Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Tuesday Daytime 8/18

OMG, I made my bed, now I must lie in it.

As I get this posted, we still have no POV comp. I don't know what's up with that, neither do the hamsters. Here are the non-events from today in the Big Brother House of Bored Bimbos and Manly Mimbos:
  • Lydia complained about there being no music for the wake-up call.
  • Michele talked with her re-buddy (kind of like re-gifting) Russell. She's very upset that people were talking about her as she slept and that Jeff actually played cards with Lydia.
  • Russell told her they're still partners and that Kevin, Lydia, and Natalie are just buttering up Jeff and Jordan as they expected.
  • Both Michele and Russell feel like they're on the fringes of Jeff and Jordan, nowhere near solid with them.
  • As they should feel.
  • Russell told Michele that she's the strongest woman in the house this season, not Chima or Natalie.
  • Michele and Russell agreed to keep apart for most of the day as they don't want to look like they're together.
  • But they are.
  • Natalie got her phone call from her father (won last Friday). She told Lydia both she and her father cried.
  • But she told Jeff she never cries. She told Jeff she didn't cry about Jessie at the "wake," either.
  • But she did cry then.
  • She cried as she told Kevin and Lydia about the call.
  • But I'm sure she'll deny it.
  • Natalie, Lydia, and Kevin decided they won't mention Jessie's name anymore as it just causes problems between them.
  • So they keep mentioning his name.
  • Natalie told Jeff he's hot.
  • But she has indeed said that before ... just not to Jeff.
  • Hopefully POV will be sometime soon. But chances are we won't know the results for hours.
  • Please stop back for the show blog party starting at 9 PM ET -- there will be a new post up and everyone can party in comments!


RJM in SC said...

So looking forward to tonight and seeing the Chima exit. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

Becky said...

RJM, I am looking forward to the show too. I think BB will give us a lot of coverage since they want to prove that she was kicked off the show and didn't quit like she claims.

WV egilda - Shemouth, you can e-gilda the lily anyway you want, but we know they kicked you off the show.

meb said...

Nice avatar Becky...

Can't wait to see Chima make a real a$$ of herself, just one more time!

Anonymous said...

I sure am worried that there has been no POV. What's up with that?
Could there be a DE coming up? hmmmmmmm

Wv" comsible
I'm not comsible with no POV today.

TerryinCA said...

I am excited to see the Eruption of Mt Chima tonight!

how can my WV be MULAN?

Laurie said...

Well, the certainly set us up by showing her being bleeped out, didn't they? Bring it on, CBS. Show the world what she was really like!

monty924 said...

Love the volcanoes today and all the comments. This will be one interesting week, after tonight, to see where the power structure aligns in the house. Kevin is actually in a very good spot right now, and if he's smart he will ditch Natalie and Lydia. They are a sinking ship and will drag him down to the bottom with them. I think he's smarter than that!

Looking forward to the Chima meltdown/eruption tonight. Not that we haven't already seen it, but it will be fun to see how CBS spins it.

See everyone later in the blog party.

joy n said...

Loving the volcanoes!

Anonymous said...

It's Chima, over and out!!! Oh what a night....

Joanie said...

In keeping with this summer's original theme, can I hang out here tonight and watch the east coast feed with the "cool kids?

Becky said...

Meb, I like yours too. Looks like several have the same idea.

I love my WV: licke

I'm gonna be licke n' my chops tonight watching BB.

Jackie said...

Sure, you can Joanie.

Becky said...

Joanie said...
In keeping with this summer's original theme, can I hang out here tonight and watch the east coast feed with the "cool kids?

Joanie, I'm not very cool, but you are welcome to watch the party with us.

Joanie said...

Jackie and Becky,


Anonymous said...

West Coasters...Don't be left out! http://watch.videobrother.com/

Zoetawny said...

Whoohoo! I'm going to be able to watch the Chima volcano without having to DVR it. Thanks to the poster (name?) who posted the YouTube link. I scurried to make a Chima meltdown graphic for tonight. I wonder how much of it CBS will actually air?


Hope you checked your emails before it's too late. ;)

meb said...

Can't wait to see Chima make a real a$$ of herself, just one more time!

8/18/2009 8:05 PM

Me, too, Meb. She's a piece of work.

I won't be able to watch the show at the same time as you Eastcoasters but I always peek at your entertaining comments.

Enjoy the show!