...

Petals - Although animal lovers, this isn't the place for such comments. I had to remove them last night due to the problems they caused. No one should be wishing death on anyone.

Jackie said...

Edited Petals comment:
Hey to Ms Jackie, my Joe and Everyone!
Sorry for my rant about Vick. We are all animal lovers here, needless to say.
He is now signed to play pro ball again, as an Eagle, a team which I will now denounce.
He says he is "reformed". BFS!
For anyone who is curious about my rage, google what he did - if you have the stomach for it. He didn't "just" participate in dogfighting. He took it to a gladatorial, zoo level.

Petals said...

oops. Sorry Jackie. I was swept away. Won't happen again -

Becky said...

Anon, Michelle is odd man out regardless. Final three of the TH would be Chima, Lydia and Natalie. She would be first out there too.

WV: flogen Don't you know that Jesse's girls are flogen America in their dirt talk because we voted for Jeff -- seveal times!


Sorry, Petals, but I believe everyone (even Michael Vick) deserves a second chance. Even Jessie...LOL

I don't see why everyone is upset at Chima. I don't condone what she's saying, but I fail to see the long term systemic harm it causes. They can bleep her if they want, if they don't...we're all adults here. It's actually kind of refreshing in this overly sensitive, overly sensitized, totally sanitized world we live in that they let the hgs warts show: ED, Adam, Chima, etc. If you don't like what they are saying, you can always turn the channel.

Frankly, I'm amazed that they don't censor it, but I'm kind of grateful they don't.

My wv is "undocc": After her Big Brother experience, Michelle was undocc-ed!

sizzie said...

I heard Michelle say (to Russ I think) that when she makes her nominations she wants them to stay that way. Of course, do we know if any HOH is telling the truth or just feeling someone out for their opinion...but, if so, she isn't planning on backdooring anyone.

Jeff can eat tonight at 9 pm their time. He put a steak in to marinade.

Lars said...

No one should be wishing death on anyone.

8/14/2009 8:19 PM

I sometimes get scared reading various comments regarding death upon someone.
I know from my own personal experience some people treat animals better than humans.


Anon 8:18

I agree with you totally.

It's not just that she's the low man on the foursome for either side. Let's face it, once it's final 4, it's all about comps anyway. The problem is if she is in the Final 2 against Jeff or Jordan or, possibly, even Russell, I doubt she'd get a single vote. On the other hand, if she's up against Chima or Natalie or Lydia in the Final 2, she might very well split the vote. I mean, assume it's a Chima/Michelle final 2. Then the Jury is:

Kevin - might vote Michelle
Lydia - Chima
Natalie - Chima
Russell - Michelle
Jeff - Michelle
Jordan - Michelle
Jessie - Chima

At least she's got a fighting chance

ChicMc said...

Are nominations always this late in the day?
WV shies
Michelle shies away from committment that is why nominations are so late.


I've always said that Michael Vick would have been better off killing a human being - he would have been forgiven by everyone but their family! LOL

I despise dog fighting but, honestly, I'm not sure anyone has a leg to stand on unless they are a Vegan or, at the very least, a vegetarian. And even then, how do we know the carrots don't scream when we bite into them!

wv is "phoone": Gotta go, the phoone is riinging.

ChicMc said...

Well I can stop using my son's acct. Never knew it was so easy.
Thanks earlier post people.

joy n said...

I would love to see Chima and Natalie go up with Chima going home for sure and hopefully Natalie, too. Next week Lydia and/or Kevin would be great to wave bye-bye to.

Joe, depending on how the POV goes, the second half of your prediction is looking a little unraveled too. Admit it, Jeff has stepped up his game very nicely.

Say it v-e-r-y slowly. Jeff kicked Jesse's butt BIG-TIME.


meb said...

ChicMc... YAY... see how easy that was and now we can "talk" without trying to figure out which one we're talking to. OOOHHH.. Bad English!

JimmyB said...

Jeff and Russell should form an immediate alliance with Michele to go to the end. I think they could do it--Jordan is expendable (sorry...but sooner or later, she'll havta go).


The 2nd half of my prediction was not that Jeff was going home this week but that Jeff would get booted as a result.


What's the matter joyn, things too quiet for you?

I never liked Jessie, glad he's gone. Will be even gladder when Jeff and Jordan are gone because they bore me. Will miss Chima, Natalie, and Lydia because they amuse me.

I don't want to like them, I just want to be amused by them.

joy n said...

Joe, I thought that it was that if Jeff used the Cd'E, he would be immediately targeted by the TH and voted out quickly.

joy n said...

You keep saying you don't like Jesse. Fine, but it seemed you thought him a better player than Jeff. I was just doing a little "rub your nose in it" thingy. I didn't mean to rile anyone. It was only a tease. Sorry.

Petals said...

Joe - that was me on the phoooonne to tell you: MY side has more room and is alot more fun.

ChicMc said...

You know that Jessie's Girls will have good numbers in the jury house if one of them make it to F2. IMO that is a good enough reason to get them out. I would also say that that group would not vote for Jeff to win, which is a good reason to keep him for F2.
Yes, many things wiil change between now and then, this is just my right now opinion.
It is even possible that Jessie would vote for Jeff out of respect for taking him out. It is fun to speculate.
WV ressidn
I am ressidn until noms come in.



It was that TH would target Jeff. And they are trying, they just aren't in control at the moment...maybe...who knows what Michelle will do. She seems to want everyone to like her.

As for Jessie, I still say he played better than Jeff. Jeff was handed the Wizard power, there really was no way for Jesse to defend that. There wasn't even any way for Jesse to lobby for votes.

America outplayed Jesse (again!), I'm not sure I'd say Jeff least not yet. Let's see how it plays out.

But, I thought (Dr. Will) Jeff would think better of using the power. I was wrong. The implications of that have yet to play out. But I'll own it...under my name...I was wrong about Jeff using the power. Is that what you wanted to hear? LOL

Go Hot'nTasty, bring it home to Papa!

wv is "nobbit": oral sex in Middle Earth


Hey ChicMc,

I agree totally, except that Jessie's Girls don't really like each other. Frankly, Natalie is more likely to vote for Jordan to win than Lydia and vice versa.


shouldn't noms be in by now?



I was always on your side. More to the point, you were the only one who was ever on my side!


ChicMc said...

Great etc.
Except their mutual love of Jessie will bind them together. They have to get back at Jeff by not voting for Jordan. The house makes you crazy, you know.


ChicMc said...
Great etc.
Except their mutual love of Jessie will bind them together. They have to get back at Jeff by not voting for Jordan. The house makes you crazy, you know.

I like being called "Great etc." I may change my name to that!

They are bound now, but when they are all in sequester with Jessie, they will start tearing each other's eyes out again. You gotta give it to Jessie, he's got a way with the ladies.

ChicMc said...

Maybe this isn't about noms. They might be getting a group spanking for bad behavior.

Anonymous said...

Jesse doesn't give a d--n about the 'ladies'. Except to use them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:18 why on earth do you think Michelle should put up Jeff and Russell after Jeff made at least 95% of the of here happy by removing Jessie from ths house.

Sydney said...

worse, i think they're Lydias pants that M is wearing